US Life Expectancy Falls For Second Straight Year

These are the 2016 numbers:

“Life expectancy in the U.S. fell for the second year in a row in 2016, nudged down again by a surge in fatal opioid overdoses, federal officials report Thursday.

“I’m not prone to dramatic statements,” says Robert Anderson, chief of the mortality statistics branch at the National Center for Health Statistics. “But I think we should be really alarmed. The drug overdose problem is a public health problem, and it needs to be addressed. We need to get a handle on it.” …

Tens of thousands of Americans have died from opioid overdoses in recent years. A report released Thursday found drug overdoses jumped significantly in 2016 to more than 63,600, and more than 42,200 of them were attributed to opioids. In 2015, more than 52,400 deaths were attributed to overdoses, and 33,000 of them involved opioids. Searching for a rehab near me and deciding to take the path of de-addiction is a wise decision.

The rate of drug overdose deaths involving synthetic opioids also jumped significantly, from 3.1 per 100,000 in 2015 and 6.2 per 100,000 in 2016.

“It’s just really dramatically increased,” Anderson says, noting the latest increase is “far and above greater than any of the one-year increases that we’ve seen to this point.” …”

In spite of all the rhetoric of the 2016 campaign, the preliminary 2017 numbers show the trend has continued. The opioid epidemic in White America, which is hammering the White working class, has gotten so bad that Vanguard America have made it a staple of their activism. More White people are dying from suicide and drug overdoses that interracial violent crime.

Note: I’ve explained in the past how the opioid epidemic is due to how we are swimming in economic and cultural liberty. R.R. Reno is thinking along the same lines at First Things.

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  1. The opioid genocide has NOTHING to do with ‘economic and cultural liberty’. It has EVERYTHING to do with Jew doctors and the (((Sackler))) family. Pretty pathetic when you can’t even name the Jew after all this time…

    • Sure it does.

      There is a reason why it is concentrated in the Rust Belt and Appalachia:

      1.) The sweeping deindustrialization of that area which was caused by America’s shift toward free trade and deregulation since the Second World War.

      2.) The decimation of marriage and the family which was caused by feminism.

      White people turn to opioids as a high because their lives are already so miserable. The death rate among middle aged men is higher than among women. It is also not just opioids that is driving the declining life expectancy rate. It is also alcoholism.

      • In the 1960s. 98% of white men were married, today, it’s only 48%. Lack of employment, the inability to form a family because jewish spawned feminism has corrupted and ruined several generations of white women, and the indoctrination of hopelessness promulgated by the jewish owned media have all contributed.

        • Add to that the fact in Jewmerica white women are for everybody. White men are competing with ever growing non-white whites for white women.

          • Men like Brad are part of the reason white women were more vulnerable and complicit than they should have been to Jewism – every social/political ‘ism’ that’s ever been created on the planet.

            He is unrealistic and basically logically factually incoherent on the issue of ‘women’ and western society’s downfall.

            God I’m so sick of this movement that doesn’t move but backwards.

      • Among youth the hopelessness I think plays a huge part.

        These people sense that the future holds nothing for them, and that they are nothing more than hated and expendable cattle that will soon be replaced by the Colorfuls pouring into the country.

        Add in broken families and media degeneracy, and you have a budding addict.

        • thank God that Occidental Dissent does not reinforce hopelessness in any way shape or form – hail victory (but not drumpt)

      • WTH do you get the stat on white middle aged suicides being more male?

        You have serious issues with women and I am sick of it.

        ‘Feminism’ was just a trap for white men and women. You fall into it by being too for it or against it.

        It was about industrialization.

        Agrarian fantasists is what you are when you’re not posting absurd outbursts about sandnigger high tech society life.


    • Step out of yourselves and listen to you. This site’s slowly becoming comic relief. EVERY wrong under the sun is cause of JEEWWWWSSSS 🙂

      Attention goofballs : NO ONE has had an official standard upbringing … like from age 13 to 19, where we’re taught things we need to know to be wealthy healthy and happy. This is 90 % of what’s wrong with AmeriKa and it’s as much our past generations fault as it is many bad Jews who cabal up to put us down.

