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  1. What did Christ say, that would be to our benefit as White Christians? Ah, yes.

    ” There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” -Lk. 12:2

    Sorry, Kikes. God’s on our Side. Deo Gratias.

  2. That is the best video yet on what happened at Charlottesville. It’s actually a compilation of video’s I’ve already seen which showed events of the day but without context. This video seamlessly sliced them all together giving a much fuller picture of events, location and timeline.
    A first class job by William Jones

  3. I think I’ve seen all I need to see with this video. Mr. Harris clocked that man so hard that I heard a distinct “cracking” sound. The man he hit “Mr. Crews” clearly suffered a serious looking head wound. Another marcher is beaten senseless on garage island with Mr. Harris still in middle of melee and holding heavy instrument that hit man. Additional marchers rush in and subdue him with some whacks and yell for him to leave when they realize he is no longer active threat. This man “Mr. Harris” is guilty of felonious assault with injury, instigating a riot, disregarding Police Directives to disperse, defrauding fund cite and yet he has collected over $166K! Meanwhile a young 18 year old male who thought Mr. Harris was active threat to injured men sits and rots in solitary confinement while the world crucifies him. His family has no money for his defense and Charlottesville wants a hanging. And to think, all he really wanted to do was keep honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice during the Civil War.

    • Don’t you love #progress?

      We’re on the “Wrong Side of History” which apparently means anything goes in attacking whites… No rights for white people 🙂

      Notice also how the DACA defenders don’t care that Obama’s amnesty was unconstitutional. The law? It’s on the “Wrong Side of History”. This society is barbaric.

      If Christians can survive in Iraq and Syria, then I can surely survive in the US today though 🙂 Keep one’s head down, don’t upset the powers-that-be!

  4. Media has all but hung him and said a lot of nasty, unfair stuff about him and his family. I know his father and he is heavily decorated combat pilot who flew so much during Desert Storm that he now suffers from PTSD and lives on small disability. He flew dangerous recce missions after war. The boy’s deceased Godfather is an African American who taught his dad in military and was like father to him. His step mother is Native American “Cherokee” and ill in health. The boy doesn’t have an racist bone in his body and everyone who knows him can verify. Media is in for fight if they think they can vilify family. This boy stood up for his kin folk and those who died “on both sides” during that awful war. He cries when he goes to VA with his dad whose life he saved by getting him help. Daniel Borden stood up for his dad and other Vets. This family is up against it and needs all the help it can.

  5. Hunter Wallace,

    You and Ann Coulter are wrong to condemn Trump so strongly on twitter.

    Case 1: https://twitter.com/NumbersUSA/status/905445934083055616

    Trump ends DACA

    Case 2: Trump proposes ending KORUS. Without KORUS, SK will be less likely to tolerate US presence.

    Canada & US looking like will exit NAFTA. If trade is improved, then US businesses will be more tied to America’s fate.


    Case 3: Trump arming SK and Japan (precursor to US exiting)



    Also, Twitter is heavily blocking Justin Raimondo searches, presumably because he’s not goose stepping and acting crazy.

  6. What I saw in this video was mostly blacks (BLM) taunting whites, making threats, stuff like that. But not many attacks, b/c when the blacks did attack, they ended up getting the shit beat out of them by whites. (Which doesn’t fit the media narrative, so it’s a poor little innocent black boy getting beat up by evil racist whites – OK, whatever.) Then there is that one segment where an old white guy gets attacked and beaten to the ground by a heavily armored robo-cop looking antifa (white guy) while the regular cops look on and…do nothing. So, be proud, Charlottesville and Virginia police. Enjoy your doughnuts. Your time is coming.

    • Did you happen to notice the segment where Mr. Harris started the melee by cracking that old man’s skull with a heavy flashlight? Man suffered nasty looking knot and open wound. Moments later Mr. Harris’s buddy in red flees defensive pepper spray but takes free shot nonetheless. He flattens Mr. Harris who seems staggered by just that! Another male in aqua blue chases, tackles and pummels one of the marchers. One of his buddies with club joins in on the fun. In fact they injure the man.

      • You mean the white UtR, LOS guy who was knocked to the ground near the vehicle gate at the entrance, just inside the parking garage? Yeah, that guy was laid out flat, face down while the blacks came at him…but the other whites rallied ’round and the blacks fled, leaving Deandre to “hold the bag” so to speak, and Deandre got what he deserved….or some of what he deserved. 🙂 But you speak of what actually happened – that is heresy from the authorized media narrative, which is “gang of white supremacists surround and viciously beat innocent young black kid.”

        • No! Not that guy. I am talking about the older gentleman on the video here who was hit across his skull by Mr. Harris with a heavy flashlight. He did this while his friends tried taking his flag. This in fact, appears to be the flashpoint of whole melee as shortly afterwards his buddy in red is pepper sprayed. He then takes whack and flees. Guy in red was standing next to Harris while Harris connected. When he runs he flattens Harris. He must have knocked the sh$% out of him because Harris seems to lay on his back for an eternity. Meanwhile, behind him the man you mention is tackled and pummeled on garage island. While Harris lays there he appears to be waving a white hanky. A hanky he earlier used on different video to apparently hide his identity. It is almost as if he knows he is on camera and is trying to show that he is in no way involved and innocent and that anything happening to him subsequently would be outright assault. I am honestly beginning to think this kid may actually have planned all of this out. Could he be that clever or is he just scared?

  7. Man, this guy Harris is dirty! Really dirty and he is getting away with smashing a man’s skull, burning/destroying private property, disobeying repeated Police warnings to disperse, felony assault in commission of theft, inciting a riot and defrauding a fund cite. The worse part is that two men sit in jail and await extradition to a town hell bent on hanging them. Two guys who responded to injured man on garage island and saw Harris knock hell out of old man. This just isn’t right at all. Meanwhile this Harris cat is celebrating with over $170K in essentially, stolen funds.

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