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Editor’s Note: This is my response to a recent article by Andrew Anglin and Nick Fuentes who recently did an interview with Mike Enoch.

What is the Hard Right’s strategy?

I’ve called it the cultural vanguard strategy. We’re going to hold public demonstrations, assert our values like men in the public square and go from place to place in the South and Midwest, growing stronger along the way as we attract and gather more angry, alienated, disaffected White Americans.

The goal is to smash the existing taboos with blunt force and create polarizing social media spectacles. We’re going to normalize pro-White activism. This is what we set out to do in Charlottesville. The reason that Charlottesville was so powerful is because of the number of people who showed up. Unite the Right wasn’t a bad idea. We simply picked the wrong location to do it.

Why does the Hard Right hold rallies?

In order to be taken seriously, we have to be a real world movement, not a bunch of anonymous shitposters online indulging in a fantasy of revolutionary change. I said that Charlottesville was going to be the greatest triggering of all time. It was even more triggering than I thought it would be. The reaction to Charlottesville was unlike the reaction to all previous events because we demonstrated power.

By coming together in the real world, we create bonds of trust and solidarity which simply can’t be formed on the internet. We take people who have been converted to our ideas and make them invested in our cause. It isn’t enough to raise awareness. We’ve got to go beyond that. We also generate massive publicity which attracts the attention of new people who simply didn’t know that our movement exists.

Should we hold rallies on private property?

This isn’t a bad idea.

Before Unite the Right, we talked about holding a Whitestock type of event on private property. We simply didn’t have the time to do something like that in Shelbyville and so we put it off until 2018. It is something the Hard Right is going to do and it is already in the planning stages.

The private property event minimizes concerns about doxxing and violence. If Antifa tried to disrupt Whitestock, they could be arrested for trespassing. It is a good idea and something that works for softer supporters who are new and unprepared to stand with us on the frontlines. It accomplishes the goal of creating greater trust and cohesion. We’re not going to be taken seriously though as a closeted movement. If you don’t really mean it, you’re going to be ignored.

In the future, we will hold private property events in conjunction with our public rallies. We did this in Pikeville. In Shelbyville, we had a meeting at a state park.

I’m afraid of public rallies.

The Hard Right isn’t afraid of public rallies.

I’ve participated in over 30 rallies and Charlottesville was the exception, not the rule. It turned out that way because the police stood down and didn’t do their jobs. This was a failure of the local government. We’re simply going to avoid places like that or hold controlled flash rallies there. Unfortunately, we picked the single most liberal spot in the entire South to hold Unite the Right.

In Kentucky, Louisiana, Virginia and Tennessee, the rallies we had there generated a lot of publicity. It roiled the area and the state which was a good thing. The aim of Richard Spencer’s college tour is to do something similar. It stirs up an area and draws attention to our movement.

We can pass out fliers.

This is a good activity for softer supporters.

I’m not going to countersignal fliers. We’re going to start doing fliers ourselves. It is an action though that mainly generates local publicity. The opposition covered Auburn in fliers.

We should hold targeted flash rallies.

In Shelbyville, we planned to hold a flash rally at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch. The idea was to do a candlelight march, say a prayer at the church, lay a wreath and mourn our dead to show our love of our people. Unfortunately, a reporter leaked and Louisville Antifa caught wind of it. The last thing we wanted was a brawl with those idiots at a church and so we had to cancel the event.

I think private property events and flash rallies are a good idea. In Shelbyville, we originally planned to hold a private property event and flash rally in conjunction with our White Lives Matter public rallies. We can get stronger numbers when we do this in conjunction with public rallies. The catch with flash rallies is that you limit turnout to people who are already members of your organization. They also don’t have the same effect unless you come with significant numbers or target a very symbolic location.

Charlottesville 3.0 is a good example of this. The Identity Evropa flash rally earlier in the day at the Jefferson Memorial didn’t generate much attention. Going back to Lee Park had symbolic value. It was a charged location and a story which is why that flash rally got as much attention as it did.

There are three paths to a successful fascist revolution: military coup, foreign invasion, elections

This is false.

It might be true of fascist revolutions in Europe and South America. It isn’t true of American history. There have been two revolutions in American history and both were the culmination of intense polarization: the American Revolution, which separated the United States from Canada and the British West Indies, and the War Between the States, which separated the Confederacy from the Union in 1861.

