60,000 Polish Nationalists March On Warsaw

UPDATE: OD has learned this is the group responsible for the nationalist marches in Poland.

In Poland, tens of thousands of Neo-Nazi LARPers from across Europe have taken to the streets this afternoon to celebrate Polish Independence Day:

“Thousands of far-right nationalists marched through Warsaw today, marring the country’s Independence Day celebrations.

The march organised by far-right groups was one of a number of marches organised in the Polish capital, which was celebrating Poland’s rebirth as an independent nation 99 yeats ago after it was wiped off the map for 123 years.

President Andrzej Duda and European Union president Donald Tusk, himself a former Polish prime minister presided over a formal state ceremony earlier in the day.

Yet today’s Independence Day march was the largest in recent years, overshadowing other state and patriotic events.

The far-rights presence at the event was visible for all to see, with some holding up xenophobic banners and chanting questionable slogans. One banner read ‘White Europe of brotherly nations’.

A demonstrator interviewed by state television TVP said he was on the march to ‘remove Jewry from power.’

Some marched under a banner which read ‘We Want God’, words from an old Polish song which Donald Trump quoted during his visit to the country earlier this year. Others spoke about standing up to liberals and defending Christianity.

Vast swathes of the crowd marched with the red-and-white flag while others let off red flares and firecrackers during their march. A banner depicting a falanga, a far-right symbol dating back to the 1930s, was also unfurled by a section of the crowd. …”

What will the normies think about this?

“WARSAW, Poland — A march organized by a group seeking authoritarian rule in Poland drew tens of thousands to the streets of Warsaw on Saturday in what organizers and critics say has become Europe’s largest nationalist celebration.

Saturday’s march, which coincides with Poland’s Independence Day, drew tens of thousands of Poles and members from far-right groups across Europe, from the Italian Fascist group Forza Nuova to Hungary’s Jobbik. The event started as a small demonstration by fringe radicals in the late 2000s by a group called the National Radical Camp, or ONR in Polish, which takes its name from nationalist factions active before World War II. …

Marchers lit red flares as dusk fell around 3 pm and they began their procession. Some carried the neo-nazi Celtic cross symbol, and a handful had white nationalist slogans like “White Europe of fraternal nations” and “Europe will be white or deserted,” Gazeta reported …

“It is about shifting the boundaries and shifting the norms,” Pankowski said. “I think there is an element of triumphalism [among the marchers] in the last two years. Maybe not, ‘We have won,’ but ‘We are winning.’”

Sounds familiar.

“The Radical Camp has been holding independence-day marches since 2009. Until several years ago, it struggled to attract more than a few hundred people. In the past three years, it has become the largest independence-day occasion in Poland, and one of the largest nationalist marches of its kind anywhere in Europe. Saturday’s was expected to be the largest ever.

“It’s getting more and more vicious,” said Jakub Skrzypek, 25, one of about a dozen counterprotesters standing behind a banner that read “We Are Polish Jews,” and surrounded by police. “We are really in fear.”

The Radical Camp’s followers argue, on their social-media accounts and in their literature, that the influx of Syrian refugees into Europe is part of a conspiracy driven by Jewish financiers, who are working with Communists in the European Union to bring Muslims into Europe, and with them, Shariah law and homosexuality.

The group has regularly held events to mark a 1936 pogrom against Jews. Its symbols were displayed on a banner that appeared over a Warsaw bridge, reading: “Pray for Islamic Holocaust.” …”

This started off with only a few hundred people.

Do you see all these Nazis with flares? Why do they have so many different flags? Why are all these fat people wearing black in the fall? It looks like a goon march.

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  1. I think it would be a mistake to assume that the Poles are on our side. Maybe if they gave back Danzig and paid reparations to the millions of German families who had their properties and businesses and farms stolen from them I would trust them more.

    • The Poles are not our enemies, but you can thank the Jews for the Danzig question because one Benjamin Disraeli, a Jewish fanatic created this crisis to begin with. At any rate, Poles and Germans are intermarrying and have been for centuries. Many Poles speak German and there’s Germans who also speak Polish. They can get along with one another if Jews and other Saracens leave them alone. The Danzig question will have to wait until white Europeans wrest Europe back from the grimy fingers of the Kikes, Mohmammedans and Afro-Niggers.

