Keith Ellison Endorses Antifa

In the Democratic Party, a guy who once called for a black ethnostate in the Deep South and who is now openly endorsing Antifa serves as Deputy DNC Chair. Meanwhile, we’re left with these pathetic, groveling cuckservatives who only care about their tax cuts and Israel’s agenda.

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    The Antifas are subhuman scum. When people join together and promote and organize violence, such as the Antifas openly do, it is called aiding and abetting and organized crime.

    They are doing so openly so prosecuting them criminally (and even civil-ly) should not be too hard, as they are professing violence openly, even on the internet, in their tweets and on their facebook pages.

    Solution to the Antifa problem:

    Prosecute each of them criminally for their violent acts, threats, etc.

    Prosecute them all, as a group, and their financers, such as the international Jewish criminal George Schwartz, aka Soros, for organized crime, under federal and state RICO.

    Prosecute politicians who support them.

    Sue cities that do not provide police protection to the conservatives who are victimized by the Antifa thugs.

    Label the Antifas as a terrorist organization. (There is a petition online for that, it seems).

    • Who will pay for the lawsuits? Who will enforce the laws?

      We are entering the hard phase of Communism now. Lawsuits and voting won’t save our lives.

      • Few Americans realize that they are living under a dictatorship more absolute than any achieved by “Lenin,” “Trotsky,” and “Stalin” in Soviet Russia, the only difference being that our War Lord has not yet seen fit to utter the four syllables, “emergency,” and invoke the powers he now possesses, thanks to the utterly unconstitutional “executive orders” planted in the *Congressional Record* by his predecessors in preparation for the eventual abolition of the United States and the massacre or total enslavement of the mindless boobs who form a majority of the American inhabitants of that territory.

        – Revilo Oliver

        • Dr. Oliver and Commander Rockwell were 50 years ahead of their time. If only we had great men like them around today.

    • Antifa or UAF (United Against Fascism) were partly founded by Conservatives. This might blow your mind but it’s true.



      Of course the nigger’s FOR antifa. The ONLY ONLY ONLY idiots still voting demoncrat are blacks browns muslims gays men in womens bodies very uninformed ignorant whites and self hating whites.

    • @Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Who is Mark Bray?

      That would be interesting to know. I wonder if he’s a Jew? That pamphlet would be good to read, too. Like Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

  2. Well, Minnesota might go Red State like Ohio and Wisconsin. What’s needed is some populist former hockey player to run and win MN Governor – make Minnesota the nation’s hockey state and also bash Antifa, BlackLiesMatter, Somalian terrorist/rape gangs in Minneapolis, close the Mall of America.

    • Jew Franken is out… now for Nigger Ellison.
      Traitors= Jews and darkies.
      Wasn’t a war fought for this exact problem?

  3. Farm animals toiled in the South and therefore deserve their own state. All Southern states were founded as pro-white states. No, they do not get to take Southern states. 45% of blacks are outside the South BTW. Ellison, Spencer and the rest who want to give away white states to niggers and whoever else can go fuck themselves. Niggers have a whole god damn continent. Yes, they can and will move back.

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