Shelbyville: Cultural Vanguardists vs. Cultural Mainstreamers

White Nationalism is making a comeback.

The Hard Right rally in Shelbyville, TN was the second largest White Nationalist rally in the last decade. The previous rally in Pikeville, KY in April was the third largest rally. The biggest rally was Unite the Right in Charlottesville and that was due to our participation:

“Despite canceling their second protest Saturday and fighting within over public image, the “White Lives Matter” rally in Tennessee last weekend was the largest public white nationalist gathering in years, outside of Unite the Right in Charlottesville.

The crowd of roughly 200 far-right demonstrators — representing white and southern nationalist, neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups — is the first large gathering the movement has assembled since the rally in August, according to the Anti-Defamation League. …

“The big question after Charlottesville was whether all this had been shut down,” Griffin said of the large rallies. “There was this narrative developing that the alt-right was finished, and we were not doing any events.”

Griffin said he didn’t expect the Shelbyville rally to draw quite as many participants as it did.

“This was just supposed to be like a rebound rally for us, and it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be,” Griffin said. …”

It was a good rebound too.

The headline of the event was “White Lives Matter Rally Ends Peacefully.” That’s what we wanted to accomplish more than anything else. We wanted to prove that the Nationalist Front wasn’t responsible for the outbreak of violence in Charlottesville. This was due to the failure of the Charlottesville Police Department to keep both sides separated on August 12th.

We can go elsewhere and hold public rallies and not have these issues. That’s why we specifically chose to hold our event in Tennessee. There has never been any issues at our events in Tennessee. We have a high opinion of Tennessee law enforcement which has done a good job preventing Antifa violence. There was none of the chaos that we saw in Charlottesville in Shelbyville.

We also wanted to draw attention to the Emanuel Samson church shooting in Antioch which we felt had been neglected by the national media.

“Consecrate my sword and strengthen the arm that wields it,” began the prayer of Michael Hill, the founder of the League of the South. The rally was, belatedly, set to begin.

“Render me a willing implement of justice and mercy to my people and one of terror to your enemies, O Lord,” he continued, as men and women in Confederate flag capes, Wehrmacht helmets and eye goggles, SS-insignia collar pins and black Make America Great Again caps, knelt or stood silently in the parking lot behind city hall.

“Give us the victory for your honor and glory’s sake. In the name of Christ Jesus our savior we pray, amen!”

And with a cry of “Amen!” the 150 or so white nationalists began to march. …

The evening’s plan was then announced — a vigil at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, which sits on a wooded corner in the quiet southeast Nashville community of Antioch. On Sept. 24, the police said, Emanuel K. Samson, 25, showed up there as a Sunday service let out and shot eight people, one of whom died. The victims were all white. Mr. Samson was black, brought here as a refugee from Sudan when he was a child. At the church, the plan went, they would stand with candles and the second white nationalist prayer of the day would be delivered …”

Antioch was our real target.

The plan was to go to Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, put a spotlight on refugee resettlement and express righteous anger at the federal government. In the evening, the plan was to go to Antioch and have a candlelight vigil at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ to show our grief and love for our own people. The plan was foiled though when Louisville Antifa caught wind it.

In Shelbyville, we accomplished what we had set out to do in Charlottesville. In the months before Unite the Right, I started to call it The Cultural Vanguard Strategy:

“3.) White Nationalism was focused on politics. It split into two camps. The mainstreamers wanted to moderate their rhetoric to appeal to normies and win elections at the ballot box. The vanguardists wanted to remain extreme and wait for the inevitable collapse of the system.

4.) In contrast, the Alt-Right is focused on culture. It believes in changing the cultural terrain which underlies “mainstream” politics which opens up new possibilities. This isn’t really a mainstreamer or vanguardist strategy because the Alt-Right isn’t trying to flatter normies or disengage from politics. The only thing that matters is breaking the “mainstream” cultural consensus.

5.) In order to do this, the Alt-Right only needs to build a supercharged, highly active dissenting cultural vanguard. The vast majority of human beings are naturally passive conformists. As the movement grows in size and strength, it will psychologically become more attractive to different personality types. We’re also telling the truth and giving White people their sense of identity back. The system we have now is due to unnatural repression and the resentment that breeds will work in our favor.

