Heather Heyer Died of a Heart Attack

Editor’s Note: I have no idea why Heather Heyer died of a heart attack. It does seem strange though. She isn’t one of the people we see flying through the air in these videos.

The mom says she died of a heart attack in an NBC interview:

Heather Heyer is not the woman in the teal looking shirt who is hurled over the grey car when James Fields Jr. crashed into it. The Antifa medic who performed CPR on Heather Heyer said she had a leg wound. She seems to have died of heart failure though.



We’ve been looking at the wrong victim. Heather Heyer was dressed in black.

We can’t find any information about Heather Heyer’s injuries or an autopsy. She does seem to be a very large woman though. My guess is that she was at least 250 pounds lying on her back in 90 degree heat. It is reasonable to wonder if her health had something to do with her death.

I can’t tell if Heather Heyer was injured by the car crash any worse than anyone else particularly when Fields put the Challenger into reverse when it was under attack by baseball bats. Why was Andrew Anglin banned from the internet for pointing this out?

Note: To my knowledge, no else has died in these incidents when protesters are in the street and get run over. It happens quite frequently. I know there have been two such incidents in St. Louis alone since June. Missouri even passed a state law to deal with the issue.

Update: The CPR is after 7:10 in this video.

Skip to 0:38 in this video where she is down. Is she even hit by the car?

Update: We’ve confirmed this is Heather Heyer:

See 0:52 in this video:

Update: We’ve found Heather Heyer on video shortly before the car wreck:

UPDATE: We have found unreleased CPR video. It takes 8 people to haul her out on a stretcher:

We’ve also found the frame of Heather Heyer in the car crash which is to the right side while a healthier dude takes a direct hit and survives:

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  1. This sounds very significant.

    The bullying of those defending UnitetheRight after the crash was Orwellian.

    The game seems to be to define the narrative as quickly as possible, before any facts are released, and then move on.

  2. Veeeeery interesting. If this holds true then Fields is likely not a “murderer”, and the lefties will go berserk when he gets handed a lesser charge instead.

    I’m going to enjoy dangling this in certain obnoxious folks’ faces if it plays out as it should.

  3. Ye gods, it must have taken at least half a dozen firemen to lift that giant manatee off the ground. But I don’t care about that fatty or any of the other shitlibs who got run over. I’m only worried about the Dodge Challenger. Can it be saved?

    • Possibly since it never touched that disgusting blob.

      Now, I’ve seen some nasty things in my time and am pretty much desensitized, but those pics of Heyer?

      That thing doesn’t even look like a person it’s so fat.

      • What are you fucking 12 or something? Regardless of what either side do, regardless of all the shilling, people are dying…PEOPLE! Stupid fucking comments like this are what is wrong with internet culture, that seems to be bleeding more and more into everyday life. Get a fucking grip moron and remember, life means more then rhetoric and political affiliations.

        • On the contrary, my friend.

          Politics and beliefs transcend everything else these days, and for the record, I don’t consider Bolshevik terrorists people at all.

          They are enemy combatants and are in the same category as roaches, fire ants, and other vermin.

        • shes not “people” shes a communist. communists are not people.
          she is also a terrorist. people who use intimidation and violence like stopping innocent motorists in the middle of the street while armed with weapons and terrorising them FOR POLITICAL IDEALS are terrorists. terrorists are also not people.

          f*ck that ugly fat whale, the world is better off without it

  4. This morning I was wondering if and why there were or were not other fatties wandering around, given the prevalence of them in our culture. What’s the status of fatties among antifa? Antifa seem to be primed and ready to fight in a manner unaccessible to fat people.

    Now this. The press purposely portrayed the other obese woman lying on the car as Heather Heyer.

    James Fields was a plant. I really don’t know if Cantwell was but he might as well be so who cares.

    I’m going to have to research and consider. What happened to the first fatty? Why’d they pretend she was Heather?

    I am certain the fatty female meme has significance in the psy op. Notice they’re both fat white women, and Andrew Anglin has been nursing an obsession with fat (or supposedly) white women for several months. He drew diagrams of Lauren Southern’s supposed ‘obesity’ (clearly a profound distortion) at one point that verged on nervous breakdown material.