      • Youve got a point. Heroin epidemic is a result of a mass of people unused to experiencing affection and love in a general sense.

      • No, it’s not as much. It’s only part. The jews’ part is WAY bigger.

        You’re a comedian with your constant attempts to downplay jewish orchestration.

        Listen to yourself. Europeans are equal to jews in evil.


    • I was at a family event over the summer, GG, when my old southern stock aunt from Atlanta told me in her own way that she found the Alabamans…well…sort of nuts. Even Brad’s own neighbor southrons don’t agree with his ass backwards attitude towards women.

      And she’s 70, politically moderate. What does that tell us?

  2. A mass self-annihilation is written into the dominate ideology. The Jew is the “master” of perpetuating self-annihilation. Most “whites” deny possession of God-ordained free will. Most “whites” reject objective (S)upremacy. Most “whites” are Jew-like, ie., perpetuating self-annihilators.

    A focus on the MEANS AND MEMES is to miss the metaphysical end.

  3. There is no way this shit is getting on the streets without Uncle Shmuli allowing it. Imagine how bleak a young White person’s life has to be in order to get hooked on smack or meth.

  4. A decline in life expectancy also occurred during the period after the collapse of the USSR. I suspect that this country’s ongoing, slow-motion collapse is the major contributing factor.

  5. I’ll just dive in with my take on things. Want to live longer? A few tips:-
    – give up alcohol and smokes.
    -cut down on sugar and fried crap.
    – reserve Ronald McDonald and Colonial Sanders for once a month-don’t know them on a first name basis.
    -gym/running 3Ă—wkly.
    Enjoy regular sex…with your spouse.
    -fruit and fiber daily to umm…keep yourself regular.
    -learn self defense. Steven Seagal is part Jew-so we all know some of them can fight, as well as the nigs, so be ready for them. Have fitness and defense abilities that can back up your beliefs.

    With these moves, you can live to be 90, rather than die at 55.

    • Damn good advice! My 91 year old dad is out doing yard work today & hits the gym 3 days a week. Mom is 87 & getting ready for the holidays. Had a grandma that made it to 103, the other one, 98. One grandfather made to 90. Yes, it does help to have good genes, also!

      Also, besides giving up what has been mentioned, do yourself a favor & turn off the TV & forego movies, pro sports, etc. A big waste of time & money. Use it wisely, i.e. to prepare for the inevitable

      Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & all!

  6. Don’t try to act like yall haven’t spent the past 35 years joking about the Crack epidemic in the black community… it ducks when the shoe is on the other foot, doesn’t it? Keep shooting bitches…

    • You do make a good point there, El Puto. I guess it means that we don’t care about them and they don’t care about us.

    • @El Chapo,
      Your commentary will no longer be read, acknowledged or answered to by me. I just can’t be bothered with you.
      Who else agrees?
      As I’ve said before:- when you argue with a fool, its just two fools arguing.
      Keep putting in your childish five cents worth if it makes you happy- but I ain’t reading it.

        • @Triuwida,
          Yeah its just a childish retard that can’t even properly articulate its position on anything-so why fucken waste our time? Its too stupid to even offend me anymore.
          We’ve gathered that its leftwing and a bit fucken dumb, but other than that…

          • I agree with you John. I wouldn’t give this douchebag the time of day, much less respond to his juvenile comments. As a man in his mid 60’s, every moment counts as life gets shorter. Why waste it on such a fool?

            By the way, when the SHTF, a coup d’Ă©tat , the revolution starts, a civil war breaks out, or however you want to define the coming collapse, El Chapo will be one of the first to go.. Useful idiots usually are!

      • El Chapo is El Jew-o. The one bitter consolation I have is that when Whitey’s gone – the Absolute Jew Rule will be very brief. Their Dark Pets won’t work for them…………..

        • Of course they will. They are natural slaves. They just need to be properly motivated. Won’t they be surprised when they discover that the Jews didn’t really believe all that liberal crap.

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