2017: The Year Rightwing Populism Failed

The Washington Examiner has a new article on the failure of rightwing populism:

“Among the nearly 250 years of American politics, 2017 will stand out, along with 1829 (when Andrew Jackson was sworn in), as a moment when populists didn’t merely rattle the political establishment, but actually won a national election and gained real political power.

And 2017 will also stand as a year in which the populists most proximate to political power fell flat on their faces. The problem isn’t populism per se. The problem is that much of the populism accompanying (and also powering) Donald Trump’s rise has been purely negative — vacuous populism whose beginning, middle, and end is inchoate anger at the “establishment.” …

There’s a lesson in the collapse of these Bannonite populists, and it is a central political moral of 2017.

The lesson isn’t that populism is always bad, or that it can never fit with conservatism. At times, the Tea Party embodied intelligent conservative populism, because it saw populism as a stance and sentiment that could be put to the service of conservative goals, such as smaller government, local control, and defense of family and community.”

Here’s my take on the issue:

1.) Entrenched Conservatism – The primary lesson that I take away from 2017 is that populism is fundamentally incompatible with conservatism. There is no such thing as a “populist-conservative coalition.” In such a coalition, the only role played by the former will be to provide the votes to advance the agenda of the latter in exchange for the occasional dog whistle.

As hard as it is to remember now, Donald Trump once had a lot of great ideas. He was going to build a big, beautiful wall on the Mexican border. He was going to end the DACA amnesty. He wasn’t a puppet of Wall Street and was going to go after the hedge fund guys who were making a killing. He was going to rip up free trade agreements which had devastated the working class. He was going to protect entitlements. He was going to rebuild our national infrastructure, avoid regime change in foreign countries, break up media conglomerates, finally put an end to the Cold War with Russia, and so on.

What happened to Drain the Swamp? It turns out The Swamp was always conservatism. It was the big donors who fund the movement and whose influence sets the Republican legislative agenda. It was Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and the True Cons Caucus who were the choke point to reform in Congress. It was the think tanks which generate the unpopular ideas. It was the cumulative influence of the conservative pundits, consultants and advisers who acted in unison to preserve the status quo. More than anything else, it was the people who staffed the Trump administration.

In 2016, there was a huge groundswell of populist support that flowed into the Republican Party. By the end of the 2016 campaign, Trump was out there talking about international bankers and the rigged system. In the words of David Brock, the Democrats got “clobbered in the digital space” by the Alt-Right. Ultimately, the Trump administration, Republican Party and conservatism never found a way to integrate rightwing populism into their agenda and coalition.

2.) Donald Trump – In the 2016 election, populist voters delivered the White House to Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Unlike Conservatism, Inc., there is no populist establishment. When it came time to build the Trump administration, the populist wing ended up being Trump and a small faction inside the White House. A year later, that faction has mostly been squeezed out the door.

As with any politician, the success or failure of rightwing populism ultimately depended on its champion. It is clear now that Donald Trump is no Pat Buchanan. He doesn’t have an ideological core. He didn’t staff his administration with fellow ideologues. Donald Trump staffed his government with people who he considered “winners” who have advised him to preserve the status quo. He has pretty much delegated the government to them and they are implementing their own agendas.

Desperate for “wins” and acclaim, Donald Trump has become a rubber stamp for the True Cons agenda. He can now boast about the tax cut bill and how he has slayed regulations. This morning he can boast about how he is standing up for human rights in Iran.

3.) The Alt-Lite – The biggest problem with rightwing populism is the Alt-Lite. At the end of a year’s trial, the MAGA movement or Alt-Lite – whatever you want to call it – looks more irrelevant than ever to us. Here are the self-styled enemies of the Deep State and the champions of “America First” cheering on the Deep State effort to topple the Iranian government in the name of women’s rights. It sounds like something we would have expected from President Hillary Clinton.

I wish I could take credit for one of our commentators who aptly described MAGA as the rhetoric of Pat Buchanan 1996 combined with the substance of Dole/Kemp 1996. As Bill Mitchell shows, it’s true that much of this phenomenon is a vacuous personality cult that be twisted into anything. It’s also true that it is larded down with grifters and mountebanks like Mike Cernovich. From Donald Trump downward to his MAGA cheerleaders, there is no intellectual core or coherent worldview.

More to the point: the “populist nationalist” movement has a Jewish brain and wallet. This is really a fundamental problem. It is incapable of mounting a real challenge to the status quo for that reason. It channels and diverts the energies of the movement down the drain of pet Jewish causes. It excludes the Gentile intelligence and keeps the movement stuck in a low state of consciousness. As long as that remains the case, there will be more of these pointless spasms against the establishment as ordinary White working class people lash out in pain as their lives become more miserable.

Final Thoughts

In 2018, the pendulum is going to swing back in the opposite direction. My guess is that leftwing populism will come roaring back and the Democrats will take over Congress. Then we will be stuck with gridlock until the 2020 elections. The leftwing version of populism will similarly be harnessed to advance social liberalism. As always, we will get the worst of both worlds from Washington.

