Red & Bibi’s Totally Winnable War: Russian Edition

From the morning after Trump was elected, we’ve been subjected to incessant madness about Russian interference. In every western nation that’s held an election since then, it’s been invoked. Did you criticize Hillary Clinton? Are you a sportsball cuck outraged by disrespect for the national anthem? Well, that’s because you’re just another useful idiot of your puppet master, Vladimir Putin.

If all of this insanity was simply the product of embarrassment by Clinton and the MSM over the result of the election, then it would be fine. Unfortunately, it serves a much deadlier purpose that can never be discussed by any figure remotely in the mainstream. The reality is that this is a propaganda campaign for military action by the US against Russia and Iran in order to protect an increasingly vulnerable Israel.

The neocons are effectively channeling Trump-hatred into hysteria over nonexistent Russian hacking.The reality of this “act of war” has been eagerly embraced because it’s a narrative that legitimizes his presidency and offers the prospect of his removal from office. What “Impeach Trump” morons fail to appreciate is the neocon corollary to this narrative, which is that war with Russia is the solution.

Legislating For War

In December of 2016, Obama signed the “Combating Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act”. This legislation included a 160 million dollar appropriation for producing propaganda. One of the beneficiaries of this funding is the Alliance for Securing Democracy. It includes many vile Jewish architects of the Iraq war, such as Bill Kristol. This is where the idiotic story that the NFL anthem controversy was being stirred by Putin originated. This accusation was embraced by Senator Ben “Cucky” Sasse and lobbed at Richard Spencer. 160 million buys lots of propaganda, including hilarious videos solemnly narrated by Morgan Freeman. According to this esteemed Negro, “we are at war”. Check it out at

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Fast forward to August, when the “Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act” sailed nearly unanimously through Congress, propelled by AIPAC. It was signed by an incompetent Trump, whose signature was irrelevant. It includes extreme sanctions against Russia and Iran that eliminate the possibility of rapprochement with either country and cannot be lifted by the president. It puts the American people in grave danger in order to protect Israel.

Why is Israel so Desperate?

Israel perceives Hezbollah, the Shi’a militia operating on its northern border, as an existential threat. Hezbollah repelled a 2006 Israeli incursion into Lebanon, calling it a “divine victory”. Since then, it’s greatly upgraded its missile capabilities with the assistance of Iran. Iran, which considers itself the protector of Shi’a throughout the region, has proven an implacable foe of Israel’s broader ethnostate ambitions. No amount of US pressure has been successful at getting them to back down a single inch.

The Iranians are steadily developing nuclear capabilities, protected deep under mountains, in the center of a country the size of Western Europe. It would take multiple stacked, direct hits by bunker busters to even reach these facilities. Compounding the daunting prospect of an airstrike is the fact that Russia, infuriated by America’s aggression, has sold the Iranians mobile AA systems. These are highly advanced, and capable of shooting down the F-35’s supplied to Israel by American taxpayers.

Syria is a key ally of Iran and a supply corridor for Hezbollah. Thus, Israel decreed US backing for a Saudi (Iran is their mutual enemy) sponsored Sunni insurgency against the Syrian government. But this plan hit a snag. The Russians were not going to countenance the overthrow of another ally. They effectively intervened in coordination with the Iranians to crush the insurgency. This intervention is the prime source of the Jewish animus towards Russia.

Trump was totally ignorant of this dynamic.  So, during the campaign, he pointed out the obvious fact that conflict with Russia wasn’t in America’s interests.  To his credit, once elected, he unsuccessfully pursued the peace effort he campaigned on. This “America First” notion is why a man who is otherwise utterly obsequious to Jews, hostile to Iran, and devoted to increasing military spending, is a target for the neocons. 

Israel’s Perilous Conundrum

Israel instigated the insurgency in Syria with the aim of improving its strategic situation vs Iran and Hezbollah. However, Russia’s successful intervention has produced four nightmare outcomes:

1) A more confident and better armed Iran that is now closely cooperating with Russia both economically and militarily.

