BOOM! (ers) Part 1

In the aftermath of Charlottesville and all the hate we’ve been receiving from the people we’re trying to help, it’s useful to keep in mind that the system they’ve been brainwashed into defending will overcome itself. This peak degeneracy and leftist insanity will be complemented by an unprecedented financial failure with profound social and political implications. Our parent’s generation (the irony is rich) will be what unintentionally brings it down.

Defining Boomers

The term “baby boomer” applies to those born from the end of WW2 to 1964. During this time, there was a huge increase in population as traditional values, lack of birth control, and a thriving economy propelled optimistic and prosperous white Americans to reproduce in large numbers. Roughly 76 million of them were born. Of that population, around 65 million are still alive. Immigration brings the total to around 80 million people. Around 10,000 of them are retiring every day. Most are compelled to retire by age 70.5. Once a person reaches that age, the IRS requires them to withdraw at least 5% of the value of their retirement plans such as IRAs or 401(k)s. Pew research found that 1.5 million Americans reached the age of 70 last year, a trend that will continue for the next 15 years.

Public Pensions Are Wildly Underfunded

Many boomers are depending on pensions from state and local governments. Unfortunately, these plans will be unable to deliver on what they promised. Naturally, the failure is currently commencing in blue states such as Illinois and California, and will ensue in red states later on. The question isn’t if, just when.

The failure of these plans is inevitable for three reasons. The first is that they’ve been deliberately underfunded by grossly overestimating the rate of return on investments. Underfunding costly pensions enables states to temporarily maintain the illusion of balanced budgets. A massive crisis later (hopefully when you’re out of office) is always preferable to the risk of losing now by raising taxes or cutting spending. This is the nature of politicians.

The second is that fund managers favor purchasing public debt. Government bonds are considered safe and have predictable yields over a defined period of years, making them ideal for pension plans. Thus, along with Social Security, they own around 50% of the national debt. The problem is that government debt is now so high that only minuscule interest rates are possible or else debt service would render many governments insolvent. This is the toxic relationship: Pension plans need healthy returns on their government bonds (5-8%), but they can’t get them without bankrupting their own deeply indebted governments.

Third, there will simply be too many retirees taking from the systems to be supported by the younger workers paying into them. We can’t subsidize our own parents, let alone the Coalition of the Ascendant brought into displace us. Pensions were always envisioned as being a means for a smaller number of elderly to be supported by a much larger pool of young contributors. That’s not going to be the situation in the future. This reason alone guarantees failure at some point, even if reasons one and two didn’t exist.

Private Savings Are Woefully Inadequate

Less than half of boomers have actually saved anything for their retirements. Those who did have generally worked in the private sector without a traditional pension plan. This is the first generation relying on individually funded retirements through IRAs or 401(k)s. As with public pensions, many of these will be totally inadequate. It’s hard to quantify precisely, because a small group has saved a lot while it seems that a larger group hasn’t saved nearly enough. As with public pensions, toxic relationships will come into play: Boomers will need to sell at least 5% of the value of most private plans each year. This enormous volume of retirees annually dumping equities onto the market will lower the prices of equities, thus lowering the value of the plans they need to survive on. This may lead many to sell their homes for more affordable accommodations. This will lead to a stiff decline in home prices, thus reducing the value they can get out of their homes.

There’s Always Social Security, Right?

As private, state, and local pensions fail, many will look to the federal government in the hope that Social Security payments would allow them to at least survive at a subsistence level. The reality is that worker contributions were exceeded by payments to retirees back in 2010, and it’s only going to get much worse. Last year the program (disability payments included) already cost around 950 billion, nearly a quarter of the federal budget. Each year, it runs a deficit of around 75 billion dollars, which will mount steadily as more and more boomers retire. Don’t look for any cuts because boomers are the pivotal voting bloc. Once more, a toxic relationship is at play. As the government continues to rack up debt in order to cover shortfalls such as SS, the massive cost of debt service grows, thus eating up more revenues that could have been used to prop up the program. The program itself owns around 3 trillion worth of the national debt, which it is depending on for full repayment. Medicare is a comparable nightmare, which I’m skipping over for the sake of brevity.

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Consumption Will Sharply Contract

When a person retires, their income is reduced and their spending decreases. For people depending on private savings, this phenomenon is most dramatic. They have no idea how long they will live, thus no way to accurately predict how many years they can live off their dwindling savings. Thus, they sharply curtail non-essential spending. As the enormous demographic of retired boomers find themselves in this situation (particularly since they will be forced to rely on SS), American business will suffer a nasty decline in customers. This will further exacerbate economic woes induced by diversity, huge debt, and declining white reproduction.