Note: I’m not black-pilled here. I look at this and see that something is going to give. This can’t continue. I expect something more interesting to emerge from the wreckage. Just take a moment to look back and laugh at Trump doing tax cuts while Jack Posobiec screams about gerbils.

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  1. Patience, friends. These things take time.

    Ponder this, without a Trump presidency and a R. congress we would have been disarmed after the Las Vegas shooting.

    No ifs ands of buts…….disarmed.

    Each one teach one:


    • Agree but disarmament is a matter of time. Better IMO to force the issue now (self defense , the ONE right some whites will currently fight for). In the future as nig attrition, brainwashing and massive invasions of roaches and goat botherers reduces us to a soon to be exterminated minority, we’d be lucky to burn this bitch let alone save anything.

  2. Do you think a public option on healthcare might emerge from the rubble of rump GOP and an ascendant populist leftwing Congress?

  3. The problem was that the “growth” of the movement during the election was akin to gaining 100 lbs of cellulite on a high fructose corn syrup diet, not the slow steady “gains” that are ultimately the only path to the objective. That misinterpretation of affairs led to mania which led to hubris and destruction.


    All the while the underlying healthy growth continued, I would even say it was enhanced by the failures of 2017 because we quickly stopped digging a hole and have put some pretty bad strategies behind us (Nazism, evil be my good, etc).

    At least in the US, we will never have the numbers to do this as a “right wing” movement. There is just no way. It has to be a Government of Racial Unity which means we have to start pitching our message to all of our brothers and sisters in a manner they can digest it in. There will always be a section of the white populace that will be too alienated to see things our way, but 80% can and will. We just need to rewind the tape to the Spencer-Taylor-Brimelow press conference on 9/9/2016 but this time do it right.

    The biggest failure of the Spencer Era was when they tried to ask him what the ethnostate would be like and the path to getting there, he demurred. That is the moment we will be fighting to return to – and events will inevitably give us a second chance as our “brown future” unfolds. Next time, we need to be able to launch into an attractive sales pitch of Whitopia. And no, IT CANNOT BE A RIGHT WING CHRISTMAS LIST! IT CANNOT HAVE ANY NAZIISM OR FASCISM AT ALL! (just making sure I get my point across).

    It will be just like everyday life today, except whites will be safe. No one’s social standing will change for the worse, it will just be a “fork” of current society but with one or two additional lines on the map as borders (which we provide). It will be something that the Sheriffs and CEOs and high school history teachers can look at and say “huh, that could work”.

    2017 will not have been a (totally) wasted year if we learn these lessons.

  4. I watched USSR collapse and resurgence of Eastern Europe with my own eyes and by my honest opinion, you are winning, not losing.

    Putin, Orban and the rest of the folk did not landed from the heaven. It took us some time to understand how properly handle the white liberal.

    US patriots have much better instincts that we had. US patriots did in the Charlottewille everything right by instincts. We here in the Eastern Europe fucked upwhole decade before we got nazi tank on tracks.

    Whole show based on the metadata. Why mr. Trump needs to be president ? We he just does not sit back and enjoy he`s money ?

    The only reason I can think, mr. Trump is deeply pro white . Without of tha, he wold let the presidency become one another bush clinton show. 70 years old super rich Trump is the last person in the US who will be hurt by immigration. Immigration of course takes down the US but Trump probably would be dead on this time.

    Now the egotrip. Trump wants be the greatest president in the US of all times. He is just smarter than most of us and knows that going around the corner works better then stright assault.

    Merry Christmas for everybody except white liberals and happy new years when a lot of people finally understood tht is not ok to be anti white,

  5. In my view, Trump’s greatest contribution has been to be the only major US political figure to directly attack the godless pseudoreligion of liberalism. Politics does not drive culture, culture drives politics. Those of you who are deeply disappointed with President Trump, in my view, are making the mistake of believing that, by capturing political power, the culture can be changed. It cannot. The liberal religion permeates the US of A and it must be discredited and destroyed before progress can be made – a slow process but sometimes change happens very suddenly. The focus must be on the culture, hearts and minds. Hunter is correct, we have no common ground with conservatives – conservatives are merely confused liberals.

    • Point well made.

      Our target should be the culture.

      ‘Politics’ is a worthless endeavor….fit for weasels.

      I grew up in it in the late 50’s, and 60’s… long before many of you here were born.

      The culture changed first !!

      Take it from those of us who were there.

      We saw it happen.

    • That is why Moore had to be defeated at any cost. The cultural rallying point is Christianity. Moore should he have won the Alabama Senate seat would have been in a position to primary Donald Trump, run as the real Donald Trump, unite Christians behind him and win.

      • lol the biggest inadvertent blessing of the year is that rootin’ tootin’ (((Roy Moore))) lost big league. Moore sucks off Israhell more than DRUMPF

    • The Alt-Right is supposed to be based in truth, therefore it should not fear good faith criticism and examination of successes and failures

      HW is voice of reason that we need, to counteract the people still pitching appealing 4d chess narratives

  6. We didn’t win because we aren’t ready to win; we haven’t even decided what exactly “we” are. Individual people do not seize power and change history, only large groups of people a.k.a. tribes can achieve that, though it certainly helps a tribe to have a good leader.