2) Iran and Russia have proven capable of pushing forward even with all of the extreme sanctions intended to cripple them. In other words, sanctions will get Israel nowhere anymore.

3) They’ve significantly inflamed hatred for themselves without achieving a damn thing.

4) Their Saudi partner, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, faces a growing backlash from the thousands of other disenfranchised princes in his fiscally distraught kingdom. 

Oh, and then there’s China

Due to their sharp racial differences and tight media controls, the Jews can’t assert influence over China. The Chinese are indifferent to Israel’s existence, and take a pragmatic approach to the region based on their own interests. The US maintains a massive military presence in Asia to threaten China. This has prompted China to become the economic gorilla backing Russia and Iran. China’s economic power has already eclipsed that of Israel’s golem, Uncle Sam. This trio of large, besieged countries is creating a sphere free of the dollar and unencumbered by sanctions. The Israelis realize that they’ve ridden their ailing American horse about as far as it can go. This is making them desperate.

Mueller’s Investigation Could be A Catalyst

Robert Mueller’s partisan witch hunt is humming along. It’s likely to end in two ways:

1) He finds something unrelated to Russia but legally questionable about Trump’s past business dealings.

2) He concludes that Russia did in fact impact the election without any legally-actionable proof.

In either scenario, this could be enough to get Congress to impeach Trump. The experience of Luther Strange should convince all of them that this must happen before the 2018 midterms. Another scenario would be to proffer the threat of mass resignations and non-cooperation, rendering Trump’s presidency untenable. The Republicans will have the praise of the MSM, which they so desperately crave, in sharp contrast to the approval of their constituents, whom they hold in contempt.

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Trump is Screwed

He has shown utter incompetence in handling this issue. He’s even conceded that the Russians interfered in the election. Now he’s surrounded by neocons. As the heat on Russian collusion really gets turned up, he’ll be inclined to follow their advice. Bear in mind, we’re operating in the same combat zones in Syria, and on the borders of Russia itself. Our jihadist proxies recently killed a Russian general with a mortar strike. The potential for this to escalate is very high. The sanctions Trump signed have taken peace off the table. If he’s in trouble and needs political gain, then the only way to get it would be war. After that, talk of removing him would cease. The effusive praise he received from all quarters after he ordered his first airstrike against Syria was a critical experience which will inform his future decisions.

Russian Economic Counterattack

The establishment grossly overestimates our capabilities vis-à-vis Russia. There’s no discussion of the devastating repercussions that we’d suffer. They don’t necessarily have to involve firing a shot. Here’s one scenario envisioned by former Treasury official Paul Craig Roberts: Germany is reliant on Russian gas for roughly 40% of their manufacturing output. Concurrently, Russian debt comprises a huge slice of the portfolio of German banks. Russia simply needs to announce that US pressure has made it unable to supply Germany with gas or service its debt to German banks. This would be enough to initiate an economic crisis with direct implications for the US.

Actual Russian Hacking

In retaliation for the Stuxnet virus inflicted by US intelligence agencies and the Mossad, Iran formed a cyber army of young volunteers. In short order, it launched effective DOS attacks at US banks. If that’s what Iran was capable of, what about the Russians? Cyber warfare poses an enormous risk, particularly to our electric grid. It’s especially dangerous because it’s a means of retaliation with plausible deniability.

Russian Military Counterattack

Mutual nuclear annihilation isn’t a plausible scenario. However, retaliation against US CENTCOM headquarters in Qatar, along with naval assets in the Persian Gulf, is quite feasible. Russian cruise missile technology is superior to the US. They’re capable of firing volleys of precision, supersonic missiles from distances of 5,500 km, more the twice our striking range. They can be launched from strategic bombers operating safely within Iranian airspace, protected by advanced, mobile AA systems.

The Russians appear to have a decisive edge in the factors that will determine a showdown with the US. Just like the Chinese, they’re aware that our ships are easy targets because it’s impossible to intercept large volleys of supersonic sea-skimming missiles.  Prestige assets like super carriers are liabilities in this type of warfare. In order to attack, we must sail them within striking distance of their missiles whilst they have no targets of similar opportunity for us.  Both the Russians and Chinese have devoted enormous resources into developing the capability to take out carriers because this would be psychologically devastating and crippling to our power projection. 