6.) In the real world, the goal of Alt-Right activism should be to summon the culture war that is going on online and channel it to the surface. We want it to explode like a volcano. …

9.) It is fun to engage in troll storms, swarms and raids online. We should aim to demonstate how much more fun it is to break taboos as a real world movement with likeminded people. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of practicing your beliefs in public space.

10.) I’ve already explained numerous times over the years how these events – think of Berkeley, which was transformative – undermine taboos, normalize our ideas, position our groups at the leading edge of this cultural angst, define our image, create trust and social capital, build real world social networks, isolate malcontents, generate publicity, draw talented new people into the fold and spark imitators. These events are small steps but they have a cumulative impact over time.

11.) The Alt-Right is transforming into a real world movement. It will never go back into the closet after it starts to gain cohesion and overcomes the fear of being out in public. As the movement rolls from place to place beyond Charlottesville, it will absorb new people who will come out and act on the beliefs they already hold in private. We’re seeing stable organizations sprout up now like Traditionalist Worker Party, Vanguard America, Identity Evropa and Anti-Communist Action.”

On a final note, I will observe that Unite the Right will be another step forward toward normalizing this style of activism in the South, which has become increasingly commonplace in recent months. The South is already the epicenter of this movement and the networking that will go on around this event will be particularly helpful in strengthening our presence in the Maryland/Virginia region.

I made one big mistake.

I’ve been doing this for years, observing the White Nationalist movement, thinking about social change, mulling over the merits of mainstreaming and vanguardism. The Alt-Right is new to real world activism. In the aftermath of Charlottesville, the Alt-Right lost cohesion and was scared out of public space. It stalled and lost nerve and was unable to move beyond Charlottesville.

The Alt-Right has since been consumed by the optics debate. It is a version of the old mainstreaming theory which focuses on Taking Back America through electoral politics. In order to Take Back America, we have to “appeal to the normies,” and the way to do that is through “optics.” By dressing as normal as possible, we will win over the normies and succeed in mainstreaming racism. Whereas people used to believe this could be done by wearing suits and ties, they now believe in the efficacy of polos and khakis and American flags. It is a strategy based on aesthetics, not ethics.

Ultimately, the goal is to look like Mormon missionaries and for the movement as a whole to look like it is ready to come over for tea at Mitt Romney’s house. When that is achieved, the hope is that we will be accepted as “mainstream” by conservatism which will never happen.

We shouldn’t have public rallies.

If the #UniteTheRight rally had been held in Lynchburg, VA instead of Charlottesville, VA, it would have been fine. There would have been no violence. The police would have done their jobs. Everything that happened in Charlottesville flowed from the fact that it is the most leftwing city in Virginia which is why the police stood down and allowed #UniteTheRight to descend into anarchy.

We’re not going to stop holding public rallies. This is an overreaction. The truth is that we aren’t safe in leftwing strongholds where police stand down like in Berkeley or Charlottesville. That’s the real problem. There’s no reason why we can’t just avoid those places and continue to hold public events. Also, if we want to hold rallies in leftwing cities like Charlottesville, flash rallies are safer and preferable.

You’re appealing to the most extreme elements.

First, we have to understand who we are. We are alienated, disaffected, disillusioned White Americans. Second, we have to understand who normies are, which is to say, middle class people who are comfortable and satisfied and who don’t want to make waves for financial reasons or fear of loss of status.

In order to grow, we want more people to adopt our views. We want the normies to become angry, alienated, disaffected and disillusioned like the rest of us. The audience then really isn’t normies who are being converted. It is the disaffected who we should be organizing.

We’ve got to win over the normies.

Actually, no.

Victory for us is by definition normies ceasing to be normies. It means overcoming these economic and social status concerns and embracing romantic nationalism. It means being carried away by righteous anger and shattering all politically correct taboos. Cultural change happens when an idea reaches a critical mass. Then it rapidly sweeps through the rest of the population. In other words, the goal has to be to create a cultural vanguard which can initiate this transformative process.