    Size also matters. Memetic tribes can grow much faster and bigger than genetic tribes, but are more prone to fracture when they admit people who only pretend to share the common memes, or are too stupid to understand them correctly. And if they choose their leaders by virtue instead of heredity, they tend to virtue-signal themselves into mass suicide, as liberals, Communists, and Sunni Muslims are wont to do.

    White people are not and never have been any kind of tribe. National Socialism was not a coherent, sustainable ideology, and it was for Germans only. White nations have been killing each other for centuries, which strengthened the race by weeding out its weaklings. Until 1945, when white nations renounced war and decided to kill themselves out of guilt for being so successful.

    To win, we need a patriarchal ideology that rejects feminism, socialism, welfare-statism, equality, and democracy, takes a decentralized approach to banking, education, and health care, and is manifestly endorsed by God, with non-believers barred from employment in mass media, academia, and government.

    • No. As soon as we got a decent ethno-society going somewhere, with the peace and prosperity that accompanies it, the colored hordes would start trickling in just as they always do and ruin it all.

      The Civil Rights Act needs to be dismantled and thrown in the trash heap before we can even remotely consider that course. And that is a very tall task.

  7. Political, and economic stagnation will create the acceleration needed to change the culture from below, at a grass roots level. So the American 2018 mid terms will more then likely create that stagnation, just as it did in the Obama years. Young white men feel the pinch the most at the moment due to anti-white policies, hence the energy of the millennial and future Zyklon generation. This will keep the internet propaganda of generation white nationalists strong. Ergo the internet censorship… tbtb really are worried. So are Jews, I seen them comment that they wish to transform the current intellectual White Nationalism into low brow white Nationalism… interesting eh. This is from the Jews mouth infiltrating the alt-right movement. Psycho linguistics comes in handy…

    To unite our race we need to attract all white generations, the Boomers are most resistant being the stagnation has affected them the least at present. It really depends on what Trump pulls out of his magic hat over the next 2 years, if he pushes the Iran regime change it bodes well for us, if he pushes the pedogate, and locks up the Clinton’s, builds the wall, mass deportations perhaps not so much, that will indicate the slow burn. The future outcomes are fluid at the moment. Most likely with the cucks and jews controlling Trump’s congress, the liberal progs being outraged by pepe, Nazi OK signs and Russiagate the Iran option is most likely at the moment, due to political stagnation. Being a majority of the US populace and the Western countries not wanting war, hopefully war with Iran will not happen.

    Year by year are short term outcomes, this is how our enemy the cucks working with the Jews attempt to channel our energy into liberal conservatism, via politics, the boomers fell for this all the time. To stop this from occurring we need to promote stagnation to cause disaffection among the white boomer class. To achieve this, having Trump be a one term president and the democrats win the 2020 election, will probably do the trick. For the last bastion of wealth apart from the top 2%-10% of the US population is the housing and pensions of the white middle class boomers. I say we give the democrats the rope, they’re eager to transfer the wealth from the baby boomers to the diverse zyklon generation in order to educate those blacks and Latino, and diffidently not the white zylkon kids, in effect stealing generation xyz’s inheritance. You know cause white privilege and all that.

    Then the majority of white boomers and gen X will be ours. It will take 4 to 6 years to bring to fruition. Then perhaps more monies will flow to our cause, which may have the effect of energizing our white youth even more so.

    To be honest I don’t think we will win this electorally in the end. We need America and the West to avoid war with Russia at all costs. What more then likely will happen when the US economy goes into a death spiral, over the next 5 to 10 years a US Jew wise Napoleon may emerge. Which is what global Jewry deserves IMO. How that works out for the US and western countries, we’ll see I guess.

    That’s my crazy prediction. The first half of my comment I’m confident in as Bannon is buckliting the MAGA movement… which will not have the effect he thinks it will…

  8. @Craig:

    Sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree with you about engineering a Trump loss in 2020 by withdrawing from the elections or voting for Democrats that promise Whites absolutely nothing but more shit tests. That is the typical reactionary shoot-yourself-in-the-foot and cut-your-nose-off-to-spite-your-own face tactics that has marginalized Whites in the past.

    Trump MUST stay in the White House, because perception remains everything in politics. Van Johnson referred to Trump’s election as a Whitelash. Even White Nationalists were naive enough to buy into that perception. More on political perceptions later on.

    Actually the lard-assed MIchael Moore called Trump’s victory more correctly as “the biggest ‘fuck you’ recorded in history.” Even Van Johnson realized that Moore was right when he actually visited a White “Brexit State” family that had voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 but for Trump in 2016.

    Johnson has tried to change his tune, but Disingenuous Democrats are loathe to let their White scapegoats go lest the SJWs not stay fired up and lest their Black voter base veer away from SJW activism and make more populous demands on them like …. getting rid of all the Mestizo illegals that are running them out of Watts and Compton and taking their jobs.

    In any case, the perception remains that Trump is a closet racist, half of whose supporters are White supremacist right-wing fascists. The Democrats (as they are now) taking over the Congress and Senate would find grounds for impeachment, throw Trump out and the come after us. Even Johnson noted on The View that Democrats are not only angry at Trump but those who voted for him. The LAST thing we want to do is let them back into power anytime soon.

