Augustus Invictus: Unite The Right

Augustus Invictus lays out his case for Uniting the Right.

It goes without saying that I have seen everything he is describing in this video. The Alt-Lite hates the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right hates the Alt-Lite. The Patriots also hate the Alt-Right. There are people within all of these factions who hate each other or can’t get along for various reasons. Hell, the League of the South spent years arguing over which flags to use at demonstrations.

I’ve seen one individual in particular attack Augustus Invictus. He was simultaneously attacking around a dozen other people at the time. Say what you want about Augustus Invictus, but he has a solid temperament. He is an activist. He is calm and has a positive outlook. He wants to build coalitions to fight the real enemy and understands that all of this infighting gets us nowhere.

I try not to fight with people on my own side these days. I know I like it too much. I’m more resigned to fighting with these other groups though. At the end of the day, they are going to cuck and punch right. I try to avoid punching to my right now which I used to do in the past. I know a great many people who are to my right and I have learned to accept them.

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  1. The Gnostics and early Catholics fought like crazy against each other, as did the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, the SA and the SS, etc. Infighting and forming splinter groups are part of the process of forming every new movement.

  2. I am energized by our unity. In fighting is an exhausting waste of energy. I no longer have the desire or the energy for it. Thank God for the newly manifested unity and willingness to cooperate.

  3. Spencer attacks the alt-lite because he has IDEAS. Which include recreating the religion of the Roman Empire.

    I think we need stepping stones. Not one large stone called DOX ISLAND with Spencer holding a glass of whiskey haranguing anyone making small steps.

    Look at how Ricky Vaughn plays the game – very broad. Anglin is very self consciously a taboo breaker. He is willing to pay the price for this. But he is very aware of the real world consequences and doesn’t ask others to.

  4. I’m with James Edwards and Attorney Keith Alexander on this—who the heck is “Augustus Invictus”? LOL. Yeah right, I’m going to tell descendants of the Stonewall Brigade, the Kanawha Riflemen, The Monroe Guards, The Schreiber Grays, and others to go to Charlottesville to hear to “August Invictus” from New Joisey.

    Some of the other people who are listed as speaking are questionable too. Who are they?

    I’m glad Dr. Hill has broad shoulders, and that the League of the South is an old and estimable organization.

  5. Healthy, robust discussion within a movement is good and productive, but all out pettiness and backstabbing is suicide. If you can’t agree with eachother, then you can’t expect the public to. The left is the enemy-not eachother. I’ll say it again….division is death. No individual or faction is bigger than the wider movement.

  6. Rob o,

    We can’t be content to live in shame on the internet and be used every 4 years by the GOP and forgotten a few weeks later. That’s where I agree with Richard Spencer.

    I’ve always gotten along with Ricky Vaughn. We retweet each other all the time. I’m also in contact with Andrew Anglin. He shares lots of OD articles on Daily Stormer.

    Anglin is to my right. Augustus Invictus is to my left. The important thing is fighting the Left. We’re all the same to them.

    • Partially I agree. We need courage. Alexander S. said as much.

      But Spencer is the self appointed leader. Vaughn and Anglin do not claim that title though they had far greater claim imo.

      Attacks on the alt lite mean people who want to move right have no cover. They don’t have trust funds. The floating signifier sinks.

  7. All of decent, normal America is opposed to the destruction of historical monuments. It’s a question of heritage and propriety that transcends political labels. This is a case for the genteel ladies of the historical preservation societies, not for these gross “altright” e-celebs who aren’t even really American anyway. These weirdos with the New Jersey accents are hurting the cause of historical preservation by their obstreperous and unwanted presence.

    If greasy New Jersey ethnics are the face of “White Identity”, then good riddance. America despises these loud, ill-mannered miscreants. The New Jersey of Kushner, Peinovich, Chris Christie and Snooki is a perfect rebuttal of “looks huwhite to me” nationalism. These creeps are so foreign, so outlandish, to presume that they could ever share an identity with the descendants of the Pilgrims and the Pioneers becuase they “look huwhite”? Never!

    • But maybe using a couple of crude Tony Soprano types from New York and New Jersey will help bully the antifa riff-raff into keeping their yaps shut. The genteel Southern approach doesn’t seem to be working.

      • LOL. Maybe you can get a ‘swastika’ tattooed in the middle of your forehead, and carry around a big sign “spahnranch1969” supports the Confederate Memorials. Do us a big favor.

    • I’m sure the Attorney General waving around his mulatto grandson and the hard cucking C.-in-C. of the SCV have impeccable Confederate/Southern credentials. Probably the recently departed Governor of Alabama did as well.

      • Spahnranch1969, Tony Soprano, and Charles Manson are trouble you don’t need with the Virginia State Police.

  8. We can allow the Left to act as a hammer to forge unity on the right. The Alt-Lite cucks are currently finding out that the Left makes no distinction between the Alt-Lite and Literally Hitler.

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