2018 New Year’s Resolution

2017 was a horrible year in almost every possible way except for the success of this website. We more than doubled our traffic and grew stronger from January through December. After listing around for a while in the doldrums of summer and fall, we’re headed back up again.

Here’s my 2018 New Year’s Resolution:

  • Rebuild my social network.
  • Rebuild my finances.

This is an easy one. My Twitter account was wiped out during the December 18th purge. I plan to rebuild my following on Gab in 2018. OD was also banned from Disqus, PayPal and Donately in 2017. GoyFundMe is down again at the moment. We’ve got to find an alternative. Suggestions are appreciated.

  • Write more about Southern Nationalism.
  • Write more book reviews.
  • Write more about history.

These were major themes at Occidental Dissent in the past. My interests wax and wane over time. There was a year here where we dived into the history of the Caribbean and its relationship to the South. I definitely want to return to writing more about Southern history.

  • Return to punditry.

As many of you have probably noticed, there was a return to this in late November. It is going to continue in 2018. My 2017 New Year’s Resolution was to “bring you the truth about the Trump administration. Nothing more. Nothing less.”  I said that I was going to “write about Trump as an independent populist and nationalist, not as a Breitbart propagandist which has ties to the administration.”

As we head toward the 2018 midterms, I am going to focus like a laser on the Trump administration and Republican Congress. Nothing is going to get past me. There was a big stretch of 2017 where we drifted away from that and plunged back into street activism. That’s not going to happen again.

  • Return to street activism.

I’m not giving up on street activism. I just don’t intend to let it distract me again from my writing. The same is true of shitposting on social media. In 2017, I developed a bad habit of spending my time on Twitter and neglecting OD only to have that platform shot out from underneath me.

In 2017, I think we got too caught up in the backlash to the Trump administration. Berkeley set the tone for the year. I’ve already said we need to move away from that. The last thing that I am interested in doing is continuing to absorb the costs of the backlash to the Trump administration and Republican Party. In 2018, I am content to let all the BASED MAGApedes engage in their own clashes with Antifa.

Insofar as we are going to do activism in 2018, it is going to be about our identity, our movement and promoting our own agenda while not getting sucked into a vortex. We’re going to reimagine how we do activism. I’m not going to publicly give away too much of my thinking on this subject though.

  • Articulate our platform

I’m going to spending a lot of time articulating our platform and beliefs. I want to show how we are different from MAGA and mainstream conservatism. I’ve already been doing this in my recent posts on Iran and the tax cuts. In 2018, I want to explore our worldview in greater detail and explain to the public why we have these positions and how they are related.

We’re not with these guys –>

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  1. May I suggest finally writing that book to encapsulate your thoughts? I enjoyed your YouTube videos, you should continue but improve their professional look; see Mellenial Woes.

  2. As a New Year’s resolution that may actually help change things, How about adopting and spreading my mantra:

    Never an R or D Again!

    If you truly want to make a difference, stop believing in the system and let’s find a new way to stop it.

    Otherwise it is little more than rinse and repeat every 4 fucking years.

  3. Back to Southern Nationalism. We’re the Alt-South, not the Alt-Right. We don’t have a political agenda for America®, we have one for Dixie.

    MADIA= Make Dixie Independent Again.

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