OD In 2018

LOL no … had you fooled for a second.

A year ago, I wrote that “we are about to enter the gates of this false paradise” and that “the hope and optimism of the Trump campaign is about to collide with the reality of the Trump administration under which pro-Whites will likely still be stigmatized.” I predicted that the Alt-Right wasn’t going to be “content to be locked in the basement of a reinvigorated mainstream conservatism and treated like a retarded cousin for the next 4 years.” It came true in Charlottesville.

I see three phases in our relationship with Donald Trump:

1.) First, there was the Trump campaign during which everyone rallied around Donald Trump as a change agent, which went on from June 2015 until Trump’s victory in November 2016.

2.) Second, there was a long period of confusion during which we waited to see how the Trump administration would unfold, which lasted for about a year.

3.) Third, the Trump administration has chosen the Republican establishment, gone the mainstream conservative route and has shed its “nationalist populist” credentials.

I think we have landed on our feet and found a new direction. We’ve been in this situation before when George W. Bush was president. We know how to deal with mainstream conservatism. The Alt-Right was incubated when W. was president because of our intense opposition to his policies.

In 2018, we’re going to define ourselves against mainstream conservatism, withdraw from partisan politics and cover how MAGA and mainstream conservatism are the same thing. I’m not sure what the rest of the Alt-Right is going to do in 2018. We always seem to travel ahead of the curve.

I believe the radical energies and deep yearning for change that flowed into the Trump campaign in 2015 and 2016 are now receding with the tide. I’m confident the Democrats will come roaring back in the 2018 midterms. I don’t want to be associated with MAGA because our policies were discarded by the Trump administration. This is going to be a rejection of mainstream conservatism which has used Trump as its vehicle to advance its stale, antiquated 1980s True Cons agenda.

We have said all along:

  • Don’t attack Syria
  • Don’t do healthcare reform
  • Don’t do tax reform
  • Don’t do a DACA amnesty
  • Don’t do entitlement reform

There were times when we screamed at Trump not to do something in 2017. But anyway, he ignored us, listened to Jared Kushner and has made his bed and will now lie in it.

The Trump administration has spent the last year using its power to do favors for powerful Jews, donors, corporations and the wealthy. It hasn’t even tried to build the wall. It has deported fewer illegal aliens than Barack Obama. The trade deficit is UP because our trade policy is unchanged. Thankfully, we haven’t started a big, beautiful war with Iran but that could change at any moment.

As far as activism goes, we need to AVOID inserting ourselves into the anti-Trump backlash. We haven’t gained anything out of the Trump administration. There is no reason why we should continue to be a target and absorb the costs of people who are angry with Donald Trump and the Republican Party. We need to pivot away from this image of being Trump’s biggest fan club. We should let all the BASED MAGApedes clash with Antifa in the streets. We don’t have any dog in that fight.

Let’s be clear: we’re not on this team. The Trump team consists of mainstream conservatives, libertarians and the Republican establishment. We’re on the outside. We’re not in power. Those people are pushing their conservative agenda and have marginalized us because we are “racists” and “anti-Semites.” This upcoming battle in the 2018 midterms with the Democrats is their fight. It isn’t our fight.

In 2017, the Trump administration didn’t want anything to do with us and dropped us like a hot potato after the election. 2018 is an even numbered year though. It is an election year. We can expect the GOP to shift into campaign mode. They will be coming after our votes for they get reelected and go back to ignoring us in 2019. It will be “the most important election of our lifetimes.” They might even promise to do all kinds of wonders on immigration again like they did in the 2014 midterms. We are perpetually Charlie Brown trying to kick the football while Lucy pulls it away.

In 2018, I am simply going to chronicle this trainwreck as a pundit. I have no doubt there will be an attempt at a reset somewhere in 2018 once the poll numbers drop below freezing. I’m going to work on things like rebuilding my social network, improving my finances, defining our platform. We’re going to be doing some real world activism, but it isn’t going to be like what you saw in 2017.

Overall, I want to stay out of the fray and write more. We’re not going to reform this system. I also have a lot of reading to do and might plunge into history like I have in the past.

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    • Leave out the word, ‘house,’
      and I’m with you.
      Filthy, Lying Shabbas Goyim assh@le!
      May God annihilate Donald J Trump.
      And right speedily.

