GOP Congress Authorizes $500 Million In Security Assistance For Ukraine

John McCain’s National Defense Authorization Act bill passed the Senate in September:

“The bill also reflects Mr. McCain’s expansive vision of the role of the United States in world affairs. It authorizes $500 million to provide security assistance, including weapons, to Ukraine; $100 million to help Baltic nations “deter Russian aggression” and another $705 million for Israeli cooperative missile defense programs — $558.5 million more than the administration’s request. …”

It included $500 million in security assistance for Ukraine, $100 million to help the Baltic states deter Russian aggression, $705 million for Israeli missile defense and a war chest of $60 billion to fund future operations in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

“The measure, passed by the House of Representatives on Tuesday [L1N1NK2OP], next goes to the White House for Trump’s signature. Trump’s fellow Republicans control majorities in both the House and Senate and he is expected to sign the bill. …”

It was reconciled with the House version and has now gone to Trump for his signature. The 2017 NDAA signed by Obama last December included $350 million in security assistance for Ukraine. The Ukraine amendment this year was authored by Sen. Rob Portman and authorizes lethal aid.

McMaster, Tillerson and Mattis are pressuring President Trump to approve a $47 million grant to Ukraine to buy American weapons including Javelin anti-tank missiles:

“President Donald Trump could be presented with an option to approve a $47 million grant to allow the Ukrainian government to purchase American defense arms aimed at deterring aggression from pro-Russian separatists, three State Department officials tell ABC News.

National Security Adviser Gen. H.R. McMaster has been presented with three options for arming the Ukrainians as outlined in an interagency memo sent last week to the National Security Council. Of those three options, the State Department and Defense Department are advocating for the $47 million arms package funding, according to a State Department source. …”

This is John McCain’s foreign policy:

“Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has repeatedly urged the Trump administration to supply Ukraine with weapons. Doing so would garner bipartisan support on Capitol Hill.

“It is long past time for the United States to provide Ukraine the defensive lethal assistance it needs to deter and defend against further Russian aggression,” McCain said in a statement. “As long as the status quo remains, Russia has no reason to change its behavior, and we should only expect more violence and more death.” …”

This appears to be close to happening:

“President Donald Trump’s top advisers are closer now to achieving what seemed unthinkable at the start of his presidency: Shipping millions of dollars of US weapons to Ukraine’s embattled military.

The president, whose former campaign associates nixed language supporting arms to Ukraine in the GOP’s party platform in 2016, was never going to be an easy sell on the issue.

Approving the measure would likely enrage Moscow and jeopardize Trump’s hopes of cultivating better ties with the Cold War adversary. Key US allies including Germany oppose the decision out of concern that it could trigger Russia to step up its military intervention in Ukraine in ways that spiral out of control.

But US officials tell BuzzFeed News that they have a pitch they believe can win the president’s approval of providing $40-50 million in arms to the war-torn country, including powerful Javelin anti-tank missiles. Officials said the president could be presented with the proposal in the coming weeks. …”

What do you think? Is this an “America First” foreign policy or something else? Do you think we should follow John McCain’s advice and plunge into this conflict?

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  1. Hopefully Trump will be America’s last president. After he’s gone the USSA will break up into smaller revolutionary White republics that will stop waging wars on behalf of the jews and globalists.

    • More to the point, the sooner ZOG falls, the better for our race globally. Whites in Ukraine and Serbia have been killed by the U.S. military or Jewry with American made weaponry, paid for by white Americans taxpayer dollars, and I personally resent this.

    • SMALL republics won’t work. We need our white Christian prayer and power condensed into a huge very enlarged Confederate States, where of course we would avoid foreign entanglements, amongst many other things.

      Get THE CONFEDERATE PARTY going … or just keep, ( marching, ) whistling Dixie ….

    • I worry about the military. If we don’t disassemble NATO and the US nuclear arsenal (which I am pretty sure Trump does NOT have control of) the Chinese might feel compelled to do it and then show up with a battle fleet in San Francisco Bay to finish the job. Regardless, the jews will have weakened the USA to the point that we might just be over-run.

