Koch Brothers Plan To Spend Millions To Sell You On Tax Reform

I liked Donald Trump because he sold himself as not being a puppet of the donor class. He gained a lot of mileage out of financing his own campaign and portraying his rivals as puppets of Wall Street. If anything is true, I am coming out of 2017 more suspicious than ever before of the power and influence of wealthy donors like the Koch brothers over the Republican agenda:

“Conservative groups are planning a multimillion-dollar effort to sell the GOP’s tax cut law, hoping the American electorate can learn to love the party’s signature — but massively unpopular — legislative achievement.

“We have a public that distrusts anything coming out of Washington, especially anything from the majority party,” said Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity, the grass-roots organizing arm of the powerful Koch brothers network of conservative groups. “We have a job that’s not that hard. We have to make sure people understand the benefits they’re going to receive from this legislation.”

The Koch network will launch a multimillion-dollar push next year to sell the bill, with paid advertising and town halls to educate voters. A major GOP super PAC is planning to spend $10 million to protect House members. And another group, the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, plans to spend the majority of its $1 million annual budget selling the tax plan next year, according to one of the group’s founders, Stephen Moore, a distinguished visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation and an informal economic adviser to the president. …

The Koch network, which spent $15 million before the bill’s passage, is planning town halls with economists, members of Congress and accountants to explain the plan, as well as radio, television and digital advertising.

Phillips also said there will be more targeted efforts. For instance, he said, the groups might run digital ads on websites popular with young men who make less than $50,000 a year to remind them of the repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate, which that group disproportionately paid the penalty for not complying with. They might also carry out tax prep work in Latino communities to highlight how families are saving money, he added. …”

It’s not just Gary Cohn and the Koch Brothers getting tax reform done – a donor class priority, which wasn’t a response to any groundswell of public support.

Sheldon Adelson bought our foreign policy and got Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Earlier in the year, Stephen Schwarzman convinced Donald Trump to break his campaign promise on the DACA amnesty. There was also the noticeable retreats from closing the carried interest loophole, the border tax and substantially changing our trade policy.

Basically, the Republican Party uses political power to reward its donors and move their agenda, and it retreats from the promises to White working class voters. Heading into 2018, they can boast that they have done the “things that a President Rubio or Cruz might have accomplished.” Virtually all the things that made Donald Trump interesting to us have been quietly forgotten.

No amount of spending is going to change the perception that this has become a conventional conservative administration in thrall to the interests of wealthy donors.

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  1. Steven Moore is a vile evil fucking cockroach who was mentored by the late Julian Simon….his name came up very early on in the Trump economic advisor list….You could predict Trump’s sellout just seeing Moore’s name on the list….

    Go google the photos of Trump and Melania drinking their morning orange juice in Trump Towers out of gold trimmed glasses…possibly 10 grand for those glass cups….Trump has always viewed the White Working Class as a subhuman species…..

      • while everyone was enthusiastic for DRUMPFF I was actually less than enthusiastic myself, instincts of a cat if I do say so meself

        • His campaign was helped by the fact that he ran against one of the most corrupt and evil beings on earth. Your instincts were evidently correct. I’m sure if the dems had been smart enough to run Bernie (not saying I would have voted for him), that Sanders would be president now. Also, Trump is evidently a facile liar.

      • His fawning over his orthodox chabbatist daughter was my first clue. I still think he is basically under palace arrest but he has failed regardless.

  2. I’m worried that some form of amnesty and another war– with Iran– are coming next year. The signs are there.

    • worry, concern, doubt, these are my modus operandi….confidence,nonchalance, optimism – never heard of it

    • No he wasn’t. He was a whore like the rest of them. During Obama’s first run for president people were really excited, they thought he was going to end the wars and all that good stuff too… but that all turned to disappointment and wasn’t all that different from Bush, same direction Trump is heading in.

      • say what you will steve (probably not your real name) but obamma did NOT vote for pardoning Shlomo Shekleberg as traitorous DRUMPF has. that alone is evidence of steadfastness and magnanimity

        • But that uppity half-caste Barry Nigger did pardon that other jew, the Israel First spy Jonathan Pollard.

    • “when you really think about it, Obama was actually a great preznit.” He was/is/ever shall be…. a Nigger.

      The only way you could ‘think’ this, is if you live in Colorado, and are stoned out of your mind on weed…

  3. @scotch Irish

    Yeah Trump is marching down a wrong path, but that’s a far stretch to say Obama was better. After all, thanks to Obama we have hoards of niggers jungling all over Merica and a very healthy mosque attendance.

  4. Well, the point about Trump was the issues: he raised the issues that are not going to be forgotten by the WNs, i.e. real Americans.