Bailouts Spell Disaster

As the crisis begins to set in, the Federal government may seek to bail out individual public programs based on political expediency. This will prop them up in the short term, but only delay the inevitable. It’s possible that this could be attempted on a national, comprehensive scale. Our national debt stands at nearly 20 trillion, increasing by roughly 1 trillion each year. Debt service already eats 6% of the budget, even though interest rates are below 2%. There isn’t a defined limit on how much debt the US can take on, but doubling or tripling the debt just for pension bailouts would eventually push us over the invisible line of confidence. Nobody is sure where it is, but it’s out there. After it’s crossed, a debt crisis will ensue. This is especially serious for retirees since SS and pension funds own so much sovereign debt.

What If There’s a Market Crash?

In 2008, governments and central banks were able to avert a depression and the failure of every major bank by borrowing trillions to bail them out, slashing interest rates to zero, and creating money to buy up trillions more in assets to artificially keep prices high. This was a temporary fix (they’re still doing it) that has set the stage for a bigger calamity in the future. When the next crash inexorably arrives, they will be unable to employ this strategy a second time.

This could happen in 2 years or 2 days but it will eventually occur. As before every crisis, the dominoes are in place. What tips them over and when is unknown. It could just as easily start in Europe as the US. The consequences will be as unprecedented as they are profound. In the very least, many retirees will see the value of the pensions and private plans they depend on plummet. The ability to fund SS will also come under pressure. Many people will feel desperate and cheated, with nothing to lose. Rocky times are ahead.

Why is this Never Talked About?

I really doubt that rising presidential hopefuls like Kamala Harris or Cory Booker even understand compound interest to the point where they could perform a simple calculation. Many others understand that this issue is a real downer. “MAGA” or “I’m with her” sound much better than “You’re screwed and I have no solution”. The MSM is reluctant to discuss it because underfunded pensions implicitly call into question the wisdom of gibs and expensive 3rd world population transfers. However, the Alt-Right should be focused on it. We’ve grown exasperated watching the latest Islamic atrocity or chimpout fail to move the needle. The sheep must be impoverished in order to become receptive to reality. Cheer up. Angry, destitute retirees are our army of White Walkers waiting to bring a rotten, unsuspecting world to an end.

-By Tom Shackleford and originally published on Identity Dixie.


  1. The only ads explicitly geared towards White people these days are for the elderly…reverse mortgages, pills for enlarged prostates, medical alert bracelets, burial insurance and other such cheerfulness. Meanwhile the ad agencies, entertainment industry and department store retailers are all focusing their attention on appealing to young brown people as their main customer base for the future.

    So long, Whitey. We don’t need you to buy our shit anymore, now that Pedro and Maria are here!

    • Yeah, they are missing a huge, young, White, under 30 market, with disposable income and savings.

      Plus, this doom and gloom stuff about social security is non-sense as long as the GDP is positive. The more positive the GDP the stronger social security. Now some of these government pensions are another story, although most are over funded rather than under funded.

      • They are not “missing a huge young White market”. They have already written you off. They want you dead, Whitey. As for the GDP, look at the debt, and do the math. Take a look at Besides, the empire is about to spiral in, either by communist takeover from within, or eternal war without…

    • At Present though, the Hispanics are still not in as many ads as Negroes. Which begs the question. As Hispanics typically are more employed and numerous. why so many Negro ads?

      Oh thats right the Jews typically worship the Savage Negro, the Hispanic they are unsure about because of the Catholic issue. AT PRESENT ANYWAY

      • Good observation, Billy Ray. The advertisers mainly focus on spics through spic language media. Negroes are on mainstream media chiefly as a propaganda weapon against Whitey. But the advertisers certainly don’t want any coloreds as their primary customers.

        • Strange that the media and the advertisers don’t try to court the attention of the Orientals more vigorously, though. The slopes are generally affluent, well-educated and professionally employed.

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    A copy of this comment shall be posted to EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations:

  3. So, we Boomers are the new n*ggers now. I’ve seen this on other sites, too, it’s all our fault. Well, eff that. We are and have been just as helpless as the rest of you people, even more so since we had no access to information. The internet has allowed these leftist vermin to be exposed, but previously, we saw only what our ‘betters’ saw fit to tell us. And as for retirement, how about an article about the 70% of pensions stolen by the corporations people worked for? It happened to us, reducing our income by $12,000 a year. These were ALL employee contributions, too. The first crack was when Reagan signed a bill allowing companies to steal the interest money that worker pension funds had accrued, the second was when Clinton signed a bill that took away the workers’ right to sue when a pension fund was looted. The new owners of the place where my husband used to work made off with a grand total of $51 million that the workers had put in over the years. So now, we scrape along on SS and two very small pensions. Oh, I’m still trying to get a business going at age 68 so we don’t wind up destitute, but it’s still a hard row to hoe when you have to save up to go to the dentist.

