The Border Wall Transitions Into The Border Fence

I don’t know what the purpose of these border wall prototypes are supposed to be when the GOP Congress is only proposing to build a 316 mile fence over 10 years:

“I wholeheartedly agree with Donald Trump from back in 2015. There is a BIG difference between a wall and a fence. But the proposals released by the U.S. government this week are in stark contrast with POTUS’s promises. This is the nullification project at work.

The Trump administration will request $18 billion over a 10-year period for 316 miles of fencing, and for a reinforcement of 407 miles where barriers are already in place. This is less than half the U.S. border, and less than half of the strength of a real brick and mortar wall — as Mick Mulvaney was touting earlier this year.

The administration was warned by supportive voices as far back as May that this wouldn’t do, but it appears that at least through 2027, this is their idea for a wall. …

In American parlance, The Deplorables are “getting rolled”.

They don’t even expect this DACA deal to go anywhere. Senate Democrats aren’t going to vote for even this pathetic fence. Senate Republicans aren’t going to fund it either. They will have a big public fight over it for their respective bases. It will be more time-tested kabuki theater. Then each side will blame the other for the failure and use it as a talking point in the 2018 midterms.

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    • @El Puto: No stupid, the zillionaire globalist elite win. You La Raza and Pantifa types are just their minimum wage mercenaries.

      Heil Hitler.

    • No, liberals are not winnning, humans are winning right now.

      Some things take some time. We teared down USSR 6 years. And mr. Orban also deconstructed liberals 5 years until he managed to construct he`s fence.

      Taking down liberals is most important job and everything else can wait. Wall is useless when liberals are not canned and that what Trump is doing.

      I highly recommend comerade Stalin biography to understand how excacly correct purge must be made. Most important is avoiding accusations of witch hunt. To avoid it, purgemaker must promote liberal first to convience general public that liberals is really bad.

      Just firing does not work. Liberal will be inoccent victim then. First liberal needs promotion so later is possible to claim that purgemaker gave liberal a chanche.

      By my honest opinion, US does need wall at all. Poland has no wall and no immigration. They went after liberals first and no liberals, no problems.

  1. If caca was going to increase R votes, obunghole would have cancelled it on day one. A pen was all that was needed.

    If illegal aliens were voting R, obunghole would have had 10,000 bulldozers working on the wall as he took the oath of office.

    1 step forward, 100 steps backward.

    trump is a backstabbing, lying traitor.
    Directed by his joo family.

  2. We will have a medium-sized, homely fence on our border…and no need for a door of any particular size or quality. The “good ones” can just sneak in through the miles-long gaps. So can the “bad hombres,” too, in fact!

  3. The globalists can not afford to allow a wall to be built on the border with Mexico. It would be a powerful symbol to express the idea that America belongs to its citizens and will protect its borders. It would signal that these lands will never belong to Mexico or any other political entity other than the United States. It would send the message that the United States is a sovereign nation and will always remain separate from other nations and never enter political union with its southern neighbors or a global organization.

  4. Why not get the Army Corps of Engineers to build the damn wall? The military just received a $700 billion budget for the year, so I’m sure they’ll be able pay for it, with a more than a little bit left over to fund ISIS and Al Qaeda.

    • You could but quite a few electronic land mines for $700 billion. You could probably even design them to be turned off for cleaning up the mess. I think even Eisenhower would have used lethal force as late as the 1950’s. Honestly, I don’t even care at this point. Our country is so rotted I am about 2 clicks from going full mountain man.

    • Spahn, since you know it all; then why aren’t you in charge of the Army?… I know why; because you’re too pussy to sign on.

  5. “Senate Democrats aren’t going to vote for even this pathetic fence. Senate Republicans aren’t going to fund it either.”

    When it comes to wars invading sovereign country and level entire city to rubble,the president has the emergency power to override congress critters.

  6. Why doesn’t the border wall come out of our defense budget? That’s what the defense budget is about—protecting our borders. Right?

  7. No one in DC is serious about curbing, let alone ending 3rd world immigration or deporting the ones here. No need to build a wall if Mexicans are on both sides of it.

  8. Long sections of fence already exist. They just need to close the gaps. The patrol roads are already there, too. They already have walls up, in places in Texas and California, where the border bisects towns.

  9. Trump deserves some blame, but really the system is just too corrupt and controlled. They block Trump at every chance they get even for small reforms. I don’t believe the purest white nationalist could do much more than Trump. They won’t let you. The President does not have unilateral power.

    The South had it right. The best solution is secession.

  10. The Emporer doesn’t comand the army shipped over seas far away from home and from their family.DoD a tool for the trans-national of usury,drugs and oil, Federal Reserve corporation,inc.Stock Market is fake news.

  11. Need a new country:

    CSA = Christian States of America

    The only way to beat the Jews and their allies is with a holy war…

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