Sloppy Steve Cucks Himself

This is just sad.

By my count, Steve Bannon has called us “losers” and “a fringe element” and “a collection of clowns.” Recently, he went even further and said we were “beyond clowns.”

Sloppy Steve has now apologized to Donald Trump. Naturally, the apology wasn’t accepted by that raging narcissist and he could be on the verge of being fired by Breitbart. Everyone from Matt Drudge to Stephen Miller to Alex Jones is now sticking the knife in Sloppy Steve.

Yeah, I think I would rather be a “fringe element” than be a part of this team. At least I can say exactly what I think without about these people without a filter.

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  1. Brannon is a bloated and blotchy old Irish booze-hound, a man of unstable temperament and dubious character. In other words he is the exact opppsite of our own HW.

    • He also mixed many metaphors.

      “Don will be cracked on TV like an egg”

      “It’s as plain as the hair on your face”

      • You should have seen the wreck alcohol made of my parents, my father with tumor so large that he looked 15 month’s pregnant, my mother with a totally destroyed liver. Needless to say, I’m teetotal.

  2. He was correct before, though. You never apologize to these people–not only does it make you look weak, but they never accept it anyway.

    How desperate must he be to cave like that? Does he care about his breitbart job that much? He’ll likely be losing it anyway.

  3. The logic of the ANTI-COMMIE-COLD WAR CRUSADE:

    The passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

    The passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act

    Civic Nationalist CUCKHOLDERY

    Barack Obama’s Kenyan Father allowed into US through a Anti-Commie-Cold War Foriegn Student Program…







      • It’s up to you before whom you bow. But Trump is bowing by attacking Bannon. He knows that his Jewish critics love it when he attacks Steve, so it’s a cheap way to get their support or at least dilute their hatred. Unless Steve runs for office and wins, which is possible.

    • They don`t let You in because you are not liberal aware. Remember, Amren was refused to enter Hungary or mr. Spencer was refused in Poland.

      Letting in is very much like giving new house. Of course You may get new house but only when You admit the problem why all Your previous houses burned down.

      Can You imagine, that somebody let burn one house after another and still blaming jewsniggersmuslimsanddarthvader but refuses to admit that all houses burned down because You gave children matches again. Who is the fool who gives burned down house owner another house only for children with matches will burn it down ?

      Instead of removing from one burned house to another, better admit the problem, white liberal. This Your beloved child who burns Your all houses down with the matches You refusing to take away.

      We hate communism and want to help but helping Western nationalists is like helping of drunkard. Before drunkard can not admit that he has a problem, there is nothing we can do.

      Forget moving in Russia, get rid of the white liberal like we did and You live in Your own country better than we down here…:D

      • Yes, Juri, but Jews are behind every white liberal cause. Feminism, homosexuality, transgender, integration, all Jew sponsored. The white liberals are merely the tools of the Jews, just like the blacks, muslims, homos, feminists, and other assorted freaks are. Look up the Synagogue of Satan on youtube; they’ve been doing this for over 100 years.

        • Secular Jews are clearly the brains and financiers of all these leftist movements: black liberation, women’s liberation, gay liberation, open borders, x-rated sex education, gun confiscation, free speech for pornographers but not for Christians, etc, Without Jewish influence, blacks, Mexicans, gays, etc., would pose no problem. So those who complain about the individual movements are overlooking the big picture.

          • I’ve been saying for some time that blacks, muslims, latinos, feminists, etc, are all just tools of the jews to destroy white culture and civilization.

        • @ Gabby Mouse

          “”….they’ve been doing this for over 100 years….””

          At least 3500 years by today`s historical data. By our current knowledge, first attempt to enforce all equal liberalism was made in Ancient Egypt 1500 years BC by pharaoh Akhenaten when Egypt was white as most people know.

          After that we had numerous of problems, medieval witch hunt and then revolutions and now multicult.

          Jew jumped on board only recently, first in Cromwell uprising in the Cucked Island. They saw the problem inside the white race and decided to use it. As late as 400 years ago, jew become irremovable. Cuck Island removed the jew something 1300 and after Cromwell become in charge he let jew back in.

          This is the eternal question, when you have gunpowder barrel and the spark, who you will remove first ?

          Eastern European solution is remove the barrel. When we remove the spark, then gunpowder barrel called, white liberal still remain and the only thing we get instead of razizz , is old good 100% white witch hunt madness. Also Solar God madness or whatever horror in the white race at least 10 000 years history.

          Why they all disappeared ? Did they failed because of jew ? Or did they wiped out by outside enemy ? Or they failed to recognize madness inside white race, white liberal ?

  4. Bannon’s a flunky but the reason some call you “fringe,” is on account of the hiel Hitler few and the many who talk non stop, ( as in obsession, ) about “Jews.” “IF” you want to achieve a large all white south … tone that down about 50 % and SPECIFY WHICH JEWS AND WHY. We need the support of AS MANY WHITES AS WE CAN GET.
    We need $$$ too. Buy these crypto coins and sell when they’ve gone up 10 to 50 times : Litecoin. ETN. Ripple. Pillar. And maybe TenX.
    Better get pro Trump this next election. (((THEY))) are pushing the female ape that talks as their 2020 candidate, and you know she’ll get 90 % of the darkie vote, 100 % of the hijacked voter machine votes, and aaallll those dingy white women who’s husbands allow them to watch the monkey.
    PS : See on youtube – SGT Report – Trump’s getting Guantanamo prison ready for the elite ?!

    • Jews are not White.

      the semitic 10% are out of North Africa and the Middle East.

      the ashkenazic tikkun ola 90% are out of Asia.

      and they and their shabbatz goyim are genociding the entire White race via

      *open borders ethnic orc insourcing


      *and killing the White birthrate by an MSM/public ed-induced kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, faggotry, and Judeo-feminism.

      take your Trumpaholism and stuff it. The Jews own him same as the rest of the political class.

  5. Steve was only ever the Shabbos goy window dressing at Breitbart and WH. He suckered in the goys to the Alt Lite and Maga. They have played him out. Now he retires stage left either gracefully or not. If he is on the booze, his Masters can count on him going out swinging and cucking.

    The goyim should make a resolution never to window dress Jew operations – like ZOG regime changes, political parties etc.

  6. Three substantive criticisms of Bannon from recent times (that is to say, after 2016 election).

    1) neocon foreign policy of shit-stirring and war mongering

    2) belief that record low black and Mexican unemployment will change how they vote, it won’t. They vote as racial blocks, as should we.

    3) The belief that Putin’s Russia is anything other than a key bulwark against the New World Order

    Bannon picked up the ball fumbled by the Alt Right and fumbled it in turn. The logical reaction? Pick up the ball and run with it, the ball being the populist assault on the GOP.

  7. Too much mumbo-jumbo philosophical jargon about black piling and red piling…..Using this kind of language just means that the ALT RIGHT hasn’t found a language that allows them to interact in a meaningful way with the Native Born White American Working Class.

    The extent that Black Pilling is tabula Rosa blank slate empiricism…it is false….Rev Ball’s famous sermon is the only way to go…

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