    • Well said…i am getting very sick and tired of this blame game here….it makes the alt right look lost for anything except finding someone to blame….we have them against the baby boomers, another site is against the irish, and then there was the bout with white sharia…it is starting to look very weak and very lame….lets hear some positive ideas on policy and culture and structural improvements for the country….and how to reclaim the greatness of our heritage….all we get seem to be complaints with no have a huge opportunity but you seem so committed to placing guilt that you cannot see the forest for the trees…what ideas really do you stand for.

  4. It is notable that the Boomer generation inherited an absolute financial and world power. Post WW2 the nation was on top of the world. America was boss in every aspect. 90% White, safe and prosperous.

    In human history it was top dog and not even challenged. The standing of the nation under the boomers is what we see now. It should be discussed, how could it not be discussed?

    In a hundred years when people study the fall of the US the boomers will be the generation that squandered what they were given and had zero forethought for their mess we inherited.

    They own it.

    • The GREATEST GENERATION was the WORST GENERATION, the Boomers were just following their example. It was the 1920’s Generation those born between 1920 and 1933 that truly screwed civilization. These children were born to fathers who fought in WWI then had beaten and shot people during Red Summer. Their fathers had lived through horrible race riots like the Springfield ILL riot of 1908 or the East Saint Louis Riot of 1917 when gangs of White men roamed and shot Negroes at will.

      The children of this generation likely had a Mama who loved them and a Daddy who worked but then by 1930, Daddy was home and the family was probably scratching to survive. Some of them in the South barely worked for years after 1929, and to these children possum, groundhog, raccoon and other small animals became a common source of meat. Then FDR became President and promised everyone jobs and many got them working for the WPA CCC or what have you or in Tennessee on the TVA project. The children grew up to see President Roosevelt like their Granddaddy and believed he could do them no wrong. When he told them Germany wanted to kill everyone in America and the Japs wanted to enslave the entire orient including our Filipino friends, they rushed to fill his Army Navy and Marines. Any person who objected to Granddaddy FDR’s depiction of events was likely to take a fist to the head or worse, after all he wouldn’t lie to us would he?

      After the war, beat to hell and trained to follow orders, they returned home and became cogs in the machine of America and then proceeded to elect Communists to office or Globalist Republicans. They never questioned them about anything they passed they never asked why they were giving it all away, they just obeyed like good slaves. All they cared about was having a wife who obeyed and fed them and children who did what they were told and maybe a cold beer on a summer afternoon, No sophistication, no understanding. They didn’t pay much attention to their children, preferring to spend their time with their buddies on hunting and fishing trips where they drank reminisced about killing Jerrys or Japs and then came home with some meat or fish. They never took the time to listen to their childrens records or to examine what they were doing very closely. As long as Sally and Joe didnt disrespect them they pretty much were okay with whatever they did.

      These men, most of whom were lucky to get to the 10th Grade in school, wanted to see Sally and Joe graduate and go to College so they could be come men and women of letters, after all its the American Dream. They felt inferior to educated folks, unlike their Daddies who had grown up in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s with the Bible and the McGuffey Reader and thought Henry Ford was a modern day prophet and hated Philadelphia Lawyers and big talking city fellers. After all hadn’t Granddaddy Roosevelt told them that the world was a complicated place and that educated men knew what was best? So following granddaddys advice they sent their children to college and the ones who didn’t sent their sons to Vietnam and saw them come home hating them, asking them DADDY WHY DIDNT YOU STAND UP FOR ME? Daddy’s simple answer was,


      Thank you Greatest Generation. Thank you for crucifying Adolf Hitler, Thank you for Racial Integration, Thank you for No Fault Divorce, Thank you for Open Borders. YOUR GRANDCHILDREN DESPISE YOU

        • I think it started with TDR and foreign intervention. Prior to that it really was hand to mouth and straight up hard living. The rail ways and robber barons connected the nation and created a system to export goods. Hence global trade. The cotton and tabacco slave trade in the South was never sustainable.

          But, back to the boomer generation. You know your history. The Marshal Plan was huge after the war. Streets were paved with gold, a new economy emerged. Manned by a generation that was indeed cued in on the threat of war. A real threat, as you point out. Brutal men that served in a vicious war. My grandfather served, my great uncle was killed in the Battle of the Bulge.

