Roy Moore Swats Away “True Conservatives”

I’m having flashbacks.

It is almost like I have seen this before on the eve of an election:

I can’t wait to vote for Roy Moore.

These desperate attacks including a plot to either postpone the special election, refuse to seat Roy Moore in the Senate, decertify the election or get “Big Luther” to play a write-in spoiler candidate have shown the folly of voting for anyone on the ballot with an (R) beside his name. This is the second time these people have shown they would rather lose an election than have a populist candidate win. It is something to remember next time you see Cory Gardner or John McCain on a ballot.

Note: I’m glad I didn’t say a word in support of Establishment Ed.

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  1. I’m not fully sold on Moore, but if he’s pissing off the Jews and the establishment cucks this much, he must be doing something right. I’m glad he’s standing his ground and fighting back. The accusation looks very shady to say the least.

    Strange to see the enemy pull the exact same stunt here that they tried to pull on Trump during the presidential election. Do they have to fail repeatedly before they realize their tactics aren’t working?

    • Moore really illustrates the Nazi/Confederate split. I wish him the best but I sense a strong anti-science vibe and I don’t trust anyone whose entire life ambition is to study and practice law. The laws need to be simplified to the point where it is not a career path. The Founders clearly were of this mind-set as there is no (((legal degree))) required to serve on the Supreme Court.

      • Yes. The fallacy that somehow, pagan ‘scientism’ is going to ‘save us,’ is the great IDOL of the antichrist class. God, Creation, and Christendom are built on His Law; it is the liberals who wish to do away with explicitly Christian Law. In that, Jews, Fags, and Fascist anarchists, are all on the same side…. the losing side.

  2. “The [Washington] Post caters to homosexual groups. Just about every person down there is homosexual or lesbian.”
    — Jesse Helms

    • Great comment. I wish we had the “like” function. We will never beat these bastards staying on the defensive and they know it. “Anti-White” and “White Genocide” memes put them on the defensive or make them go “crazy nigger” which is just as good.

    • The Kristolites are all members of the tribe. Kristin, Max Boot, John Muravchik, Robert Kaga, Charles Krauthammer, David Brooks, Lawrence Kaplan, David Frum. They’re all kikes. These people are both sides of the coin, leftist bolsheviks, and “conservatives “, who “love America ” and want a “strong defense “. They don’t lose. All the war hawks wanting to ” get saddam and get bin laden” and pushing for every other kind of crazy intervention are of the tribe. The RAND corporation are almost wholly members of the tribe. They figured they couldn’t lose since they had both sides locked up, the goyim were just along for the ride. Now you know why they are coming down so hard on the “neo nazis” of the alt right.

  3. One of the women worked for Hillary Clinton as a sign language interpreter. Another may have been paid for making the accusation by the Washington Compost.

    If nothing else, we now have a list of the shittiest RINOs to act on – like everyone at National Rejew, Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney, and so on. I think Bill Kristol, unsurprisingly, wins as the biggest piece of shit, though.

  4. Are those neo-kikes worried that a Senator Roy Moore would be somehow less than 100% enthusiatic in his support for jews and Zionism? I seriously doubt that. Their real goal must be to simply undermine Trump’s authority wherever and whenever possible.

    • @Jedediah,

      Gee, all these unkind references to the Jews is a tad unkind, and less than ideal. Remember the Holocaust when six million perished?
      Maybe a lobby group needs to be set up in Europe and America to, at long last, give Jews a voice and perhaps empower them if you will, as white power and racism must be questioned and challenged……
      The jews need to be heard….

  5. Don’t demean the instrument by which Jesus Christ was made King, by crucifying an unworthy Jew.

    Better: merely stone him or flay him alive -something a little bit more common.

  6. Kissing a girl close to 18 forty years ago when you’re in your early 30s is pedophilia, according to these satanic DC perverts (pizzagate is real, these are collaborators in judeo-masonic satanism) who belong at the end of a rope. Those accusing Moore are all guilty of capital crimes. Every last one of them.

    • There’s no edit function, suffice it to say, by “accusers” I’m referring to those condemning Moore who are involved in the judeo-masonic criminal conspiracy at the heart of the US government.

  7. Well, the (((Uniparty))) are really drawing the lines up clearly, aren’t they.

    Buy the rope, find the tree, make a list and check it twice…

    [n.b. this above verse is written and intended as political commentary for entertainment purposes only – no actual traitors were harmed in the writing of this comment]

  8. Brad, many of us hardcore white nationalists are beginning to question you. And your support of a kiddie diddler confirmed it. We know about your how you were institutionalied. You got something wrong with your head. That’s how we know you arent a true believer. You don’t believe in 88 cause your just a flip flopping piece of crazy.