    Although there was hope that Trump was not completely full of shit, there were a lot of warnings about what he would be like in office, and I agree with HW that the naming of the cabinet was a huge tip-off about where Trump was headed.

    Now Trump has shown that he’s a super-kiked GWB, but those issues aren’t going away.

    Trump changed the game, and the Deep State is now fully exposed – the Republican party is finished if early 2018 does not show change in the manner demanded by the base.

    Do they go into the November elections without at least lying about the wall being built (you know, funding it, and not starting it, then letting it quietly die after the elections)?

    I believe that Civil War is now inevitable, due to the demographics, Trump was the last chance for peaceful change.

    On the other hand, if the Chinese sink the US dollar by next year, and economic collapse follows, then fed.gov collapses at the same time – it can’t be funded by fake money in a hyperinflation scenario.

        • I have lived in the “developing world” and this concept of 24/7 power that we are so used to is not the norm. Preparing for inconsistent or no power would be a really good thing to do in my opinion. The urbanites will be at a major disadvantage. It will be interesting to see how long the Fed can hold out with no power. Pretty sure the gold has already been removed and spread out in places like New Zealand. The are not eager to repeat their experience in Paris where the Germans apparently recaptured much of their looted gold.

      • Actually, it will be Civil War 1. The “conflict” that happened between the years 1861-65 was between two sovereign, independent nations. The historians really got that wrong, big time. Just like the U.S. is often called a “democracy” instead of a constitutional republic. However, when the SHTF, it’s not going to make a damn bit of difference. At that point, nothing will, expect staying alive & in one piece. Just like you, I’ve made it a point to be prepared. For when it does, all I can say is it ain’t going to be very pretty. Best wishes Spahn for the new year & beyond, no matter what transpires!

  5. To hell with all those conservative think tanks, policy institutes and PACs. Their only purpose is to deceive White working and middle class Americans into voting for their own destruction.

    • We need to abandon conservatism and conservatives. We’re not going to win over the people who consider themselves conservatives. I would avoid using the term conservative to describe us like the plague.

      • We really need to start grouping up and make a platform. We have to have an economic and societal goal that will work. We have to start supporting one another, capitalism and individualism have destroyed us just as much as communism would have. I also suggest that we start taking to the streets whenever a white person is killed by a black. Negroes go out and riot whenever one of their thugs is killed, but what do we do when a white woman in MN is shot by a somali cop? Nothing, not a fucking thing, but wring our hands. We don’t have to riot, of course, but it’s time we started being visible to the real world.

        • The problem, it seems, is very few people are willing to risk coming out from being their computer screens. Understandably so, considering the current repurcussions of doing so and being found out by the wrong person.

        • First thing to solve a problem is need to admit a problem.

          Before Somali cop shot one of the Hillary voter, somali was deliberately brought in by white liberals.

          You may riot if you want but when it happens, then Israeli Special Forces do not involve. Your own white liberal antifa will beat you, you own fellow white liberal manager will fire you and your own fellow white judge will put you in prison and your own fellow white liberal journalist will say that everything is okay.

          First thing to solve a problem is to admit the problem. In the Eastern Europe, Somali cops do not shoot because we took good care of the white liberals and because of that we do not have , despite all jewry efforts, we do not have the Somali cops.

          It is very important for western nationalists to adapt our methods. Some white nationalists complaining about jewish contol, others complaining about niggersmuslimlatino violence, then there are people who are angry about opioid addiction.

          But nobody says that this is not happening in Russia or Latvia or Macedonia because they finaly after 100 years of suffering, admitted the problem, took care of their own white liberals and thatiswhy despite all misery they have their borders closed, they dont have the student activism and they recover drug addiction pretty fast.`

          Genetical white liberal is the root cause of all problems and when you get rid of it you don`t need street riots or problem with jewish contor or whatever.

      • Of course….but you can`t blame them when you are worse.

        Remembers me my youth in the Soviet Army, when our commander bashed us for weakness but he himself failed to do as much pullups as we did.

        Do not blame cuck when you are cucked more. By some magic, those republicans still manage to keep some sort of border control until the superior white race finally decides to elect David Duke.

        Or at least or fellow Western patriots finally admit the white liberal problem and do the the thing, we did. Go after white liberal.

  6. They want us to focus on “tax reform” and forget about immigration. Conservatards, Trumptards and patriotards will willingly comply.

  7. Off topic but relevant:

    Paul Kersey is a police state enthusiast engaged into way too much cop-police state worship…your a fag Kersey….. Mr. bodybuilder fag Kersey….

    I don’t like Sessions…he could have sent Hillary Clinton to prison….instead we get private debtors prisons….

    • Does Kersey still censor comments on his blog that name the Jew? The whole notion of ‘black-run America’ is a total joke, but it runs along the lines of the VDARE school of conservatism to which Paul Kersey ascribes.

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