Trump Poised To Take Action on Medicaid Work Requirements

If you haven’t noticed, the common thread that runs through almost everything the Trump administration has done – the huge corporate tax cut, opening up the outer continental shelf to oil drilling, cutting regulationsis that it is things businesses and employers want:

“The Trump administration is preparing to release guidelines soon for requiring Medicaid recipients to work, according to sources familiar with the plans, a major shift in the 50-year-old program.

The guidelines will set the conditions for allowing states to add work requirements to their Medicaid programs for the first time, putting a conservative twist on the health insurance program for the poor. …”

Medicaid cuts is just another example of this. Trump promised not to do it as a candidate. Protecting entitlements is another one of his disappearing populist promises:

Seema Verma, Trump’s administrator of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, even dropped the W. era phrase “the soft bigotry of low expectations” to justify the change. Every day the Trump administration looks more like George W. Bush’s third term.

Note: I say almost everything the Trump administration has done because the pro-business agenda is advancing with the Jewish donor class agenda. There is no working class agenda except for Larry Kudlow articles and perhaps the NFL tweets.

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  1. Here in Baltimore all the recovering junkies get an 800$ a month stipend to live on and not work. After there free health and food they sell pills everywhere. Work rules are needed.

  2. This is meaning unless Reagan’s EMTALA is repealed, otherwise they will just clog up the emergency rooms when the problems get too bad. Medicaid is cheaper than the emergency room.

    Oh, and why would an employer hire a low-social-class person when a higher class person is looking for work? They only get hired in a Clintonian (i.e., late ’90s) economy, which we because of globalization & roboticization, we will never see again. The bottom line is the just as the Rome’s fate was sealed when they made the conquered as equal citizens, America’s fate was sealed when low-cost, chattel labor was imported and then made equal citizens with Amendment XIV.

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