The Southern fire eaters never created a mass movement in the 1840s and 1850s. They never took power in elections either. Instead, they helped to dissolve the Union as a cultural vanguard by fanning the flames of polarization. They intensified sectional conflict to the point that the two-party system broke down and the “irrepressible conflict” took on its own momentum after Bleeding Kansas.

In the 1840s and 1850s, the culture of the South radically changed. There was, so to speak, a metapolitical revolution in Southern identity. The 18th century civic nationalism of the Founding Fathers was displaced and gave to way to 19th century intellectual currents coming from Europe:

“Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth. This truth has been slow in the process of its development, like all other truths in the various departments of science. It has been so even amongst us. Many who hear me, perhaps, can recollect well, that this truth was not generally admitted, even within their day. The errors of the past generation still clung to many as late as twenty years ago. …”

The key phrase here is “errors of the past generation.”

The conflict with the Yankee opened the Southern mind to new ideas. Confederate nationalism was a blend of old Republican states’ rights theory, ethnic nationalism, 19th century racial science, and especially the rise of romanticism and honor culture. Greece, Rome and Medieval Europe were an inspiration to the slave-holding Confederacy as it shed itself of the leveling ideology of the American Revolution.

We should be investing our time in electoral politics.


A year ago, General Bannon succeeded in his nationalist populist revolution. Trump was poised to MAGA … or so we thought. Fastforward a year later and the GOP Congress has unanimously condemned us, Trump signed the Charlottesville resolution and we are debating tax cuts.

The result of investing all our time in electoral politics was returning the same people to power with the same ideas and the same policies. The first thing that Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush did was tax cuts. The phrase “Make America Great Again” was used by Reagan in 1980.

Did Ronald Reagan’s landslide victories Make America Great Again? Did George HW Bush who presided over the creation of the New World Order? How about the 8 years of George W. Bush? What about the Tea Party? Finally, what has changed as a result of MAGA? Nothing has changed.

Republicans are doing what they always do. They run on cultural issues like gay marriage (2004) and illegal immigration (2016). Once they get in power, it is nothing but favors for banks, large donors, corporations, etc. That’s why Gary Cohn of Goldman Sachs became Trump’s top economic adviser. Doing the Tea Party over again and replacing one crop of cucks with another will change nothing.

Charlie Crist was establishment. Marco Rubio was Tea Party. Nikki Haley who took down the Confederate flag in South Carolina was also Tea Party. Many of the worst cucks in Congress have been there for only one term like Ben Sasse, Thom Tillis, Cory Gardner and James Lankford.

What are we talking about now under Trump?

We have people in hoodies and masks taping a piece of paper that says “It’s Okay To Be White” to doors of buildings. What does that say about conservatism? Does it say we are on the verge of Making America Great Again or rather does it say it has come to this after 50 years of conservatism?

Yes, it has come to this because decades of electoral victories which haven’t amounted to anything for us. The DOW Jones is doing great and someone, somewhere in a nice mansion in the Hamptons is making a lot of money. Wealthy people can look forward to a big tax cut. We’re not going to waste our time to advance the careers of more cucks who are just going to spit on us and call us ethnonationalist losers.

We should embrace Americanism and Americana?

Like, WHY?

I’ve already chronicled the history of this poisonous, destructive civic nationalist ideology which for the past 200 years has pushed the extremes of liberty and equality under democracy to its logical conclusion, undermining our culture and shredding the social fabric of our nation. By the 2000s, Americanism had been reduced to sportsball, jingoism, commercialism and the decaying universalism of liberal ideology. There isn’t a liberal democracy anywhere which isn’t dying like the United States.

Americanism has been a Star Spangled cancer for the White race.

The present controversy over shopping and sportsball isn’t a symptom of the strength of Americanism. On the contrary, it represents something that is clearly dying, as the remaining pathetic pillars of our national identity succumb to an intensification of our cultural polarization. We’ve lived to see the demise of Joe Six Pack and Sally Soccermom and big box stores which so many of us remember from the 2000s.

There is a strain of Duginism in the Alt-Right

As with the antebellum South in the 1850s, the perceived failure of Americanism is causing disaffected White Americans to explore new cultural currents. In the Confederacy, this took the form of 19th century racial science and the culture of honor which had been inspired by Sir Walter Scott’s novels. The transatlantic conveyor belt of ideas never stopped with the American Revolution.