It sounds like you are rejecting mainstreaming.

I’m rejecting naive mainstreaming.

In a sense, I want our ideas to be “mainstream,” or more socially acceptable. The only way you do that is through amassing power. What is power? It is numbers, organization, money, will power, etc. We become powerful by smashing taboos and demonstrating we won’t observe them anymore.

This sounds like vanguardism.

I’m rejecting stupid vanguardism which is, say, retreating to a rural area to await the demise of civilization or taking up arms and attempting to overthrow the US government. I’m not advocating violence or purity spiraling. Instead, I am saying a cultural vanguard is needed to violate norms.

What is optics cucking?

It is more accurately optics spiraling. I see it as a source of unnecessary division. We’ve dealt with it before. All it does is create polarization and reduce our numbers. Normies will drive by and honk their horns. They might even think you are a wholesome, good looking bunch of guys on television. The visual impression, however, isn’t going to change normie incentives and behavior though.

What do you propose?

We should continue to hold real world events: conferences, public rallies, private social events, cultural events, flash rallies, speaking engagements.

Flags are inappropriate and unnecessary at speaking engagements. These speaking engagements are also in gun free zones on college campuses, anyway. So much of this debate is making mountains out of molehills. The goal is to create a polarizing social media spectacle. Again, we want to attract the angry, alienated, disaffected and disillusioned and organize them into a cultural vanguard.

Shelbyville taught us a number of things:

1.) First, the Alt-Right is incapable of doing this. It is going to be hamstrung by the optics question. It will eat away at its solidarity. The splintering that will result will keep the Alt-Right out of the public square and choke its growth. The result will be small flash rallies which will focus on projecting an aesthetic that appeals to upper middle class normies in the suburbs. This is the milieu that many of these people come from and their attitudes are already making it a class movement. The racial message will be lost and the focus will be entirely on things like clothes and haircuts.

2.) Second, White Nationalists don’t have these class anxieties, seem poised to become more active and have a potentially larger populist base in the South and Midwest, but they have some issues that need to be ironed out with archaic imagery. Even if it was wildly exaggerated, there was a lot of truth in the criticism about the optics of Shelbyville. In the long run, these are distractions which can be eliminated. It will be easier to screen our rallies than to change an elitist mindset. We need something more along the lines of a populist Southern Marsh/Carthartt-style of nationalism.

3.) Third, the Pikeville and Shelbyville model can easily be extended to other locations in the South and Midwest. Antifa will be separated after this proven success. This will be the end of “no platforming.” As we move from region to region, we will gather new supporters and snowball. It cost $10,000 to book an event at the University of Florida. It cost nothing to stand on a sidewalk.

4.) Fourth, it remains to be seen how large this movement can grow. We had 125 people in Pikeville. We had at least 200 in Shelbyville. The whole point of White Lives Matter was to rebound from Charlottesville. The feeling of being so shellshocked after Charlottesville will subside. The transition of White Nationalism from the internet to the real world is a surprising development.

5.) Fifth, as the Hard Right moves forward, moving from place to place, gathering disaffected supporters in the South and Midwest and snowballing, this is going to generate resentment because it is not what many people expected. They are accustomed to having the spotlight all to themselves. They dislike being overshadowed which the sheer number of people who come to our public events is going to do. Their goal is to appeal to upper middle class normies in the suburbs who are unresponsive to their appeals and their retreat from the public square will only exacerbate this.

Admittedly, we were unprepared for the wave of criticism, which was much worse than what we saw in the mainstream media. In Shelbyville, we thought we were trying to turn the page on Charlottesville, create trust and solidarity within our groups and draw attention to a gruesome crime that had been covered up by the national media. If we can’t speak out about something as terrible as the anti-White church shooting Antioch, what is the point of even having a movement?

Is it the White Nationalist movement or the optics movement?

Note: As Billy Roper notes, we also raised $1,800 for Jacob Goodwin who is awaiting extradition to Charlottesville for the DeAndre Harris incident.

