President Trump: DACA Activists Are “Falling In Love” With Republicans

I’m old enough to remember when the Republicans needed the Senate in 2014 to STOP DACA:

Poor Jamiel.

He was never anything more than a campaign prop.

Note: We know that President Trump is just playing politics here with the Democrats. Unfortunately, this seems to be true of many of his populist campaign promises. It turns out he was serious about the unpopular stuff like the tax cuts and Iran warmongering.

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  1. Trump has turned out to be a terrible deal maker. His instincts for political deals is rotten.

    What did Trump get in return for DACA? War in Iran? Could have got that for nothing.

  2. Trump at his next rally;

    “Are you tired of winning yet? I have good news for you. I’m getting you a great deal! Instead of The Wall we’re getting a new– and bigger– war for our most cherished ally!”

    • “I’ve got really nice hair. It’s the best hair. Bright orange. People come up to me all the time and, you know what?, they tell me what nice hair I have. (They really do.) We’re gonna win so much we’re gonna get so tired of winning. It’s the best hair…”

  3. You should maybe stop talking about the tax cuts, because you clearly don’t have an understanding of basic economics. They are overall great for America, it might not sound populist, but the corporate tax rate in America has been way too high for too long.

  4. Yes trump is crooked as a snake but you have got to give him credit for two tremendous brilliant victories first was the kneeling nigger episode in football. He used the stupid patriotism of the average dumb American against Kaepernick and crushed him and his fellow niggers. The set up was white vs. black, wealth vs. poor, managers (white) vs. players (nigger). Tremendous strategy of divide and conquer. I never would have figured that one out. Money uber alles is the rule.

    Tax bill – this was a grand case of bribe and payoff even better than anything that the Clintons ever devised. The average representative and senator in Congress are in the top 5% or so, Very wealthy is the standard. The tax bill made the wealthy, I only care about myself, clowns richer and the temptation was simply too good to pass up. If they get bounced out at election time, tough, they will have more millions for more houses, boats and round the world cruses etc.

    They threw a few bones to the middle class and named the bill the middle class tax reduction act etc. a great lie. Well it worked. As they say, money talks bullshit walks and the poor get poorer.
    The only thing that trickles down is urine.

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