These people want to destroy America

America is going to fall apart as a result of its own civic nationalist ideology. When you base a nation on abstract ideas and the notion that a country can be a miniature United Nations, the result will be that “Americans” (these being people who have the right documents and who stand with two legs on our Magic Dirt) will fight bitterly over ideas and all other sources of division.


Is cornball Americana really the best way to go? Who are we trying to appeal to anyway? Let me guess … the eternal normie conservative. Fuentes thinks we should spend all our time pandering to blue collar Catholic voters in Janesville, WI. We don’t have any confidence in reforming the system. Instead, we need tough and hard people which break the taboos and force the issue into the public square because there aren’t any politicians who are going to do so.

We need to be a united political movement

To do … WHAT?

Do we need to be united to not talk about race and advance the careers of Josh Mandel and Joy Villa for they can get elected to Congress and MAGA? How did all these based minorities like Tim Scott and Nikki Haley work out for us? What is there to gain by propping up conservatism with memes? Is there a single one of those cucks who was strong enough to vote against the Charlottesville resolution?

Charlottesville was a turning point

We agree.

After Charlottesville, we saw who was strong enough to move forward and who couldn’t handle the pressure and went back to being normies or retreated into conservatism. We need more such clarifying moments because such trials reveal things about our character like when Andrew Anglin said on his WordPress blog he had been a character and this is all a joke.

What was the point of White Lives Matter?

I’ve already explained the main three reasons: draw attention to refugee resettlement and the Emanuel Samson church shooting, turn the page on Charlottesville by holding a peaceful event and foster cohesion and solidarity within our own coalition. In addition, we wanted to show the world that not everyone had backed down after Charlottesville, and that the Hard Right is here to stay.

I’m having problems understanding the message you were trying to send

No one else had this problem. The message was #WhiteLivesMatter. It trended all day on Twitter in the United States. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Also, the event was known throughout Tennessee as “White Lives Matter,” and the major headline was “White Lives Matter Rally Ends Peacefully.”

Your optics were terrible

We’re not trying to reach the same audience.




The Hard Right optic we are going for is “I don’t want to fuck with those guys.” Those guys look like the sort of people who will kick my ass, not fix my computer. I’m worried about all these violent leftists that I see on television. I want to join a pack of wolves, not go to CPAC.

Did Tyler Durden want to become the wage cuck Narrator in Fight Club?

Normies want to escape from their boring, meaningless lives. They don’t want to be reminded of their workplace. This is a big theme in movies and television shows in popular culture.

Of all the optics we can choose from in popular culture, why pick the most boring, banal one out there? Why pick the aesthetics of The Office or cornball Americana?

The news coverage was bad

No, the news coverage really wasn’t that bad considering. The headline was “White Lives Matter Rally Ends Peacefully.” There was far more negative coverage on Twitter. The Tennessean and New York Times stories were pretty good and much fairer than what I saw elsewhere.


We’ve seen this with conservatism. This guy is to the right of me and has said something controversial. I disavow, I disavow … leave me alone. I don’t think we are going to get anywhere by policing our associations, weak optics and showing lack of confidence in our ideas to pander to normies. The weakest approach of all is to not even be explicitly White and get coopted into conservatism.

What is the tactical value of holding rallies?

You’re talking about us, right?

This will hurt anyone running for office


Are any of these people going to embrace White identity politics? The answer is no. That’s a ball we are going to have to move by ourselves as a movement. As things stand today, Trump talks about every group out there except the Whites whose votes he knows that he can take for granted.

I just can’t get behind all this European stuff

Torch marches are not European stuff. They used to be commonplace in the South. The same is true of White identity politics. We used to have more interesting politics before conservatism. Suppose we did something like whar Golden Dawn does every January in Greece. Who would the country be talking about? Would it be something like this or a piece of paper?

Note: I hope our next event doesn’t give these people a heart attack!

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  1. I got a strong Ben Shapiro vibe from Nick Fuentes. Btw Fuentes means something like Source, Spring, Fountain in Spanish. Not that he’s Jewish but that he’s extraordinarily young and being pushed by the same fucks as Milo, Shapiro etc. His voice is fake as fuck.

    • I too get the Shapiro vibe from Fuentes. Noticed it the other day when he was smirking during an interview. Although, I’m fairly certain he’s a goy and generally think he’s a good guy. Strange mannerisms.

    • I get a strong whiff of FAG from Fuentes. and “controlled opposition”. He could be kike; his facial structure looks “White” – but the verbal mannerisms are Hebe in Extremis. They’ve been breeding White Appearing Hebes for centuries – who know?

