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  1. Has anyone considered that the police in Charlottesville may have pushed the Alt-right crowd into the Antifa crowd because they wanted to see Antifa get its ass kicked? Cops everywhere detest Antifa but know they’ll be fired, and likely prosecuted, if they lay hands on one.

  2. Its was a case of us being more effective by not being there-couldn’t interrupt our enemies while they were making fools of themselves. Some how the media would still spin it so its somehow our fault-like poverty and hunger in Africa is somehow our fault.

  3. The sudden turn against Antifa is kind of eerie, though.

    FIrst, 99% of the press and politicians were portraying them as standing up to the evil Nazis.

    Then, suddenly, and in lockstep, they flip over to condemning Antifa, all on the same day. The unanimity is both spooky and depressing.

    • It’s because the world can see what’s really going on on Youtube videos from people’s cellphone cameras. So, the media is now covering it’s ass.

      Nothing will be done about Antifa though. You don’t see any politicians moving to label them a domestic terror group. It’s all a dog and pony show for the normies.

      So, basically they can use antifa and black bloc as their ZOG footsoldiers and maintain plausible deniability.

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