The Road to Charlottesville: Hunter Wallace Edition

Editor’s Note: In light of the upcoming anniversary of Unite the Right, I am pinning my accounts of that event at the top of this blog.

Thursday, August 10

The Road to Charlottesville for us began on Thursday evening when our friend from Tampa arrived at our house. We got in his car and drove to our rendezvous point in the Montgomery area. We picked up Marcus Cicero and five of us left in a SUV owned by another friend around 10:00 PM. We decided to drive through the night so that we could arrive early in Charlottesville on Friday, enjoy a full day of socializing with our friends who were coming from across the country and participate in the torchlight parade.

Friday, August 11

From Montgomery, AL we drove to Cartersville, GA where we picked up our friend Michael Weaver around 1 AM in the morning. We left from Cartersville and drove through the night to Charlottesville via East Tennessee. It was around 3 AM in the morning between Chattanooga and Knoxville when I noticed that Facebook had shutdown the #UniteTheRight event page on the eve of the rally. This was one of the first signs of The Shuttening that was about to begin. By that point, over 100 people including Azzmador had already been kicked out of AirBnbs for their political views.

In Knoxville, we stopped and ate breakfast at a Waffle House just before sunrise. I remember how our spirits were high and how I was tweeting at people driving through the night in Tennessee. We had carloads behind us traveling to Charlottesville in Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis. By the time we got to Virginia, we were dead tired and each us took turns driving and sleeping the rest of the way. We finally arrived in Charlottesville a little after noon and I stopped at Old Navy and bought some new khaki pants which I had forgotten to pack. It was around this time we heard of a commotion involving Christopher Cantwell and Antifa at a nearby Wal-Mart.

We drove through Charlottesville and onwards to the League of the South compound. The League hadn’t used AirBnb and our reservations were never disrupted during the #UniteTheRight rally. Dr. Michael Hill welcomed us when we arrived. I shook his hand, checked in and went immediately to bed to get some sleep. We had been on the road all night and needed to get some sleep before going out later to socialize with others and participate in the torchlight parade to the Jefferson monument.

I set my alarm and woke up around 5 PM and started to get ready. We decided to head over to a nearby campground and grill out with friends in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We went from the League of the South campground to a nearby Wal-Mart. Shortly before arriving there, I saw the news that the Antifa website “It’s Going Down” had compromised the Discord group and found out about the torchlight parade to the Jefferson monument.

I immediately called Jason Kessler to tell him the news. I recommended either cancelling the torchlight parade or relocating it somewhere else like Monticello. It was still up in the air at this time. We arrived at the campground and began grilling out with the South Carolina crew. Kessler got back in touch with us and we were told that the torchlight parade was still on, the police knew about it and would restrain Antifa. Everyone was excited and we got in our vehicles and headed to Charlottesville.

On the way into Charlottesville, the news broke that a federal judge had issued an injunction and that the #UniteTheRight rally was back on in Lee Park. The Alt-Right had won again in federal court. We were ecstatic. When we arrived at Nameless Field, we saw a few of our guys with tiki torches walking down the street. We drove past a huge mass of people and had no idea whose side they were on. We couldn’t tell from a distance if it was the Alt-Right or Antifa preparing to attack the Alt-Right at the Jefferson monument. It wasn’t until we saw Emily Gorcenski’s reaction on Periscope that we realized the huge mass of people was the Alt-Right preparing to march across the UVA campus.

By the time we found a parking spot on campus, the Alt-Right march through UVA had already begun. We got out of our vehicle with our torches and ran through the campus to catch up with the back of the column. The first person who I recognized was Sacco Vandal. We had met in Pikeville and he was part of a security team keeping everyone in formation and marching through campus. We proceeded through the UVA campus with the torches chanting “You Will Not Replace Us” and “White Lives Matter.”

When we came down the stairs at the Jefferson monument, Emily Gorcenski was there with a group of about 20 Antifa. They had come to disrupt the torchlight parade. As we gathered around the Jefferson monument, a fight broke out when the encircled Antifa lunged with pepper spray. Several blows were exchanged and a cloud of pepper spray filled the air. I saw Christopher Cantwell with his hands in his eyes. The Charlottesville and UVA police had advance notice of the torchlight parade to the Jefferson monument and had failed to keep Antifa separated.

