GOP Congress Authorizes $705 Million For Israeli Missile Defense

Who says the GOP Congress can’t get things done?

The GOP Congress has also been working on expanding the sanctions on Iran which Trump signed into law in August. He decided to not to certify the Iran nuclear deal last month. When it comes to appeasing powerful foreign Jewish interests, Congress can move at blitzkrieg speed.

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  1. The only reason congress can pass anything 100-0 is because they are owned by jew know who, well at least the senate. Godspeed OD

    • The wall doesn’t help the military industrial complex …. it actually hurts it ! This BS wouldn’t happen in our very enlarged Confederate States, where we would in fact have walls 100 ft below and 100 ft above ground, AND, no foreign entanglements. Get more bang for your ( buck, ) marches. Form THE CONFEDERATE PARTY.

  2. Not enough money for a wall, but plenty to throw at Israel for the benefit of our wonderful Jewish allies. Wonderful to see our “leaders” have their priorities in order.

  3. LoL, let’s all write our politicians and try to get 3 trillion authorized. It’s time to break this camel’s back!

    • Auditing the Fed would probably bring it down also. You would think this could be done with an executive order but we are in full blown clown world now.

  4. In other news a US paid for Israeli F-35 was damaged and totaled by a Syrian missile a few weeks back. It would appear that the most expensive fighter in world history is not truly stealthy.

  5. I don’t begrudge the Jews for having their own Ethno-State. If I was Jewish I would be extremely worried about Arabs in Israel as they have a much higher birthrate than Jews. I would advocate expelling all non-Jewish citizens and have an all Jewish State. What I begrudge them for is their hypocrisy for wanting nationalism for Israel and universal egalitarianism for all other nations.

    • Whites wanting a country for Whites is defined as “hate” by ADL.
      How is that different from Jews wanting a country for Jews?

      • It’s not at all different, until you remember the Jews really do intend to exterminate the white race. Uncontrolled immigration has exterminated or made into minorites white populations before, even when the invaders were white themselves. Look no further than the fate of the Romanized Britons when endless waves of Germanic Saxons swarmed into Brittania, then what happened to the Saxons at the hands of the Vikings. They were content to carve off territories for themselves, not chase down and kill the entire surviving native population. This time however the Jews are the invaders who are importing non-white invaders to kill and rape us off the face of the Earth. Jews do not regard the rest of us as real, let alone human beings. That is why they fight for an ethnostate of their own while denouncing whites for doing the same thing as Nazis who want to kill another 6 million Jews.

      • and even as “ethnostate” Israhell is a hoax:

        2/3 of the Jews in the world don’t even bother to live there.

        they just insist that the rest of us pay for it and die for it.

        basically, what the Jews are doing

        is having their cake and eating it too.

        this will end badly for them.

  6. God I hate these false prophets, may their nuclear arms backfire on themselves and turn their occupied lands of Palestine into glass

  7. Thats money that should be for Americans-the taxpayers who voted them in. The elites only serve Israel and the third world, not you. You’re hard earned tax dollars being put to good use there.
    Is ‘democracy’ a failure? Ummm……yep.

    • @Spahn,
      Unless we politely speak with the Jews and ask them to just stop it! That….that could just work I guess. They may leave us alone if we plead with them to-I don’t know-just stop being so unkind. Maybe take that approach instead…

    • A look at what they’ve said about us time and time again should leave no doubt they are pursuing a “final solution” towards us. They openly brag among themselves about how they are killing us off. I agree, It’s either them, on us.

      • The jews started this shit, not us. We never asked those dirty Oriental vagabonds to migrate into our part of the world.

  8. One has to ask these elites-how does spending all this money on Israel and the Middle East help the average American find a job, have lower crime levels, have better schools or roads or enjoy better health? Please can they enlighten us. Not that they feel answerable to the public anymore.
    When the media and the government are controlled by Jews, the former will never properly question the latter. As a result, no accountability.
    Question everything that’s going on.

  9. Nothing like passing this legislation around the 54th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination. Say what you like or dislike about JFK but at least he had balls enough to tell Israel to fuckoff. About 4/5 months before he got plugged, he told Ben Gurion, no nukes, no conventional weapons & on top of that, we want to inspect the Dimona Nuclear facility to make damn sure you bastards are making “the bomb.”
    After all these years, there are many of us who think Jack’s abrupt & permanent retirement from politics is linked to all of this & much more.

    • Typo: It should read aren’t making the bomb. I was really pissed off having to write about this unfortunate incident in our nation’s history. Most of you know what transpired after JFK’s untimely death with LBJ, the Viet Nam War, the U.S.S. Liberty, the Middle East, etc.

  10. Puke! These punks in the GOPe won’t pass anything for our protection but everything for the Jews. Time to end all borrowed money for Israel until the US has paid off all debt and deported all illegal aliens and then we can vote against any welfare for Israel and anyone else. The complete lack of responsibility of putting this on our kids credit cards makes me ill.

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