      “…Put not your trust in princes,
      nor in the son of man,
      in whom there is no help.
      His breath goeth forth,
      he returneth to his earth;
      in that very day his thoughts perish.
      Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob
      for his help, whose hope is in
      the Lord his God…” -Ps. 146

    • Dixie shall bide her time. The AltRight may get no credit for Trump’s accomplishments, but at least we won’t get blamed for his missteps. Not responible for anything is a good position to take over the world

  1. Our principled opposition to George W. Bush and the neo-cons is essentially where the Alt-Right was born. Of course, SN goes back far beyond that. But the broader dissident Right is empowered when it stands against the false-Right.

  2. A good piece. I especially agree with one of Mr. Wallace’s final lines “We’re not going to reform this system.” I totally agree, and came to terms with that in late 2016. Regardless of how the 2018 elections play out, I see a economic.social collapse likely to be in America’s future. All my White brothers need to be able to feed, defend, and provide sanitation for their families.

  3. I agree Hunter. Stay out of it as our enemies fight amongst themselves. The system is rotten to the anti-White core. As some folks keep on saying: We aren’t going to vote our way out of this. The system has to change first. Best regards toward that goal.

  4. Because of the tax cuts, cuts in regulations, and Trump’s pro-American business attitude & policies, the economy will grow, grow, grow! Be sure and get the best possible job you can, with the best possible wages & benefits in this newly expanding American economy.

  5. “We should let all the BASED MAGApedes clash with Antifa in the streets. We don’t have any dog in that fight.”

    Go back to the Confederate summer of 15′. Return to pure Southern Nationalist activism. Ditch the Alt-Right for the Alt-South.

    “This upcoming battle in the 2018 midterms with the Democrats is their fight. It isn’t our fight.”

    No matter who wins, we still loose. No matter how we vote, they’ll still overturn our elections, nullify our laws, neutralise our state governments, and coopt or politically destroy our Congressmen, Senators and governors.

  6. So let’s get to work on what we need to be doing: build a southern community–economic, social, and spiritual. Let’s network, work on common projects, and forge unbreakable bonds comradeship.

  7. If I were more cynical I would think that there is a massive coordinated effort to convince Americans this is what they voted for.

    • Everything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth is among the pretense that what he is doing is what he said he would do, and a lot of the “facts” coming out make it look this way, though how trump acts with sucking the Hebrews off and working actively against white interests means he is never and will never be “our guy”

  8. Just looking at all those idiotic pro-Trump messages on GAB is reason enough for all thinking people to get off the Trump train.

    • Spahn an extra 5 percent in my wallet after taxes is a game changer for me. It will benefit all my white blonde blue eyed kids immensely.

  9. When did we say “don’t do healthcare reform”? We wanted obamacare gone. That’s healthcare reform. And, yes, we wanted that.

    • Tell me which alt-right site wrote extensively, or any at all, about the need or desire for healthcare reform? None. It simply wasn’t a priority of the alt-right. Basic bitch republicans maybe.

      • Removing obamacare is a reform of the preexisting healthcare laws. Why is this hard for people to wrap their heads around? Getting rid of obamacare IS “healthcare reform” and everyone wanted/wants that.

  10. There is one good thing that has taken place in the Trump Administration – the ultra liberal jew Merrick Garland was denied the chance to be put on the Supreme Court.

  11. I didn’t vote for Trump.

    I estimate that the tax cuts will put an extra 5 percent in my wallet every paycheck.

    This will be enough to keep me from submerging beneath debts and allow leeway for climbing out of the hole.

    I’ll be voting Trump 2020 unless we have a much better alternative.

    • I’m genuinely glad your family will have a little extra money, but what they give you with one hand is imperceptibly taken away with the other.

  12. @spahn

    Definitely! They always take away “loopholes”…..economics/money doesn’t trickle down, but bills/losses/debts ALWAYS trickle down.

    • Kikes hide behind Slavic names, that ugly Hollyweird bitch Mila Kunis is an all too typical example of this. Do not assume that someone with Slavic name is in fact a Slav. This comes a Slav whose family suffered terribly at their hands.

  13. Hunter, hit the gym hard every day, I do and I literally run circles around guys half my age. They’re all fat, dumpy 20-somethings with no dedication, no discipline and no stamina- they quit showing up after two weeks without fail. Read pre-1964 Southern literature. Buy a box or two of ammo every week. Buy a new firearm every three months. Cancel your cable/satellite if you haven’t already and this will cover your prepping expenditures. Have more rallies. I’ll be there if for nothing more than to later ridicule your trolls like El “Shit-stain” chapo for not showing up to say in person what they type behind anonymity in their Mom’s basement.

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