Antifas Get Violent At “Patriot Prayer” In Portland

So, this happened yesterday in Portland:

“Police did little to nothing to stop bloody brawls and altercations in the streets of Portland on Sunday, as violent anarchists attempted to shut down yet another pro-Trump free speech rally.

Organized by a group called the “Patriot Prayer,” the rally-goers had gathered at 2 p.m. for an event dubbed the “Freedom March.” The Facebook event page for the march stated “the more hatred we see the more we have to stand against it. The more threats that we get the more we have to come out to show no fear. The more people lie about us the more we have to show who we are. We will continue to come into Portland with a simple message that is focused on truth, love, and freedom.” …”

This is why the Center Left is getting so frustrated with Antifas.

“Patriot Prayer” was another one of these Patriot, Alt-Lite, Kekistani, Trump supporter rallies. Basically, it was all the groups who have cold feet about coming to #UniteTheRight because of the associations game. This wasn’t an Alt-Right event, but Antifa attacked them anyway for being racists, fascists and white supremacists. They don’t have a right to free speech or freedom of assembly either.

In Why We Should #UniteTheRight, I said that at the end of the day, these groups “all have common enemies whether they choose to recognize them or not.” That’s exactly what we saw yesterday in Portland. We don’t have the luxury of choosing our enemies. The enemy casts you in the role he wants you to play. The enemy is someone who wants to cause you physical harm.

Augustus Invictus understands the friend/enemy distinction. The enemy isn’t an antagonist or a rival. Antifa is a legitimate enemy whereas all these other beefs don’t rise to that level.

Note: r/Anarchism also understands this and plays on our divisions to keep us weak and divided. They openly say they fear #UniteTheRight will succeed.

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  1. I don’t know, I think in this particular case I’m going to side with antifa against those right-wing queefs.

    • Perhaps this will wake at least a few of the fools up to the real gravity of the situation. Look on the bright side.

    • I don’t side with the violent commie thugs, but I do support their vivid stances re: teaching the Alt Lite wishy washy Normies that THEY will go up against the wall, too, if the commies aren’t CRUSHED. After all, ALL Whites are Nazis, amirite? The Normies need to LEARN

  2. The best group that holds their own at these rallies/brawls are White bikers in biker attire. Wear a half helmet, motorcycle gloves with maybe some sapp, steal toe boots, googles and a bandana to guard against bear mace, carry a hard wood flag poll as a one or two handed club weapon. This worked for me, though I would have preferred to have lots of biker mates maybe some with shields.

    Don’t go for the paramilitary dress – bikers have always done well against Reds, Commies even Blacks with a gun as the Hell’s Angels handled one at Rolling Stone Altamont concert

  3. The anti-white thugs shut down any semblence of civilisation. Thus, it makes sense that this sort of thugs wants to bring in the third-worlders who would make the United States even more third-world.

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