Calling VA State Reps II

(I’m having very solid success phoning Virginian state reps/state senators. I’ve only contacted White Republicans, I might try some Dems. So far 100% support of our position opposing the destruction/desecration of Confederate statues, Confederate graves. Here’s the contact info:

Here are some tips.

Be polite, be brief, try to establish a back and forth dialogue, not just a one way rant. Try to establish some connection to the State reps’ area. I’m from the Midwest, but I tell the truth that I applied and was accepted at the University of Virginia Charlottesville founded by Thomas Jefferson. I distinctly applied to UVA because it was a Southern University and I support Confederate statues to just honor one part of Southern American history. Southern Confederate history isn’t everything about American history, but it is an important part. I don’t want to destroy Confederate Statues or Confederate graves just as I don’t support desecrating Jewish graves. After a brief presentation of your/our views – ask if you can send a short e-mail thanking the state rep for listening to your concerns. Understand, you’re going to be talking to a staff member, not the actual State representative, unless he/she calls you back. Most of these staff members are nice people with boring jobs and they like to talk with intelligent people. I’ve talked to some very charming young Southern women staff assistants and that makes my day.

Again be polite, establish a back and forth dialogue follow up with a “thank you for listening to my concerns regarding Charlottesville demos/riots”.

I included some links to Alt Right, honest presentations of Charlottesville VA events:

Paul Joseph Watson (Brit expat)

John Derbyshire (Brit expat) Vdare writers are all excellent

Ann Coulter

Jim Goad – Takimag

Steve Sailer – Takimag (Steve notes the Communist mayor of Madison WI actually destroyed a grave market commemorating the death of Confederate POWs in WI!)

I suggest OD readers/activists put together their own links, include some of Hunter Wallace’s excellent videos of the Charlottesville VA mob violence against us.

– I tried to finesse the JQ and instead refer to the anti Southern media monopoly mafia. I have successfully used the example of Ted Turner as the only Southerner who owned a national news station which ended when Ted Turner sold out to Time Warner inc. Here’s a link to VA state rep contact list:


  1. A good post. I agree with your idea of concentrating efforts on local and state politicians and officeholders. A great place to make our strength felt. It will also increase the support for TRUMP’s nationalist agenda.

    • Thanks Don

      I m having excellent success. Along these Virginia state reps near 100% support our position

      • Mr. Ryan, I’m sure you are the very definition of a gentleman, but is having a brief, polite conversation with a politician’s secretary over the phone going to achieve the desired results of saving Rebel monuments? If it is then I shall gladly ascribe credit to you.

        • I have lobbied at Congressional offices in DC. You never talk directly to a congressional representative – it’s always the aide or an intern. They pass all stuff they hear from constituents onto congresscritters. At one Senator’s office, where a friend & I was talking to an aide about illegal immigration, there were 5 different groups of people talking to an aide – all at the same time in the same room.

  2. I’m having solid success pushing LDS Mormon ducks (Orin Hatch and Mitt Romney) to step back from their condemnation of Charlottesville VA Southern heritage protesters. Here’s a trick us *67 before you dial the phone number, it hides your number so you can sort of put the word out you’re a constituent “from” somewhere.

    Orin Hatch is really pathetic, so, very, very old. But Hatch has young assistants in his Salt Lake office who will take your call and discuss the situation. The aide conceded that Antifa mobs were attacking people in many places including Charlottesville VA and U Cal Berkeley. I was polite, but expressed my opinion that Sen. Orin Hatch was really old and really out of it, not paying attention to current events. I asked the aid if Orin Hatch was senile and had a functioning brain. He assured me that Sen. Hatch did have a functioning brain.

    Please understand our activism does get results. Anybody else notice that KY Sen. Rand Paul hasn’t been cucking much or at all since his the days of Ferguson MO when he was on Time Magazine Cover as “America’s most interesting Political leader” for taking the side of the BlackLiesMatter rioters in Ferguson MO. When we tanked Rand Paul’s Presidential crusade that started in inner city Black Detroit, Rand Paul got the message and stepped back and he’s been fine every since.

  3. Many of our reps get most of their news from Fox, the WSJ or whatnot, they don’t dig for the truth so often they end up with a limited view of things , so it is critical that we contact them to inform them of what is really going on. A face to face meeting with a Representative really impresses them, we should try to lobby direct. We have to get our side of things out there so keep calling and visit your Congress critter in person if you can.

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