Occidental Dissent Makes ADL’s Alt-Right List

I’ve been featured on the ADL’s new hit list called From Alt Right to Alt Lite: Naming The Hate:

“Brad Griffin aka Hunter Wallace is the Alabama-based white supremacist behind the Occidental Dissent blog, which celebrates Southern nationalism and the alt right. Griffin has been active in the Council of Conservative Citizens and the League of the South, both traditional white supremacist groups. He is a regular contributor to Altright.com, the online publication run by Richard Spencer and Daniel Friberg. He has also proposed creating an “alt south,” an alt-right version of Southern nationalism that would try to attract a broader range of people who reject mainstream conservatism and embrace some of the tactics of the alt right. …”

I responded to the news with a big eye roll. I’m the pinnacle of “hate” in America? Okay, LOL. Will I be getting some kind of award in the mail?

At this point, I don’t care what the ADL or the media says about me. I don’t want to be “mainstream.” I know what I believe. The haters are going to hate and that is fine by me. I consider it a high honor to be so prominently featured on the ADL’s enemies list. The animus is mutual.

The Alt-Lite took the news a little bit harder. Mike Cernovich and Gavin McInnes spent the day calling the ADL a terrorist organization which was trying to destroy their lives. They thought it was outrageous to be branded as the Alt-Lite and associated with racists and white supremacists. After all their cucking, they are lumped in with the Alt-Right as a less interesting version of us.

Note: I was also informed on Twitter that I have a new SPLC “extremist files” profile. They actually call me “one of the white nationalist movement’s most cogent commentators of the past decade.” The worst thing the SPLC has to say about me is that my normie parents once thought I was crazy for celebrating the Crash of 2008. They didn’t understand my euphoria over the demise of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and the billions of dollars lost by (((Wall Street))).

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  1. Just look at that thing talking into the mike….the most hateful looking thing that’s ever met my eyes. Its face alone looks like a hate group.
    They’re just lowly Jews, so who cares what they think? Wear it as a badge of honour. A tail for the grandkids in years to come. I’d be more concerned if they labeled us a loving all inclusive group who welcome diversity and enrichment.

    • As long as the result of their losing control , means that truly puts them in ovens… unlike last time. God-damned Christ-killing Khazars.

  2. Hunter, I’m impressed. This is not your everyday honorable mention. If this doesn’t garner an Alt-Right knighthood, I don’t know what will.

    Anti Defamation League? Defamation is job one.

  3. Anti-Defamation League, that is a laugh. All they do is defame the good, decent and honorable people who stand up and defend their own.

  4. The word “supremacist” actually refers to the jews and their arrogant sense of entitlement. But they project their own faults and crimes on to their victims. I’ve had it up to here with the jews and their lies, fetishes and neuroses. Gotta gas ’em all.

  5. The Anti Defecation League is the biggest hate group of all. They are also terrorists, extortionists and spies for a foreign government, namely Israel. They were founded in the unlucky year of 1913 to avenge the death of a jew sweatshop owner who was found guilty of raping and murdering one of his 13 year old shiksa employees, but escaped the death penalty because of his jewish privilege, only to face the wrath of White mob justice instead.

    Jews are gargoyles, vampires and parasites in quasi-human form.

  6. At this point the Alt-R needs to go full shitlord because these fucking kikes don’t respect anything less- that’s why they are obsessed with Adolf the Great because he didn’t fuck around with half-measures and the sheenies know it. This farting around with Southern Nationalism and this other silly-assed shit is a dead-end street. 88.

  7. Just remember Brad, you are the guy who has always been warm & fuzzy towards “Southern Jews”. LOL. Really.

  8. Just tell the ADL to “F off”. They’re just pissed that the SPLC is way better at scamming old Jews scaring them that White racists are about to come dragging them off to ovens.

  9. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) itself lost a big-money suit for… defamation. Very funny.

    They are just jew leftists who conduct themselves as a sort of kosher Stasi, but without police powers, which they sorely regret. They would love to be able to act directly against you, and once bragged about having a working relationship with the FBI, the real secret police. So now they content themselves with defaming and trying to destroy economically all opponents.

    The ADL really should be required to register as a foreign agent.

  10. You haven’t made it to the Big Time until you get on the ADL hate list.

    I got a NY Times article about me, still waiting to get on the ADL hate list.

    The hand wringing from the Alt Lite is hilarious. Weird Mike Cernovich is ranting about his family being targeted for murder. WE just laugh at the ADL, the Alt Lite whines about being put on the hate list. Also, thanks to the ADL for calling the Alt Lite “the Alt Lite.” Good job Jew SJWs.

    • That’s the difference between Alt Right and Alt Lite. WNs use to react to what the SPLC did. Now we push and frame the narrative while laughing at SPLC and ADL, SPLC uses OUR terms like Cuck and Alt Lite. In contrast, the Alt Lite acts WNs used to and reacts with indignation when attacked by the Jews at SPLC and ADL.

  11. I posted this elsewhere. Is this accurate?

    Jewish population in Russia and their related territories over the years:

    Jewish population in USA over the years:

    We have a Jewish problem in his country and they worm their way to leadership positions in our news media and promote their personal agenda…look above…the Russians and Jews are not friendly toward one another.

    The Jews control the news media here in the USA and all this hatred towards the Russians comes from them because the Jews are the infiltrators in the western countries…The Russians are nationalists and 50%+ are Christians and the Jews hate the Russians because the Jews can’t take over their news media and destroy them like they are doing to the USA and other western countries with their liberal policies and propaganda and brining in non-whites to replace us.

  12. Wow…what a loooooong article. Someone at the SPLC has WAY too much time on their hands! Guess they need a raison d’être.

  13. US congress is imposing sanctions of Russia in retaliation for Russian support of Assad and the subsequent victory of Assad against ISIS and other western supported terrorist groups. (((Ben Cardin))) Senator of Israel from Connecticut is leading the effort to impose sanctions on Russia, Iran and North korea.

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