    The first thing the Democrats would do besides eliminating the second amendment would be to get rid of the Electoral College. The two or three million popular vote lead for Hillary came from California. Do we really want a bunch of Mexicans in California deciding our presidential elections? I don’t know about you, but not me.

    We want Democrats to compete for White votes by pursuing and executing policies that are in the best interests of Whites. When Democrats have to honestly compete for White votes instead of trying to shame or intimidate Whites into voting for them, Republicans will have to drop their minority outreach programs and also compete for White votes.

    Instead of turning into suicide squads, White Nationalists need to stop with the torch-lit parade theater, stop with the Nazi frog memes, stop the Jarvanka Bashing and start joining organizations like the Shriners and the Elks and the VFW halls and the Knights of Columbus or its Protestant equivalent. There they are less likely to meet “True Conservatives,” but Paleo-Conservatives whose older members may have voted for Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot. These organizations are dying, because their members are aging out. They need new blood. This is where young men can network.

    We need to field, advance, and support Implicitly Pro-White Candidates that are INDIFFERENT to the JQ. The goal to pursue is NOT Antisemitism, but what I call A-Semitism. In all honesty, do we really GAFF which Semites control Palestine/Israel? We don’t. In fact, in all honesty, we’d prefer if every Jew in the world makes aliyah to Israel and all the Arabs move back to their middle eastern sandbox. We want them out of European dominated countries. The same with the Africans, the Hindus and the Asians. We want all the Mestizos to head south of the border and take their Anchor Babies and Dream Brats with them.

    Our focus in 2018 and 2020 and beyond should be to purge Congress of establishment Democrats and Republicans and replace them with MAGA politicians. I have no idea whether or not Trump means his MAGA agenda or not. But without a MAGA Congress, he will have a built-in excuse not to keep any MAGA promises.

    White Nationalists have such a huge contempt for Jews that they refuse to examine what has made Jews so successful and powerful. Jews have made eliminating any one they perceive doesn’t like them or is against them standard operating procedure. Jews don’t give a damn about ideology only what is good for the Jews.

    Whites OTOH have fallen for ideology hook, line, and sinker. Whites vote against their own interests time and time and time again. They focus too much on voting against an issue lest the Jews or some OTHER group benefits rather than voting in such a manner that their group benefits from it. Case in point, Whites went full-scale neo-libertarian in reaction to LBJ’s Great Society Bribe to Blacks. Rather than finding a way to CONTROL the social-safety net themselves by making sure Pro-Whites staff the welfare offices.

    Only Whites allow themselves to be herded into one ideological shearing pen or another. Colin Powell and several other Black Republicans suffered no cognitive dissonance whatsoever when pulling that voting lever for Barack Obama rather than voting for their “good friend”and White colleague John RINO McCain even as they benefited from being Republicans all these years. Race trumped ideology for them and race must trump ideology for Whites as well if they are going to be serious political power players.

    Fifty-three percent White women and sixty-three percent White men voted for Trump against Clinton versus respectively forty-seven percent White women and thirty-seven percent White men who didn’t. That doesn’t include the fifty plus million Whites who didn’t bother to vote. If White Nationalism focuses on the White non-voters and pushes an implicitly White agenda that Whites feel comfortable with even secretly supporting, then White interests will push any government agenda.

    Moreover, there is a sizeable number of Non-White voters that aren’t so much Anti-White but apolitical whose only agenda is to vote with the winning team. Asians, Hindus, Muslims, and many Hispanics don’t love or support Black Lives Matter but see Democrats (who do) as the Winning Team which rewards people who vote for them and punishes those who don’t.

    • I don’t think the V. F. W. Or American Legion is dying. I think the D. A. V. Has been a little screwey since the 1990’s. They would not refund my lifetime membership dues.
      One thing might help. If someone could find a way to explain to mainstream Coloreds that they are being used by the Communist infiltrated Democrat Party, maybe they would see the light.
      They have been used as a cause Celebre by the followers of Marx since many got kicked out of Europe and Abraham Lincoln invited hordes of them here. They had already established a beach head with the Abolitionist movement.
      Study History!!

  9. The problem is which “Semites” control the US, not Palestine. There is not a single issue of concern to the right where Jewish power doesn’t constitute the main opposition. In fact, one of its objectives is the weakening of the first and second amendments after which it will be game over. Frankly you sound like a troll to me.

  10. What’s with all the complaining? Bannon clearly stated when he was pushed out of the White House that the Trump presidency we voted for is over. Both men have now fully aligned themselves with the winning side – JEWS and their despicable GOY lackeys. If that was always the plan the future will reveal it. Perhaps even this elusive Deep State entity is all part of the charade.

    I’ll say it again and again, go after the white traitors first. Truly the enemy of all if you think about it.

  11. And don’t be surprised at some point down the road that it ends up being a populist, nationalist, or conservative who ends up destroying the first and second amendments.

    It’s the controllers and their very organized and very powerful secret societies who do all the destruction.