As we left the Jefferson monument and returned to Nameless Field, I ran into Peter Cvjetanovic. I didn’t know his name at the time. We was just another face in the crowd, but he was agitated because he was bleeding from the back of his head. He had been attacked by Antifa at the monument. When we arrived at Nameless Field, I met Augustus Invictus and Jason Kessler for the first time. I also met dozens of people who recognized me as Hunter Wallace from Twitter and Occidental Dissent.

We returned to our vehicle, left Charlottesville and drove back to the League compound. I noticed that #Charlottesville was already trending on Twitter. Emily Gorcenski was crying and screaming “where are you” about how “fascism had came back.” It was a huge white pill. We were in good spirits and excited for the #UniteTheRight rally. Even though the Charlottesville police had failed to keep Antifa separated at the Jefferson monument, we didn’t read too much into that.

Back at the League compound, we learned that Antifa had vandalized multiple vehicles on the UVA campus. The League of the South, Traditionalist Worker’s Party and other Nationalist Front groups hadn’t participated in the torchlight parade. They had stayed back to plan for the rally the next day. Only a carload of us had participated as individuals. We spent the next few hours drinking and socializing by a campfire, welcoming our people as they arrived and celebrating the glorious torchlight parade.

Then it was off to bed.

Saturday, August 12

When I woke up the next morning, #Charlottesville was trending globally. The Triggering had begun. Aside from the scuffle at the Jefferson monument, everything was going according to plan. We had planned to hold the torchlight parade, the #UniteTheRight rally and finally the afterparty.

At 8 AM on August 12th, the League of the South assembled in the parking lot of the compound. We discussed our plans for the day. No one was to bring knives or firearms to Lee Park. We had a huge debate about this and it was ultimately decided that firearms would be “too provocative.” We didn’t think firearms were “too provocative,” but the expectation was that it was unnecessary and the police would secure the event. The general impression was that the police had done a good job at the Klan rally on July 8th.

Contrary to reports in the media, we HAD NOT come prepared for battle in Charlottesville. We brought about a dozen shields. These were designed to deal with any projectiles that we expected Antifa to lob into the park. They had thrown projectiles into the Klan rally on July 8th. A few of us brought pepper spray, but as a whole no one came in with sticks or any type of weapon that could be used for self defense because the plan was to enjoy the #UniteTheRight rally. We had told the Charlottesville Police that we had debated bringing guns and had decided not to do so even though we could have carried.

My plan was to spend the morning of August 12th rounding up isolated individuals who were traveling alone. This plan was disrupted by the League’s plan. We had to be at the Market Street parking garage by 10 AM. This is what our security team had told the police. We all departed the League compound and drove in a caravan to the parking lot of a shopping center to meet up with the Nationalist Front. I told the people who were coming as individuals to meet up with us there or at the parking garage.

At the shopping center parking lot, I ran into Matt Heimbach, Matt Parrott, Tom Pierce and many of my old friends. We spent about thirty minutes gathering there and proceeded to the Market Street parking garage. As we were driving through Charlottesville, I noticed the Patriot groups were already out on the streets. Once we were inside the Market Street parking garage, we assembled in a column. We had already seen on Twitter that Vanguard America and the Detroit Right Wings had arrived in Lee Park.

Shortly before we left the Market Street parking garage, I started my livestream on Periscope. My plan for the day was to livestream the event, interview people and show everyone on Twitter what a good time we were having at #UniteTheRight. This is what I had done in Auburn, Pikeville and New Orleans. I didn’t have a shield, helmet, stick, flag pole, knife, gun, pepper spray or anything to defend myself because we had all expected it would be an uneventful day entering and exiting Lee Park. After all, this was the biggest nationalist rally in 20 years and hundreds of police were going to be there.

What could possibly go wrong?

The moment we realized that our plans for the day had been tossed into the fire was when we exited the parking garage, marched up Market Street and encountered the Antifa who had linked arms and were blockading Lee Park. Matt Heimbach had asked a nearby police officer how we were supposed to enter Lee Park. We were told to go through the Antifa blockade. There were only two entrances to Lee Park and we were going to have to push our way through the Antifa lines to get there.

Unlike previous events, the Charlottesville police did not separate us from Antifa in spite of having been warned of the potential for violence by the Department of Homeland Security. There were no barricades or police officers to separate the two sides. It was even worse than that because the police in Charlottesville were bystanders who stood by and watched the breakdown of law and order. We had walked into a trap. The police were deliberately standing down and allowing Antifa to get violent.