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  1. That’s ridiculous, all the videos & even pictures of the Charlottesville event show that the left were starting violence everywhere.

  2. @Rblee22468: Your effeminate histrionics are wasted here.

    Dr. Hill is a modern-day Robert E. Lee – a godly man and a true patriot. White Southern Nationalism will prevail. The enemy has lost all semblance of legitimacy.

    • @Spahn,
      I heard Dr Hill speak at one of their conventions and found him among the most impressive I’ve ever heard. Every word he utters is exactly what
      many of us feel. His Southern drawl also gives him a genuine image. Truly a good man.

    • You have to KISS, ( keep it simple stupid, ) when trying to obtain support from all whites especially in the south. What do we want : An enlarged all white Christian capitalist but not predatory capitalist Confederate States Of America ! PERIOD. BOOM ! Or to quote Batman …. biff bam ! Swash !!! 🙂

      We whites are all different too. Keeping it simple …. a vision we can ALL, ( whites, ) get on board with … will get the most support.


      Get the conversation going ….

      • ” “Consecrate my sword and strengthen the arm that wields it,” began the prayer of Michael Hill, the founder of the League of the South. The rally was, belatedly, set to begin.

        “Render me a willing implement of justice and mercy to my people and one of terror to your enemies, O Lord,” he continued, as men and women in Confederate flag capes, Wehrmacht helmets and eye goggles, SS-insignia collar pins and black Make America Great Again caps, knelt or stood silently in the parking lot behind city hall.

        “Give us the victory for your honor and glory’s sake. In the name of Christ Jesus our savior we pray, amen!”

        And with a cry of “Amen!” the 150 or so white nationalists began to march. ”

        THIS is the first even I have heard of this prayer/stance.

        Why, in God’s Name, did you not report on THIS when you were talking about Shelbyville, rather than the ‘optics’ of nazi preeners?!

  3. Spencer idolized Johnathan Bowden who is a petit bourgeois kinda guy anyway. Bowden was a big brain but his background was humble. His voice while British to yank ears is actually quite downmarket. Kinda funny that spencer thinks that sort of intellectual delivery works.

    • Sounds just like Spencer, then – feminized race-mixing faggots are the cream of the ‘male’ crop over there in the U.K. They target all the future Enoch Powells for anal sex in the boarding schools to turn them into Kim Philby-types.

  4. A great analysis. Very impressive and very insightful. Your pushing forward with your approach and Spencer with his, independently of each other, is an example of people testing different approaches without interfering with each other. We need to test different approaches. Yours is very effective but there’s also a place for Spencer’s college tour. Not every approach will attract everyone.

    I endorse your persistence in public rallies and insisting on receiving the protection of the law to which you are entitled. The Bill of Rights applies equally to WHITES in Shellbyville as to Blacks in Little Rock Ark.

    Keep up the good work.

    • You won´t have a single one that make a miraculous breakthrough, different approches are necessary.

    • ” The Bill of Rights applies equally to WHITES in Shellbyville as to Blacks in Little Rock Ark.”

      MORE. WE were never slaves, nor constituted by law, as 3/5ths a White Man.

  5. just keep at it…as the population of third worlders and their descendants grows, so too will attacks against whites grow…all we have to do is make sure that more and more whites know about this attacks against whites…reality will do the work for us, as long as the knowledge is transmitted to enough whites.

  6. I notice you did a pretty big flip flop on the vanguardist vs mainstreamer thing. What you should say is not that you’re opposed to Vanguardism, you’re just opposed to Alex Linder.

  7. I have been deeply aggrieved that the focus of the SUCCESSFUL Shelbyville rally was diverted to “optics” by poseur trash who don’t show up anywhere, when the truly important thing is the Antioch Church shooting.

    Thankfully every is being straightened out. The Chaff is blowing away from the Wheat. We are SEEING who is trustworthy, and who is not.

    • Naw. We’re seeing who’s clueless and who’s not. We’re seeing who wants to win and who wants to LARP. We’re seeing boomer WN 1.0 types and the lowest dregs of low-agency white “men” LARPing and congratulating themselves for (like usual) taking giant bowel movements on the movement.