          An uncle whom I still remember was a navigator on a B 52. That generation was hardcore. Mislead, but hardcore. The world they created in the United States was locked and loaded and ready for prosperity. And prosperity occurred. Financial control was established. Communism was snuffed out. Say what you will about the Vietnam war to bulwark the spead of communism. It did. A show of force was needed.

          Enter the boomers. The table is set and food is on table. Woodstock. Free sex with strangers. The empowerment of blacks. Race riots. Immigration Act. I can on and on.

          From a broad ranging vantage point that is the generation that lost it all. Many variables are involved, but the overall scope of it is they had it all and squandered it. If you can cite another example of world power that was lost within the span of a decade let me know.

          • Why I blame the WWII Generation more was not for anything but the fact that they were just trained to follow orders literally from 1933 when Granddaddy FDR gave them food all the way till the Vietnam Days, They never thought for a minute WHY? They just DID. Thats the hard thing of trying to understand them, you have to ask WHY DIDNT YOU ASK WHY?

            The parents of the Fifties and Sixties bought into the modern idea, that parenting ends at eighteen or so. Before that time parenting was seen as shepherding, you may not dominate someones life after eighteen, but you will shepherd them, you will try and help them. The reason I believe this happened was because so many of the WWII generation moved to other states away from their own families and had no family where they lived, no support network, it was literally a man his wife and kids, Grandparents Uncles and Cousins were a far away thing. In Dixie people lived right next to one another so the families still grew up under the old system.

            The new Suburban Modern model said to parents, okay ship them to college and write them off or the Army will cure what ails him. After they came back screwed up either from College or Nam some parents just threw up their hands and said OH WELL WE TRIED and left it at that. The Bible says we are to contend for the souls of our fellows, especially for our family and those near us. In other words we aren’t to give them unlimited gibs, or embrace their bad behavior, but we arent to cut them off either. We are to try to guide them and hope they’ll get it. This is Christianity 101. Somehow the WWII Generation rejected this message and replaced it with another. Then they have the nerve at 90 years old to complain that there are only gray heads in the Church pews. They never see that they did it.

          • We are all trained to take orders and it starts in school, if not preschool. I educated my son at home and when he was 7 I had to take him to the local school for testing. He was absolutely appalled when he saw the kids lined up and not allowed to talk or move. In his innocence, he wanted to go in and tell the principal that the students were being treated like prisoners. The whole point of compulsory education is to make obedient, docile people who will take orders. It started in the latter end of the 19th Century, first in Prussia and then eagerly embraced by that turd Dewey.

  5. The Boomer generation essentially embraced and subsequently enforced Jewish ideology. Multiculturalism, massive influx of foreigners, tearing down religious culture etc.

    And they were given everything on a silver platter. Spoiled children. Their grand parents earned and they blew it.

    • No, most of us did not embrace multiculturalism and the influx of foreigners. I was probably 15 when the law changed to bring in people from the 3rd World, and I can tell you that this wasn’t bruited about. We were sold on the civil rights crap, I agree, but most of us were very anti-Semitic, I can still remember the kids in high school making jokes about them. We weren’t given everything on a silver platter, my parents were working class and struggled to make ends meet. I literally got 1 pair of shoes a year, and if I was lucky, 2 new dresses. Not much of a silver platter there, my friend. We were ruled invisibly by the globalists even then, the difference now is that it’s out in the open because of the internet. The jews controlled the newspapers, television, and radio, these were our only sources of information, period. So how could we possibly have any kind of influence over events, we were just as much pawns, maybe even more, than people are now.

      • Understood. Fact remains that the boomer generation left my generation a huge pile of shit. Like being cut out of the will.

        We have really no choice but to fight. What are we supposed to do? LOL

        Our nation is flooded with people that despice our very existence. We are told that everything wrong in the world is our fault. Very different than when you grew up in a relatively safe nation.

        And try some inner city schools now. The Jews and the boomers are intertwined to an amazing extent. One in the same. Not saying that you personally are responsible for the state of affairs; your generation was though. I hope I can leave a better nation for my children than I was given. The “nice cars and good music” is for the birds.

        Looking forward to part two. Great piece and well written.

  6. Sounds like you folks are upset because we had cool cars, really good music, and invented sex.
    Sorry, losers.

    • Your generation was given those nice cars by men who were responsible folks. They earned it, not you.

      Have a nice bottle of cheap wine and pat yourself on the back.

    • You are yesterday’s news. We will clean up the mess you left behind.