The Nationalist Front pushed our way through the Antifa blockade into Lee Park behind our shield wall. I filmed the whole thing on Periscope. We were attacked with mace and pepper spray. There were women, children and elderly people in the column – none of whom we would have brought had we expected violence – disarmed into a horde of hundreds of violent Antifa. Once we were inside Lee Park, our medics began treating everyone who had been injured during the scuffle from the effects of mace and pepper spray. Fortunately, we had anticipated these weapons might be used by Antifa and had come prepared to deal with it. We even had to protect and treat injured reporters.

In spite of having to push through the Antifa blockade, the mood was still festive inside Lee Park. Over a thousand people had traveled from all across America to meet each other in person for the first time. Many of us ran into old friends while we were gathered in Lee Park. I ran into Mike Enoch and David Duke while livestreaming on Periscope. I happily took a bottle of water from a peaceful counterprotester. There was a lot of socializing going on while our medics treated injuries and the shield wall regrouped to defend the entrance to Lee Park. We still didn’t understand why police were not restraining Antifa.

As we stayed in Lee Park, it gradually became clear that there was no police presence. There was nothing separating the Alt-Right from the Antifa except the shield wall at the two chokepoints. The shield wall had to do the job of the Charlottesville police and rescue isolated individuals who were trying to enter Lee Park. The Antifa blockade was engaging in mob violence. They were still using mace and pepper spray, but they also had sticks and clubs. They brought ice chests full of bombs filled with feces and urine and paint. They threw some kind of acidic substance on the shield wall. These people finally used their own tear gas, an improvised flamethrower composed of a lighter and aerosol can and even a makeshift battering ram made out of plywood and a step ladder. These people had come to Charlottesville to engage in violence to the point where they even brought siege weapons to attack the Alt-Right.

After about an hour of this, the Charlottesville police which had been missing in action declared #UniteTheRight was an unlawful assembly and ordered us to disperse. I marched with the largest group to McIntire Park and briefly ran into Liberty Lamp as I was exiting Lee Park. Baked Alaska was blinded by wasp spray and was helped out of the park. I was under the impression at the time that #UniteTheRight was being moved because of the violence. On the way to McIntire Park, I ran into Black Rebel and KK who were two Confederate heritage activists who had come to Charlottesville to support the Lee monument. They had been in New Orleans. We jumped into the back of a van along the way and were dropped off at McIntire Park. I continued filming on Periscope until my battery died.

Once we were in McIntire Park, we learned that Gov. Terry McAuliffe had declared a “state of emergency.” The #UniteTheRight rally had been cancelled before it had begun at noon. We were advised to leave Charlottesville and our people began to disperse in their cars. We were told that if we didn’t disperse that the National Guard would arrest us. Many of us who were now in McIntire Park had been separated from our cars in the Market Street parking garage. I caught a ride with Sam Dickson who drove us back to our vehicles. The League of the South shuttled the rest of our people back to the Market Street parking garage from McIntire Park and each time had to drive through hordes of violent Antifa who were still parading through the streets of Charlottesville in violation of the “state of emergency.”

It was around this time that I heard that President Trump had condemned the #UniteTheRight rally. I was furious and recorded my reaction on Periscope after acquiring a portable battery. It was around this time that I learned about the fight in the parking garage and how the bulk of the League of the South members and others were pushed out of Lee Park by the Charlottesville police into the horde of violent Antifa and marched through the gauntlet back to the parking garage. By this point, I knew that over a dozen of our people had been injured and several were in the hospital.

As we were returning to the League compound, I heard about the James Fields Jr. car accident on Twitter. I had no idea what was going on except that #UniteTheRight had been thrown into chaos by the Charlottesville police and Gov. Terry McAuliffe, our people were dispersing in all directions and violent Antifa were parading through the streets. They were still attacking groups of isolated people returning to their vehicles. We briefly had to return to the Market Street parking garage to evacuate Marcus Cicero who had traveled with us and had been dropped off late.

Back at the League compound, we made sure everyone was accounted for and assessed our injuries. The worst violence had occurred while rescuing isolated people from the Antifa horde outside Lee Park, the burns from acid suffered by the shield wall and while returning to the Market Street parking garage. In all three cases, this was due to the Charlottesville police failing to do their jobs and actively making matters worse by clearing Lee Park and pushing our people into direct contact with violent Antifa.