    Something’s up…

    • Fields is apparently schizo, ergo he might be someone who freaked out. The cops thought he was scared, so maybe he was. A guy hit his car with bat before he crashed, so he could have sped up then.

      Jason Kessler is suspicious to me, as is the unidentified man carrying NS flag.

      The people wearing Klan stuff, I’m inclined to believe they were fake too. Also those doing the NS salute. But who knows? Is fascism/NS growing in popularity? If so, it’s probably like “socialism”. Few know what socialism means, yet a large percent of Americans seem interested in it now. We don’t really have “capitalism” today either of course. So, it becomes a question of what people mean by the terms…

      Cantwell does not appear to have been a plant. He did nothing wrong from what I’ve seen. I could be mistaken, but my understanding is he sprayed a guy approaching him in self-defence.

      • Ugh, schizophenia has nothing to do with aggression or hyper-vigilance. I’ve blabbed about this endlessly on here. If a schizophrenic had paranoid delusions of some kind, or was spooked by audial hallucinations, they’d be solely reacting to their psychosis which would not be intersecting with actual concrete reality. And paranoia (which is a rare kind of the already very rare schizophrenia) would be totally self-referential and have nothing whatsoever to do with some larger political group dynamics. A paranoid schizophrenic might think there’s a plot against him and only him that they saw signaled to him personally in Time Magazine. He couldn’t tell you why, except for maybe that he’s the antichrist or something. Psychosis is easily recognizable and distinguishable from even high level emotional problems.

        There is no footage of Fields’ car being attacked by anybody, that I have seen (and I’ve looked). This urban legend needs to be laid to rest. All the video shows us is that the back of the car does appear to have sustained some kind of damage from what might have been a bat or thereabouts.

        But no footage of this hypothetical attack exists when there SHOULD be some.

        • “There is no footage of Fields’ car being attacked by anybody, that I have seen (and I’ve looked). This urban legend needs to be laid to rest.”

          Not true, the back of the car was clearly hit with either a stick or a bat.Not that hard & not enough to fully justify plowing into the crowd perhaps, but the fact remains that the car WAS hit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTdcCx54pQ0 There’s a better video of this where they pause it at the moment the stick hits the car but I can’t find that.

          • Well that’s a new one for me. It shifts things, sure, but not totally. I hadn’t looked exhaustively (I actually do have a life beyond conspiracy sleuthing). So, there is *some* footage BUT it’s not footage that comes before Fields got into the car and decided to drive down a street that was clearly blocked by a mob of what he knew to be crazed antifa. Can we assume he knew they were antifa? I’d think we can.

            So this isn’t a total game changer from my view, just a shift. Did Fields not expect this to happen? Did he think these genteel upstanding citizens were just going to politely part for him?

            I’ve been assuming his car had been parked on that street (or that that’s what we’re supposed to think). But maybe it hadn’t been. So he’d just driven down that street for reasons we don’t know (was it on his route to return home…?) At what cross street had he turned onto that street? Since the mob was so major and visible, why didn’t he turn off before having to drive into it? The bat attack occurs right as Fields is moving into the mob.

            The fact is, the story surrounding it as well as some of the forensics have me 100% this was a set up. His mother’s interview is impossible for me to buy, among other narrative red flags.

            But for those who want to believe the jews would never devise an elaborate set up to shepherd both sides (of political radicals) into a self-destructive standoff that justifies collapsing the Constitution, this bat attack helps.

        • Onceler — there IS footage of Field’s car being struck before the crash. You claim to have looked for it but not found it. I say you are either an idiot or a liar — please take your pick. In the meantime, there’s this:

          • I might owe Fields an apology. I assumed from the first video that came out that he was speeding and intentionally crashed. I condemned him as “schizo” multiple times.

            Your video suggests he’s simply not at fault in the least. He was frightened by the mob.

