Ireland Elects Gay Foreigner as PM

The brief Irish experiment in self-government appears to have failed. The Guardian reports:

The son of an Indian immigrant who came out as gay in 2015 will be the next Irish prime minister, after he was voted leader of the country’s main governing party.

Leo Varadkar’s victory in the Fine Gael leadership contest on Friday, which took place after outgoing PM Enda Kenny announced his resignation last month, marks another significant step forward for equality in the country, after 2015’s gay marriage referendum.

Another step towards debasement and replacement.

Varadkar’s father Ashok, who comes from Mumbai, met his Irish mother Miriam while they both worked at an English hospital in Slough in the 1960s.

…Although Varadkar’s centre-right politics are clearly conservative, he portrays the image of a new, progressive Ireland, symbolised best in May 2015 when the Republic voted overwhelmingly in favour of gay marriage. It came just a few months after Varadkar came out publicly in a radio interview.

Check out the based Indian “conservative” with his dank message of homosexuality and open borders! Based, man!

With London governed by a Muslim immigrant and Dublin ruled by a gay Indian immigrant the British Isles seem to be heading down the tubes at turbo speed. Maybe it is time that “racist” and “homophobic” Ulster ruled the isles. Belfast surely couldn’t do any worse than Dublin or London.

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  1. This sickness of Multiculturalism has infected every nation of Western Europe. Central and Eastern Europe are still healthy.

  2. Yikes! Just when you think the bizarre is at new heights, a new incident like this gay dude’s election. occurs. Speaking of Ulster, if Ian R.K. Paisley (1925-2014) were still here, there would be no queer problem in the UK.

  3. I see no other way to react to the direction the world is heading except to hasten it’s decline. Nothing short of a complete collapse of society will allow us to get back to what works. I just hope It happens in my lifetime so I can protect my children and participate in the Reckonings.

  4. Further proof that the difference between left and right is literally non existent. A gay curry thing does not a conservative party make.

  5. The (((enemy)))’s use of coloreds and queers is more devastating to the White race than using atomic bombs, I’ll tell you what.

  6. With pickin’s so few in The West, for leadership, that, if I were Irish, I could deal with this man’s perversity and race, if he would stand hard for Irish sovereignty and culture – yet, apparently he does not.

    A Grand Dragon I know is fond to say : ‘the law no longer belongs to us, nor the political process, which leaves only one very obvious choice.’

    Is there any disputing The Grand Dragon’s opinion?

  7. @Juni

    I’ve long known that for anything to change, or improve for whites in their own nations, merely changing the party in power yields nothing for us. We need to change the system. Right now its twiddle dee or twiddle dum, and it no longer cuts it.
    Everything from monitoring whats being taught in our schools and churches to riding the media and political process of Jews need to be examined- that would be a start. Anything short of that-at least- will do nothing. The only people who ever try to help us are those who are brushed off as ‘mad’.
    Ignore the David Dukes and Mark Colletts at our peril.

  8. @Michael Cushman
    “It is black pilling AF, I know. I feel much as you do when I see stuff likw this.”

    I have come to the opinion whites are getting their countries taken from them, because in general they aren’t smart enough to keep them. I came to this opinion after spending time with relatives, and watching Alt-Right and White Nationalists during the Trump campaign and after it.

    Whites aren’t up to saving themselves, for the same reason blacks can’t take themselves to the Moon. As a group, they haven’t the brainpower to understand their situation, let alone fix it. For me it is not a matter of saving the West or civilization, it is a matter of saving a small subgroup of whites intelligent enough to spot a con.

    To say I’m black pilled is an understatement.

  9. @Jessie…

    ‘Whites aren’t up to saving themselves, for the same reason blacks can’t take themselves to the Moon. As a group, they haven’t the brainpower to understand their situation, let alone fix it.’

    Buck up, Girl – it’s changing.

  10. “Irish Republican Army were anti- nationalist.”

    They were Marxists. That’s why when the Cold War ended suddenly the IRA started looking to make a deal with the London government.

  11. Funny that this guy is leader of a party whose name means Tribe of the Gaels. And of course the Fine Gael is the conservative party.


    There were two IRAs. PIRA, or Provisional Irish Republican Army were Marxist. They were supplied with small arms by the Soviets. Soviet Agents operated in Northern Ireland in support of PIRA.

    PIRA fought both the British Army, Royal Ulster Constabulary and the IRA. They had a regular Communist insurgency on their hands. PIRA collapsed without Soviet support.

    It was a war within a war, and made a complicated conflict, even more so. It lasted till ’07. But PIRA was gone by ’90.


