Gary Cohn: Congress Will Hopefully Pass Banking Reform Soon

After the huge corporate tax cut, the obvious next step to Making America Great Again … is rolling back Dodd-Frank for banking lobbyists:

“White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn on Friday predicted that Congress could pass a bipartisan bill to exempt dozens of banks from post-crisis financial rules within the next three months.

Cohn said on Bloomberg News that the Senate bill to roll back the Dodd-Frank Act would “hopefully” see floor time in January and pass the House “in the first quarter of this year.”

“We are making enormous progress on a bipartisan basis on bank deregulation,” Cohn said. “We’ve got a bill in the Senate that has bipartisan support to really change the regulatory environment for the vast, vast majority of banks in the United States.” …

The Crapo bill is the most substantial attempt to roll back Dodd-Frank that has received bipartisan support. Bank lobbyists have rallied behind the bill as the last chance to make major changes to the post-crisis rules long targeted by the financial sector.”

Isn’t it obvious?

The nationalist-populist revolution wasn’t about building a big, beautiful wall. No, it was about the big, beautiful corporate tax cut, DACA amnesty, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, fomenting regime change in Iran and deregulating the banking industry.


In other news, Reaganonmics isn’t working for the White working class.

“American wages rose a sluggish 2.5 percent last year, according to a Labor Department report released Friday morning. That’s the same rate of wage growth as under President Barack Obama. Historically, wages have grown more than 3.5 percent in a typical economic upturn, but that hasn’t happened in this expansion.

Trump is facing a similar problem that plagued Obama: The stock market is soaring, but wages are stagnant. The Dow Jones industrial average jumped 25 percent in 2017 and is up more than 30 percent since Trump won the election, but those gains largely accrue to the wealthiest Americans, including many of Trump’s donors and close friends. Almost half of the country doesn’t have a single dollar in the stock market.

“Trump’s donors are doing spectacularly well. But Trump’s base in West Virginia and Kentucky hasn’t really enjoyed much of the recovery,” says Greg Valliere, chief global strategist at Horizon Investments and author of a daily political newsletter. …”

Could be a big problem down the road in the 2018 midterms. We shall see.

Note: I need another drink after all this winning.

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    • And the Alt Right bodybuilding fag Paul Kersey supports Session’s War on Weed=THE DRACONIAN ROCKFELLER DRUG LAWS!!!!

  1. MAGA JOBS PROGRAM!!!!=Donald Trump using the Working Class Native Born White Christian American Teenage Male Population as cannon fodder for his precious Jew only Israel…

  2. Prediction:Alex Jones and infowars declare war on Christian Russia…demand that Crimea be given to the kike Ukrainian Oligarchs….Millie Weaver makes one last attempt as a Hollywood Whoretress…and picks up even more Jewish anal warts…..

  3. Fine, just as soon as the Federal Reserve is audited, fined what they owe us, and then abolished.

    Fractional reserve banking must end.

    And, yes, Jews must be prohibited involvement in the financial sector completely.

  4. Anti-Semitism is completely rational and justified. Jews, along with Muslims, are enemies within who must be removed.

  5. MAGA on the backs of a 3rd world majority looks like the game plan. What could possibly go wrong? Can these traitors name ONE great 3rd world country? Trump is trashing every reason for which he was elected. If he isn’t impeached he’ll be a 1 term president. Not that it makes any difference.

  6. The growth rate of real wages
    1. Is unrelated to presidential approval (cf., Reagan, Ronald)
    2. Is unlikely to be substantially affected in the short term by any presidential action that doesn’t either resemble New Deal policies or obviously have an effect on either food or fuel supplies. Trump’s offshore drilling decision is probably the biggest policy to boost real wages (both in the short and long term) he’s going to have during his administration.
    Repeal of Dodd Frank has been virtually universally approved of by the GOP and just as universally opposed by the D party since it was signed. Like most GOP economic proposals, it’s probably not harmful, but is very far from a nationalist/populist agenda. President Cruz with eight-year-old insults is what we get, and will have for the forseeable future.

  7. Trump can kiss jewish tuchas all he wants, but they will never trust him, because he cannot be bribed, bought or blackmailed with their filthy lucre. At any rate Trump has no intention of running again in 2020. He just wanted to be president for one term to show everyone that he could do it.

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