Trump Administration Pressures Iran To End Social Media Censorship

FINALLY, the God Emperor is taking action:

“A top State Department official called on the Iranian government to remove blocks on social media sites on Tuesday as Iranians continue protesting the regime in cities and towns across Iran.

Undersecretary of State Steve Goldstein said Instagram and other major social media platforms are “legitimate avenues for communication” and called on the Iranian government to unblock those sites so protesters could reach each other and share their message, the Associated Press reported. …”

Praise KEK! We’re Making America Great … wait, WTF?

Are you telling me he is talking about censorship in Iran, not Silicon Valley’s political censorship of his own supporters? Are you saying that this is about Undersecretary of State (((Steve Goldstein))) trying to foment regime change in a foreign country on behalf of Israel? YES!

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  1. Definitive proof that this administration thinks – like all traitorous Republicans past and present – that we are still stupid and spineless enough to vote for these assholes. They not only allowed, they have encouraged the flagrant political and ideological (not to mention anti-white) censorship of true dissent, ignored if not encouraged ANTIFA filth in its violent support of billionaires and massive corporations against working class whites,

    So they are for open communications and open expression in Iran, but not in this goddamned country. You know, “Home of the Free.” In fact, with their resolutions condemning MY people’s advocates, and their condemnations and support (via inaction and silence) of anti-white censorship by Twitter, Facebook, Google, Paypal, et al, they are EXPLICIT in their desire to silence MY PEOPLE in face of accelerating genocide. And I’m to vote for this… this utter filth???

    Never again. I know many in the Alt-Right, et al, are still urging me to vote for the grand old pussies but no. End of free speech? We already f*cking lost it, bub. Gun ban? Read the fkn numbers, that’s coming no matter what with massive non-white immigration (nigs gonna pack, whitey will be the one disarmed and they KNOW it), quite probably some form of amnesty, and growing, open anti-white rhetoric. It’s better to force the issue now while there is still a SMALL number of whites who will fight their disarmament (with bullets, not faggotry) and such blatant set-up for quick extermination. I truthfully was NOT a “worse is better” person but I will go out on my feet, not sucking some old queen pedophile’s cock (Graham, et al, and apparently these fucks) I will not vote for treason and betrayal no matter WHAT happens, and no fkn way will I ever vote for a prick who spits in my face, serves our children up to subhuman monsters, and expects me to kiss his ass. F*ck off grand old pussies. If it shall not be white, the world must burn.

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