      Same as it ever was. If the LARPers didn’t exist, the jews would invent them. We know in many cases they’ve done just that.

      Shelbyville made us look weak and stupid. Anyone who genuinely believes otherwise is either mentally ill or in a fantasy world or both.

  8. Overall good analysis

    But IMHO a fair amount of people in the Alt-Right are sympathetic to your strategy, what you’re seeing is a combination of some Alt-Right bad eggs, plus people who could be more accurately called MAGA types

  9. IMO, it is not the same thing as traditional vanguardism. The goal isn’t to retreat from society or violently overthrow the government. Instead, it is to amass a force large enough to smash the existing taboos.

    • Ideally I’m a vangaurdist but I’m also a realist. Because I don’t believe we’re approaching a revolution, my position is more to just stop the excesses US imperialism and capitalism. My vanguardism would focus more on class.

    • Rather, the aim is not just revolution but the change of mentality without which there won’t be any.

  10. “Victory for us is by definition normies ceasing to be normies. It means overcoming these economic and social status concerns and embracing romantic nationalism. It means being carried away by righteous anger and shattering all politically correct taboos. Cultural change happens when an idea reaches a critical mass. Then it rapidly sweeps through the rest of the population. In other words, the goal has to be to create a cultural vanguard which can initiate this transformative process.”

    Hell yes brother. Preach it.

  11. I’ve been in “normie politics” for a long time. IMHO, your 200 man march in black BDUs isn’t all that impressive. Your allies TWP provide a freak show for the media circus. NSM is riddled with feds. I’ll give the League of the South credit for being the best-looking group there. But I can get 5000 normies to come to downtown Phoenix and brave Antifa assclowns to hear Trump speak in just a few days.

    You all do your thing and we’ll do our thing and we’ll see which one actually produces results for our people. I haven’t seen a WN march produce positive results ever and I’ve been around since the 1960s, but maybe this time it will be different.

  12. The thing is NOBODY in the alt-right appeals to normies. Does Richard Spencer appeal to normies? No. Does Ramzpaul appeal to normies? No. If they did they would be getting hundreds of millions of views on their youtube channels, not a couple thousand. They are simply delusional if they think they appeal to normies. If they want to appeal to normies they’re going to have to start talking about sportsball, and uploading cat videos. This is why the whole arguments from the optics people that “we need to not scare away normies” is so stupid since it’s impossible NOT to scare them away without going full cuck.

    • We’re not after “normies”. We’re after the high-agency, thinking white ten percent. That’s all it takes. And we’re closer than you think, and when giant shits like Shelbyville are taken, it alienates the triple-digit IQ goys we’re courting.

  13. 1.) It seems like it was only a year ago that General Bannon’s nationalist populist revolution was at hand. Trump was going to MAGA. Hell, I even went to the inauguration.

    2.) There were over 200 of us in Shelbyville. In Gainesville, there was around 25.

    3.) Who cares? Those 5,000 normies have wasted their time. Trump plays identity politics with every group BUT Whites. We have the same norms we had two years ago except with less free speech and more violence.

    4.) We do plan to do our own thing. In Shelbyville, we raised $1,800 for Jacob Goodwin. We dug ourselves out of the Charlottesville mess. We also drew national attention to a horrific murder while some people sat around bitching about optics.

    Update: Same norms except homosexuality has been mainstreamed.

    • Brad, I see you are the new PR chief for LOS. (This is going to be a verrrry long comment, so sorry if tl;dr)

      I am extremely concerned that you unconsciously deny to yourself and/or remain unaware of the extent to which Jewry has managed to infiltrate and totally destroy our beloved Dixie (as well as the greater nation). I suppose this is somewhat understandable, given your background (I’m sure you had little to no contact growing up around Jews in Alabama) and the regional historical (((embrace)))…


      Naivë cucking and Judaized ignorance must be avoided at ALL costs!!!!

