Memphis Removes Confederate Monuments

Are you tired of winning?

As thousands of Orthodox Jews celebrate the release of Sholom Rubashkin in the streets of New York City, a very different scene played out tonight in Memphis:

“MEMPHIS — The City Council here voted Wednesday to sell two city parks with Confederate monuments, clearing the way for two statues to be removed before the city commemorates the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Mayor Jim Strickland first announced the sales of Health Sciences Park and Memphis Park on Twitter.

“History is being made in Memphis tonight,” he said at a news conference later in the evening.

Health Sciences Park had a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate general and an early member of the Ku Klux Klan, which was removed around 9 p.m. local time.

By 10:30 p.m., cranes had maneuvered into Memphis Park and around a statue of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy during the Civil War. About 15 minutes later, a crane hoisted the statue onto a truck as a crowd cheered and struck up songs, including “Hit the road Jack.” …

The city sold Health Sciences Park in its entirety, Mr. McMullen said, and it sold its interest in an easement in Memphis Park. Each was sold for $1,000, he said.

The transfer of the parks to private ownership effectively allowed the city to skirt the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act, a state law that prohibits the removal, relocation or renaming of memorials on public property. …”

The Tennessee Heritage Protection Act was one of the few accomplishments that the Republican Party could hang its hat on with populist voters in the South.

Memphis found a loophole to get around the law. It now joins Dallas, San Antonio, New Orleans, St. Louis, Gainesville, Orlando, Durham and Charlottesville (pending) on the list of cities that have toppled Confederate monuments in the Trump era. The Trump presidency has energized the Far Left and the backlash has fallen on Confederate monuments all over the South while the Republican Party has devoted itself to removing the Confederate Battle Flag at the South Carolina Statehouse and unveiling a new monument to Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Georgia State Capital.

I doubt that I am alone in feeling disgusted with the Republican Party. There is the Twitter purge. There was the assassination of Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race. There was the massive corporate tax cut. There is all this shit we are doing for the Jews. That’s only December. We’re hearing that entitlement reform and a DACA amnesty is coming up next in January.

What is the point of supporting the Republican Party? What do we get out of this relationship? As far as I can tell, we aren’t getting anything out of it. There isn’t a border wall. We’re deporting fewer illegal aliens. The trade deficit is up. We’re losing more Confederate monuments. We’ve been purged from social media, defunded by crowdfunding platforms and subjected to street violence. We were unanimously condemned by the Republican Congress for defending ourselves when Charlottesville failed to uphold law and order. We’ve seen that free speech is on the ropes on college campuses.

The Republican Party is only interested in representing Wall Street, Jewish interests, corporations and the wealthy. It doesn’t have a policy agenda for the White working class. The polls shows that voters overwhelmingly support preserving historic monuments. The polls also show voters overwhelmingly oppose the tax reform bill. The agenda doesn’t reflect what voters want.

If something can’t go on forever, it will stop. This disconnect in the Republican Party between a White working class majority and an elite suburban corporate management agenda is going to be resolved one way or the other. This illusion of a “populist-conservative” coalition is unsustainable.

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  1. Shlomo Sheklestein is free, my grandmother’s grave has been desecrated, her corpse is being violated in broad daylight. Needless to say, this is NOT what I voted for

    • This was started by CAIR ! Do your research. Towel heads in AmeriKa have a plan to bring us down from within and ONE of many strategies is to destroy our past cause it’s “racist.” They start with Confederate and move to ALL past heros cause they’re “racist.” Either we form The Confederate Party and get plodding along to stop this … or we just keep blogging / posting / commenting and occasionally marching, ( in other words, “whistling Dixie.” )

  2. I’ll bet another Shlomo went thru the laws with a fine tooth comb and told the council of ooga boogas about this loophole. This is called “piling on”

  3. I just came across this map that clearly illustrates why General Forrest and President Davis deserve better than the environment that they were lately situated in. Just like in almost every other major city: Pimps, Drug Dealers, Homosexuals, Foreigners – Legal and “UnDocumented,” Neo-Yuppies and Techno Zombies is what the population largely consists of. And, it was this parade of degenerates, aliens, and self-absorbed, nihilists that the likenesses of those honorable men were subjected to on a daily basis. Their removal from the Memphis dung pile is a reprieve for them. I have come to believe that those great men are too good to have schools, parks, streets and cities that are over run with Negroes, Fags and Immigrants, bearing their names.
    It is up to us to honor our forefathers. Allowing their names to continue to be used by those who despise them is an insult to their memories.

      • Actually those are the places of native americans… you should go back just as much as “niggers” should, at least they are here due to misfortune, not because they’re hellbent on ruling the world

        • Sorry, El Chapo, but there was no continent called America until a White European christened it. There was no United States of America until White Europeans from England created it. Native Americans are indigenous to Europe not Siberia. Furthermore, much as Fedgov tries to bury them and hide the fact, before the Mongoloid invaders crossed the Bering strait, America was already settled by Solutreans, etc from .,. drumroll …. Europe.

          Just another unpleasant fact, like Negro slavery in America was instituted by a Black freedman, Anthony Johnson to oppress fellow Negro John Casor, that you and your ilk want covered up.

