David French: Onward Conservative Soldiers

David French has a new article on how the True Cons are winning the Republican Civil War:

“In the days after Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States, a number of friends asked me what concerned me the most about a Trump presidency. The answer was comprehensive. I had concerns about Trump’s character, his associates, and his policies. …

Indeed, when elements of the Trump coalition said “burn it all down,” they truly meant “all” — not just the Obama/Clinton Democratic establishment, not just the McConnell/Ryan Republican establishment, but the post–World War II economic and military order. They wanted a revolution, and Trump was the man they chose to bring it about.

What a short, inglorious revolution it turned out to be. Fast-forward eleven months. Flynn’s out. Bannon’s out. Our NATO alliances are firm. We’ve rushed missile-defense batteries to South Korea. We’ve reinforced Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Though elements of ISIS endure, we’ve defeated its caliphate in conventional combat without resorting to any war crimes. We’ve seen Trump’s first major legislative victory, a thoroughly Republican tax plan that delivers on long-desired hopes for cuts in corporate rates. Obamacare’s individual mandate is effectively gone. Judicial nominations are heavily influenced by the conservative Federalist Society, and they’ve been breezing through the Senate at a historically fast clip. Fears of a Russophile foreign policy have been eased by the delivery of lethal aide to Ukraine — a step the Obama administration wouldn’t take. …

But while conservatives can look back at 2017 and take no small measure of satisfaction in vanquishing (at least for now) the worst of the nihilistic, populist revolutionaries and restoring — through the defeat of the abominable Roy Moore — at least some regard for character in politics, there are storm clouds on the horizon. …”

The problem here is that conservatives really haven’t won any elections. They aren’t becoming more popular in America. Quite the opposite.

Consider the following: all of their candidates were defeated by Trump in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries, their candidate Egg McMuffin failed as a spoiler, Ed Gillespie narrowly edged Corey Stewart only to go down to defeat in a blowout in Virginia and Luther Strange was soundly defeated by Roy Moore in Alabama. Bob Corker and Jeff Flake announced their retirements.

And yet, David French is right about the Trump administration. Even though conservatives lost the Republican primaries, they have succeeded in weaseling their way back into power, pushing out the populists in the White House, preserving the status quo, hijacking control of the agenda and advancing the agenda of wealthy donors. A year later, the result has been that the Trump administration has done all the things a Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz administration would have done.

In the 2018 midterms, the Republican Congress is going to have to run on that “thoroughly Republican tax plan” which has a whopping 25% approval rating and I suppose other popular things like entitlement reform, a DACA amnesty, and Dodd-Frank repeal which are slated for early next year. The GOP is also going to have to run on failing to build the Trump border wall, preserving our free trade policy, pulling out of the Paris climate agreement and repealing the Obamacare individual mandate.

Who is on the ballot in the 2018 midterms? It is the Republican Congress led by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell which unanimously passed the Charlottesville resolution. After what happened to Roy Moore in Alabama, it would be a real shame if all those True Cons on the ballot were to be vanquished in their own races by their own version of Doug Jones.

If Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell lost power, I don’t know how I could sleep at night. I don’t know how I could carry on knowing that populist voters have walloped those scheming conservatives in the 2018 midterms and sent them packing into the wilderness. Perhaps forever.

Note: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Israel) is running for reelection in 2018.

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  1. It looked dangerously like Trump actually had a character. That’s what panicked French.

    Then Trump crumbled and revealed he had very little in terms of integrity.

    • Well said, Cap’n. Now French can go back to watching his neurotic slut wife get tag-teamed by sweaty, muscular Negroes without fear of any true patriot in the White House to stop ZOG’s evil agenda.

      • That man’s head looks like a penis with a fungal infection on the foreskin- with glasses.
        God, what a pr*ck- literally and figuratively.

  2. If we’re going to be fucked either way, I will at least take great satisfaction in watching the GOP congress be decimated in the midterms. It’ll be a little like transitioning from King Joffrey to Ramsay Bolton, but a vanquished villain is a vanquished villain all the same.

    • But it is a dogfight, whether you wish to act or not. This is the error. We let cucks win the primaries though no one likes them, and won’t argue hard for the warrior over the “electable” cuck.
      You are in the fight whether you like it or not, and at least one side won’t make peace except with unconditional surrender. The problem is the path to the right is difficult and harsh and often unclear. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to see where it might lead. We all know where the left path goes, and you will not live to see a spring, and the children will be slaves or indoctrinated into SJW drones.

      If you don’t wish to fight, then why the blog posts?

      No, we all must fight, on every field where there is a chance of victory. It might not be the Darkest Hour as the new Churchill movie says, in that we are post Dunkirk where we’ve had a success. It is the end of the beginning to use his words. But do we wish to take that beginning and continue the fight to victory, or murmur and complain and assume the enemies will win anyway, which is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  3. Nihilism? That’s a funny way to spell ‘nationalism,’ there, Frenchy.

    You wanna see, nihilism, bud, go look into the abyss…er, the mirror.

  4. Calling this guy a conservative is a joke. We are the conservatives, whether you like the label or not. That guy is a puke. If you’d told the average NR reader 50 years ago the respective positions of each sides, they’d be on our side, 100%. So NR is a Judas Goat operation led by the lowest form of trash imaginable (as proven by their piling on the character assassination of Roy Moore). Although it’s hard to see what constitutes NR’s real audience in this day and age, and whether they even have any intention of convincing anyone of anything. It really doesn’t seem like it. Maybe their function is to insult us? Worthless trash.

  5. Realize that by “winning” the cuckservatives meaning losing badly but in a principled manner. So the cucks are winning by their measure. Like Obamacare. Aborton. Gay Marriage. Quagmire wars.
    Meanwhile Trump is providing wealth, jobs, etc. The “meat and potato” issues. “Its the economy stupid”.

    It is hard to deal with problems when you are imprisoned or dead. The ethnic and nationalist minutiae ought not become a purity spiral like is happening with the Losertarians. D-Day didn’t recapture Paris, much less bring the allies to the outskirts of Berlin.

    We need to celebrate the warrior spirit. We need to celebrate victories, not murmur and complain that snapping our fingers didn’t result in utopia. Lets go from victory to victory, and learn from defeats.

    I’d love to provide the cucks all their “victories of principle”. Let them lose and keep losing. Lets even create more battles and have them “win” until they are bankrupt and bleeding and begging.

  6. If the Trump ‘Hail Mary’ plan fails – as appears to be happening – the only alternative is full accelerationism. For some reason, he seems to believe that we won’t burn it all down, if that is what is needed.

    Ryan is already making plans to “spend more time with his family” – so the cucks know what they are going to get in the next election, even if French is blissfully unaware of it.

    We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

  7. Just read that First Things link from your article.

    My comment on that:

    Funny how these “best of the Republicans” are men whose virtues include never having contributed in any meaningful way to the commonwealth.

    Financial speculators, raiders, political apparatchiks, and boot-lickers one and all. If they are what you consider virtuous, please close up shop here at First Things.


    First Things used to be serious journal of Catholic thought. Now?

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