BOMBSHELL: Independent Review Finds Charlottesville Police Department Thwarted Unite the Right Rally

Editor’s Note: In light of the upcoming anniversary of Unite the Right, I am pinning my accounts of that event at the top of this blog.

Tim Heaphy’s independent review of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville has vindicated our account of August 11th and August 12th in every respect:

– The Charlottesville Police, Virginia State Police and University of Virginia Police were fully aware of the August 11th torchlight march to the Jefferson monument. They failed to keep Antifa separated from the Alt-Right and only intervened after counterprotesters had initiated a scuffle.

– The Charlottesville Police and Virginia State Police allowed Antifa and the so-called clergy to obstruct the entrances to Lee Park. They knew violence would be the result.

– The Charlottesville Police and Virginia State Police deliberately stood down on August 12th and allowed the violence to escalate out of control. They allowed Antifa to incite violence for this could be used as an excuse to declare Unite the Right an “unlawful assembly.”

– The accounts from all sides of police standing idly by as spectators at Unite the Right were true. The police were under orders not to intervene unless absolutely necessary.

– The Charlottesville Police ignored the advice of other cities including Portland, OR and Pikeville, KY that it was essential to keep both sides separated.

– The Charlottesville Police failed to block the intersection at Fourth and Market Streets. The school resource officer who was assigned there got scared and was allowed to leave her post.

– The Charlottesville Police were inadequately trained, ignored DHS warnings and were afraid of both the protesters and counter-protesters. The Virginia State Police and Charlottesville Police failed to coordinate their response to the Unite the Right rally. In fact, the Charlottesville Police retreated from Lee Park at the peak of the violence in order to go put on their riot gear.

– The Charlottesville Police and Virginia State Police deliberately pushed the Alt-Right into the crowd of Antifa protesters on Market Street.

– DeAndre Harris and his friends pursued League of the South members returned to their vehicles in the Market Street Parking Garage. Harris initiated the brawl by attacking Harold Crews with his maglite. He was celebrated in the media as the innocent victim of white supremacists.

Heaphy’s overall conclusion is that Charlottesville failed to protect both public safety and freedom of expression. Police Chief Al Thomas even destroyed evidence to cover his tracks. Simply put, Charlottesville was a set up and went down that way to evade a federal court order.

Update: Did Charlottesville consult with the Cuckex Police?

Note: Compare Heaphy’s review to my first and second account, Marcus Cicero’s account and Matt Parrott’s account.

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  1. “Once such group was the conglomeration of The League of the South and Traditionalist Workers Party members that had been in the MASSIVE COLUMN whose entrance sparked the fighting.”

    Nothing but respect to you. I still stop to look at this picture whenever I see it.

  2. The alt-right needs to reply in kind. If they mask up, we mask up. They bring weapons, so do we. Police want to all of a sudden do their job, they are easily overwhelmed (females and blacks). Right Wing Death Squads need to be a reality. antifa can’t hide who they are. Anyone can be touched including race hustlers like (((tim stupid))). Wise my ass.

  3. excellent news & reporting!
    the media is complicit too, b/c after the July 8th KKK rally there, the media purposefully never disambiguated the KKK from the alt right (+ the media incorrectly reports alt right as nazi white supremacists). the media encouraged the people’s republic of charlottesville to see us all as dangerous nazi racists, instead of promoting an understanding of the alt right as simply white people speaking up for their right to exist. blood on charlottesville’s hands, blood on the media’s hands.

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