    Here’s some more on the subject. Better than my confused understanding of it. I’ve got exactly one book on it. And it mentions Soviet and other Communist aligned outside influences. At any rate, here it is;

    The IRA and Sinn Féin began to embrace a more Marxist interpretation of their struggle in the 1960s, particularly after Cathal Goulding became Chief of Staff in 1962. Orthodox Marxism is a bit of a weird fit ideologically for an ethnic nationalist organization, and a lot of the rank-and-file, particularly in Northern Ireland, were not happy with the idea of building working-class solidarity with Protestant communities. This was also an era of increasing sectarian tension in the North- “working-class solidarity” is an unappealing idea when mobs made up of largely working-class Loyalists are burning people out of their homes. This was one of the major factors that led a large portion of Sinn Féin activists and IRA volunteers to split off from the official organization to form the Provisional IRA and Provisional Sinn Féin in 1970. The new organizations embraced socialist politics and left-wing rhetoric, but their ideological self-image had a lot more in common with contemporary left-nationalist groups like the PLO or the Basque ETA. Despite technically being a “splinter group,” the Provisionals quickly became bigger and more well-known than what came to be called Official Sinn Féin and the Official IRA (those who stuck by the old leadership and their orthodox Marxist interpretation of The Troubles). In time, Official Sinn Féin changed their name to Sinn Féin- The Workers’ Party, then again to simply The Workers’ Party (reflecting their non-sectarian ideology), but despite the name changes, they never attracted any significant support among Protestants, and were quickly eclipsed by Provisional Sinn Féin (without any major competitors for the name, now known simply as Sinn Féin). The Official IRA were players during the early years of The Troubles, but they were marginal compared to the Provisionals and declared a cease-fire in 1972. The 1972 cease-fire provoked ANOTHER split, this time the dissenters called their military wing the Irish National Liberation Army and their political arm the Irish Republican Socialist Movement. The INLA had some successes and some support during The Troubles, but they were never a serious rival to the Provisionals, particularly after they developed a nasty habit of killing each other off in internal feuds. Today, every group in Ireland that advocates for a united Ireland based on orthodox Marxist dialectic materialism is completely marginal. It’s the same story as in many western European countries- hard-line communist politics enjoyed a brief moment in the sun in the turmoil of the 1960s, but have since faded into obscurity.

    Source: ‘A Secret History of the IRA’ by Ed Moloney

  14. LOL. Leo Varadkar is a Roman Catholic.

    Here’s a profile of his homosexual partner:

    Not to pile on, but, Varadkar does fit in with every Irish Roman Catholic politician in the good old US of A. Jerry Brown, Tim Kaine, Martin O’Malley, Bob Casey, and thousands of lesser known Roman Catholic assholes…eat your hearts out. LOL.

  15. Cry, the Beloved Country.

    The End of the World is upon us- after April’s turnaround with DT, I now am of the opinion that we are entering into the last days of Man’s presence on this plane.

    How so? With an apostate Heresiarch in the See of Peter, and EVERY supposed ‘Christian’ denomination lusting after the repeal of Law AND Grace, we are at a nadir, reminiscent of Christ’s admonition- “Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?”- Lk. 18:8, KJV

    We see all around us, fornication, adultery and sodomy – and all three are touted as the norm in conjugal relations (slutting around, race mixing, and faggot sex, for those of you with no biblical terminology): and everywhere one looks, one sees the ‘world’ of Christendom spinning out of control in her hedonism, Judaization, and love of money before her supposed, and much-vaunted ‘love’ of God.

    The Feast of Pentecost (the sending of the Holy Spirit) was yesterday, which came (initially) on the feast of Shavuot- i.e., the GIVING OF THE LAW. As I was dealing with the theme of this week’s sermon, I realized that LAWLESSNESS NEGATES THE HOLY SPIRIT. and that is EXACTLY what the world is doing, in spades.

    I now fear that there is NO ALTERNATIVE, but either a) all-out war to rid ourselves of the ‘Xenos’ and the carnage that such a statement implies, or b) the Parousia (God’s final judgment/end of the world).

    Either way, the children of the Devil WILL NOT WIN: but for sinful Man (and the non-elect hominids as well, already judged and outside of grace) it boils down to either Maranatha, or War.
    The choice is ours, White Man.

  16. After 1945 In musical terms, postwar American Hollywood culture was dominated by Africa, not Europe, as we see today Africanized and Asianized.

  17. Is this where the Easter Sunday uprising of 1916 was supposed to lead, to the selection of a street-shitting faggot as Irish PM? Maybe the Irish aren’t worthy of independence after all.

  18. spahnranch, the English aren’t too far behind the Irish. Muslim Mayor of London today, Sikh Prime Minister tomorrow?

    This is why Richard Spencer is right about petty nationalism. Petty Nationalism is outmoded and does not work in the globalized world. Europeans must coalesce around their whiteness and stick together.

  19. We shall now have to combine Gay Pride Day and Saint Patricks into one holiday.
    Jessie- I feel as you do although with different technology. We need to concentrate not on saving the United States, or even the entire white race, but shrink the problem down to more manageable portions and concentrate on those among who are both racially conscious AND politically sane. I am sure I need not tell you the two do not always go together,. Save those and you have a template on which to rebuild our future.

  20. The power struggle begins in the schools from kindergarten and up. This is where the leftists have seized total control and are brainwashing the 3rd generation of US school kids.

  21. I’m afraid that western Europe may be finished, I hope not, but that’s the way it looks.

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