President Trump Signs Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

I feel sad watching this.

I really liked President Trump when he was a candidate. He had the potential to be a world-historical figure. Now, he has been persuaded to harness his presidency to this political albatross, and we are going to have to watch him sink beneath the political waves. Ultimately, he couldn’t escape his own background as a New York billionaire and the stale thinking of his generation.

These people are stuck in 1980s nostalgia. We don’t live in the 1980s anymore though. We’re dealing with the consequences of all the poor decisions made by policymakers in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Oh well, he should have trusted his instincts and built the wall. What a tragedy.

Note: Maybe I am completely wrong about this. I hope so. I doubt it. My gut tells me that the people are fed up with the wealth distribution caused by neoliberal economics. This bill is going to light a fire under their ass, exacerbate the problem and backfire on conservatism. While I am not a fan of conservatism, I am not particularly eager to bring the Bolsheviks to power either.

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  1. In Lewis Narnia “The Last Battle”, Aslan discusses with the humans about the Dwarves and their problem after they are in Heaven.
    Aslan shakes his mane and a great feast appears.
    But the Dwarves do not partake. They say the food is poisoned, though others can eat of it and any poison should affect the as well.
    Even in the brightest light, they still live in darkness.

    This is what I see when the alt-white is dissatisfied with Trump. He isn’t – I’m not sure, Moses was rejected, vilified, and murmured against. He gave them bread from heaven but they said it was awful and wanted meat. Nothing was ever enough though he delivered them from slavery.

    Trump is imperfect but instead of gratitude for God’s providence, every good deed is rejected or ignored. Every questionable one is picked apart mercilessly.

    You yourself could not stand in such an ill wind. What have you done? Have you strapped on some kind of suicide vest and shed the blood of hundreds of liberals? Or anything else? No?

    All you can do is moan, and complain, and complain about Trump’s triumphs – and call them falures.

    Fine. Set a goal. What are YOU going to do in 2018? Let everyone pick your plans apart like a flock of buzzards. Let everyone deride you when you only achive 90% even if you manage that. Let them blame you when the world is against you.

    I’m really tired of people who have done little, where I would have otherwise celebrated as a victory their small achivements, moan, and complain about what someone who is under far greater seige, whose enemies are more numerous and strong, and who has to navigate a thin line doesn’t instantaneously do things even he never promised.

    I CAN letitimately complain about Planned Parenthood being funded still. I can complain about the tardiness for the wall (though like Obamacare, the President is not King, and has to deal with the legislature). But I focus there.

    Lead, don’t complain. Come up with a better plan that might succed and I will follow. But don’t tear down someone who is at least destroying half of the very evils which you would destroy with a wave of a magic wand if you were able to.

    • Trump is like Moses?

      But don’t tear down someone who is at least destroying half of the very evils which you would destroy with a wave of a magic wand if you were able to.

      Coincidentally, these few promises for the gullible are the same promises certain jewish segments that control Trump embrace (at least as far as the sleight of hand that continues to bullshit the believers go, anyway).

      As with everything else, he can switch the lie and a Drumpfter would never be the wiser.


  2. The best Drumpf was to have been, was like a new Constantine, or at least a new Cyrus, in letting ‘my people go’ from the slave pits ‘die Juden’ had concocted from their takeover of the America of the 1800’s.

    Instead, he tried to be Reagan. [!?!?!] Now, y’all know I loved Reagan (when I was in my early 30’s). But that was before the ‘Net, before phone cams, before MLK Day (the one great EVIL that Ronnie did, in hindsight)before C’ville, before Trannies in Target/Military, before Fag [sic] ‘Marriage’ – indeed, before Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obamanation, etc.

    We ARE in a different, a far less ‘naive’ era, and we need to effect change, ‘by any means necessary.’
    We need- as Whites – to covenant against FEDGOV and against Capitalism, Inc. We need to be UNIFIED. Even including the boomers, Spahn. (Of which I am one…) We need to do a ‘wiser than serpents’ strategy, as Christ noted against the Juden of His day!

    We need to work toward the total annihilation of our ENEMIES, and yet, ALWAYS standing for OUR RACE, no matter WHAT.

    We can bring to trial the evil ones among us, when WE HAVE THE HEGEMON.
    But, for now, we need to be unified. (And I think Cooper is a weird jerk, and sold his soul to the devil, to make his ‘music,’ no matter what ‘creed’ he NOW professes. At the plow, looking back? No creo yo!

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