            That’s very interesting. So Spencer and Wallace were right to never condemn him, whereas I sold him out as soon as the first video was released…

    • Yeah, my bullsh*t detector has been off the charts with Signer, McAuliffe, Fields, and everything else Charlottesville. I filed it directly in front of my files on Walter Scott, Charleston, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Barack Obama Sr/Frank Marshall Davis, Sandy Hook, 9/11, Oklahoma City, Waco, RFK, JFK, USS Liberty,Vietnam, WWII, WWI, just to name a few. My file cabinet is bulging with fiction.

      You would think at least one of those “moral superiors” in Charlottesville would have covered up all the fatties laying around to protect their “dignity”. Have they no decency? To quote another fraud, Joseph Welch, to keep with my comments theme.

    • Having wandered around the Antifa camp a fair bit when I first reached the park, I can attest that there actually were a decent number of fatties around…however, most of them wisely chose to stand in place holding poster-signs and shouting, instead of marching with the ganglier cretins in their crew.

      Heather Heyer’s fate will ensure that they are scared away from physical exertion for the rest of their blubbery lives.

    • Loath to admit it but you have a point. It literally required a fat white woman to die of heatstroke to shut down the more zany rightwing sites. Wtf right?

      • Bingo! the narrative must include a fat, smoking, obnoxious land whale that blocked traffic at the time of crash. What were the odds of heart attack when you are a morbidly obese smoker walking around in 90 degree temps?

  5. Why was BLM not counter-protesting at Charlottesville? If not, why not?

    Why were there no fat black women present?

    If anyone wants to delete my comments just ban me. It’s rude to do so, but plainly disingenuous to deny it.

  6. LOOK, Here’s a pic that shows fat Heather, dark hair, dark shirt, no sleeves, ugly tattoes on her left upper arm laying on the hood of the purple van. https://kek.gg/i/3pZK-S.png

    Now check out this video: at the 9:13 mark you can CLEARLY see that fat Heather, dark hair,
    dark shirt, no sleeves, ugly tattoes on her left upper arm is the DRIVER of that same van. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESHIrLb7xxM

    How does a chick get hit by her own vehicle of which she is the driver?

  7. I don’t believe the blog HW links to. Why would a trooper refuse to allow medics (the author was an antifa nurse already on the scene) to get help performing CPR on Heyer? Was the leg wound being staunched by someone if it was so serious?

    Sure, some cops are baddies, the article tells us, but most are just trying to do their inadequate job. The guardians we should always put our faith in *care* about us and will protect us like ‘mama bears’ with their medicine.

    Please read the link, especially the last paragraph or two. Two large men appear in the video doing CPR on Heyer, but the unidentified author claims to be a ‘small person.’

  8. Oh my gosh… watching the first video up above, “Dash10’s Channel,” the purple van: You can see at 3:46, there is NO DRIVER in that purple van that just got hit. You can see a passenger getting out (wearing like black and white patterned pants) of the passenger side. That means that Heather had gotten OUT of the purple van BEFORE it was hit — in order that she’d be at the front left fender in order for the purple van to hit her, as the pic I linked to in my post just above shows. Which, *that* means, she had abandoned her purple van before the Challenger hit, deliberately BLOCKING the road.

    • There is a youtuber who analyzes footage taken by Ford Fischer of the purple SUV/van vehicle and other happenings (including a drive by by the Challenger) during the 7-10 minutes before the crash.

      The purple van had been left in the intersection just sitting there, with no one in it, for I think 5 minutes prior to the crash, when no antifa were present.

  9. “… Is she even hit by the car?…”

    In the video where you asked that question she had already been launched over the car in front by the time you can see. I think she got hit and was bounced over the car in front.

    “Who’s streets, our streets…uh wait”

    Does anyone know what happened to anonymous coward? He disappeared. he may have decided to just close shop.


  10. Ken Nichols (O’Keefe) is probably the most outspoken of critics when it comes to (((them))) and their false narrative. If things don’t change, Charlottesville will also be written by the lying “victors”:

    www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=zqdQvmavYrw

  11. Laws in other states can be used in court. If judgement has been passed down it affects eventual outcomes.

  12. One other thing, these fucking parasitic wierdos get a taste of anarchy they say they desire and they do not like it one little bit do they?

