President Trump Signs Executive Orders To Expand High Speed Internet To Rural America

We’ve got some good news to report for a change:

“NASHVILLE (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump was expected on Monday to sign an executive order to make it easier for the private sector to locate broadband infrastructure on federal land and buildings, part of a push to expand high-speed internet in rural America. …

The White House described the moves as an incremental step to help spur private development while the administration figures out what it can do to help with funding, something that could become part of Trump’s plan to invest in infrastructure.

“We know that funding is really the key thing to actually changing rural broadband,” a second White House official said.”

If the Trump administration wants to dramatically expand rural broadband in the infrastructure bill, I am all for it. Compare broadband internet in the United States to South Korea. In South Korea, the national government has promoted the expansion of internet infrastructure through public-private partnerships while the United States has taken a more laissez-faire approach.

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  1. Very good news – it’s sad that huge swathes of this country still lag so far behind in terms of basic things like WiFi.

    Let’s just hope the GOP doesn’t try to pull their “fiscal conservatism” crap.

    • No it’s not. Only Whitey lives out there in the “yuge swaths”. Of course we can always wax nostalgic for Obama and the Trillion Communications Group out of Atlanta for improving Sail Foam service in SW Alabama.

      • We’re White.

        We are the only reason technological progress has occurred at all.

        Why should we be behind historically-stagnant peoples like the Asians in terms of technology we invented?

  2. The bad news is… They won’t need a warrant to inspect internet traffic and information on their own Network. Not that that has been much of a problem for them to this point. It does nullify illegal search and seizure does it not. ” broadband infrastructure on federal land and buildings”.


    All the garbage the Judaists are producing is now going to spread into rural areas too.

    • “70% of North American internet traffic in peak evening hours comes from streaming video and audio sites like Netflix and YouTube, according to new research from broadband services company Sandvine.”

  4. Trump is at the NiggaBall game tonight. It’s a very friendly place for him in the stands but I noticed all of the playas stayed inside for the national anthem.

  5. I have a huge feeling this is only to pad some large techs pockets, Tesla, Amazon, Facebook, etc. Pick your horse and place your bet.

    • Hopefully, the millions of reasonable minded people streaming the “NiggaBal gamel” made it difficult to watch porn tonight. It was a great game, and you lose if you missed it. Goodnight OD, I’m about to hit the sheets, and rehearse a porn with a prettier lady than (any of) yours before I go to sleep. Good night!

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