After cooling off for a few hours at Lee Park, I got in touch with Jason Kessler. The much reduced after party was going on in Charlottesville. A group of us traveled there where Kessler, Augustus Invictus, Richard Spencer and others were doing a press conference. I briefly saw Richard Spencer who was on the phone. I met Nathan Damigo there. Just as David Duke was showing up, the AirBnb was cancelled and everyone was forced to leave again. We returned to the League compound where we stayed the rest of the night drinking and socializing around a bonfire. I made a point to toss the MAGA hat that I brought to Charlottesville into the bonfire during a Periscope video.

Sunday, August 13

We woke up on Sunday morning and got on the road early to head home to Alabama.

I was adamant that we shouldn’t stop in Charlottesville. It was clear after the events of the previous day that we weren’t safe there. Not too long after we had passed Staunton, I got a phone call from Jason Kessler who wanted us to stay and provide security for his press conference. He was worried that the Antifa mob might to try to kill him in retaliation for the death of Heather Heyer. We couldn’t turn around though because we had such a long drive. My friend had to drive all the way back to Tampa from Montgomery.

Jason Kessler was attacked by the lynch mob at the press conference. I made a Periscope about it while we were on the road in southwest Virginia. We drove to Cartersville, GA where we dropped off Michael Weaver. I did a Periscope there about how Michael Weaver had been sent to prison for defending himself with pepper spray while Baked Alaska had been nearly blinded by wasp spray by Antifa at #UniteTheRight. From Cartersville, GA we drove back to Alabama where we dropped off Marcus Cicero and then drove home to Montgomery. We got home around 2 AM.

I unloaded the car and went to sleep.


Ever since August 12th, I’ve been fighting back against the ridiculous fake news narrative that was created about Charlottesville. There is no moral equivalence between the “two sides.” The Alt-Right came to Charlottesville to attend a peaceful rally in Lee Park and went to federal court to be able to do it. Antifa came to Charlottesville with the intention of initiating violence to shutdown the #UniteTheRight rally. This was their goal which they announced on their own websites. Gov. Terry McAuliffe and the Charlottesville police colluded with them to accomplish their objective.

The Alt-Right’s plan in Charlottesville was to hold the torchlight parade on Friday, the #UniteTheRight rally on Saturday afternoon and an afterparty on Saturday evening. The goal was to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee monument, the mob violence in Charlottesville and assert our constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of assembly. We wanted to create a big polarizing spectacle on social media by uniting all the factions and tribes of the Dissident Right in Lee Park. We went to Charlottesville to stand up in public for our identity, our heritage and our rights, as we have peacefully done elsewhere in the South, not to harm anyone or fight with Antifa.

Plainly, we were not interested in fighting with Antifa. The vast majority of our people were more interested in socializing in Lee Park than engaging in street battles. The rest of our people defended the park and rescued others which were roles the Charlottesville police vacated. There was only violence between “two sides” because there was no police in Lee Park trying to keep everyone separated. We brought helmets and shields to defend ourselves because of Antifa’s well known reputation for violence which they made good on in Charlottesville. There is a major difference between aggression and preparedness – the side that is engaged in aggression brings ice chests full of bombs, their own tear gas and siege weapons. The side engaged in aggression attacks people complying with law enforcement who are dispersing to their vehicles. They might look similar because both sides are dressed in body armor, but their motives and actions tell a different story.

Everything I have said here is the complete and whole truth about Charlottesville. I haven’t left anything out. This was my experience in Charlottesville. Make of it what you will.

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  1. Mr. Wallace, It was a pleasure to meet you, through I would have preferred a more sedate occasion.

    I had hoped to do more socializing, but the illegal actions of the Governor cancelled that plan.

  2. Haven’t read after the lights out on Friday night section, but already the thought occurs to me: enough antifa knew about the torchlight parade to have done far more damage, and the cover of night would have made them even more bloodthirsty, a regular zombie horror show. Yet there was only a seeming symbolic counter protest and attack from them.

    The torchlight parade footage was played all over the world to conjure images of Kristallnacht and cross-burnings. Really, very little obstructionism from antifa.


    • Signer & McAuliffe are part of the Deep State machinations although I suspect both are pretty low level operatives. No one in the Deep State has an allegiance to country or even humanity. It is a cancerous growth festering in the bowels of Hell underneath the Freemasons handiwork known as Washington, DC.

