Iran Protests Appears To Be Over

This is great news:

“TEHRAN, Iran — The strength of protests shaking Iran was unclear on Thursday after a week of unrest that killed at least 21 people, with fewer reports of demonstrations as government supporters again took to the streets in several cities and towns.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the drop in reports of new demonstrations challenging Iran’s theocratic government meant the protests were subsiding or that the authorities’ blocking of social media apps had managed to stop protesters from offering new images of rallies.

However, while CBS News sources in Iran said there were sporadic, small uprisings reported around the country, the deployment of thousands of security forces appeared to have largely restored order — by force and intimidation — in most places. …”

Tens of thousands of people in Iran are marching in support of the Iranian government and calling for the death of seditionists:

“Following days of violent unrest gripping Iran, tens of thousands of people flocked to streets in the country’s major cities in a massive show of support for the government and the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei.

Massive pro-government rallies kicked off on Wednesday in different towns and cities, including Ahvaz, Kermanshah, Bushehr, Abadan, Gorgan and Qom, local media reported.

Chants of “Leader, we are ready!” and “We offer the blood in our veins to our Leader” were heard as images provided by state media showed thousands-strong crowds waving Iranian flags and a holding placards that read “Death to seditionists.” …”

Russia and Turkey have slammed foreign interference in Iran’s domestic politics. France has called out the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia and compared Trump’s foreign policy to George W. Bush’s “Axis of Evil.” The European Union wants to stay out of it.

Here is a documentary on Ayatollah Khomeini and the Iranian Revolution:

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  1. It’s far from over. Our traitorous overlords have invested billions to take down Iran one way or the other.

    The six million dollar question: What if anything will Putin do?

    • He doesn’t have to do much. Hell, if I were Putin I’d encourage the US to attack Tehran.

      • @Captain John Charity Spring MA

        That would spread them out thin, to the point of collapse. The Iranians would withdraw into their central mountains and make a campaign that would make Afghanistan look like a practice scrimmage.

    • @MOTS: You’re right, King Kike isn’t going to give Iran a moment’s worth of peace and quiet until that country is in ruins like all the other Mohammedan countries around it. The civil uprising tactic didn’t work, so now it’s time to form terrorist armies inside Iran comprised of “moderate rebels” and “freedom fighters”.

      • I hope the mullahs are on top of it – and slaughter the “moderate rebels” on sight. I’d love to have the JewSA “army”go in and be slaughtered. Send the Private Sheffey Niggers in .

  2. Given the choice of an Islamic republic vs a liberal republic, I will go with the Islamic one. The cockroaches that have been agitated by foreign jewish propaganda would happily turn their land into another SJW nightmare which will ultimately be the end of the Iranian people.

      • From your name it sounds like you were gettin on your knees for Manson. Now that he’s gone it looks like you bending over for towel heads now.

    • What do the Jews fear??

      1-White Christian Russia uniting with white Christian America————Yes
      2-The Christian world uniting with the Muslim world———————-Yes

      • Looks like you need a little vibrancy in your neighborhood. Invite more muzzies into the country. Maybe you cant get a white man and prefer a muzzie or maybe you just want to be raped. Sounds like you got some issues. Deal with it.

  3. Wow. How can you support this theocratic regime ? It’s really funny to see alt-right being so close with Shia extremists (litteraly the same than Sunni extremists ).

  4. Does Iran have a national program that OKs abortion?
    Does Iran have a national program that OKs queer/carpet muncher ‘marriage’?
    Is Iran’s economy run by jew bankers?

    I see.

    They’re out of step with most of the rest of the world.
    They must be punished.

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