    • Just a typical moronic individual (or rather a dishonest woman, a redundancy) who believes (or rather pretends to believe) that a man honorably courting a teenager in his 30s is a sexual pervert. And who believes politically motivate stories from 1979 right before an election about something that can’t be proven and probably didn’t happen.

      I suggest this lady take a look at her family tree, if she has any record of who they are. And she might crack a book, like War and Peace, or Jane Eyre, or even Little House on the Prairie (Laura being 15 when she started courting Almanzo 10 years older) and read a tiny bit of history. My great great grandmother was 18 when she married a man 14-15 years older.

  9. No darling. Not even close. I’m as goy as Denise. Viking, even. Which is why I don’t want our family polluted with mental illness.

    • Birdie – why are you siding with EVERY kike and kike jizz-slurper infesting the JewSA? Firstly – there is NO proof what-so-ever that any of this every even happened? Secondly – if you are truly concerned about pedophilia – focus on the actual criminals, like hebe and their sand nigger cousins. FYI – the one lying whore was 17, not 14, at the time of the alleged incident. Secondly, and more importantly – men “see” with their dicks. PERIOD. End of story. Have you looked around at teenaged girls these days? The Jew Culture teaches them to dress up like street hookers in CHILDHOOD. Too many idiotic parents go right along with the taritication of their kids. Females are biologically programmed, by the ORIGINAL Uber Fascist, Mother Nature Herself, to SEEK MALE ATTENTION. I remember, years ago, I was shopping in The Gallery, the city mall in Philadelphia. I was in my Twenties. I was shopping with a friend. We were cute gals, way back when. AND a gay male pa. There were, however, 2 teenaged girls, parading up and down the mall concourse. They weren’t shopping. They were parading. The one girl was a cute little brunette, were cute teenaged clothing. Jeans, a cute little top, etc. The OTHER girl was a blonde. It was Summer. The blonde was wearing a long, sari-style wrap-around skirt, and a little teeny-tiny cut-off halter cream colored knit top. Her entire torso was exposed, from just below her navel, to just below the bust line of the bra she wasn’t wearing. She wasn’t wearing any make-up. She had thick, wavy long blonde hair, and a SPECTACULAR figure. I remember these 2 girls because any-one who saw them, or at least the blonde, would never forget them. The brunette friend looked a little nervous, but the blonde – she knew EXACTLY what she was doing. Any woman who saw her expression would have known this. She was displaying herself for every patron in the mall. My pals and I were in the Food Court, watching this parade. My female friend was a gorgeous blonde herself; cute figure, very pretty face, an naturally curly blonde hair. She looked like a fairy tale princess. She was used to garnering lots of male attention herself – but no one was looking at her, when this girl was in view. Even my gay male pal was impressed. HE thought this girl was hot. And she was. She could NOT have been over 17, I was guessing 15 or 16, based on her pal’s looks. The blond was cool as a cucumber. She wasn’t smiling. She had a serene, yet calculating expression. She was gauging all the reactions she was getting. ALL the males who beheld this young goddess were whistling, and gaping. From young boys to old men. The very few that dared to approach her were brushed off with a glance. I thought the entire spectacle was hilarious!

      Most young women are not as knowing, self-possessed and bold as that girl was, but they are full biological adults, ready to mate, physically if not mentally and emotionally. So remember this.

      • So here’s the thing, Denise. There isn’t much difference between the average 17 or 18 year old girl and the same girl become woman at 20 or 21 in terms of how they look.

        So why do psychos at 30 target the 17 or even 18 year old? To DOMINATE them emotionally. Which could happen to a 21 year old just not nearly as easily, nor without some fundamental consent on her behalf.

        There’s something deeply neurotic, imbalanced and ‘sick’ as it were that doesn’t equate to sexual predator or criminal but isn’t normal, healthy or of fully decent character either. Is this a throwback to something bizarre in Alabama’s history…a lack of females on the frontier…a shorter lifespan generally…who the F knows.

        But it ain’t healthy or God’s way either. Stop pretending it is, deep down you know better.

      • And no, women are not biologically programmed to desire male attention any more than men are wired to crave our attention. No, no, no.

