Goodbye, 2017

Editor’s Note: As we countdown the hours to The Great Shoah on Twitter, I am brooding on what went wrong in 2017. We rolled a pair of snake eyes. I’m ready to change course in 2018, but still need to do a lot of thinking about what that means.


– Banned from social media
– Defunded by crowdfunding platforms
– Subjected to physical violence
– First Amendment lost
– Condemned by GOP Congress
– In some cases, sued
– NO border wall
– Deportations DOWN, trade deficit UP
– Jews get everything they want
– Russia sanctions
– $1.5 trillion dollar tax cut
– $700 billion NDAA

But, you’re MAGAing and drinking liberal tears. You’ve been reduced to enjoying cheap lulz with T_D over some brown dude with a light saber who is going to make it slightly more expensive to stream porn. Do you remember when we thought we were on the verge of great things?

Note: A year ago, I was feeling icy toward the Trump administration over the Cabinet picks, which I correctly suspected were a sign of things to come. I put my doubts aside and went to the inauguration anyway. Now, we might as well be in an Ice Age.

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    • Perpetuating some idiom that only internet nerds understand or relate to is part of the problem.

      It doesn’t translate well for the demographics who would otherwise form the backbone of a real movement.

      Time to leave the fantasy world.

  1. well, that is a pretty negative outlook; and I share your views. But look at some positive things. Trump ended the CIA funding of the Syrian rebels; he has done almost everything he can on Immigration enforcement, as far as he can with executive orders. Also pulling the U.S out of the U.N refugee program. I think these sexual harassment dramas are good because many left-anti-whites, and globalists have been removed. So I share your thoughts, but its not all bad. I am still not sure what to expect, I can’t figure out Trump yet. But the GOP seems to be more of a problem. I mean Trump is under a lot of pressure with these cucks wanting to impeach him for fake Russian claims, so he is between a rock and a hard place. But old 666 Kushner is Trumps fault and not saying he is perfect. All I can say is stay tuned and see what happens next

  2. What has taken place over this past year can only take two courses from here: 1) this could be the beginning of the end, the true end, or 2) this is a case of things getting worse before they get better. I hope it’s the latter. But that all depends on the White folks… not only here in America, but world-wide.

    As a movement, we’ve just suffered what Hitler and his National Socialists suffered when they went marching down that alley in Munich, before he was arrested and charged with treason. We’ve had our asses handed to us. But that doesn’t mean this war is over…

    …not by a damned sight.

    We’ve a long road ahead yet. And our enemies are going to maintain as much pressure on us as possible, that’s for sure.

    Pressure is the requirement needed in order to turn rough coal into diamonds.
    Hail Victory.

    • Oh no, the war’s not yet begun, but It’s coming before I depart this mortal coil. It’s not just the pressure, we are but block of soft, mild steel that are being forged into very hard steel then further hardened by exposure to extreme heat.

  3. If in 2018 you plan to promote anti-capitalism, well- good luck with that. Especially in the South.

    Our 2018 platform should include:
    1. Ending all benefits for illegals.
    2. Ending generational welfare; mandatory birth control after 1 child on welfare.
    3. No Medicaid/Medicare for illegals; see #1
    4. Ending affirmative action.
    5. Promote large white traditional families where the wife/mother does not work.
    6. Promote a boycott of all things Hollywood; Cable/Satellite, Movies, Video games.
    7. Preparation for coming hard times. Food, water, guns and ammunition.
    8. Retun to our Christian roots and establishing new Churches that are not cucked.
    9. Promotion/Acceptance that we are NOT going to vote, blog, or meme our way out of this giant mess we’re in. It’s going to come down to a fight.

  4. Not so fast there Mr. Griffin. While that list contains what you may view as overall defeats look at the big picture, you, and the movement, have gained a notoriety. The establishment views you as such a threat it has taken many actions to quell you. Most of those things you listed were not obtainable anyway and we all knew it.

    2018 wil be a good year. The most important thing is the fire has been lit and is burning; now comes the skill of maintaining it.

  5. Yes, I think the massive shutdowns on our free speech is a good example of the enemy’s anxiety. They used to ignore “White Supremacists” and “Nazis”. They can’t afford to ignore us any longer.

  6. One good thing about 2017 has been watching all the lib males fall victim to the sexual harassment hysteria. Eventually the children of the revolution will devour one another. What a pleasant thought.

  7. Come on HW, turn that frown upside down. You knew darn well that Trump wasn’t going to do anything for us ‘cept to buy a little additional time to get ready for Helter Skelter.

  8. Pray for war on the Korean peninsula during the Winter Games.
    Nothing like a good ass whuppin’ to put a bully (ZOG) in its place… And the collapse of the petrodollar and the re-instatement of the draft will red pill will even the dumbest good whites.

  9. You forgot to mention the statues. I propose the following New Year’s resolution: Stop grousing and start planning. Prosecuting Charlottesville for conspiracy to violate civil rights would be one idea.

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