    • I m Latvian Nationalist, and I m always supportive to the Southern/White Nationalist cause. But when I read such stupid texts about second Russian occupation of the Baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus, I m really sad. And I can tell to everyone here: with such stupid idiots you will loose any support in the Eastern Europe (and Eastern Europe today is the strongest and most Nationalist part of Europa)- Poland, Ukraine, Baltic states. We are hate Putins neosovietic, imperialistic Russia!

  2. No one in the West gave a damn about Ukraine when the Holodomor was going on. It was okay because Uncle Joe was in charge. I doubt the same care now except for using Ukraine as an excuse to backdoor into a big war in ME, possibly WWIII.

    • The outside world didn’t know what was going on in Soviet Russia back then, thanks in part to (((Walter Duranty))), (((Walter Winchell))) and the rest of those lying by omission jew rats in the press.

      • While Ukraine genocide was in progress FDR granted diplomatic recognition to USSR. Of course his state dept was loaded with reds and that’s how they’d advise him. I don’t let FDR off the hook because I fail to believe he didn’t know the truth despite the lying press. Fake News has been around for some time.

        • I found lots of newspaper articles on the Ukrainian Holodomor in microfilm archives in university libraries. FDR and all of the leading officials knew what the Kikes were doing to my Ukrainian and Russian brethren. So did the Ukrainian and Russian diaspora here. They knew and did not care two potatoes about it.

    • (((Soros))). Remember, Trumpenthal’s co-President/son-in-law (((Kushner))) is a close (((Wall Street))) business associate of (((Soros))).

      and the ‘Murkan ZOG has been arming the Ukraine against Russia ever since the April, 2014 Zio-globalist coup d’etat in Kiev.

      the puzzlement is why the Ukrainian “Nazis” keep fighting for the (((Poroshenko)))/(((Yatsunyuk))) Jew-bankster regime against their own race.

      …but then Nazis never were that bright.

      • It’s really a civil war going on in the Ukraine, between the eastern and western parts of the country. The best course of action would be for Russia to re-absorb them, the Baltic states, Belorussia and Finland back into a reconstituted Romanov empire.

        • Spahn, we of Finnish descent have no desire to be absorbed back into Russia. We fought Russia from 1939-45 to stay free of them. Who are you to say we must be absorbed?

          • For most of its history Finland was part of the Russian or Swedish empire. Now that you have your “independence” you are becoming a jew controlled islamic state. You were better off under the Czars. Some nations are just too small and weak to be truly sovereign entities, and yours is one of them. I don’t make the rules.

          • Neither the Finns, Estonians, Latvisns. Lithuanians, Poles, or Ukrainians want to be part of a reborn Russian empire, nor do they want their cultures, languages and bloodlines stamped out by Russification. Ukrainians in particular resented Moscow because of that. That centralization of power is how the Kikes were able to take over and murder 100 million people in Eastern and Central Europe.

        • The Finns and Baltics detest Russian rule, with good reason. The (((Soviets))) were vile wretches in all of those locations. While it’s nice that Russia is semi-nationalistic, let’s not go overboard with the Putin worship to the point where we view absorption of sovereign countries into Russia as a desirable condition.

          Why are you hankering to create another multiethnic empire at the time when we’re witnessing the death throes of one, if not two? (USA, possibly EU.)

          • Good comments, Ironsides! The Manson worshipper Spahn has no knowledge of Finnish history. The Russ, under the czars, tried to turn the Finns into de facto Russians. Their oppressive tactic created and nutured the the nationalism they were trying to suppress. And when the Reds tried to conquer Finland in the 30’s and 40’s, they found out the Finns could give them a world of hurt.
            Your commemt about Putin worship is on target. The man is an old KGB hand. Those guys can not be trusted. They were the enforcers of the Communist party, and now they’re in business for themselves. And the hierarchy of the Orthodox Church can’t be trusted either. They were controlled by the KGB during the Soviet era, and based on what I’ve read about the Post-Soviet era, there’s very little doubt in my mind the current intelligence establishment controls the ROC.
            In closing, a little family history. My maternal Finnish grandfather always told his kids you could never trust the Russians. He must have had some bitter ecperiances with them, because when someone thought he was one because of the way his surname sounded, he said, no, I’m Finnish! I hate the G-D Russians!

