Ricky Vaughn Appears On The Krypto Report


Ricky Vaughn was recently interviewed by Azzmador on The Kypto Report about American Nationalism, the ZOG Emperor and the Alt-Right going into mainstream politics.

While I don’t share their point of view, I encourage you to listen to their perspective. If anything is true, the debacle of the Trump presidency, the destruction of Roy Moore and the demise of Steve Bannon have convinced me of the futility of trying to reform the Republican Party.

I’ve agreed to debate Ricky Vaughn about these issues on a future podcast. I actually agree with Ricky on some things like cultural demography and skepticism of whiteness as a bond of solidarity. I just don’t think voting for the Republican Party is going to change our circumstances. The GOP is doubling down on its traditional plutocratic, Israel First agenda and has failed to deliver on its promises.

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  1. Those of us involved in politics for a long time, I was the political action coordinator the North Carolina Air Traffic Controllers in the late 1970s until the strike in 1981, know full well what the Republicans and Democrats were and are.

    Now, as a Southern Nationalist, I’ve come to dispose them all.

    • Yes.

      With Dems, they just want to openly annihilate you and everything you stand for and represent.

      With the GOP, they want to create some twisted “New South” that would be a morally-bankrupt, degenerate, greed-filled cesspit.

      Both awful, both heavily dominated by Jewry, and both far beyond reform.

      • The “new south” is to be just another generic place where rootless, racially mongrelized people live, work, consume and obey – no different from any other sector in the Jew World Order.

  2. Jared Wyand is a much better e-personality than “Ricky Vaughn”, of whom we know nothing. I look forward to the Showdown in Motown bewteen HW and lil’Ricky!

  3. Whiteness never needed be a “bond,” only a certain stand-in for an origin under a global existential threat.

    The “bond” is (P)erfection.

    And short of white men’s desire for objective (S)upremacy, all subordinate “bonds” are surely self-servingly temporary in the big scheme of things.

    White (S)upremacy is the desire for white man’s redemption, each and every one of “us.”

    This ^^^ is where a bond shall manifest and a healing of the white race will commence.

  4. Ricky Tavana is an insipid, thin-skinned, self-important alt-lite personality with no sense of humor who takes himself way too seriously. Fortunately people on GAB are starting to wise up to him.

  5. Trump became president because the Ron Paul people stopped voting GOP.

    Trump falling short necessitates the movement of the present waging full scale war of annihilation on the GOP.

    Like a disobedient child, you just keep escalating until they learn.

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