Trump Administration Authorizes Lethal Arms Sales To Ukraine

At this point, I am wondering why we didn’t elect Marco Rubio:

“The Trump administration has approved the largest U.S. commercial sale of lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine since 2014. The move was heavily supported by top Trump national security Cabinet officials and Congress but may complicate President Trump’s stated ambition to work with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Administration officials confirmed that the State Department this month approved a commercial license authorizing the export of Model M107A1 Sniper Systems, ammunition, and associated parts and accessories to Ukraine, a sale valued at $41.5 million. These weapons address a specific vulnerability of Ukrainian forces fighting a Russian-backed separatist movement in two eastern provinces. There has been no approval to export the heavier weapons the Ukrainian government is asking for, such as Javelin antitank missiles. …”

We’ve bombed Syria, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, decertified the Iran deal, expanded NATO to include Montenegro, imposed sanctions on Russia, tightened the embargo on Cuba, etc. So far, the only thing missing on the GOP foreign policy menu is a massive new war.

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  1. He’s just #MAGA being the hostage president
    Don’t worry, getting kicked in the nuts feels good, doesn’t it?
    We’ll be in war in 2018 #MAGA
    Ask @Ricky_Vaugn you’re altright superior

  2. So I wrote a ton about Ukraine when they had their (((revolution))) back in early 2014, and when the fighting in the east was at its worst.

    Basically, you had a government (probably somewhat corrupt but normal among Slav countries) that was overthrown by “nationalists” waving Nazi imagery, and was replaced by a regime with a Jew Prime Minister, a Jew President, and several Jew cabinet members.

    Hell, even the number two guy in their largest “Nazi” group (Pravy Sektor) was/is a Kike – even the rank and file had Israeli dual citizens fighting the Russians/Separatists.

    You had a Jew from America go into the country during the most turbulent months, and come back claiming that he found no real Anti-Semitism even among these supposedly hardcore groups – when confronted, many of them cucked so badly they put our GOP to shame.

    And yet we’re arming these clowns for reasons that still remain vague…



      For the Judaists, Russia, and specifically Putin, is in the way of their establishing a new world order, and Greater Israel from Nile to Euphrates, so they are using their old tactic–let whites kill whites.

      World War 1: Whites Killing Whites 1, on the order of the Judaists.
      World War 2: Whites Killing Whites 2, ditto.

      WW3: Ukraine attacks Russia.

      Looks like Trump turned out to be a conman, just another dog for the Judaists.

      Putin’s next move would be to invade Kiev, arrest the Jewish criminals who have usurped power and sell nukes to Iran.

      • Putin might simply kill them with missile strikes. The Kikes definitely want to get whites to murder other whites. Even though the Kike junta already killed untold numbers of Russian civilians in Eastern Ukraine with rocket and mortar attacks against residential neighborhoods. I saw videos of entire families torn apart by moftarshells in the street. People lying dead in yheir apartments orin their cars. So naturally they are fightingbsck and they Kikes are the real enemy.

    • Very good points Marcus. I had not thought about Victoria Nuland and the Ukraine deal for awhile.
      On a side note, those 107A1 Barretts are CRAZY expensive rifles. I have seen a M82 fired at Knob Creek a few years back, but no one I know can afford one. But ‘Merica will buy some Barretts for the (Jewish led) Ukrainian nationalists. We live in a crazy world.

    • Me neither. I hope Ukrainians see the madness to this course of action, then kill the Jews behind this fraticidal war.

  3. Mark my words, Trump will be America’s last president. He doesn’t represent a return to American greatness, he is the last gasp of a despised and dying empire. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  4. The Ukies will take this arms deal as a sign they should be more aggressive toward the Russians. This runs the chance that the Ukies will piss off the Russians and the Russians will crush the Ukies. The US will blowhard, but, do nothing. Our gay, female, colored, transvestite, military will prove useless in a showdown with the Russians.

  5. What a disaster and a disgrace.

    They yell “Muh democracy” yet spent $5bn to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine. They get caught handpicking the replacement government. They lie about Russia invading Crimea. On and on and on.

    Now they want to pump arms into Ukraine.

    The entire Trump foreign policy is completely different from what was presented in 2016.

    “America First” has been redefined and now seems to mean that the US will be more aggressive and more determined to rule the world on behalf of Israel. It was a declaration of hegemony– not what we were led to expect.

    War seems certain to follow, whether against Iran, North Korea or even Russia.

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