        The girl you describe. Why would you somehow cite her as having something to do with any other female her age on the planet? You seem woefully ignorant of the INSANE projections onto teen girls (and women for that matter) that men in this country engage in. INFUCKINGSANE. I was a totally unwitting Lolita. OR, that’s what psychotics projected onto me. Always was taller than average, innocent and big doe wide eyes as a young girl, well behind though in terms of physical maturation. And you know what? The only older males and men who projected onto me were PSYCHOS. Some others may have tested just a bit, sized me up originally as way more knowing than I could have even conceived of (I had an attitude as a highly competitive athlete and brat in general), but whatever they concluded, their little tests failed. I couldn’t begin to respond, even flirtatiously. The older boys I grew up around regarded me as a ‘little girl,’ much to my chagrin, until I wasn’t one anymore. They knew me well enough – and had a fundamental respect for girls – to recognize how immature I was deep down and to not even contemplate exploiting me or any girl in any way.

        You just want to rationalize and breast feed grown men for some reason, which is precisely why they don’t grow up. This relates to how utterly jew Hefner was. He never grew up, and in our culture, that is the antithesis of manly. It’s simply impossible that he wasn’t part jew just based on the interpretation of ‘manly’ and ‘cool’ and ‘rebel’ he cultivated. Dressing in slippers and a bathrobe surrounded by boobalicious bimbos all the time is a jewboy fantasy, planted and nurtured by a jewish mother.

        No white – northwestern european which is what Hefner claimed to be – man would ever market such a fantasy as any apotheosis of masculinity. It’s simply impossible. To be a man in our culture, you take on other men. I’ve known serious screw up thugs of our race who didn’t quite approach ‘woman hater’ or who sort of did, yet their aryanness still prevented them, even in hardcore neurosis and maladjustedness, from sexually preying on women.

        That is jew. Or mediterranean. For a man of our race to behave thusly represents a total deviant failure. And ‘women want my attention’ is precisely the rationale they use to justify DEVIANCE.

  10. I am surrounded by undesirables in inter city Atlanta. I can’t stand how they have taken what was ounce our bueatiful city. The black islams who have a terrorism home at their Si called mosque have it around the corner from my house and on the park where our white children play.

  11. I am just a white hairdresser trying to do hair for buetiful white ladies. I am sick of the sickness infesting our white people. Brad is sick and mist go from us

    • Hunter is fine and dandy. No one knows you and you do not sound credible at all. Hunter’s not going anywhere, but I suspect you will give up shortly.

    • Brad is steadily recovering from his delusions that republicans have any concern for white people, no need for such concern. Are you taking anything for your paranoia issues, this compulsive worrying must be very challenging for you.


    • It is truly absurd that kissing a 17 year old on a date nearly 40 years ago is considered an office disqualifying offense in Joe Biden Comet Ping Pong land. These shitlibs and kikes are entirely delusional if they think American whites are going to keep going along with their insanity indefinitely. I suspect many of them are going to have to flee the country ere long. Especially if and when false flags are exposed.

  12. David Brooks proved himself every bit the ape shit filthy kike in his Orwellian PBS slot where “Brooks and Shields” pretend to represent opposite sides of the spectrum. Roy Moore courting teenagers is beyond the pale, in Comet Ping Pong DC and Clinton Foundation NYC. The organ stealing Jewish child murder sect thinks the American public has no knowledge of history, or of literature, or anything else and believes last minute unverifiable stories about what happened in 1979 from a serial extortionist.

  13. In 1956, half of the marriages were to women under 20.1 years old. A few years back I met a woman in church married at 17 in the 1950s. In 1980 the median age of marriage for women was 22 years old, very likely in Alabama it was lower than that. What was normal then is not normal now. The Comet Ping Pong crowd in DC really has no organic connection to Americans anymore. These people are just an insane cult that has to be sent to Guantanamo for the health and well-being of humanity. And I would include most of the media in that group.

  14. The other point (now that much of the dust has settled on this) is that women are NOT free agents in this- Women are the possessions of their MEN – either their father, or their husband. Egalitarian bs needs to be overturned, IN EVERY CASE. A male is the bread-winner, and NO WOMAN should have the ‘right’ to deny arranged marriages, which were/are often done for their ultimate good.

    Biblical law, or chaos. This is just an example of judaized, pagan chaos religion, seeking to undermine an older, patristic (!) worldview. Moore was crass in what he did (IF he did it- and the stories, coming from some skank, are less than credible), but he was not an ABOMINATION – unlike the Podestas, Franks, Grahams, etc.

    Who should be stoned in public, against a wall in D.C., and broadcast, live on CNN.

  15. If he were a Dem under defaming attack his fellow Dems would not abandon him or throw him under the bus. Backstabbing your own is fundamental to being a Repuke. Ask Robert Taft, Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon.
    Fuck the Republican party.