      Go to the section under “The Deep State” for it is the only view you will probably ever have of this secret government’s lair. I Also suggest that in your spare time and if interested in a different approach, you read some of Dr. Richard Sauder’s blog. You don’t have to agree with him, or even believe him, but it’s information you should, at the very least, be exposed to. He can make us all “well-rounded.”

    • The Torchlight Parade is what forced Signer and McAullife to lock everything down. We showed we could get the drop on ANTIFA and make them look stupid. This needs to happen a whole lot more!

  3. One comment on the article, your story tells of the League of the South, but what of the others at the event?

    Can you speak for everyone there? Was everyone unarmed or only the League of the South?

    There were so many people there. (And I’m posting constructive criticism. You might have or develop a reply to it is why I post this.)

    Also, was everyone there a “white nationalist”? It seemed to me that many were there as “conservatives” to protest the removal of the statue.

    Regardless, the narrative the general public heard is: WN attack black guy and elsewhere a crowd with a car, lots of Nazi flags (one) and Klan hoods, WN showed up with guns (neutral patriot group but labeled as WN), Antifa valiantly defended from this. Oh and the general public is also told the slogan was “Jews will not replace us” rather than “You will not replace us”. This serves to create a reaction among Jews in society. It gives the impression that “Nazis are rising once again against Jews. All force must be used to destroy the Nazis.”

    So, in other words, this manipulates Jews into action. And of course it also manipulates the rest of society to view Jews as a victim group. Eg. poor George Soros – equal rights for multi-billionaire pirates.

    I appreciate y’all defending Lee. It’s ridiculous that he’s portrayed as controversial. I do, however, wish there’d been no tolerance of NS and Klan symbols. Those symbols are not good PR. I’m glad there were no pro-cannibalism signs there at least. So, it could have been worse.

    I generally saw Charlottesville as a disaster, bc of the car crash and the aforementioned symbolism. But Antifa’s violence and the general widespread persecution of right wing ideas since then have painted y’all more as heroes. And Alt Tech is taking off now. So, maybe things turned out well.

    Southerners have always been second class citizens in the US in my time. So, I don’t expect equal treatment. But our side is much better educated now I think. So, maybe we have a future after all.

    Btw, I hope you become part of this Alt Tech revolution. If one of these platforms takes off, the owners could become new billionaires. 😀

    • 1.) The main participating groups discussed this beforehand and decided to come unarmed because carrying would have been “too provocative.” This didn’t apply to unaffiliated individuals or neutral Patriot groups.

      2.) No, everyone there wasn’t a White Nationalist.

      3.) The media was going to lie regardless of what happened on August 12.

      • Tyvm for the replies. I’ve been defending y’all elsewhere. I post at different sites. It was difficult to find info on the event. (I’m not on twitter but have been following you there closely for info.)

        It’s unlikely, but Trump’s original defence of y’all was very similar to my defence I wrote at another big site. And I was a very vocal, active advocate of Trump (since I was quasi-booted from Twitter) on that account.

        So, it’s possible, though highly unlikely, that someone in his camp read my post and told him “Trump supporters are rallying in defence”.

        No one, including myself, knew much about the event. So, I was somewhat making assumptions (eg. that the event was not exclusively WN.)

        One complaint I received from a conservative is how the fliers used fascist-style art, though with Confederate flags. It did annoy some to see the linkage of fascism with other right-wing (non-cucked) groups in the US.

        I’m just stating that. The Alt Tech reaction is too wonderful though. And now Antifa is being condemned. So, things seem to actually have turned out very well.

        For the longest time we’ve needed to *secede* culturally. And that’s happening.

    • Anglos have been second class citizens in the US in my life time. Anglo girls and women are the lowest class, depending.

      • Onceler,

        in high schools, everyone dreams of the northern European girls.

        The black chicks are in a lower caste. I’d rather blacks just dated blacks, whites dated whites. But instead it looks more like a caste system.

        My high school experience was different. I’m actually commenting on what I’ve seen more recently among younger children.

  4. Walked into a trap set by none other SPLC atewatch for maximum media exposure.It backfire. antifablm on the way to be listed a domestic terrorist.

    Texas submerge the lyin press in a tail spin.