          The truth may just be pulling its shoes on before a lie is half way around the world. But the truth eventually catches up.

          So deal with it.

          • What college do you have a history degree from? University of stupid? What “refrences” do you get your alternative facts from?

          • “What college do you have a history degree from? University of stupid? What “refrences” do you get your alternative facts from?”

            The University of “put the fucking barrel in your mouth you fucking spic”.

  4. I am sad to see more monuments to Southern heritage come down, and especially sad to see the one to Forrest come down. Forrest was the epitome of a Southern man and natural born warrior.
    In fact, I ended my December 12 blog post “Musing son Malakos” with a paragraph long tribute to Lt. Gen. Forrest, showing that he was the polar opposite of the effeminate condition of so many present day Western males that I wrote my post about. HAIL FORREST!

  5. Hunter,

    You are now at the point I reached many years ago… Never an R or D Again!

    Both entities are corrupt, indebted to jewish overlords of one stripe or another. Basically, both are owned by neocons when it comes to foreign, Eretz Israel, propagation/implementation. But there is a battle of jew forces on the American front… one being slightly closer to a Nationalist image (as opposed to the Marxist, globalist agenda). But it is a sham that is using white people to further their own demise.

    No jews are in our ultimate interests (at least enough to matter) and the sooner this is recognized the sooner all whites can join together to stop their age old goals of world domination (Talmudic thought).

  6. I’m sure the Political Cesspool was blindsided, before they could mount any opposition to the removal of the Jefferson Davis and N.B. Forrest monuments.

    I’ve listened to the Cesspool since they started, and, I have suffered through the numerous early media player & platform changes with them. I even had to get a navy electronics guy to figure one of the early media players out.

    The Cesspoolians must feel terrible at this moment, because their good efforts have kept the monuments intact up until this time.

  7. Too bad there are no WHITE MEN left to protest and stop this desecration of graves. Looks like the best Southerners died in the Civil War…

  8. God Damn them. The time for armed resistance was in the 60’s – the Southern governors pretty much sold out – the States should have renewed ordinances of secession, disavowed any loyalty or authority to the National Guard and let the little bastard Ike know he was in for a fight.

  9. How does a city “sell” 2 city parks for $1000? I’m sure they didn’t follow proper procedure required to dispose of city property. This must be investigated and challenged.

    • How? Who has the money to hire a lawyer? Heard of “lawfare”? They got this deal done for less than it would take for you to hire a lawyer & file paperwork. These people write & define the law. It’s whatever they say.

    • Now that those horribly offensive statues are gone I’m sure there won’t be any more nigger crime or nigger poverty in Memphis. Right, stupid?

  10. @ Paul Rain,

    I agree that our ancestors settled and built those cities, schools and parks. Unfortunately, subsequent generations allowed themselves to be driven out of them. The majority of White people today are either guilt tripped or intimidated into celebrating, or, at a minimum, passively acceding to, our marginalization and displacement.
    As opposed to trying to fight every “heritage battle” to save monuments on contaminated soil, I advocate seceding as individuals. Do not go to movies, sporting events, or other mainstream activities. Always be quick to cite the anti-White bias that is prevalent in the status quo for your decisions to forego certain activities. Do not invite non-Whites (even co-workers or neighbors) to your own outings or gatherings, and decline invitations to their engagements.
    We should also begin to loudly protest Michael King Day, Juneteenth and Nigra History Month as being divisive. and designed to instill a sense of remorse and a burden of obligation in White children. Show up to the next Michael King parade with a sign expressing your concern. I went to one with a sign that said “Life Doesn’t Matter to N.W.A..” I also printed out and distributed pamphlets with their lyrics, illustrating the violent content and their lack of conscience. This year, I’m going to make a sign that says, “Remembering White Victims of Desegregation.” I’m going to carry lists of Black on White murder victims, as well as the book, “Left Behind in Rosedale: Race Relations and the Collapse of Community Institutions,” in order to legitimize my oppostion. Another sign idea, that I might utilize is, “Reinstate Plessy vs. Ferguson.”
    I also recommend compiling lists of White victims of Black crime, and providing them to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other people’s children, for them to take to school during Nigra History Month. Expose the lie about White people abusing, mistreating and murdering Nigras, and demonstrate, to those who can be reached, the real reasons why segregation was both desirable and necessary.

    • It’s funny you mention NWA. I wonder why Reagan invited them to the WHOLE following the release of their hit track “fuck the police”… He wasn’t endorsing the mental poisoning of young blacks, was he?….

  11. I ‘ve never been offended by things like statues or monuments. I always regarded them as being part of a community’s history, regardless of whether that history was good or bad. I guess that makes me something of a kook.

  12. Guys and ladies, this is a test of the stability of law and order. If Haslam doesn’t iron fist this (and he won’t) and whites don’t stand in arms, we are seeing now the beginning of literal “open season” white genocide.

  13. I honestly don’t mean this to be rude or mean: i honestly don’t know how any of you ever believed in Trump, or didn’t see any of this coming. It was obvious this is what would happen.

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