        • Spahn – Dalton’s a kike. The kikes HATE Putin because he stopped the Vampyre Tribe from bleeding Russia dry. The kike Dalton states that Putin was KGB. True. Putin was supposed to be the goyim bagman for the Heebs. He worked his way up through the ranks, and took (((names))). He began to acquire power, and gained allies among Goy serfs in the Jews’ functionary slave bureaucracies. And then he took over. Beware of (((any-one))) that trashes Putin.

          • Putin is actually Finnish. Putin is a name of Finnish origin. However, he’s a Russified Finn, so he can’t be trusted.
            Anybody who trusts an unrepentant KBG man is a fool. The KGB bled Russia dry on behalf of the Communist Party for over seven decades. And most of the middle management in the KGB were Jews and other ethnic minorities. And when the USSR fell, the intelligence agents became the defacto government of Russia. Many of them, including Putin and his associates, and enemies, Jew and gentile, went into business, and became very wealthy. Putin’s Anti-Jew actions should be seen as a move to eliminate business competion, not as grand patriotic gestures.

  3. Funny how the word “aggression” is coupled with Russian; and “defensive” used with Israel (defensive missile program). I think they have things backwards.

      • Then it will be another ethnic conflict inside the white race and liberals sit back and laugh. War is wonderful thing. Patriots killing each other , liberals watching and laughing. That`s why liberal trolls proposing war everywhere, Nato war, Russian war or religious war or race war.

        Yes, Finland is mult and cult but tiny Baltic states recognized the problem, white liberal and they are 99.9% white. Go after white liberal and there wil be no problems with jewsniggersmuslimsanddarthwaders.

    • Ideally, I’d love to see a North American Union that stretches from the Yukon down to Baja and parts of the Caribbean. But it would have to be an authoritarian pro-White dictatorship headquarted in a new capital located near St. Louis or Kansas City.

    • For general information. When somebody want to make “white ethnostate”, then he she must immidiately google “Barack Obama election staff all white”

      It is very simple, like, flying airccraft. When stall warning sounds, then stick forward and full power to the engines.

      Airline pilots are not trained to search jewsniggersmuslimsanddarthwaders in the airliner. They are trained for two simple moves. Overhelm the white liberal and take control over ignrorant mass.

      Simple as that. Recognize the problem and react immidiately.

  4. Don’t forget–

    Hungary and Macedonia lived under Communism and got rid of it.

    Today the US– the crown jewel of the jew empire– gives $700,000 to media in Hungary and demands that attacks are made on the Orbán government ahead of next year’s elections on behalf of (((Soros))).

    In Macedonia the nominally-independent US gives $5 million to (((Soros))) groups to translate, publish and disseminate the infamous book by communist Chicago jew Saul Alinsky.

    The irony of countries freed from communism subjected to new communist propaganda from the “other” side. The irony of blatant interference in another country’s political process and elections by the crazy one forever yelling about phantom Russian interference.

    • You can give as much you want but the problem is, there is nobody to take it.

      So don`t worry about US taxpayers money. The money will stay in the US because Eastern Europeans took care our liberals on time and in the Hungary or Macedonia there will be no people who dare to take the money. And of course, both countries are 99.9% white and they have borders closed.

      Take care of white genetical liberal and the rest of the problems will be gone by itself. Genetical white liberal is the root cause of all problems. Get rid of them and you don`t have to worry about jewsniggersmuslimsanddarthwader…or anything else, for example, money from US taxpayers.

  5. As you yourself wrote here wrt Russia– Jews were the leaders and the ideas came from Jews. Here we see Jews again the leaders against Hungary and Macedonia. White liberals are only their tools.

    How are things in Israel these days?

  6. The hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Ukraine and Israel should dispel any doubts as to whose interests are paramount in the Unites States of America. If America was ruled by white Christians, America would be allying with Russia to combat Islamic extremism and contain the rise of China. Instead the US government is trying to contain Russia because Russia is backing Iran. Jews use the American empire to make the world safe for Israel and jewish interests.

  7. I think all the anti-Russian faggotry here is disgraceful. Russia should dominate Eastern Europe, Germany should rule over Western Europe. Simple, no?

  8. No, not that simple. Ukraknians have been fighting for their freedom for 700 years. They won’t back off now.

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