  12. While you’re planning an attack with the next election, they’re already planning the next century.

  13. Study the details. Miriam Adelson had a very significant placement at the inauguration for someone who’s not a politician or family member. During the campaign, Trump gave the appearance of distance from Adelson and Saban.

  14. @ Cly

    Long time no see, I’m not surprised you politely disagree with me. I like you, your optimism and positive/negative criticism, Cly I even enjoy reading you around the traps if you know what I mean 😉 . I admit I really do appreciate and admire your white pill Trumpism logical response. I’m not trying to black pill, or manipulate psychologically, I’m reading trends and the most logical out comes. Even if they seem far fetched, we live in far fetched times. I estimate these historical periods occur maybe every 300 years in our current civilization cycle.

    What you suggest is what America needed back in the 1990’s, for example, Australia with Pauline Hanson, One Nation was better then nothing and gives a slight bulk-ward to the invective SJW’s. I agree The Australia First Party (NatSoc, which is pro-white Bugs orientated) which is the party I like and have voted for, yet never wins federal, state or local (unless it infiltrates as an independent and wins at the local level, which is rare.), being the deep state, media, Jewish organisations, and liberal party suppress them, and channels their potential recruits and energy into the Liberal party(Australia’s “Conservative party” for those not in the know), even One Nation who are now Civic Nationalists, still get the same treatment. See similarities with the MAGA? Doing the same thing over and over again will generate the same results. Here have a long read of the two links below, and you’ll see what you are up against in the USA, it’s far more encompassing in your country, due to your unfortunate and dominate 2 party system. Hell, I could name a rash of bloggers channeling our energy, collecting our data for and by the US deep state and Jewish organisations right now… my methods are certainly unconventional. That is why Neo-liberalism economically and culturally rules in America.

    Modern example


    Old school example


    HA you may remember a forum called “The Apricity” there were Australian Deep state assets on there trolling for donations back in 2009, hitting everyone up for a minimum of $5000. These species of white are even more traitorous then the white cucks, they specifically work for the deep state and Jewish organisations. To think back in 2009 I thought it was Antifa, I gave those dumb ass Antifa way too much credit. Antifa are the useful idiots, the spying cucks(Alt-Lite) are the true traitors, along with there deep state handlers, who do the hacking, collating dissident profiles and data collection, all for a federal pay packet of $(AUS)160000/year, not a bad slave wage price when you think about it, particularly at the end with a 20 to 30+ years pension in tow. My old man has this advantage of a 37 year pension(yay white privilege), makes for a good retirement, as long as the system being the federal reserve and wall street hold economic power. Oh by the way my ol man was nothin but a straight laced copper, I’m proud of him, he done well and never betrayed his people. Which is rare and why he was stabbed in the back many times.

    Australian Nationalists have outgrown the deep state and I find it fascinating, One Nation has also outgrown them and are having Federal political success, just like our Western and Eastern European counterparts, being immigration restirctionism is their main policy plank, though in state politics they are handicapped, being the old parties offer more generous economic policies. Australian Boomers still vote for economic polices that benefit themselves, hence the difference between state and federal politics. So this is a meta political point to retain. This will change in time to our advantage. It’s inevitable. Like you say between the lines the democrats are after White blood.

    You are right when it comes to feigning civic nationalism, rather then ethnonationalism. This is the trend that is hitting all western, predominately protestant(protestant occupied) countries, so you may as well embrace it, in the good ol’ USA, yet the USA differs in one category, demographics, I’ll explain latter. Eastern Europe is a different kettle of fish, I wish Western Europe and it’s colonial offspring were the same but alas, demographics.

    I say this is a genuine game changer trend and why political stagnation is occurring, it’s also why I was able to predict an Australian hung parliament 18(half way through 2008) months before it happened when it occurred back in 2010, which a hung parliament hasn’t happened for 50 years in Australia.

    That there is now political stagnation, or what I describe as Political Chaos. Which white nationalists can create a predicted political synthesis, and build a new order on top of… Order out of Chaos. Or Bringing our memes into the realms of reality. This is what scares the USA deep state(and there aussie minions) , current politicians, even Jews, the fact that we have learned the old lodges political games of memes and reasonable political discourse. This causes the political stagnation, old Vs New, rather then the constant march towards globalism and leftist liberalism. This is mainly happening being the current totalitarian liberal progressive or conservative stripe that is trying to emerge in a technocratic bureaucratic totalitarian state, who didn’t anticipate the once free internet.

    Why the US is doomed demographically? Well it’s simple, if Trump fails to build the wall, or commit to mass deportation of illegal alien Mexicans the USA will be lost politically by votes demographically, by 2020. It’s sad and as simple as that. This is by 2020, with out the democrats changing the college vote, it’s that far gone in the USA. Trump is your last chance, it’s why Trump will be the last civic Nationalist president. It’s also why Ann Coulter and Vox Day are so demanding of Trump, to build the Wall and deportations, these two prominent herding bloggers see the demographics written on the wall, ha literally.