      Things like, ‘no conspiracy theories about da Joooooz’ (I see you wrote comments like this on here a few years ago when faced with tactical criticism); doing the Counterjewhad thing of ignoring the JW but acting like Pamela Geller; open faggotish infighting via the AltKike’s cringy ‘Open Letter’ controlled-opp tactic (you were unnecessarily vicious to Billy Roper, who is still on our side and should be worked with to the extent possible rather than your approved method of constant disavowal and gleeful smearing); a refusal to touch the issue of the widespread ‘movement’ racial mongrelization (because you don’t want to make Spencer, Augustus Invictus or Cantwell mad…? LOL); calling our demographic murder a ‘suicide’, and blaming our race for Jewish genocidal methods á la Jared Taylor.


      – THE CONFEDERACY (Judah P. Benjamin; greater acceptance of mulatto mongrelization; widespread tolerance/acceptance of Jews as Confederate citizens);

      – THE KKK DURING RECONSTRUCTION AND LATER (Ulysses S. Grant’s Jewish attorney general indicted, terrorized, imprisoned and executed thousands of KKK who were simply trying to protect their Southern belles, White children and communities from negro rape and terror)

      – THE SOUTHERN ANTI-DESEGREGATION MOVEMENT (Citizens Council movement of Mississippi in response to desegregation and busing – destroyed via same Fed)

      Read Robert Creamer’s community organizing book “Stand Up Straight!: How Progressives Can Win” and understand that ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MISCEGENATION & WHITE GENOCIDE…sorry for all the annoying caps, but yeah.

  14. Whatever the future is, I won’t be part of it. I’m too old, to geographically isolated, and too busy with life to get involved in any meaningful way. So take what I have with a grain of salt, but….

    Nazi/Klan protests have been around for decades. Normally the police have the same procedure, which is separate the protesters and counter-protesters. In liberal jurisdictions, they deliberately allow some contact so the right wing gets their asses kicked. This has actually been much more common with mainstream conservative demonstrations, right up to Patriot Prayer. Then this year the right wing got some good licks in, first in Sacramento, then Berkeley, and people got all excited we could win street battles.

    Cville was approached with great hope, but both the police and the left saw the trend and countered. Lots more leftists, they took some hits but generally prevailed.

    Shelbyville was just a return to the standard pattern that responsible police departments have followed for a long time. Whatever

    As always protests are leftist street theater. They serve certain purposes for the left that don’t translate to us. Furthermore- who cares about Nazis? I’m pretty much a Nazi but nobody wants to join a Nazi movement, or a political party of any kind. These don’t do anything for normal people.

    What people will join is a pro-white fraternal organization that helps white people. Fraternal organizations are mostly dead, but they were a staple of life before the government safety net. A social solidarity organization that is not high profile can bring people together, and once brought together, they are much more powerful than organized leftists, who are only begging the government for things.

    This can still bring attacks from leftists- see the Tinsley Park attack- but with security, counter-surveillance and counter-intelligence it could function well for all sorts of purposes.

  15. Based on your definitions I’m all three. I’m a White Nationalist (More Southern Nationalist than Nationalist becuse I have no connection to White yankees in New York or leftists in California other than race but they’ve betrayed their race & culture, but I digress) I’m also a normie that has to support a family in a politically correct world. If I voice my convictions on culture, it’s tolerated. If I voice them on race I’ll be fired. It’s that simple. I’m an vanguardist in that I know we’re not voting our way out of this. I use my time to network with local race realists who can be 100% vetted and prepare for the inevitable, a collapse of Western civilzation. It does no good to be the one who yells “fire” in the theater that’s a raging inferno when 99% of those watching the show don’t belive me or don’t care because (((the show))) is more important to them.
    I will do what I can to financially support your movement (something I cannot do if I’m fired and out of work) because you speak for people like myself who have no voice in the current climate. I sincerely thank you for what each & every one of you do. There is a time coming when I can contribute a lot more to our movement but it must wait.

    • Truth Corps wrote:

      “I will do what I can to financially support your movement (something I cannot do if I’m fired and out of work) because you speak for people like myself who have no voice in the current climate. I sincerely thank you for what each & every one of you do. There is a time coming when I can contribute a lot more to our movement but it must wait.”