  2. All true, more Negan more Berserker (Tubbism) but ffs stuck Heimbach in a well tailored suit and buy him a gym subscription.

    • Heimbach is a very good speaker and a potentially significant leader but let’s face it, when it comes to looks he’s no George Clooney.

      • I feel that Heimbach correctly realizes that separating is the only answer. We don’t have the resources to feed and medicate the 60% parasite load the fiat currency is supporting right now. Spencer and Anglin seem to think that when they win they are going to get the keys to the country and everything will chug along normally while we figure out what to do with the filth we have been swamped with. I think the Alt-Right will actually win I just don’t think there will be any resources left by that point.

        • I think the big difference between hard right and alt-right is who each group appeals to. Hard right clearly appeals to people in the bottom 90%, while alt-right clearly appeals to people in the top 10%. Alt-right by and large doesn’t realize that they can’t actually win without the hard right’s support.

  3. It’s frankly bizarre that those specific people would ignore extreme polarization as the key to the whole thing.

    Hasn’t that always been the way we pictured this happening?

  4. I am embarrassed for them… All the tough talk in months and years past and now they want to be civil. It’s never been a better time to take the fight to the enemy. The genie is out of the bottle, so to speak. They want to put it back in and go back to groveling for scraps from the table of conservatism inc.

  5. I’m not an anglo bot, but you’re being a bit disengenous when you write “Andrew Anglin said on his WordPress blog he had been a character and this is all a joke.”

    This is what he actually wrote.

    >I am not a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist.” In fact, I do not even know what that is. It has not ever been defined by the people who use it, despite repeated requests for a definition. I am also not a “hater,” nor do I know what that term means when it is used to refer to me. It would seem to be self-explanatory – “a person who is driven by the emotion of hate” – and yet I am not driven by hate, but rather by a genuine desire to see Western civilization continue into the future. One could even say that I am driven by love, if one wanted to get sappy about it.

    >Though we share the same name, the Andrew Anglin who appears on the site is not me but a character that I have created, an outrageously extreme individual who takes pleasure in being provocative, and maintains an unhinged desire to commit numerous genocides. Though it doesn’t matter who I am, as the only thing that matters is my plan, it may be worthwhile to let the record show that I am a very nice person, who has always treated people of all races as individuals in any and all of my one-on-one interpersonal interactions.

    In it’s context, it’s not at all damning. Are you in favor of mass genocide or are you a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist”? Did you ever think Anglin was?

    • Anglin is half chink and half coon, like his cousin “Tiger” Woods. I thought everyone knew that?

    • Scuttlebug, the truth is, Andrew is a good man, and makes valuable contributions; and Hunter is a good man also, and makes his own valuable contributions. Thousands of people depend on both of them for important news and insights which are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. They are very different, and there is potential for personal dislike and a clash of personalities. Hunter’s Twitter account is a particularly valuable resource for relevant breaking news about events which are in progress, such as an Alt-Right rally or an Antifa protest. Andrew, in turn, is a master of Internet rhetoric, and knows how to red-pill young people. Both are dedicated, self-motivated fighters in the battle to secure a future for their people and the children of their people. One thing that they have in common is that they both care about children very much.

  6. From that same speech, quoted above:

    ” The substratum of our society is made of the material fitted by nature for it, and by experience we know that it is best, not only for the superior, but for the inferior race, that it should be so. It is, indeed, in conformity with the ordinance of the Creator. It is not for us to inquire into the wisdom of His ordinances, or to question them. For His own purposes, He has made one race to differ from another, as He has made “one star to differ from another star in glory.” The great objects of humanity are best attained when there is conformity to His laws and decrees, in the formation of governments as well as in all things else. Our confederacy is founded upon principles in strict conformity with these laws.”

    It’s amazing to me, but never in my education-high school, college, graduate school, doctoral, had I ever read any of this material, until I started reading Occidental Dissent. This is the vision that I longed for in my 20s, 30s, and 40s.

    May it come to pass this time.
    Deo Volente.

  7. I watched the Fuentes show with Mike Enoch. A little too much intellectualizing for me. Too much handwringing.

    I say: Let different people try their own approaches and see which works best. Like maybe we need more than one approach?

    Personally, I vote for the Southern Nationalist approach. I like the personal approach, physical presence in the streets and the reaching out to working class white people. I like the Southern courage, brashness and boldness.