  5. Next time such an event is organized, and they should be, go on to the leftard websites prior and observe what their plans are to disrupt them, and be ready.
    Maybe for the next gathering, just make it a huge get together somewhere in a park or in a field with food, music, fellowshipping and exchange of ideas, with no marching, no slogans and a minimal political theme. Sort of a Woodstock moment for the Alt-Right.
    See how the left and authorities respond to that…it would be interesting. Surely if they interrupt a mere gathering, it will show them up in an incredibly negative way.
    If want to grow and progress, we need new ideas, and activities put on the table.
    The leaders should sit down, lend an ear, and take suggestions.

    • I like that line of thinking. We already know that antifa are going to blitz us no matter what we do…so what better way to counteract that than to organize an event where there is no plan for confrontation or provocativeness from the Alt-Right. Antifa attack a 100% peaceful event, media struggles to put a positive spin on it, and we win a little. Granted, Charlottesville was supposed to be peaceful too, but our mission was an openly provocative one.

      It’s a tactic that could really only be used once, both because we can’t trust our enemies to fall for the same trick twice and because we don’t want to develop a trend in which the Alt-Right loses its edginess. But in my mind, it would be a great follow-up act for Charlottesville.

      • @Solidus,
        I agree totally. We need to expose the left for what they really are. Only then, can we make some traction and become normalized in the public arena.

      • John, Solidus-Srsly? You REALLY want a massacre? What kind of allies are you?

        RAHOWA, C’ville War II, Rise of Antichrists (All Jews, all of them) call it what you will- we are NOT engaging in some Bullshit Kumbaya fest, for WN’s.

        We had better be buying guns, ammo, and target practicing with Nigger, Faggot, Lesbo, and Le Happy Merchant faces on the bulls-eyes.

        ” He maketh my feet like hinds’ feet: and setteth me upon my high places.
        35 He teacheth my hands to war; so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.”

        II Sam 22: 34-5 (and yes, Corrie Ten Boom, you were totally and completely heretical in your analysis of love against one’s enemies).

        • Won’t be a massacre if we come equipped. It’s pretty much expected by now that if you attend an alt-right event, you’re going to have to bring some combination of protective clothing, shields, pepper spray, or legal weaponry.

          Civil war is likely no matter what we do at this point. My only concern is boosting our numbers before it happens.

        • @Fr.John+
          Yes I like your passion, but I think the occasional less political social gathering would be a good strategy to bait and make the left look bad in the eyes of the public. And in the event they don’t crash the gathering at all, that would also be a plus as it meant we got together to strengthen each other and show the undecided, but willing, what we’re about.
          Yes, still have the political, robust rallies, but balance them out with the less confronting. After all, we have a right to gather and socialize as much as any other demographic right?

    • Surely if they interrupt a mere gathering, it will show them up in an incredibly negative way.

      You mean, like in Tinley Park?

      As the man said, “One more victory like that, and we are undone.”

  6. I suspected there may be a confrontation but this was a well-planned, well-funded snare using taxpayer money to shut down the Constitution. We’re dealing with very sick and twisted lifeforms.

  7. Future rallies should be designed to attract people from a certain region instead of expecting people to drive across the country to attend. The rallies also need to be more focused, with a specific purpose or message in mind – no mixed signals! Security has to be tremendously improved as well. And the white polo shirts and khakis have to go. They should be replaced with combat fatigues and armbands. The situation has become too serious to opt for the “preppy” look.

        • It would require too much IQ for the IQ obsessives to not use swastikas :p

          Even David Lane used to highlight how painting a target on oneself is a bad idea… Lane was also not an atheist, fyi.

          Pretty sure Bill Lind also commented on the matter in his book, regarding 4th generation.

          And a reason I especially don’t like NS is they were too dang left-wing! (Ivan Ilyin blamed Nietzsche’s influence according to a recent article, which I can link to.)

          Third Position / Distributism / Third Way, etc. ideas are brilliant. Nick Griffin and some of these Catholic Trads are very interesting, vastly superior to NS.

  8. @Newmetrology
    Well just show up and observe the lefts own logic- we need to come with weapons, bottles of faeces, wee wee and acid to prevent their anti-white racist speeches and rhetoric, after all, racist talks and rants aren’t free speech, its hate speech right? We beed to show up to prevent (anti-white) racism wherever it occurs. Lets be like the left…..respecting free speech but opposing hate speech.

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