      Completely understandable, that is why I suggested an official designation of two groups within the League.

      1). Active Event Brigade (AEB)
      2). Active Financial Brigade (AFB)

      Members could be part of both but if one were to be in the AFB, your contributions must be substantial to offset lack of event participation. One-time large contributions are difficult so a steady monthly cash flow would best.

      I really don’t see much written within the League about funding.

  16. People who thought they had no voice – voted for trump.
    He was saying the things they had dreamed about for a long time.
    Now those hopes are being dashed daily…
    Lock her up?? NOPE.
    Build the WALL??? NOPE.
    End daca on the first day? NOPE.

    Most of these people have finally given up hope on politics.

    Time to show the remnant that there still is a movement they
    can count on.

    Other than Christian Russia, there isn’t anywhere on
    earth to flee to if it’s lost here.

  17. Black flight jackets are still a good look imo.

    However black overall is now associated with antifa.

    Black works for Golden Dawn because of their Orthodox and eurofash origins. The South is colorful. The Nationalist Front imagery looks a good way forward. Maybe a better name would be Nat Pop Front – because you are genuinely populists and not elitists.

    • How about wearing gray colored combat fatigues? Gray is reminiscent of the Confederate army uniform and fatigues convey the message that members are ready to fight

  18. Hope ya’ll enjoyed La Bamba, Beyonce, and the MLK speeches. Ya’ll can dress up as boy scouts if you want, but you are still nazis, KKK, and white supremacists. Optics is not you problem. Your message is your problem. I hope all of you find Jesus and love in your heart. Your life will be better for you and all those around you. In the meantime I will pray for all of you. I know many of you are good people that have been misguided by hate. The hate cannot be sustained for long. Love and acceptance will find its way to you, in time

    • @One Race, how are you enjoying being dispossessed? Because I’m not okay with it. You speak about Jesus who I grew up learning about in my Southern Baptist Church. People like you are why I quit attending services and instead have bible study in my home with my children abd neighbors. The local SBC where I hold membership is hanging on by a thread. I don’t attend services or tithe anymore. I do take the kids at Christmas and Easter. The pews are empty. The Whites who founded the church are long dead, their names on plaques or hymnals. The cucked Whites who now attend have a shuttle bus that runs over to niggertown every Sunday morning to pick up a load of degenerate, illiterate black kids to fill the front two pews. They’re just virtue signaling how “progressive” they are. I’ll start giving my money to Hunter and LOS instead of a church that doesn’t care of my race dies out.

      • Maybe in time you will take responsibility for your own circumstances as opposed to blaming everyone you can think of and imagine. The blame game is the easiest to play. You are directly responsible for you. Find the goodness in your heart. You will be surprised how effective it can be.

    • OneMud,

      I enjoy Beethoven and Buble. Ann Coulter, and Millennial Woes. I hope you enjoy mud huts, 30 year life spans, and eating larvae right outta the ground. Whites are signing off on muds. So die as fast as you can!

    • @One Race,
      For some context, go to Israel, Kenya, China or Japan and tell them we should all live as one race, gel together and be one big family, including in their nations. They’d laugh you out the door. These very people want diversity….in western nations but not their own. Why is die versity only in WHITE nations? It isn’t fair.
      Its ok to be white. White lives matter. Christianity opposes suicide….so wake up.
      When you change the demographic, you change the country.

    • One Folly, do you even understand your own Bible that you claim to follow?

      – ‘ let thy seed possess the gate of those which hate them.’ Gen. 24:60

      – ‘ Let people serve thee, and nations bow down to thee: be lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother’s sons bow down to thee: cursed be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee.’ Gen. 27:29

      – ‘ thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens…’ Ex. 18:21

      – ‘ Rise up, Lord, and let thine enemies be scattered; and let them that hate thee flee before thee.’ Num. 10:35

      – ‘ for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me…’ Deut. 5:9

      – ‘ They that hate thee shall be clothed with shame; and the dwelling place of the wicked shall come to nought.’ Job 8:22

      – ‘ The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me? 7 The Lord taketh my part with them that help me: therefore shall I see my desire upon them that hate me.’ Ps. 118:6,7

      – ‘ Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? 22 I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.’ Ps. 139:21,22

      “Live in peace with your enemies, but only your personal enemies, and not the enemies of God.”-Saint Theodosius of the Kiev caves

      If, after reading the scripture quotes (and the quote of a saint of the church) and the witness of Charlottesville, the gay agenda, and the entirety of Judaism post A.D. 70, you can honestly say that the Jews, the Niggers, and the faggots are not the enemies of God, then… you are an idiot.