      How you defend boomerism is beyond laughable. As I said above, that self centered generation will go down in history for indulgence and willful ignorance. A textbook example of squander on a gigantic scale.

      • Keep picking at old white people, who were just living their lives as every generation had done before them. Don’t you even realize you’re being manipulated to despise boomers for no reason other than some stupid propaganda you’ve been fed? It’s like the protestants hating Catholics rather than focusing on getting Christians together to fight islam. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

        • Propaganda? are you serious?

          Come to Las Vegas or Arizona where I live. Tell me that the Moslems and Mexicans are not really here.

          When you were my age the nation was thriving. Understand the anger, or try.

          How can you just pass it off? One good thing about Hunter, Marcus and the author of this fine piece is they are in my generation, and get it.

          I raise my children to be hardcore. I have to. The trend in my nation is against me.

          Back in the 60’s when drugs and group sex were prevelant it probably wasn’t a concearn.

          Enjoy your mediations and SSI that I pay for.

        • Spoiled children. Must have been nice to grow up in a nation that was safe and White.

          No getting through to the boomers. Why bother?

          • No getting through to you, evidently. How was I spoiled, please? I don’t remember anyone who was spoiled back in the 1950s when I was a kid. You’re just full of crap and are looking for someone to blame because we’ve all been screwed by the globalists. You can’t do anything against them so you’re looking for a soft target. GFY

          • Soft target? No. I don’t have the luxury of targeting soft people, nor do I care what soft people think or say.

            Typical boomer response. I grew up with bare necessities at best.

            Watched my nation go down hill. The “GFY” is normal from a Boomer. I’m sure in the 60’s you bedded dozens. Perhaps not, but that is the boomer legacy. Degeneracy and vice.

            I’m more interested in getting this nation back on track.

          • And just to let you know, Le Hunt or whatever you call yourself. I can fight like a champ. Train daily. My wife has an hour glass body and has two PhDs.

            I have read more books and debated more people than you will see this week.

            Take your meds and collect SSI. I’ll cover it.

        • The entire purpose of Protestantism was to liberate european christians from Romanism and sandnigger cults, which would include Islam. This particular analogy doesn’t square.

        • What the anti boomers really do not get is how thoroughly modern they are being in this generational battle….and you are correct this is a manipulation and it has been going on since the enlightenment…each generation pitted against the previous. This is the essential strategy of the progressive who sees nothing but the future and works incessantly to break any continuity with the past and in this way destroys any culture and tradition that does not suit the present day ideology…for all the proposed radicalism of the alt right it is more and more appearing to me that they are victims of the very modernism they purport to despise and falling into the same traps as all the other people suffering under the same delusions…until the alt right truly goes to the underpinning of the modern mind and challenges the very assumptions behind it they will over and over become victims of this worldview that persists today.

          • The only difference between the world PRE 1920 and the world POST 1920 is Communication. PRE 1920, generational problems were an urbanite issue, rural people went on as they had before.In places like rural Alabama in 1920 and most other Southern States looked little different than it had in 1820 and people lived only a tiny bit different. After 1920 though this slowly began to change.

            Radio stations began commercial broadcasting in 1920 and by 1925 the Grand Ole Opry was on the air. The Grand Ole Opry probably did more to sell radios in the South than anything. Movies, first silent then sound were shown in every town in the USA, some in small rooms others were on makeshift movie screens put up against buildings in the summertime. By the time WWII began, you had a generation of youth schooled in Radio Programs and raised on Movies. Their children got the same programming on television but because tv could be accessed between 6am and 1am in most places in the USA and it was free after you bought the tv it was more constant.

            Radio and Movies began the programming and television enforced it.

      • Good luck with that cleanup job. You will need it.

        I am one of those “yesterday’s news” people that you mentioned. I followed rules and obeyed laws. I had no real say in the content of those rules and laws, but I believed the authorities were generally well-intentioned. I believed that I would eventually be in control of events. I learned otherwise.

        I will wait with sadness to hear your story in “today’s news”. If you are fortunate, that story will not be published, and you may live and prosper unmolested by the powers-that-be.

        There are predators and sociopaths in every generation – including yours. Hopefully you can handle them better than we did with ours. You portray yourself and children as “hardcore”. That would be a good thing if true.

        I did not spend your inheritance. It will not help you to blame your predecessors.