      • I couldn’t agree more, Arctic Warrior. The geniuses from the eternal tribe are always behind all those conflicts. Naive Poles are now, once again, fooled into believing that the government they have now sets the interests of native Poles first. All bad in Poland is the fault of the Russians and the Germans, according to the prevailing rhetoric and massive “far-right” propaganda. There is no such thing as a far-right government in Poland.

    • I agree, something has to be done about restoring Prussia and Danzig to German control. But that is a long-range goal. The immediate plan must be to permanently drive the jew, the nigger, the Turk and the globalist out of Europe.

          • Indeed. Moreover one of the founder of the Solidarity movement was.killed the the same plane crash that also killed most of the leading officials of the Polish government. Bodies were exhumed for testing for traces of plastic explosives because a bomb was the csuse and the Poles wanted to gind out who was redponsible. Given how Jewry assassinated the last three Tsars of Russia, I have no doubt Jews were behind this plane crash that in effect decapitated the Polish government. They always respond to whites asserting their rights to exist in peace with violence against innocent people.

      • Yes indeed, Mr Michael.
        I find it tragic that white people cannot stick together even when the European continent got flooded with non-whites. Alas, the kikes have succeeded in brainwashing the guiltridden German people (multiculti lovers) and the somewhat masochistic and stupid Polish people (judaized Christians) to act as each other’s arch-enemies. There are some Poles who try to oppose the sick version of patriotism that reigns supreme in Poland, but they are silenced in rapid time. I grew up there but live in Sweden (out from the frying pan into the fire).

    • Poles are your friends. You may check their facebook page. Most of folk there speak english. We here in Eastern Europe understand very well that our fight is global.

      About Danzing and deportation of germans. We completely reject collective quilt or historical quilt concept. Humans are not quilty for liberal crimes. Nobody in the Eastern Europe thinks that for example Trump electorate should pay something to Serbia for Bill Clinton bombing back in the 1999.

      And we reject all other liberal concepts too. Nothing in the world is true only because jews and liberals say so. Western patriots should learn this from us.

      Btw, people in the video are not LARPers. They are real nazis and liberals are very afraid of them. It is not ok to be anti white in Poland.

  2. Only Jewry and other non-white Saracen devil people can call those people who marched Neo-Nazis. It’s good to see this, it means the white race is awakening like a giant who’s been disturbed, and is pissed off at what he sees. This will spread like burning napalm, and the more the Jews and other Saracens try to stop it, the more they spread it. Our enemies have awakened a giant that will crush its enemies, see them driven before them, and revel in their screams of terror as it kills them. Glory to the Poles, soon we in the United States and the South will also be marching in the streets and our enemies will soon begin to feel the heat of our incendiary fury towards them.

  3. Aren’t those demonstrators concerned about what the normies will think of them? Aren’t they worried about sending the wrong message? What they need to do is have more respectable looking people dressed in khakis and black bomber jackets – and keep their women away from the cameras! Women should never be seen anywhere at any time for any reason.

    Demonstrations are so 1980s, what would Anglin say about all this? He should have the final word on everything. His word is law. Form a bunch of new parties and vote for the candidates you want. Just make sure the long term goals and objectives of those parties are kind of fuzzy so you won’t upset the normies. Whatever you do please don’t scare the normies away!

    • You, Sir, have just contributed the comment of the week.

      You did forget, though, that those Poles need to bring in a proper Hispanic half-caste to do podcasts that only like 300 people are going to listen to.

      That’ll make sure the upper middle class normies will get the message.

      • Yes, you absolutely need some kind of half-caste mystery meat as the party spokesman in order to secure the right optics. Mustn’t offend your critics, even though they are going to hate your guts no matter what you do.

          • Except for the fact that AA has a website, has been giving breath and life to the ideological heart of all of this, and Spahn and others (including myself, I know this) are merely commenters, and not doing the work Mr. Anglin has done.

            If you aren’t the owner of a website that every domain registrar is trying to block world-wide, you have no legitimacy to complain. Just sayin’….

    • Normie does what is normal. The real question is, who decides what is normal? Normie in Poland likes nazis. When normie does not like nazis, he will get the same treatment as razizz in the US.

      We are the ones who create new normality. And normie will do or like what we say him to do or like. Leni Riefensthal movie was “Triumph of the Will”…..it was not “Let Do Something What Average Commie Brainwashed German Likes”

  4. “LARPers” or not, I say more power to them! At least they’re taking to the streets in huge numbers, making a stand for what they believe in.