  16. The Bible requires in contests of fault in sexual matters things like tokens of virginity or in cases of rape if in a city the female must scream and resist or otherwise be found guilty…do any of these woman have any of these evidences or are they just slut tea hoes…and waiting almost 40 years to scream to the public a month before a man is to be elected is a little too late…

  17. McCain, Romney and the rest of the Swamp were blindsided by Trump’s win and the people having their way. With Moore they are trying to make damned sure it doesn’t happen again.

  18. Grabbing a bite to eat in a fast-food restaurant, I suffered through “Meet the Depressed,” where a TOTAL HO’ – MN-Senator Amy Klobuchar, was the “talking vagina” du jour, for the already damned, in ‘the Bolsheviks against Roy Moore,’ got paid for being the prostitute she already is.

    WHAT A COMPLETE BITCH this POS whore is! She only got her seat, because of the family ‘Dynasty,’ [Art Klobuchar was her father-] and not because of any ability on her own. She’s a woman, for God’s sake- WOMEN SHOULD NOT RULE OVER US! All she has going for her, is that she is missing a penis. Which is a pretty poor substitute for moral rule.

    May God damn her for her anti-Christian diatribe against Judge Roy Moore.

    And then, what followed after the break. Some talking Dindu, lauding the election of a TRANSGENDER FREAK, and comparing her to Hillary Clinton – well, if the shoe fits.

    Never forgive, NEVER FORGET. All of these bastards must hang.
    Dear Lord, Arise and FIGHT FOR THY PEOPLE, against the GODLESS!

    • Glad to see the Stormer resurface again from the Darknet. But who knows for how long? That’s where you have to go for the real news, which is why, of course, it must be banned. As an aside Milo laughingly calls himself the most censored person on the internet. That title unquestioningly goes to Andrew Anglin.

  19. A few thoughts on this convoluted matter. When is the last time you went to a high school football game and watched how the cheerleaders dance almost always to some kind of rap music broadcast over the speakers. Morality changes with the times. Mary was 15, Joseph was probably in his thirties most Biblical authorities agree.That would be unthinkable today as well it should. Virginia has now turned blue, it is not a fluke, she is lost to the South for good. So what happens when Texas turns blue? Then it will be impossible to elect a white conservative anymore, much less a racialist.

    • “Morality changes with the times” – so white cheerleaders should be pleasuring black athletes, and we should judge the behavior of 40 years ago by today’s pervert based morality? You don’t have to go back 2000 years. Morality is TIMELESS.

      The Left has crossed its Rubicon. We’ve had it with them.

      We are going to reform the Republic.

    • And modern society, which these cuckservatives represent, believes that a teenage girl ‘twerking’ like an ape in heat to jungle music is more moral than her being with an older white man. A man who chances are is looking out for her, possibly more than guys her own age & definitely more than the black rappers and athletes she’s currently taught to worship.

  20. From Daily Stormer

    The Hoaxing of Roy Moore’s Jailbait Adventure

    “Also note that the 14-year-old we cannot find any photographs of. There is no video interview of her. She isn’t making public appearances. She isn’t giving follow-up interviews to other media. We have no idea what her political affiliations are, we do not know if she was paid by the Post for the interview, we really don’t even know if she exists as no one has gone through and fact-checked the Post piece.”

  21. Why do people even believe in the electoral process anymore? WTF. Trump hasn’t cure you of the delusion that we can get anywhere through it? SMDH.

    And in general, why are people always so willing to sink to the lowest common denominator, or at least engage in such a ‘you’re more corrupt than I am’ contest. Do you think that’s how you win over a people? By being Not As Bad?

  22. bill kristol would vote for doug jone, just like he voted for Hillary Clinton. there is no difference between establishment republicans and liberal democrats. I hope roy moore slaps mcconnel and McCain when he gets to the senate.

  23. “To speak evil of any one, unless there is unequivocal proofs of their deserving it, is an injury for which there is no adequate reparation.”
    — George Washington (11/28/1796)

  24. Justice delayed is justice denied. Why wait forty years to bring allegations? What are stature of limitations? A couple of years, maybe?

  25. Jew media wants people to believe (((Gloria Allred))), the democrat party’s dirty tricks witch is more trustworthy than Judge Moore.

  26. Big Luther is such a beta. And a cuck. He wants amnesty. And anyone else notice how the MSM is all of a sudden giving publicity to LITERALLY ANY WOMAN who says they were touched inappropriately by a [insert male politician here]. I see articles all the time calling for “justice” for women even though they have no proof, just their random accusations!

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