    “Colorblind” conservatism has always been like Fuentes is now…a suit and a tie and lots of hand wringing and intellectualizing. Like William F. Buckley, et al.

    It was, and is, anti-worker and in so many ways anti-human.

    My new heros: Hunter Wallace, Matt Heimbach, Dr. HIll and Michael Tubbs.

  8. Would you rather:

    a) Invest your time and energy in MAGA campaigns that explicitly forbid White identity politics?


    b) Invest your time and energy inoculating the White electorate against anti-White identity politics?


    For each strategy:

    1) What mid-range and long-term benefits does it offer to you should it succeed?

    2) What do you stand to lose should it fail?

    3) What likelihood of success or failure do you assign to it?

    4) If it only succeeds partially, how effectively will that address your concerns?

    5) Do you have the mental capacity to focus on doing both?

    6) Do you have the emotional stamina to risk on both?

    7) Can you afford to risk your time, energy and resources on both?

    Bonus Question

    8) If you were Bannon, would you prefer over the next three years that our movement:

    a) push the MAGA platform, which he is already doing without our help,


    b) inoculate the White electorate against anti-White identity politics, which is the one thing that he cannot do?

  9. Why are all the comments in italics now? The comments are harder to read when they are all italics.

    Aside from that, I was going to remark that “White Lives Matter” is obviously based on “Black Lives Matter”, and where did “Black Lives Matter” come from?

    My guess is that “Black Lives Matter” was the product of some Jewish think tank that did a lot of market research and determined that the “Black Lives Matter” slogan would work and gain sympathy with a lot of white normies.

    Thus, “White Lives Matter” will work for us as well, and we don’t have to pay for the market research that went into “Black Lives Matter”.

    • “…Thus, “White Lives Matter” will work for us as well, and we don’t have to pay for the market research that went into “Black Lives Matter”…”

      HAHA Good thinking!




    Any-one of the marchers could appear anywhere in America, and be perceived as a “normal” person. The helmeted guys would be perceived as “bikers”. PERIOD. The NS/WN symbols are something that ONLY the politically active would even notice. Stop worrying about this. No one dressed up as Adolf Hitler. Stop worrying about it!!! Even if any-one did – so WHAT? Exposure creates normalization. Swastika flags only trigger the Judenpresse, Jews, politically active orcs – and no one else. Not anymore. Not with the blatant Anti White barrage IN the Judenpresse, and every institution. STOP WORRYING about it.

    Every-one who reads my comments knows I am a big fan of Adolf Hitler, and the Reich. Now – we don’t need Swastika flags – but if they appear, our reaction should be “So what?” Don’t respond. I think the one person who waved the Swazi, in Charlottesville , was a subversive Anti Fa. Correct? By reacting with pearl clutching horror – we are buffaloed by the kikes. DON’T RE-ACT!!! The response should be “Meh…” and a blank stare. As in – “Wut…and…?”. Let the Judenpresse do all the shrieking. Instead – bring up the endless stream of jew rapists. in Jewlywood.


    If asked a direct question by a Judenpresse TalmudVision “reporter” – look directly in the reporter’s eyes, for a beat of 8-10 seconds (that’s a LONG TIME, in TV world. And silence is extremely unsettling….) hold their gaze and CREATE ANTICIPATION – and ignore the baiting question, and talk about whatever you want to talk about. Who told you that you must ANSWER a question?

    If you are going to control the narrative – then DO IT. Learn how to use the Judenpresse against them.

  11. Globalism and bordeless trade only in western countries. Asia rising and Africa block. Foreignes regimes are like Scarface the movie,this town is like a great big p.waiting to get f.

    Kim Jong Un side show,the dog that didn’t bark in the night.Chinese are getting everything from North America of raw material and food.Infiltrating high tech communication, and military recrutments. They know more about us than we do about them.Their power structure wholy ethnic identity.

  12. The stereotype of the Jerry Springer Show KKK klownsmen is finally gone. Southern nationalism is now something to be taken seriously. The only way it can be stopped is if ZOG infiltrates its security / leadership. But with guys like HW, Tubbs and Dr. Hill in charge that seems very unlikely. Additionally, Trump has shown no interest whatsoever in trying to shutdown White patriot groups.