  5. Nationalism has been growing everywhere in Europe, or at least in Eastern-Europe, since the economic crisis of 2008. It is like a distant drum beat which, ominously, is heard stronger and stronger with each year passing. The migrant crisis of 2015 acted as an accelerant but it was growing anyway….Nationalism is “in the DNA” of the European people but it comes and goes cyclically, and now clearly it has awakened again. Major changes ahead for Europe.

  6. This is (mostly) good news, but in their over-enthusiasm they don’t want to be alienating the wider Polish populace with their over the top Nazi antics. Remember, the Polish people and government are already on board. Last thing you want is to erode that support with ugliness and buffoonery.

    • Anarchists and the like are already morally repugnant; the visuals of the clean-cut kids at C’ville gave me hope. But the shaved-headed, tattooed thugs of the fringe kook right, meh. I could care less. They are no different than the Anti-fa. Both are morally, visually, and personally repugnant.

  7. In the wake of “It’s OK to be white” we also have a new mini-Mantra – “Let them go” referring to California leaving the Union.

    Wallpapering this across the nation would help grow the seed of Partition (remember that?) into a strong oak.

  8. The “LARPer” comment is unnecessary ridicule. Can you match 60,000 supporters? Probably not. They understand something White Americans have long forgotten.

    • Also, we’re in a completely different situation because we’re spread out over a vast continent. Europeans are crammed into tiny spaces with large slices of their population in a few major cities. Most of their political activity occurs in a few dozen square miles. Here, a street demonstration isn’t quite as meaningful when there are scores of millions of your countrymen 2,000 miles or more away by road.

  9. here is yet another video of rap music from poland…check out the lyrics that are captioned…the young eastern europeans are definitely going to fight mass immigration and the globalist elites:

    • [C]rap ‘music’- using Nigger anti-culture as your [sic] culture? No, thanks. I said it to Anglin years ago, and I’m saying it now to the OD kids- if you begin to model yourselves on the paganism that Christianity supplanted, I will fight against it, to the death. I’m not trading Moloch-offering Liberalism, for Kali-worshipping neo-‘notsee’ Paganism.

      Either a Christian moral order, or Armageddon. There is no other option.

      • @fr. John

        I agree! Even Hitler remained in the Catholic Church. We can’t stoop to false gods and powerless symbols. My Christian faith demands me to contribute to the peace and prosperity of my family, my people, and lastly all the world. As Jesus the Jew-God said Jerusalem first, then Judea, then all the world.

    • here is another anti-immigration rap music video from these Polish kids–again, check the captioned lyrics (where is the american equivalent? If the white race is to survive, eastern europe will be the ones to do it):

  10. but don’t give up on the german kids–even though german laws will not allow them to write the sort of lyrics that the polish kids put in the above videos, the german nationalists lyrics are much the same, if you read between the lines:

  11. Danzig – blame the leaders. Most of them are dead. Today there is a new generation. How they think about these things? I do not know. The propaganda must still be strong.

    You also get good Poles. Here is one, rotting away in the new South Africa marxist prison for killing the leader of the South African Communist Party. The day a new Boer government is installed, he will get the proper recognition!



  12. I really needed a high dose white pill. God Bless those Poles. Funny how Jews ID themselves as the anti-White, pro-Islamization counter protest instead of remaining quiet. I guess Jews can’t help being Jews who never learn a thing from their miserable history.

    • Their miserable history? No mate, try OUR miserable history because of these bringers of death, violence, poverty, suffering and slavery. A large portion of whites worldwide are miserable because of THEM right now.

      • Our race has had a marvelous history, exactly why we’re so hated and envied by the rest of humanity.
        What you refer to is recent. Our race has always been able to rise above adversity and will again.

  13. Understood, but it’s time to mend this rift you seem to have with the DS/Anglin. In many ways you are both right. Unity with all who would see our people flourish is more important, which makes both you AND Anglin wrong as well here. Let’s not let disputes over tactics weaken us.

  14. The optics in Warsaw were less than ideal.

    There were Roman salutes and Fascist symbols.

    The torches and fires were intimidating and off putting.

    The media even called the marchers “Nazis” and “Anti Semites”.

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