The Weekly Standard: The Ideas and The Vessel

The Weekly Standard agrees with National Review that Trump has become a conventional Republican president:

For their part, establishment Republicans in Washington decided during the primaries that, if he were elected, Trump, lacking any of his own ideas, would become the vessel for their priorities. Which is why, when push came to shove, The Swamp backed Trump over Ted Cruz.

The Swamp turned out to be correct, of course. Trump has delivered no border wall, but seems intent on extending DACA. He did not repeal Obamacare, but he did pass a giant tax cut favored by big corporations and the Chamber of Commerce. As a matter of policy, his administration has been indistinguishable from what one might have expected from John McCain or Mitt Romney, had they become president. Only with corruption and staff turmoil and a special investigator and Twitter.

So the Republican establishment was able to separate the ideas of Trumpism from the vessel of Trump—and they chose Trump. Not surprising. Politics is about power and ideas are a luxury. …”

The God Emperor has been cucked.

Why do you think that we are the only ones drawing attention to this? We became alarmed and started documenting this process early in the transition.

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  1. I’m 72. I grew up in post-WW2 America.
    Guns were sold through the mail, no paperwork.
    Doors were unlocked, bikes left on the lawn
    were there the next day. Keys were left in the car so you
    didn’t lose them.

    I can’t believe how much has been destroyed. I also
    hate to admit that it took me so many years to identify
    the destroyers. After nine 11, I knew it had to be the

    A few weeks after the attack, the 2nd worst airline disaster
    in US history took place… and within hours, the 5
    dancing juice were released and flown back to
    it’s real hell. Murder and blackmail.

    Then it all made sense.. the deadly USS Liberty attack,
    etc.,etc., etc.

    I can’t imagine how bad the world will be when my 5
    home schooled children are my age…



    For the Judaists, lying and scamming is Job 1.

  3. Trump won the election because of the policy ideas he articulated in the campaign. Of course, “ideas” that Americans actually understand and agree with are something these scheming kikes in the media have no genuine respect for. Jews are pretty busy trying to rewrite recent history. I only recall Bob Dole saying that the Republicans would prefer Trump to Cruz, and I suspect that was because of Cruz making an overtly religious appeal, which would appear to be something that gets you excommunicated from the GOP, since it’s the other Anti-Christian party.

  4. What we need to do, I have said before: revolution, blood in the streets, rivers of blood- per Enoch Powell.

    The white man’s genocide is fast coming, and when even Jewish academics and Craig Paul Roberts are beginning to point out the fact, we are close to critical mass for the Anglo-Saxons to rise up and take back our nation.

    Trump’s election was the Fort Sumpter moment of the 21st-century. Charlottesville was our Kristallnacht.

    The only thing we need to do, is RAHOWA-destroy every single nonwhite in our path.
    And do the work of God. Any nation has a right to defend itself-whether pagan or Christian. We need to repent, of course. But maybe we can repent of something after we have cleansed this Racial/religious evil from our land…first.

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