    For redemption think of it this way, for the Bank of England, the Rothschild Jewish financial system to become globally dominate, the British colonial empire needed to be destroyed and transferred to the new American Empire, to spread the financial fiat of equality across the world, which happened after the German defeat of WW2. That was the whole point of the second world war, it literally had nothing to do with Nazism, only the preferred Germanic banking system. Nazism was just the propaganda political cream on top of the cake, to bash Western whites, which still occurs to this day. Yet still, Hitler was right, he also honored Napoleon by exhuming his son and burying him next to his fathers tomb… haha couldn’t help that one.

    To address your USA constitutional points mainly Guns. At the end of the day if the US federal government confiscates Legal guns off of legal gun owners, there will still be a mountain of illegal guns that white Americans don’t disclose. Australia had the buy back of guns decades ago, yet, under the radar we still have a mountain of guns, now we own even more legal guns, compared to the number of guns before the buy back. Hell it’s even made being a gun runner on the black market highly lucrative. So taking legal guns away from Americans at the end of the day won’t matter squat. Much to the liberal democrats displeasure. Take that democrat suckers you’ll be enriching the white racist black market rednecks hahahaha. By the way the black market has grenades, missile launches, C5, night vision and infrared binoculars which will be provided by your own bloody military, and cross border business transactions with the Mexican military. So much more safer then the legal market hey. So you get the gist of this… gun confiscation leads to far more instability. Unintended consequences of the totalitarian liberals…

    When the Roman empire crashed it crashed hard, my opinion the American empire will crash harder and faster due to it’s technological sophistication, which includes all your small arm weapons. Being that your military is a low wage military, it’s more then likely they will turn away to the black market, which they probably already have… sad but true, as this kind of corruption even occurs under the most highly paid militarizes in the world being Australia and Canada… I could give examples if you wish, I’ll check if it’s still online… yep threes still a few there…




    Our countries are falling apart and the MSM never reports in it’s full disgrace.

    Now the Free masons old lodges. They may still have a few old fellas who subscribe to paleo conservatism, in America it would be far and few between, just like Australia. The replacement of the old degrees in all the lodges emanates from the American lodges to the rest of the Western world. I witnessed this happen in the blue and red Masonic lodges back in 2011 as any hint of antisemitism in the old degrees was replaced with philo-semitism. In fact the last Christian only lodges in the entire world were in Norway, which was lobbied to be changed after the Brevik incident by you know who… What a surprise eh… So the lodges will die, younger white men will come in to save them, once all the old white philo semetic men are dead. Whether they replace the degrees back to the traditional anti-Semitic or keep new philo Semitic will be up to them. I doubt any will write new and improved a-Semitic degrees… It’s just the way it is. My instinct tells me when the US jew wise Napoleon emerges, the lodges degrees will revert back to the traditional ones as they should.

    Just thank god we aint’t the French with there atheist Oriental lodges… Then again the Jews divided Brittan through the lodges, via the Catholic and protestant schism first… so it seems to me to be a-Semetic or antisemetic is far Superior to philosemetic to our civilizations survival. Then again the Jews were able to divide us even when we were antisemitic. Which means even if we plead A-semetic, we will still be painted as antisemitic. If that makes sense. Anti-semitism is just being Jew wise anyway.

    I see your arguments Cly, but I still believe Trump will go down the Iran path and his MAGA policies will be blocked. The GOPe will cuck on candidates such as PNelhan in the 2018… I still hope you are right…good night.

  15. Thanks Craig for your thoughtful response where even though you disagree with me in certain areas, you show you have considered my arguments.

    I know my arguments seem counter-intuitive to many here. But as one of those dreaded Baby Boomers (actually an Echo Boomer from the Wonder Years era), I wasn’t young enough to engage in any pro-White demonstrations, but old enough to observe from the sidelines how they did not work out. The Charlottesville debacle came as a surprise to young men like Hunter Wallace, but I was a young woman when David Lane was railroaded into a life sentence in prison, witnessed other WN disasters and could have predicted it like clockwork.

    Contrary to popular belief, Baby Boomers did not vote for Snivel Rights or Third World immigration and chain migration via “family reunion” schemes. The Baby Boomers of California passed a voter referendum against the illegal squat monster invasion of their sunny state and it was overturned by the federal courts.

    The reasons why Whites everywhere are losing their countries are as follows:

    1) Whites remain in denial that they have lost their countries and refuse to take their own immigrant approach to the American system (which is designed to favor such an approach).

    2) Thus White activists refuse to lobby TPTB for representation the way “minorities” do. This is the reason why half the commercials are filled with Blacks and the rest will soon be filled with other “minorities” that get on the bandwagon. Whites need to start demanding proportionate representation for Whites in ALL venues.

    Demanding proportionate representation is how Ethnic Russians wrested their country back from Bolshevik Jewish domination. Rather than share power, this policy drove many Russian Jews to become “Refuseniks” and clamor to make aliyah to Israel.

    3) Whites only participate in the electoral process in national elections after (((special interests))) have already selected the candidates. Whites do not cultivate their own candidates to field in local elections like “minorities” do. It is very telling that even people as new and allegedly low IQ as the Somalis wasted no time in replacing their White and especially our (((Fellow White) representatives with their own the moment they got a demographic majority in their area.

