Live Thread: Twitter Apocalypse

Editor’s Note: I’ve already been purged from Twitter this morning along with Dr. Michael Hill, Jared Taylor, Traditionalist Worker Party and a bunch of other people.

It is December 18.

The Great Shoah has arrived. The ADL has taken over Twitter and intends to purge all Twitter users who are critical of Jewish power and influence. Boatloads of Gentile refugees who have lost all their followers are streaming into Gab to escape the humorless SJW echo chamber.

As a social media platform, Twitter is dead for the Right. It was already obvious when they suspended Baked Alaska. By suspending accounts which aren’t engaged in trolling, no one can have any confidence that their account won’t be nuked on a whim. I see they have already suspended Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding after the British establishment had a meltdown over Trump’s retweets.

Anyway, I am fine with this for the following reasons:

1.) First, it shows that Jewish conspiracies are REAL. Exhibit A, the ADL took over Twitter. Exhibit B, the ADL took over Facebook. Exhibit C, the ADL took over PayPal. Exhibit D, the ADL took over YouTube. We can now point to Twitter and say the ADL controls social media to keep it “good for the Jews.” In order to keep up the censorship, they are going to have to police social media 24/7/365, which will put a bright spotlight on Jewish power and influence over the media as a whole.

2.) Second, I’ve always believed in the balkanization of social media. As someone who expects the country itself to polarize and break apart, I have always assumed social media would be an early victim. Free speech is incapable of coexisting with Jewish power, SJWs and political correctness.

3.) Third, Twitter was becoming worthless anyway with the shadowbanning and purges of my followers. It has become another Facebook which was also rigged in response to political pressure. I have no incentive to waste my time there anymore.

4.) Fourth, we needed to build free speech alternatives sooner rather than later anyway. We’re pouring all our energies into creating content for platforms with rigged algorithms. We can create accounts on Gab with tens of thousands of followers, but without the censorship.

5.) Fifth, the amount of time we spend on social media causes us to neglect our own platforms. I’ve been neglecting my own website because of the time I spend shitposting on Twitter. I had already significantly cut back on the amount of time I spent there before this happened.

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    • Hunter has been taken out, so has Michael Hill, Jared Taylor, and literally dozens of others.

      The Kikes are most certainly keeping their word.

  1. I got booted off of Twitter twice. The 1st time for criticizing the cast of Hamilton for their disrespectful treatment of VP Mike Pence. The 2nd time for criticizing MSNBC’s Canadian Muslim anchor Ali Velshi for his disrespectful treatment of Congressman Jim Jordan during the healthcare debate.

    So the long and short of my experience on Twitter is don’t criticize Muslims or Homosexuals. If you do you are getting kicked off of Twitter.

    Jack Dorsey the owner of Twitter is a pretty typical Irish Roman Catholic asshole. Dorsey is the type of Catholic who burnt people at the stake for translating the Bible into English.

    For all of you so-called traditional “trad” Catholics—go fuck yourselves. The Roman Cathollc Church has been problematic since it was founded by the Roman Emperor Constantine. Censorship, dictatorship of thought and deed are normal for Roman Catholics, so Jack Dorsey is just acting out his Roman Catholic religion.

    • Patronizing a company where the CEO is a homosexual in a relationship with a nog is highly problematic for obvious reasons. That the ADL flooded the board just makes it that much more clear cut.

    • Crafty-you’re not.

      You know I’m not a Roman Catholic, but I am a Catholic.

      Constantine did not create the Catholic Church. He merely made it in the lawful religion of the Roman Empire. And for that everyone in the West owes him a debt of gratitude, because he made possible: the middle class, the medieval era, the great art, music, sculpture, and architecture of Europe.

      He also allowed and enabled by his one action the growth and birth of universities. In other words, the fact that you can read, write, and speak in your native language, at a level far higher than any pagan Roman serf.

      The idiot that owns Twitter, is not a “Catholic.” He is a post Vatican II heretic. There’s a huge difference.

        • Oncey, darling.

          If you hadn’t had the [Roman] Catholic church prior to the Schism, allowing both patrician and plebian to be part of the same body of Christ, you wouldn’t have the rise of the Middle Ages. Without the Middle Ages (and it’s Catholic culture) you wouldn’t have had the rise of the Guilds. Without the guilds, you wouldn’t have had the rise of the merchant class. Without the rise of the merchant class, you wouldn’t have had the growth of the middle class -organic history, dear. The flow of God’s grace in our world, due to the crucifixion and resurrection.

          Merry Christmas.

          • Johnny my son, the fact is, the Romans created the oligarchy in Europe that took centuries to transform back into some middle class-based society. Duh.

            Every once in awhile Captain Johnboy gets something right. It took waves of the Black Plague to help spark that transformation. It decimated the population, which created a scarcity of labor and dislodged the survivors from cares about the young and old, who perished in the greatest numbers. Last, it psychologically shifted observance of social hierarchy towards notions of equality, as the rich fell to the scourge just like the poor.

            It was with the Protestant Reformation that germanic mores revived in Europe after a millennia of corrupt and depraved Roman theocracy.

          • It also required England to be Jew free to allow the middle class to even be conceived. Thanks Longshanks! The Poles set themselves back a millennia allowing in the filth to commingle with them.

        • Re: Constantine (several comments in this thread):

          He was a monster, and his success was one of the main causes of white decline in Europe. We have been translating articles about the real history of this monster…:

          …and will continue to translate more soon. Everyone who wants to know the real history of Judaeo-Christianity would do well to visit the various series being translated for my blog.

    • Yeah, they took me out for good after I led the Infostormer raid on that Jewess running for Congress in California.

      They even sent me a reply when I appealed saying that Anti-Semitism will no longer be tolerated in any form.

    • Spahn – I got banned thrice. I wanted to stay on Twits during the 2016 POTUS Race – and I did. I’ve bene too busy to bother, after the third ban. Well done on 12 bans though, you big strong NAZI man! Heil Spahn!

  2. As someone who graduated from high school in the same city (St. Louis) and the same year (1995) as Jackass Dorsey, (but not the same school), I can now officially collect Dorsey’s St. Louisan card. Because he already gave up his man card some time ago.

  3. I’m also expecting my own Twitter account, which I rarely use these days for anything other than let it auto-tweeting posts on my blog, to be plonked very soon. If it isn’t, then it’s probably only because of the fact that as far as the Alt-Right goes, my nail doesn’t stick up very far from the board.

  4. The only problem is that if GAB falls into the hands of that street-shitting COO of theirs it’s game over. Hindoos and other inferior nonwhites have no understanding of the Western concept of freedom. Social media platforms need to be controlled by the government and turned into public utilities.

  5. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for any so-called alt righters who got sent to twitter’s gas ovens today. Serves ’em right for trying to play by the enemy’s rules.

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