  19. Is anyone else getting a distinctly Ben Shapiro like vibe from Nick Fuentes?

    When I was a student Ben regularly showed up in the school newspaper and no one could figure out quite why or how. We were naive young ones.
    Fuentes? What is his goddamned background Hunter?

    • Maybe it’s a Spanish Jewish name? It means ‘fountains’ in Spanish and it can be a Jewish surname. Part of the problem is, since there were 109 deportations, the last names have been picked up from many different European countries.

  20. “Maybe in time you will take responsibility for your own circumstances as opposed to blaming everyone you can think of and imagine. The blame game is the easiest to play. You are directly responsible for you. Find the goodness in your heart. You will be surprised how effective it can be.”

    Amanda Blackburn and her unborn Christian child were unavailable for comment. As were Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. They, along with thousands of other White Christains who were murdered by black subhumans have no voice. I’ll speak for them. ENOUGH.
    I lay blame directly where it belongs. At the feet of subhuman blacks and their cucked Christian enablers like Russel Moore of the SBC. If a fox kills my chickens in the dead of night do I blame my pig because he saw the fox? Fuck no. I hunt THE FOX. I have overwhelming goodness in my heart for my fellow white Christians, you however can roast in Hell. You’re the worst kind of White there is. A traitor to your own kith & kin.

  21. The rally was a success, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the ‘working man’ look. But long term, a more professional look along with a nationwide focus/strategy, similar to Sweden’s Nordic Resistance Movement, is needed.

  22. Here we go again. Another uni-approach. why must it be this or nothing? Why must it be even an either or proposition? Why must it be either vanguardism or mainstream? Why not both? Why can’t those who wish to march …. march? Why can’t those who wish to just engage in keyboard trolling do that? Why can’t people who wish to field and advance candidates who reflect their values do that? Why must it be just one thing and only one thing?

    Chairs have four legs. Stools have at least three. Where is it written that White Nationalists take only one approach, engage in only one standard of operation when faced with attacks from many different fronts? This is like going into a fight with both arms and legs tied behind your back.

    Can we just all agree to decide to consider the possibility of thinking about taking more than one approach to this issue? Just once? Please? Geesh!

    There is nothing wrong with vanguardism, Hunter. Yeah mobs – may I add huge mobs of angry blacks and (((disingenuous “White” liberals))) marching with them Mau-Mauing the authorities gets results. But how many mobs of White fascists are able to turn up and are allowed to disrupt their protests with “the heckler’s veto?”

    Mainstreaming has also been very, very effective for the “Melanated.” Obama’s pre-WH gig was as a Black Community Organizer. That meant he organized Blacks to bring in the votes for Leftist politicians. Where are the WHITE Community Organizers? Where are the guys who will man the phones during every election and even volunteer to drive White voters to the polls to win an office for a White politician who agrees with their views.

    The reason why Charlottesville was such a disaster was that community organizers put leftist politicians into their seats. People who pay police salaries and can direct them to either protect White vanguard marchers or allow their heads to be caved in by antifa.

    We need to get OUR people into place so that THEY can control the police, it’s that simple. NO office should be so small that it should not be filled by a White politician. Otherwise, this country is going to be Charlottesville writ large.

  23. What has to be understood is that vanguardism is a left wing concept. It’s Lenin’s concept. Alex Linder just stole the word “Vanguard.” Hiding in the trenches isn’t really vangaurdism, it’s escapism. Someone who retreats to Montana is an escapist, not a vanguardist. I may actually advocate escapism at times, but if I could pull off the vanguard, I would.

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