    4) Whites do nothing to promote or advance other Whites. Whites have been gradually but silently purged by “minorities,” because the moment one gets in, s/he waits for a job to open up and wastes no time referring one of their group for the spot. Managers rely on employee referrals when it comes to job openings. Whites should make it their mission that any new opening is filled with a White.

    5) Whites bicker with each other along ideological lines instead of compromising where they can in order to advance White interests. They like to point fingers and blame each other for not being prescient to the Great Replacement being initiated at a time when there was no social media or internet. Rearranging the deck chairs wouldn’t have kept the Titanic from sinking. We are where we are because of converging factors and rather than playing the blame game, we need to arrive at a consensus on how to get our chestnuts out of the fire.

    6) Whites would rather donate to charities that help the poor in Africa rather than Appalachia. Golden Dawn is a huge problem to the Greek establishment, because they make a point of demonstrating how much better they will serve Greek people if/when they come to power. They passed out food and medicine when Greeks coudn’t afford them. I assume that Richard Spencer or Nathan Damigo want to be president or something. The best way to do that is to demonstrate that they will serve White people, even if it is something as petty as getting someone a job or a bag of groceries.

    7) White Nationalist leaders are more worried about who gets the credit rather than focusing on any successes they have achieved. They prefer to be a figurehead king rather than the power behind the throne, i.e. the White version of the Court Jew. They get involved in trying to establish a Great White Leader rather than a Great White Network. Besides, every person who voted for Trump is responsible for his victory, not WN ideology.

    Many of Clinton’s Jewish campaign advisors were the worst about trying to knock Jewish socialist, Bernie Sanders out of the running. Not just because they were doing their jobs, but there was real fear that a Jewish president would both strip Jews of the victimhood crown AND demonstrate that Jews have real power.

    Barack Obama’s presidency temporarily empowered Blacks but in the long run, it hurt them more than helped them. All of BLM’s screaming about police brutality against Black men fell on deaf ears with a Black president and Black attorney general.

    8) Whites disdain to use the successful tactics of people they don’t like. White liberals from the blue states are more likely to be married and have children in wedlock who do not race mix than White conservatives in red states. Virtue signaling is worth it if you live in safe lily-White communities which will ensure that you have White grandchildren.

    9) White Nationalists disdain the idea of forming alliances with people that don’t share all their views. Homosexuals are very good front forces for “Reconquista Blanca” when it comes to retaking territory abandoned by urban Whites to blockbusting. While I did not brawl with Antifa on the street with my “Aryan Brothers” or fellow Trump supporters, I quietly parked my behind in the parlor of many White middle class ladies and “concern-trolled” them about all these nice middle-class ladies whose husbands had been fired and forced to train their foreign replacements.

    There are many so-called “people of color” who prefer to live in a society that is controlled and dominated by Whites as long as the White Supremacy is implicit and they can be “honorary whites,” if you will. NO White liberals, however disingenuous, no Asians, no Hindus, no Latinos and not many Blacks want to live in Detroilet or Baltimorgue Writ Large. You can network with them where it comes to bread and butter issues.

    10) White Nationalists rely too much on systems controlled by Jews rather than seeing to create parallel systems as their platform. GAB gives White Nationalists the opportunity make sure that Twitter ultimately dies out because it has been reduced to a leftist echo chamber. Whites need to set up an alternative to Facebook as well. And they need to stop bankrupting themselves with student loan to attend completely POZed universities.

    As I said in a previous post, politics is about perception and Trump’s victory was seen and pushed as made possible by racist, homophobic fascist White Neo-Nazis rather than Whites in the Brexit States who simply wanted good paying jobs back.

    We need to make that perception a reality as much as possible by finding a way to get even more White people to vote for him in 2020 as well as MAGA candidates. We must create the perception of a solid, monolithic White voting bloc that is going to push its own interests.

    If Democrats lose, because a huge majority of Whites weigh in with a Never Democrat vote, then Democrats will be forced to purge Anti-White candidates and bring in people who are friendly to us to get our votes. If there is a big Democrat push to woo back White voters, the Republicans are going to be forced to end their minority outreach campaigns and focus on keeping our votes.

    • Thank you, Cly, I like thinking about stuff… This gives me the opportunity to do so.

      I don’t blame boomers, per say, the most major white demographics of the masses is boomer at present, so they have more influence by being propagandized to, being they make up a major block that votes. This will change in 10, 20 and 30 years as they pass on. Leaving my generation with a mulitculti cesspool of an inheritance. In fact targeting Boomers economically affects my generations inheritance the most. As the diversity grows tptb will turn on the boomers to appease the new voters. This trend if accelerated will unite boomers, their children and grandchildren as a majority whole. It’s a trend that’s baked into the cake IMO. This echo’s the collapse of an Empire where the old citizens join and gather to escape the taxes of the old discredited regime. Friendly white families will unite, which we already are in decentralized networked way, thanks to the internet. This then translates into the real world, via economics, buying houses, schools, jobs, marriages and relationships.