Fake News Sells Wars

Hillary said “lives are at risk because of fake news”. There’s a lot of unintended truth in this quote. There would be horrific consequences of even a limited, non-nuclear conflict. Just because bloodshed isn’t in the interests of Russia or America doesn’t mean it won’t happen. This is about the interests of Israel. In its service, any price the goyim must pay is worth it.

This frenzy over Russian interference is a propaganda campaign designed to sell a war. Manufactured outrages are essential to marshal public support for unnecessary slaughter. “Russian hacking” isn’t really different than fiction about the Kaiser’s Huns bayoneting babies (propaganda campaign by Edward Bernays, a Jew) or WMDs in Iraq destined for American cities. There’s nothing we can do to stop it since anyone who opposes this deranged agenda is either a traitor or useful idiot of Russia. 

-By Tom Shackleford and originally published on Identity Dixie.


  1. Very well written article! One postion that might not come to fruition though is the Russian Economic Counterattack.

    I belive Putin would be more politically savy than that. He has out played the west on many angles. I am of the opinion, he may be trying to do something very remarkable and pull Germany into the BRICS sphere of influence. I don’t think a direct economic attack, which would be felt by the average German citizen, would be helpful in his plans.

    I am of the opinion Putin sees himself as a modern day Alexander Nevsky, a defender of the motherland. This time though the Germanic Hordes are NATO controlled by the USA. His goal will be to undermine that alliance.

    • @Mark Saint

      Anytime Germany and Russia have allied, they’ve become formidable and invincible. The last time was during the Napoleonic Wars. Drawing Germany out of NATO and the EU, would shatter the English Speaking Union’s dominance of Western Europe. Just as the Russia-Syria-Iran alignment has done in the near and far East. The power will shift in the West from Washington- London, to Moscow-Berlin. it’s already shifting to Beijing-Hong Kong- Tokyo, in the East. They’re freezing the U.S./U.K. out of the game.

      • If Germany would leave the EU and NATO it would be awesome. But I don’t see it happening, at least not anytime soon.

  2. Very informative, thank you. If only our “leaders” had half the devotion to us that they have for Israel.

  3. I hope the Romanovs are put back on the Russian throne, even if it’s just in a ceremonial capacity. It would make the jews plotz.

    • @spahnranch1969

      Moscow is the third Rome. Restoration of the Crown would only make it more formidable in psychological and religious terms.

  4. It’s obvious that Jewry wants to incite a world war for depopulation of the West of the hated white Goyim. The more whites die, the better as far as these disciples of Satan are concerned.

  5. China will not escalate war. U.S.export vital raw materials and food to China growing population.

    Trump wants to resolve NK nuclear threat,sanction China.

  6. Great article. The writer is obviously, ( like many of us “informed” humans, ) 90 % brilliant 10 % ignorant. Let me help you with the 10 % part, since you don’t need help with the rest.


    Next … be sure to always separate bad non Christian Jews, ( like those doing all the bs you mentioned, ) from “Gods chosen people.” There’s biblical Israel, and deep state swamp Israel. Just like here … there’s you and me … then there’s Soros the witch Hillary, etc etc etc ….

    There was a great post here awhile back about some of these “bad Jews,” in which the author NAMED AND PICTURED THEM. He “specified.”

    I like you, hate the “bad Jews,” that are doing these things as much as the bad freaks HERE doing these things. As we build support for an all white Confederate States, let’s be sure we have God on our side … or we’re doomed. To do this we must bash the bad Jews …. but not HIS Jews.

    Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. If you add wisdom to your 90 % you’ll kick ass.

  7. I would be remiss in my duties if I don’t point out a Russian invasion of Israel is what they( Judeo-Christians) believe will happen in Revelations that will result in the second coming of Christ who will destroy the Russian armies (or Magog as Revelations refers to it) and all enemies of Israel.

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