Charlottesville: Black Lives Matter and Antifa Cover Thomas Jefferson Statue In Black Tarp

Why wouldn’t they do something like this?

The Republican Congress is egging them on. They’re the good guys in Charlottesville.

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    • Oh God, I hope not. That was the highlight of our visit to Virginia years ago. And me envisioning darkies doing their work in the fields was a quiet, secret joy in my heart…?

  1. Why would they do something like this? Because White Men haven’t gathered and turned them into roadkill. That’s why. Civility is over. Act accordingly.

  2. Does anyone still doubt that the scheming, malevolent JEW is behind these criminal acts of vandalism and domestic terrorism? Where the f— are the police? Where the f— is the UVA administration? And where the f— are the politicians, religious leaders and media commentators condemning all of this?

    We’re going to need a LOT more rope, quicklime and .50 caliber rounds than I thought.

  3. I think that tourism is important to Virginia’s economy. Maybe not as important as the Leviathan on the Potomac, but still significant. For me Virginia’s biggest attractions have something to do with its history, from Jamestown to the War of 1861-65. All this monument nonsense there should damage their tourism industry. Or do they plan to open a Nat Turner Historical Park and slavery museums?

    It’s hard to imagine the administration of “Mr. Jefferson’s University” not reacting strongly to this latest outrage.

  4. Whatever can I say about these fruitcakes that I haven’t said multiple times already? How much lower can the bar be set? I wake up every morning thinking I’ve seen it all, but then, something unfolds that discusts me that little bit more.
    Brothers and sisters, this confirms that we have a sizable battle ahead of us. The struggle is in its infancy. None of these fags are worth a piece of piss. Being a nuisance is all they have to worry about in life. Truly pathetic creatures.

  5. We’re seeing just the tip of the iceberg, the START of the erasing of our history… and of us. In less than 50 years, if Whites don’t get their heads outa their asses and counter this genocide with overwhelming force, we’re definitely going to suffer the same fate as the Whites in Bolshevik-era Russia, White genocide-era Haiti, or modern day SA. Even moderates are starting to realize and say publicly that what we’re seeing is the beginning stages of genocide.

    And yet the jewish-controlled politicians continue to play their part, covering their eyes, ears and mouths like the little monkey figurines we’re all familiar with, literally being the little monkeys the politicians are. The actual jews continue steamrolling ahead, screeching about “white supremacy”, boldly endorsing and end to “whiteness”, often explicitly saying “white people” even, and all of the so-called p.o.c. gleefully pick up the mantras. So sayeth (((the shepherd))), so sayeth the flock!

    War isn’t coming. It’s here already. A creeping death, not an actual “hot” war. Incrementally, our enemies are destroying “whiteness”… with their hearts set on eventually destroying the actual Whites, a little further down the line. They hope to have sufficiently weakened us by then that the hot-war will merely be a case of them mopping up.

    To any “non-racist” White lemmings reading this: WAKE. UP.

    • Sullivan the president of the UVA is an Irish Roman Catholic woman. What the heck is she doing as President of a university founded by Thomas Jefferson? She should be cleaning toilets with her tongue in some priests house somewhere.

      The damn Roman Catholics are as big of a problem as the Jews. Some ways they are worse, and they have as much of a hatred for us White Protestants as the Jews do, that’s for damn sure. If the damn roman Catholics hate us so much why did they come here?

      Roman Catholicism is a stupid backward cult for stupid backward people. This abuse of the Jefferson memorial proves it. Jefferson was an open minded Protestant, not a closed, small minded Roman Catholic.

      • I’d agree with you except that plenty of American Protestants hate themselves as well.

        Jefferson’s belief that man has natural rights is very strange. We have but the rights we fight for. The US Constitution should have named Christ specifically. And Masons should be banned as a cult.

        Blaming Catholics doesn’t make our history perfectly Christian. We need to first return to Christ, then we can condemn the Catholics.

        • Please, Masonry consists of water balloons and whoopee cushions, and I’m surprised there isn’t a whoopee cushion on the back of the $10 dollar bill.

          Most of this Judeo-Christian nonsense came from Roman Catholic theologians in Europe who were self loathing, and thought it was necessary to re-establish the Jew & Roman Catholic political alliance in Germany and Europe—-thus Judeo-Christian. Look what that’s got us.

          If you want to go to a church with priests, statues, confession boxes, and a hierarchy with an infallible Pope at the top (just to mention a few things)—that’s your decision.

          • I like the hierarchy and tradition, just not the Pope. And I reject some other aspects.

            Individuals are just cattle on their own. Some form of organisation is necessary, be it ethnic or religious. “Free” individuals just end up as slaves.

  6. I eagerly wait for the shooting to start. Then it’s over with. Far too many guns in this country for the spineless shitlibs and commies to win this war.

    • The radio had a story on Australia’s latest attempt at gathering banned guns. Those caught with a gun after this are punished in extreme ways: Huge fines, long jail sentences.

      If guns can be banned there, then I fear it’ll be attempted to ban them here. Praise the NRA.

      • The way it’ll be done is a false flag mass shooting. maybe they’ll stage a battle to erupt between the shitlibs and the right. Be careful, lest you become the next James Fields and they use the incident to take guns.

  7. Far too much talk about problems and what should be done; very little movement on putting actual remedies and solutions into motion. No movement standing up to Globalists and all their little foot soldiers will ever get too far past its infancy stage until it recognizes the importance of having a proper leadership cadre. This group of leaders would delegate powers and assign roles to give people a proper outlet according to their skills and talents. The act of attending a rally or protest just isn’t a proper outlet for the majority of people who had no hand in organizing the gathering. Rallies serve a very limited role in the greater context of survival. What you do and how you are able to sustain yourself and your family when you leave that rally is immensely more important than the rally itself.

    If you plan on tearing down society and removing the status quo, then you have to be in a position to immediately build something viable on top of everything you’ve torn down and what the anti-Whites have destroyed.

  8. What pisses me off is that our own people are afraid to stand up and see this for what it is, WAR!! On social media I have been un-friended, blocked and shunned by members of my church and other stupid Whites for telling it like it is and it makes me mad as hell. What’s it going to take!? My wife even jumps on me to “Calm it Down” because we don’t want be labelled in our community as “racist” now do we?? I am so damn pissed off and sick of this situation. Bastards!! arrrh!!

  9. Need to figure out a way to shut all these liberal colleges/universities down. I would prefer they be nuked but we somehow need to remove all these boot camps for liberals and force them to get real jobs in the real world…

  10. Conan voice (for sarcasm): But empire is so great. Then we get to tell others how “superior” we are, and we can pretend it’s all true!

    Survival is overrated. Breeding like Genghis Khan and stomping around like the ubermensch is where it’s at! (end sarcasm)

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