      White nationalism 2.0 is growing organically, so aspects of WN 1.0 will always be there, waiting in the back ground, think of it as a self preservation defense system, against the white SJW and there growing diversity pets, who represent a modern Bolshevik revolution. I see this phenomenon growing with old school friends, and family. The progressive SJW whites seem to be the black sheep of all the families. Even if the old media makes WN 2.0 look like the big bad monster, in reality none of us are that monster, it’s just SJW projection, this only adds to the stagnation effects of the old order that is dying. Trump in reality is the manifestation of that old dying swamp in DC. Trump, the last anti-white/implicit white Civic Nationalist president.

      I’ll now address your points.

      1. I’d say 10 to 20% of whites do recognise that we’ve lost our countries, that’s a good start for the snow ball effect. Even if we’re censored from the internet, those of us still able to connect exchange ideas, can still propagandize by word of mouth, which is far more devastating to the leviathan then the internet, being they will be blind sighted to the coming white monster trends.

      2. Demanding equal representation is a grand thing, it would be good if it works, I doubt it will, being Jews will all of a sudden become white… Face it whites have one dimension white and high trust, Jews have dual system of White and Jew, and manipulate… So equal representation will be a long time coming.

      What causes Jews to flee without one round fired is the loss of prosperity, they flock to power and money, decentralizing the power and money hubs would be far more efficient. Bitcoin, anyone… If we can marry this up with a new decentralized body politic… This usually means the destruction of the old order.

      3. The white masses are not allowed special interest or ethnic groups to advocate for themselves, it’s written in law that any specific white organization with a constitution is not allowed to become politicized. (((They))) and there diversity pets on the other hand are allowed to. So we have to do it underground and no one is willing to risk $$$ to something this dying system can harass and confiscate off us in the courts. We also have the stigma of losing jobs, being isolated from the community at large.

      4. Whites are discriminated against not only by diversity infiltration, the government encourages it by allocating newly arrived diversity with less worker rights due to citizenship issues. In other words it’s financially rewarding for small, medium to large businesses to hire fresh off the boat diversity then home grown whites. Money talks… bullshit walks. Even if whites want to start a new business, we are discriminated against by federal government loan subsides to fresh off the boat diversity. There’s the reason dot head Indians are able to out compete whites in the Taxi, 7/11 and hotel business. Whites generally network via families, and friends nowadays to find employment. The vast majority of white I know that are well off have inherited the business.

      5. White blaming whites has been apart of the great Jewing game from the start, a game played out since the great religious wars. This is the main trend that will lead to political and economic stagnation of the old order. We need to apply our chaos magic wisely to bring the new order we want to manifest.

      6. Totally agree, yet remember that organisation constitution thing I mentioned, legally we are banned from helping whites specifically in any type of legal NGO we form. We can only do it implicitly, and if caught implicitly favouring whites only, the SPLC and ADL will sic the post white institutions onto us and give us a spank for being naughty white goy. Ruining us economically… and possibly jailing us. Starting to see a pattern of how economic and political stagnation is baked into the cakes current order?

      7. My argument is that legally a WN 2.0 or even a toothless pro-white ideology is either illegal or economically suppressed under the current Leviathan. So any pro-white network will be under ground and family orientated anyway. Civic nationalism even based in implicit whiteness with plausible deniability only adds to the stagnation paradigm of white blame white.

      Trump is anti-white hence pro Jewish, Trumps presidency has exposed the length and breath of Jewish power to the whole world. Making Trumps presidency a global red pill. look at Brietbrat right now.

      8. Well, nobody likes a hypocrite. Conservatives are more liberal then progressive liberals, being they believe the blank slate theory, cucked Christianity would also play into this, with the disdain for evolutionary science. Modern progressive Liberals will disappear into the pages of history just as the Cathars did. Modern progressives will also be more exposed to a death by bolshevik revolution…

      9. I like your style I do the same, though different, more openly pro-white, which can trigger some people, it’s fun to put truth bombs into their minds. I’ve converted sex positive feminists into marrying and having kids… I’m the truth bomb, then when they see my wife and kids, that’s usually when the conversion occurs. Amazing how sex positive female feminist atheists go to full blown Odinists. Oh, usually exposure to diversity in between truth bombs over time is the key driver, that racist white dude becomes, a prophet.

      Word of mouth through white businesses is great. Friendly family BBQ’s for worker bees… Word of mouth is powerful.

      10. Totally agree. Alt-right tech will happen faster then we think, that’s just the trend of technology as a whole. University and colleges in America are already seen as a burden by individuals and businesses. One, the monetary debt as individuals, two, the cost of retraining new employees in businesses to actually be functional. Yet another instance of stagnation and decline, particularly in education, which reflects the lack of discipline.

      The invisible tides and trends are on our side, we just have make sure our people have the best information to be in the right place at the right time, for what is coming.

      The conservative side of politics has been painted as the white party since the 1960’s and 70’s due to western histrionics of Christianity. Yet the right side of politics has betrayed whites the most to demographic replacement in my country, being they love money more then their own people. You are now seeing this play out with Trump. IMO the white democrat progressive will go the way of the Cathar, and continue doing what they are doing.

      White blaming white equals further decline and stagnation, leading to collapse.

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