  13. A competent lawyer will make mincemeat of the CPR that was given to Heyer by getting CPR experts on the stand to testify that it was given improperly.

    Fields will need a real lawyer not a state appointed one.

    • HW, you’re absolutely right. Note that the brainwashed black bloc antifa morons who call themselves ‘medics’ more often than not have zero actual medical degrees, certification and/or truly competent training. Was Heather Heyer treated by Dr. Antifa immediately at the scene? Does anyone know? These people just think learning CPR from someone in their anarchist ‘collective’ and searching WebMD for the rest is competent MEDICAL TRAINING.

  14. Fat slobs with purple hair, scrawny fags with GRIDS, mouthy coons….the antifa crowd are truly a sorry bunch. I will feel no compunction whatsoever when it comes time to have them marched into large, shallow quicklime pits and permanently disposed of.

  15. This new evidence should be forwarded to Mr. Fields attorney. 1. Charges can be dismissed 2. Charges can be reduced. 3. Acquittal but the system is too corrupt and anti-white.

  16. To editor: High cholesterol can cause heart attacks in fat people. And she could have died from shock also from seeing others hit by a car, or maybe she tried to run away from the car when she got the HA.

    • I wonder if there actually was any helicopter crash? I don’t trust the pigs, the press or the politicians.

  17. The horrible car driving Nazzzeee made her die of fright. Good luck with this, especially for the defendant.
    As the man said, in war the first casualty is truth.

  18. Wow, she died of a heart attack. Pretty hard to get “murder” out of that one, even of the accident triggered the clot to the heart. (Remember when Dirty Harry caused the Mafia boss to have a heart attack? “I didn’t know he was going to vapor-lock.”)

    So are they going to drop charges on Fields?

  19. The NG were there with surveillance eqp. Probably drones of some sort as well as the SP helicopter (that crashed)……..

  20. Here is James Alex Fields, Jr. mailing address. Please write to him.

    James Alex Fields, #1913360
    Regional Jail
    160 Peregory Lane
    Charlottesville, VA 22902

    To send a few dollars use a MONEY ORDER made out to James:

    c/o James Alex Fields, Jr. #1913360
    P.O. Box 7626
    Charlottesville, VA 22906

    Don’t let James be railroaded.

  21. The media will forget this, but the narrative will stick somewhat. I still occasionally hear people talk about the Jena 6 and Duke La Crosse hoaxes. The narrative for those two collapsed, but it took so long. Heather was not an innocent victim of anyone but herself.

  22. What if Heather Heyer had health issues no one was talking about here? Was she on heart medication or some other medication? Funny how the complete story hasn’t been told yet and if our Jew Media has its way it never will be told.

  23. Same ol’ tactics low life scum bucket governments- or should I say Corporations? – use over and over. I was just a teen protesting God awful Viet Nam War back about ’68 in Seattle. Couple/300 of us peacefully demonstrating downtown and number of violent buff men inexplicably came busting into the crowd which scattered. Then the news was that we were a bunch of ignorant violent pot heads… Another set up here- to make any people that want to preserve history and statues appear to be violent when it is government/corporations/bolsheviks that are pushing for World Government. To do that they need to have Nationalism destroyed. .. “To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots” Nobel for Literature and other prizes winner: Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. And brother, did he know about, experience and write about murderous Bolshevik Communist USSR.

  24. She didn’t have a heart attack.
    She was murdered by a right wing nutjob of a white supremacist.
    You know, one of your own. Why are you too cowardly to own this? You bigots seem to be proud of your bigotry but, when one of your own murders somebody; you all turn in to cowardly little snowflakes terrified of taking responsibility. Pathetic.
    You people trying to cover for a murderer are disgusting. What is wrong with you people?

  25. Nice photo shop of the cigarettes in her hand. smh. You idiots are unreal. Right here within this article shows the pure hatred of the right.

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