Republican House Votes To Defund Palestinian Authority

This is the opening salvo of Jews week in Washington:

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to sharply reduce the annual $300 million in U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority unless it take steps to stop making what lawmakers described as payments that reward violent crime.

The House backed by voice vote the Taylor Force Act, named after a 29-year-old American military veteran fatally stabbed by a Palestinian while visiting Israel last year.

The measure is intended to stop the Palestinians from paying stipends, referred to as “martyr payments,” to the families of militants killed or imprisoned by Israeli authorities. The payments can reach $3,500 per month. …”

Tomorrow, the United States will officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Thursday, the White House will throw an intimiate Hanukkah party for Jewish donors. The House has already condemned the UN over an Israeli settlement vote, authorized $705 million dollars in spending for Israel’s missile defense and Trump pulled the United States out of UNESCO over “anti-Israel bias.” He also decertified the Iran nuclear deal in another move to make Sheldon Adelson happy.

Are you tired of winning yet, goys?

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  1. Alright! Let’s make Israel great again!

    The only good that can come of all this is if the embassy move to Jerusalem pisses off the neighboring Muslims enough to take some, shall we say, drastic response measures in the new capital of the Chosen. I believe Erdogan has already come out hard against the move.

  2. Weinstein-Et-Al-Gate has been an exercise in discrediting the liberal jewish establishment towards the aim(s) of restoring the legitimacy of Eretz Israel, among others.

  3. Interesting how they have no problem defunding Palestinians half a world away but won’t defund “sanctuary cities”, universities that won’t protect free speech or go after Soros’ terrorist NGO’s.

    DC can’t do enough for Israel, even if it means risking WWIII, while they betray us.

    • A lot of White Americans will get killed because of the recognition of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, and the move of our embassy to Jerusalem.

      What have the Jews ever done for White Americans? Nothing.

      • Certainly a lot of us will be casualties if this intentionally provocative move sets off the Jews’ longed for war with Iran. Trump can’t be ignorant of this but our overlords have no problem gambling with White lives. They have us slated for extinction anyway.

  4. Re: Jerusalem

    Pissing off a billion Muslims to please jews (and accomplish nothing of value) makes a lot of f***ing sense.

  5. Re: Jerusalem
    I know this was a campaign promise, but I wonder about the timing. Could this be an effort to curry favor with christian-ziotards, presumably Roy Moore’s base?

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