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  1. I do not feel sorry for the Londoners, for does my wife.

    We both believe this is what they want, and have long wanted, and, thus, we want them to get it, until they come to their senses; and if they cannot come to their senses, let those in the rural environs and small towns do it for them.

    Britain for Britain, Germany for Germany, North Carolina for Tarheels.

    This is the only possible way.

    All else is hate masquerading as love.

  2. Yep it’s not even worth doing the usual conservative tough talking, “racist” trumps that anyway.

  3. I too am finding it hard to care after watching the same thing repeat for the last 20 years. I feel like the main character in that movie Groundhog Day.

    Now if the terrorists want to get a reaction out of me, they should try a bit harder. Maybe blow up the British Parliament with all the politicians inside it? Or how about blow up the City of London (also called Square Mile), where all the high finance is done. If they did something as big that, I sure would be ticked off.

  4. The UK seems to expend as much energy going after people who complain about Muslims being Muslims as they do picking up the bodies.

    They won’t do a damn thing meaningful about it.

    They must be okay with it as the new Multikulti normal.

    It’s no longer news.

  5. In the racial fruit salad that is London, they know they voted for it, wanted it, and should now expect it. I don’t give a shit. They won’t learn from words, or reading sites like these. Let the mohs teach them the hard way.
    For her part, your honorable leader Teresa May, who you voted for, will ‘condemn’ the attack so you’ll be ok.
    Wake up and stand up….or just go away.

  6. Why do these attacks keep occurring? Because diversity is our strength. Also…..Islam is the religion of peace.
    France voted for Macron. The Brits could install Corbyn. Can’t help those that won’t help themselves. No sympathy.
    Finally, if they won’t put in a nationalist leader for themselves, they should at least do it for their children.

  7. The consummation of 72 years of holocaust shaming, 500 years of hating those papists and holding up loathsome communists like the Beatles as role models.

  8. “john
    June 4, 2017 at 3:09 am

    For her part, your honorable leader Teresa May, who you voted for, will ‘condemn’ the attack so you’ll be ok.”

    Marxist Conservative Theresa May is not a believer in free speech. She does not like extremist ideas you see, and when she talks about extremism she repeats Islam and “Nazis”. By “Nazis” she means any White that doesn’t want to be chased down with Diversity. See her talking about laws to jail thought criminals against her Multiracial Stalinist regime here:

  9. I just don’t honestly care anymore. They brought the Middle East to their shores and now they live in an environment resembling the Middle East.

    I figure they have about fifty years left of this light terrorism until the demographic shift is complete and going back will be an impossibility. Then the real war will break out with Moslems hunting down the native English in the streets and installing Sharia Law.

    But if they don’t care, neither do I. I’ll stay focused on the United States.

  10. I have written off Western Europe. They are gone.

    I look to the Visegrad Group (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic), Serbia, Russia and others in the East to preserve themselves and European civilization. (While it is true that Russia has many Muslims, they are there because of Russian conquests through the 19th century and the incorporation of Muslim lands into the USSR. Not mass immigration from shitholes.)

  11. You know, the Iron Curtain may have to go up again, this time to protect themselves from invading “human garbage” (what a Polish MEP recently called the migrants) from the West.

  12. These incidents are designed to prevent Ronnie’s vision of the future – by the jews. They will be used to justify installing a totalitarian police state that will wield control over all the fighting groups, keep them fighting, and preserve the mostly jewish oligarchy.

  13. @RB

    Theresa May contradicts herself by stating she believes in British values snd wants it united……then opposes free speech and continues importing ferals that divide. Filthy traitor cow.
    All the Eastern Europeans who moved to the U.K. in recent years- the day will come when they return to Eastern Europe as Britain will be Islamic.

  14. We’ll likely find out that these were either new arrivals to the country, or the children of poor “immigrants.”

    Next will follow the retard-level prayers for London, and calls for “assimilating” the Moslems.

    There will not be a serious call for deportations or sealed borders – mark my words.

    Cuck Island is too far gone.

  15. I agree with JD. Apparently this is what they want in the UK. I say that because they take no measure to stop it and they conti ually brong in more people to do it to them. So they must want to be killed on their own streets.

  16. @Michael Cushman…

    Thank you, Sir. My wife will be happy to know you agree with us.

    I feel that, in some way, it is beneficial to our cause that the excesses of The Empire be driven home to folks.

    The Left & ISIS are any Confederate’s greatest ally.

  17. “War on poverty”, “War on drugs”, “War on terror” all scams. The root causes are never dealt with so these “wars” go on forever. Which is just what our overlords want.

  18. Katherine Jenkins is Race Traitor trash. It married a kike and bred a kike. May that slag and it’s demon family meet up with the next Diversity Enricher event.

  19. Marcus is correct, and Onceler is correct. Fox Jews has been filled with NOTHONG but all kinds of kikes and their shabby goy paid whores, babbling about “assimilation”.

    Yes, It’s about stopping the flow of info on the Internet. That means US.

  20. Re: the jew that infests this site – it’s still doing it’s hasbarat job, re: Confederates. I know for a fact that there are just as many Race Traitor cucked Whites, who don’t care about Race, and ONLY care about shekels, in the South as well as the North.

  21. @Denise

    With cuckoldry, I’ve noticed that there is usually one major difference between North and South.

    Up North, most of your cuckolds are secular Communists (their religion is equality), while the Southern cucks are usually highly religious (but of a heretical nature).

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