  7. It may seem evil, but watching the boomers die off doesn’t bother me. In 20 years they will all be gone and I will still be around. Hopefully. LOL

    • And then you will be gone and the cycle will continue….you have fallen right into it and you will end up being nothing more then another contributor to the propagation of a way of life that is empty and meaningless….challenge yourself harder and strive for excellence and resist outbursts of mediocre emotions they set you up for the manipulation that we are enduring in presnt time….all people have lost the sense of anything beyond themselves, everything is material, personal and constrained….thus we are lost because we have fallen off the continuum of history and we are turned upon each other like no more then vicious animals…you want civilization be civilized, respect your elder and take care of the young….what kind of culture or worldview wishes for the death of its parents or kills babies before they even see light….it is a sick, degraded and broken way of seeing….

      • It was the deliberate destruction of Christian faith that has led up to this. I can remember I think it was Time magazine, way back in the early 1970s hooting that God is Dead. Christianity has provided an anchor of civilization as well as a uniting faith for hundreds of years, which is why there has been an open attempt to destroy it. The fact that Christianity has a moral code is anathema to globalists and those promoting the NWO.

        • You are correct…and it brings up that christianity has been under attack in the alt right for years now….just more of the same corruptions existing everywhere….i personally do not even really think that the alt right has any deep understanding of christianity. I do however think that modern chrsitians probably have the same breakage in their line…they no longer offer resistance to modernity, the modernity which is an idea….the modern mind needs to be attacked with ruthless effort….find out its assumptions, change and destroy them….the rest will take care of itself i suspect….once man has made of himself the final arbiter of all and named himself the only god we see how the total unravelling has begun and were it has come to…the corruption is very, very deep and every individual needs to hunt down the modern influence and purge it from their soul….this will not happen by play acting and staging fabricated battles between generations….which makes another point that these little battles raise to the forefront a serious challenge to all the other beliefs held so sacred in these groups….if boomers, the irish, women, christians can be scapegoated…is it not possible then that all others are scapegoated as well…..the logic does not fail to bring one there and it is a challenge to the core of the message here….

  8. I interpret Boomerism as an overall attitude largely forged by what was accruing into a jewish dominated media, government, etc. I see different Boomers differently even as certain attitudes characterized their generation.

    I think people are being somewhat harsh on them and resorting to analyses that are a bit too simplistic.

    Very good article, too tired now to question a few details.

    Generation X will either save western civilization or give its eulogy, though, that’s for sure. We were probably more spoiled in many ways, or just as, but we weren’t brainwashed into some multicult fantasy of the future as much, either. We were raised to think ‘post-racial.’

    What a crock.

  9. Re: “The Boomers” and how many of you seem to think that our generation was in complete control of the country’s destiny, I would like to remind you that before the internet, the ONLY sources of information were co-opted by a small group of people who owned the newspapers, television and radio.
    The Frankfurt School was busy introducing Marxism to the public education system and “marching through the corridors” of the cultural institutions starting in the early 1930’s and the rank and file American of the times had no idea that this was happening. And by the way, we had no choice but to pay into Social Security all our lives, just as you do.

    There was a response to Boomer bashing on WRSA by a member named “John”. I am going to repost it here in its entirety since it is not my work and I can’t take credit for it (but wish I had written it). But if you read it, you will learn a lot about what was going on politically “under the table” at the time:

    In response to an accusation that “The Boomers” are responsible for all the financial and other misfortunes of Millenials “John” wrote the following:

    ““Quote: “Millenials Earn 20% Less Than Their Parents Did At Same Age.”
    You must be purposely trying to set me off.
    The boomers didn’t do it, and yes, the millenials are not doing well. The root cause of these negative trends is Top-down Globalism. To fix this problem, the boomers, and others, voted D. J. Trump into office.”

