Cuckservatives: Ben Sasse Calls Out Jeff Flake

The True Cons virtue signaling on Twitter reached a milestone this evening:

Such is the present state of the US Senate. It is why Occidental Dissent is officially endorsing Roy Moore. We need at least one US senator who will call out this faggotry.

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  1. “Country over party”, ehh Flakie? How about ethnos/kin over country? The people group are the foundation of the nation; the nation then forms a country. The “proposition” is not on that list.

  2. I am afraid that this is another example of LDS Latter Day Saints, Latter Day Sissies cucking, doing virtue signaling that they’re not racist anymore, that they are on the side of progressives, DREAMERS, even Muslims – and it usually pays off for them as they are given a pass by the Mainstream Media or even promoted up the food change where the likes of Mittens Romney are accepted as Governor of Massachusetts or even the GOP Presidential nominee.

    The LDS Mormon Church has become mostly a club of nice well dressed polite White people and those who want to be around such people. There is very little or no serious political or intellectual thinking or speaking, everything is about looking neat and agreeing with whomever is in the room with them Latinos, Muslims, even Harvard Lib Leftist Jews. Mittens Romney had ugg, the Neo Conservative Jew Max Boot writing his speeches and Mitt with mouth nonsense that Russia was America’s number 1 enemy. The Neo Con Jews, never Trumpers like William Kristol got that LDS Mormon McMuffin to run for President in Utah in hopes to take away enough votes to elect Hillary there. Fortunately that didn’t work.

    The LDS Mormons still have a lot of good things going for them – early marriage, high White birth rates, but they have lots and lots of really bad things going for them – they’re terrible on immigration as bad as the Jews, they never question anything about wars, the military and LDS Mormons in Arizona are one of the main reason McCaine keeps getting re elected.

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