Alt-Right Condemned By Wildly Unpopular Republican Congress

At the urging of the ADL and NAACP, the wildly unpopular Republican Congress has condemned the Alt-Right for the violence in Charlottesville:

“Congress sent a resolution to the White House Tuesday condemning the violence at the white nationalist rally in Virginia last month and urging President Trump to speak out against racist hate groups.

The legislation, which passed by unanimous consent in the Senate on Monday and in the House on Tuesday, will be presented to Trump for his signature in an effort by lawmakers to secure a more forceful denunciation of racist extremism from the president. …

It calls Heyer’s killing a “domestic terrorist attack” and denounces “White nationalists, White supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups” but does not single out left-wing counterprotesting groups such as Antifa for equivalent opprobrium in the way Trump did. …”

If that outrages you, keep in mind that the Republican Congress has a 10 percent approval rating. 80 percent of Republicans, 83 percent of Democrats and 87 percent of Independents disapprove of Congress which hasn’t been in positive territory since 2003.

As things stand today, the public wants Democrats to retake control of Congress in 2018, 52% to 38%. A mere 14% of Republicans approve of the Republican Congress which has been cut in half since January. It is “the lowest for Congress in Quinnipiac’s history of data back to 2003” and “using Gallup data beyond that, it’s the lowest for Congress in data back to 1974.”

So far, the Republican Congress has proven itself incapable of tackling ANY major issue the public cares about in 2017 whether it is immigration, trade, infrastructure, taxes or most famously healthcare. All it has managed to do is condemn the Alt-Right and impose new sanctions on Russia and Iran.

Note: The League of the South has condemned the US Congress as a criminal institution and has demanded that “all members of the US House and Senate immediately resign and the States call new elections to insure that honest and reliable men–statesmen rather than filthy politicians–fill these vacated posts.” Surely, we can do better than this!

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  1. What really would be different if the Dems took Congress?

    Trump might be impeached and his appointments blocked. That’s about it. I suppose these are important since too many federal judges think that their own wishes are the real Constitution.

    I’m having difficulty caring. Maybe Trump could work with some Dems on trade and against wars and things like that where he’s not an orthodox Republican.

    • Until the economy crashes, we’re at risk of mass immigration. The political strategy currently is to stave off as much immigration as possible until this Ponzi crashes into the third world.

      And the anti-American strategy is to get in enough votes before the economy crashes.

  2. The only two Congressmen I can think of who should be spared from the gallows are Tulsi Gabbard and Steve King. The other 533 “elected representatives” should swing in the breeze for the crows to pick at.

  3. ‘Alt-Right condemned for the violence in Charlottesville’…..umm, what violence? All the violence was on the part of the peaceful, tolerant, innocent leftards, except where our side had to defend themselves. Anybody with their heads outside their arses knows this.
    One more time for the terminally retarded…..THE- LEFT- CAUSED- THE -VIOLENCE!!!

  4. Let’s return to a white man only ( no Jews allowed)can vote paradigm. We’d have a decent government within three months.

  5. If feel like it’s 1858 all over again. We all know a massive shit-storm is brewing – the wise prepare and assemble their tribe – strengthen their families and PLAN… Pray for Peace – Prepare for War…

  6. Guess what? The completely retarded populace will just re-elect these criminals. The only hope without violence would be to pass laws that would require citizens to pass a civics exam just like having to take a drivers test thus reducing the voting populace to mostly educated white people. Less people should be voting, not more. Uneducated voters are extremely dangerous. I also don’t think women should vote or have any say in politics. They vote emotionally. They have ruined this country along with the jews.
    But. That’s. Not. Going. To. Happen.

    • Jews have been able to acquire power in this society as a tiny minority. Pretty sad that we can’t do the same. We just need to organise as they do, if that’s what it takes.

    • I agree completely, anyone should have to take a civics test before voting in any election, it would get rid of the dumb asses who are clueless.

  7. Eye of the storm main shitsream media won’t pound on this yet It’s too soon from Hurricanes coverages. It’ll backfire.Meantime Trump got some breathing room he might do 180 on congress critters, take this crappy bill and go pound sand.

    • He’ll have to sign it. It’s similar to a trick question though. If he answers yes, signs it, he’ll be acknowledging a false narrative that harms him. If he answers no, it’ll be seen as further proof that he’s racist. It could damage him among his base too.

  8. Paul Ryan is one of the worst excuses for an Irishman I’ve ever seen. He always looks like Bela Lugosi playing Count Dracula. Except that with Lugosi, a lot of it was makeup. I wonder if great grandpappy didn’t come over here and change his name, like John Kerry, great grandpappy’s real name was Silverman or something, it wasn’t Kerry. Maybe Ryan’s relatives did the same thing, it might explain why he looks like a vampire.

    McConell always looks like an 83 year old version of that kid from the movie A Christmas Story, the one why the kid wanted a b b gun for Christmas. .

  9. When a human-turtle hybrid and an oil driller declare you as an enemy, you know you are doing something right.

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