    You are absolutely correct. A top-down system was handed over to the 1% of the “Boomers” who kept on doing exactly what they were told to do and were handsomely rewarded for it. And believe you me, a Boomer” born in the mid-1950’s -1962 or so had essentially zero in common with the “68’ers”, i.e., the cohort born between ’46 and ’50.
    Let’s break something down here for a moment and destruct this idiotic fallacy once and for all, again. And take this baby to the bank and deposit it before we start – the voting age was 21 until 1972. Ergo, only the very oldest “Boomers” could vote in ’68 (b. 1946-1947) and in 1972 it would be those born in 1954 and earlier.
    1. “You kids did drugs!” – The LSD guru was Timothy Leary, a CIA asset and Harvard professor, born in 1920. That would place Mr. Leary as a member of the “Greatest Generation.” Note that the U.S. government invented LSD and not only patented it, but contracted with Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland to produce it in 1953. The oldest was seven years old at the time.
    And exactly who was importing all that reefer into the good, old U.S.A. during “The Wonder Years?” Fifteen year-olds? All the Blow? The Hash? 20 year olds? Maybe the damn govermnment and its apparachiks? Other actual bass-ass dudes in their thirties and forties instead of a bunch of kids?
    2. “Womens Liberation” – Boomer broads didn’t just wake up one morning in the mid-1960’s en masse and in some weird “collective consciousness moment” decide to be feminists. Remember, in 1966 the oldest Boomer was 20. The one’s born in the mid-1950’s were 10 or so and didn’t even know what a bra was, let alone whether it should be burned or not. So where did the phenmenon come from, this “Second Wave Feminism?” It started immediately after WWII and kickstarted-hard by the Betty Friedan’s of the world with her 1963 book, “The Feminine Mystique,” It was psycho-babble and she was a nut, but it sold. She was born in 1921, a member of the “Greatest Generation”, and believe me, the members of both the “Greatest” (1900-1925) generation were not “angels” and the majority of the “Silent” generation, as have been the rest of us, was educated under a new curriculum devised in the 1930’s by members of The Frankfurt School. Google it/them up and pray tell, research them far past wikipedia. The “Boomer’s went to K-12 and on, and were taught by these people.
    They were taught all this crap, just like the ensuing generations. This was no accident. You get tested on the material and your ass beat if you get bad grades. Wake up.
    3. Civil Rights and Such – Well, frankly, getting shot up for nothing in S.E. Asia didn’t really make any sense, but hell, you’ve got an out-of-control “Civil Rights Movement” that led into the war. Martin Luther Whoever walked across that bridge in a now completely destroyed Selma in 1963 and the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 and another in 1965. That was done by Greatest and Silent members, all of it. The Black Panthers didn’t just disappear with that legislation, they kept going on for another ten years. Detroit, Watts, St. Louis, etc, all in ’67. Note that Panther leader Huey Newton wasn’t a “Boomer” by definition. He was born in 1942 and frankly, when people think of “Boomers”, the Panthers don’t come to mind, do they? When it comes to “Boomers” you folks is a’thinkin about “White Folks”, ain’t ya?
    3.5. Anti-War – Like I said, what was the point of Nam’? Let’s ask Ike, and we all know the answer. But, there they were, those “Long-haired, hippy-type, pinko fags” (H.T.. – Charie Daniels in “Uneasy Rider”) protesting and smoking their damn weed and shit protesting against the war against godless communism 12,000 miles away while at the same time commies were teaching our daughters to be slutty feminists! Damn!
    Well, shit boys. Look up “The Chicago Seven” and every damn one of them was from “The Silent Generation” except one, and he was born in 1920, a “Greatest!” Who was leading those kids protesting on campus? Greatest and Silent professors, that’s who!
    4. “Free Love.”
    Ummm. Well, ummm. We’ve got to round out that “sex, drugs, rock and roll” crap so here we go with this one. First, see above. Second, “The Pill” was invented in 1960 by a fellow who, if he was alive today, would be in his mid-90’s. “Greatest Generation” there, boys and girls. The doctors who prescribed the stuff? “Greatest” and “Silent” generation, folks. And who was teaching “Moral Relativism” to the kiddies in school back then? See above, again.
    Now the first people in the U.S. to use the term “Free Love” were utopians in upstate New York, “Yankees” if you will, back in 1848 in “The Oneida Community” by Christian Socialist John Noyes who founded their little commune in Onieda. I kid you not. Then in 1872 a lunatic woman named Victoria Woodhull, a leader of “First Wave Feminism”, ran in the presidential election against Ulysses S. Grant and his opponent Horace Greeley. She referred to herself as “the high priestess of free love” and her then unorthodox behavior earner her a lithograph by Thomas Nast in Harpers, titled “Mrs. Satan.” Google up the image. It wasn’t flattering.
    Let’s see here was were mixing up in this drink. Drugs from the government and older profiteers. “Free Love”, “Feminism” and “Moral Relativism” from batshit crazy people, most of them women and all of them from previous generations. That leads us to…
    Oh yeah. We can’t forget “abortion”, can we? A female lawyer from the Silent Generation started the case in Texas and it worked it’s way up to the Supreme Court over the years and in 1973 a decision was rendered. The Justices? Each and every one was from the Greatest and Silent Generations?
    And the first “No Fault Divorce” legislation was signed into law by none other than then Governor of California, Ronald Wilson Reagan in 1966.
    5. Rock and Roll
    Sam Davis of Sun Records to Johnny Cash in the mid-1950’s: “I can’t sell this stuff (gospel). Go out and sin some more and bring me back something I can sell.”
    Well, boys. If that’s happening in that genre, what about the folks puching Elvis and those who followed? Remember, this is a “business” and what are they teaching those kids in school? To go out and sin, right? If the earlier generation didn’t want rock and roll it could have easily been stopped. No record contracts for that “Devils Music.” You keep it out of the movies and off The Ed Sullivan Show. But htat isn”t what happened, is it? See, the Greatest and the Silent generations liked money and “Look at that market!!!” So, we’ll just quote Mick Jagger – “it’s only rock and roll and I like it, love it, yes I do.”
    6. Porn.
    We’ll skip over the disgusting “Nichelodeons” on “Tin Pan Alley” in New York back in the 20’s and 30’s and try to get a bit contemporary.
    So it’s 1953, in December. A year before a bit of a risque’ “White Christmas” comes out. There’s a bit of a pervert born in 1926, so he came to be during the first year of the “Silent Generation.” So behind the counters, out of sight and wrapped in paper like grocery bags in “not the finest of stores”, a yet to be named magazine goes on sale during the Christmas season. It sold so well that in January of 1954 it was christened “Playboy”, even though the founder was a very Jewish dude named Hugh Heffner. In 1954. Now we must note that the Christmas season of 1953 would have found the oldest Boomer to be seven years old, so guess who wasn’t helping Heffner’s empire get rolling? Boomers. And guess who was? Their parents and grandparents.
    A while we’re at it, because of the Greatest and Silent Generations. financially things went so damn good for Heffner that he opened the first “Playboy Club” in Chicago in 1960. Look them up. Hot chicks with bunny ears and tails, dudes with money, cigars and cigarettes. The oldest Boomer was 14.
    7. “Obey your parents!”
    I could go on and on.