  13. Hunter you’re exactly right. The Jews have studied this every way possible and what do they do to change opinion? Color revolutions, lots of media. I don’t think Nazi, KKK or whatever optics matters as long as you keep it public and keep things stirred up. Look at the freaks on the left they’re worse than the KKK. Especially if the KKK has a haircut and wears khakis.

    I do think people should keep voting, ESPECIALLY in the primaries. Not many people get out in the primaries. It might be we could even get some of our people to run on an online basis mostly with a straight WN platform. Might not win but it would cause consternation. Might even win a few. The cucks are in a sorry state, teetering on the edge and we need to give them a push.

  14. I’m not certain that Enoch and Fuentes understand that things are not going to de-escalate – I don’t think that Fuentes does, but I may be wrong. The hostility and violence from the enemy is going to increase. I suspect that Anglin is aware of this, but I don’t actually know.

    Keep in mind that there need not be unified set of tactics at the moment, different people can do vastly different things with a shared end goal, and anything that is working is good. Keeping an eye on the effectiveness of whatever you are doing is essential, as is the willingness to alter your tactics if they stop being effective – this goes for everyone.

    This is what made the blitzkrieg so effective – the ability of officers in the field to look at their situation and make immediate decisions regarding appropriate tactics for their situation, and put those tactics into use without any need to ask permission from the higher command structure before doing so. Adaptability is our strength. If it works, it’s good; if it’s not working, it needs to be reassessed.

    At some point, we may need to set whatever differences we have with each other aside, and work for the common good in whatever way becomes clear with time. We aren’t there today but we don’t need to be sniping at each other, either.

    The enemy has stated that their intention is to disrupt us with manufactured petty squabbles and engineered infighting, we shouldn’t let them succeed.

  15. The Hard Right is all about projection of power, and this is important. We have to have an SS. It shows we are not all dough boys or keyboard warriors. Their target is the extremely disaffected, and those willing to be strong and rowdy (to some degree). This is an important, since we will need the body gaurds and the militia arm. This is not everyone. Most men are not a situation where they can do this or are willing to do so, as is natural for the division of labor in a race. As long as the Hard Right presents itself in a semi-military fashion and is composed of intimidating men with a heart of gold they will become invaluable when security is no longer garaunteed. Any allegations of vantardism is ridiculous. The Hard Right needs to present discipline to avoid, strong cohesion. A Spartan mindset, if you will. A possible expansion could be training men various man skills to make them more accessible. We will show you how to use a gun, how to hunt, how to build, whatever. It is a good gateway.

    The Alt Right is all about breaking the narrative and providing a place for those sympathetic to the side, which is much larger than one would think. Their target is the youth, so their presentation focused on ridicule and presenting a normality to replace it. Of course, Americanism might not be the best route for this. The stylish and sexy look should be the aim, along with incorporating American iconography (since it is what the average person is familiar with), essentially giving American boys a fascist masculine model. There are seeds. Allegations of boringness is a good criticism, but the Alt-Right is strictly internet at the momonet. To be stronger, it needs to mover in the real world. Presenting a safe and appealing aesthetic is difficult. The Alt-Right needs to begin working in the real-world through to bolster a physical network that can become “safe places” (kek). Clubs and other such stuff. Activism is not a necessity or a regular thing. It is about fostering community.

    Hard is para-military protesters, and Alt is psy-ops and subculture building. Both are valid and strong options for moving our revolution forward.

    We should be concerned with possible fractures that could hurt us in the end:
    1.) Disunity
    This is again really undisciplined emotionalism, though presenting disunity would help us further confuse the enemy. We still follow the 14 Words, and everything else is just policy. We can furiously debate this, but we should never question each other as weak or accuse the other of fake-ness.
    2.) A Single North American State or Multiple
    This is irrelevant. We have no power. We don’t know what the political situation will be in the future. We should go for whatever is the best strategy at the time. Right now it is about spreading the message and building the movement.
    3.) Appealing to Normies Accusations
    Avoiding any appeal to the eternal normal is somewhat misguided, especially in regards to Americanism. It can be a meta-political move. If it works, Americanism will be associated with White Nationalism. This will get our enemies to “denounce America” or whatever, and it will change the mindset to “America = White” and reframe a choice in people. It is not save Whites but save Americans, as well as setting all non-Whites and traitors as the Other. This is only to our advantage because now our enemies will have to present themselves as anti-American or force further identity spiraling of our enemy, a negative and generally alienating. This would be hilarious, and not necessarily about changing normie minds but giving us better propaganda potential.

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