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  1. Officially White Pill Day.

    We got Leftists roasting in California, and feral Negro fraudsters facing prison.

    Let’s just hope this animal doesn’t get a $500 bail and get released the same day…

    • He’s should have a nice bankroll now, so he could afford bail up to $150,000 without using a bail bondsman. Well, he should unless he spent it all in a blind buying frenzy aptly called “nigger rich”.

    • Don’t discount the possibility easy bail or even getting the charges dropped. Meanwhile, Cantwell rots in jail and Kessler getting the lawfare treatment.

      • And don’t forget Richard Preston, who got arrested for firing a gun within 1,000 feet of a school – never mind that he did it to fight off a negro who was shooting fire at the legally-assembled whites and who had persisted i shooting the flames at them despite being repeatedly told to stop. I guess you cannot fire a gun even if in the most dire danger if you are within 1,000 feet of a school. Whatever happened to “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”?

  2. @Spahn

    Hahaha. It’s still a shame that we only get “back door” justice. We need up front and uncomfortable truth and justice.

  3. He could have taken his $166,000 in scam money from gullible liberals and politely, quietly and respectfully disappeared. Instead he want on media interviews to spread lies and created music videos where he flaunted his money. Now it’s time to pay the reaper……….

    • If you give a coon some free money he’s not going to invest it in mutual funds, he’s going to go APE-SHIT.

  4. A Lawsuit is in order, he’s rich and has committed a crime, get the money before it fritters it away.

  5. Does Deandre get bail?? I don’t see how, with all the whites involved are being held in custody. Will Deandre be in the same lock up with Cantwell, Borden and Ramos?? Possible, but more likely they will put him in solitary. Which is not fun at all.

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