  10. What’s the matter, Ronnie? Did ya just get your draft notice? Oh wait, you don’t know what that is. Did you knock up your girl friend because there was no birth control and you had no control either? Did you get polio? Never mind, that doesn’t exist in your world. I know, you’re tired of living in your parent’s basement and having to pay for your own Internet access. It’s tough isn’t it? Have a nice day bitchy boy. If it weren’t for the boomers, you’d have to blame someone else for all your imagined problems. Sorry you have it so bad.

  11. well now i am not as ashamed as i was to be a “boomer” born 1961. Seems like they were herded like cattle by the (((communists))) that had been under the radar using degeneracy in all of its various forms like a pied piper. too bad they are to smug,self righteous & self absorbed to admit it and change course.

    • “… too bad they are to smug,self righteous & self absorbed to admit it and change course.”

      – Even if all Boomers were to suddenly morph into “The Borg” with a collective consciousness as well as the will to effect that “course change”, exactly what is it that we would be expected to do? Shall we do obeisance to Kronos and beg him to alter the past? Perhaps let us return to the 1970’s and elect “honest” politicians? (who, once elected would not, of course be affected by the corruption already waiting for them in Congress, right?/sarc) The youngest of us are in our late 50’s and many more are in their 60’s and 70’s. Shall we march on Washington with our walkers and our hover-rounds and shake our canes at the uncooperative psychopaths in Mordor on the Potomac? Or do you imagine that all this could have been averted even by a populace fully aware of the intrigue and machinations going on at all levels of politics and the antics of the Deep State three-letter agencies that we ONLY NOW know are the heart of corruption, as well as in the field of “education” (more accurately referred to as indoctrination), much less one that was fed a controlled diet of propaganda?

      You go right ahead and feel ashamed to be a boomer if it suits you. The only thing we could do at this point in time, we did do. We managed to get the lesser of two evils elected to the Presidency. And that choice, by the way, is the one that was always presented to us. Or perhaps you would rather have had Hillary? Most of us feel no such irrational “shame” as we know that we worked our entire adult lives for what little many of us have and we could have done nothing to alter the course of the hydra in Washington that was dead set on maintaining itself and growing into a world empire.

      And by the way, most of us would have loved to have been able to take that FICA (Social Security and Medicare tax) money and invest it and earn interest on it rather than have it taken from our paychecks all our lives just like you would. We would most likely be well-off by now and not having this “debate” on matters that we cannot change.

  12. One on the worst things about Jew media control is the enfeeblement of debate. It’s so very sad to see this (and sad to watch it on Youtube). I see the jewish word ‘Boomer’ is accepted by every person here, despite the fact that figures show there was not a huge boom in births; maybe enough for WW2 replacement. I also see not the slightest understanding of genocide by the US in e.g. Korea and Vietnam, and collaboration with Jews in the USSR. I presume this site is just another Jew media depository.

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