Jared Kushner Is Pushing For Prison Reform

I’m old enough to remember when Donald Trump ran as the “law-and-order” candidate:

“Why it matters: The White House sees this as a conservative issue (save money, cut crime) that could get bipartisan support (spending for workforce development), heading into a midterm election year when it’ll be even harder to get congressional accomplishments than it was last year. …

Jared and his wife, Ivanka Trump, held a dinner discussion at their home, including Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.)

The administration is exploring possible legislative proposals and administrative actions. An early step could include a push for public awareness involving churches. …

Koch Industries general counsel Mark Holden, a longtime champion of the issue, told me he has been impressed with Kushner’s passion, and that the approach the administration is exploring “has been showed to markedly reduce recidivism.”

Now, Jarvanka are hosting Dick Durbin at their home in an effort to figure out how to deliver another big item on the Koch Brothers agenda.

Note: The Koch Brothers have already got their tax cut. They’re also demanding DACA.

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  1. Jared and Ivanka believe, said Bannon, that if they advocate prison reform and save DACA – the program to protect the children of illegal immigrants – the liberals will come to their defense.

    He digressed briefly to characterize Ivanka Trump’s legislative acumen, and her difficulty- which had become quite a White House preoccupation- in finding sponsorship for her family leave proposal. “Here’s why, I keep telling her: there’s no political constituency in it. You know how easy it is to get a bill sponsored, any schendrick can do it. You know what your bill has no sponsorship? Because people realize how dumb it is”.

    • Prisons ARE inhumane and need reform. This isn’t a lib issue, it’s an everyone issue. Don’t let the libs steal it.

      • Damn good point, JJ. The prison-industrial complex is as much of a problem as its better known sibling the military industrial complex.

      • I do believe that I’m qualified to voice my own opinion here, having spent TWENTY CALENDAR YEARS of my life behind bars and razor-wire in the prison system (yes, as an inmate)…

        My opinion is this: It all depends on what kind of “reform” they’re talking about. Prisons aren’t supposed to be nice places, dammit! Why should some filthy nigger who rapes your daughter, cousin, aunt, etc., have anything but a hellish experience in prison??! I myself went to prison for second-degree murder. I spent a very long time, suffered greatly… and, truthfully speaking, deserved everything that I went through. And further, for some of you fellas who may or may not have some personal experience with the penal system: the majority of inmates are either niggers or other non-Whites! Do you think these niggers need to be coddled, given free education, weights to work out with so that they can swell up to be even bigger, more aggressive monsters?!

        Like I said, it depends on what “reform” means. I don’t give a damn what some of you guys are saying about how “inhumane” the prison-system is. I WAS THERE for half my life… and I’m here to tell you, most of the INMATES are inhumane. I can’t tell you the number of scum-bags I’ve encountered over the years, fuckers who, if I saw one of ’em coming around my neighborhood I’d be the first to call the cops on them. Now I know that that’s an unpopular thing to say, and maybe some of you are gonna get pissed off about it and call me some names, but I don’t rightly give a damn. A whole lot of the inhuman animals in the prison system (in EVERY state) deserve all of the “mistreatment” that comes their fucking way. Not all of them, of course. I know that there are some o’kay people in prison — plenty of them — people who are non-violent, maybe even some political dissidents like a few of my Aryan brothers who are victims of Big Jew, etc. I’m aware of this fact. But when you go talking about how “inhumane” prison is, how it needs to be “reformed”, I have to wonder what that means. I’ve known some convicts and inmates who I wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire… and I’ve known some staff (guards, etc.) who are damn fine folks. Everything’s not so cut-and-dry when you make broad generalizations about things. That goes for the social-justice (and that’s what it is the majority of the time) of “prison reform”.

        Think hard about what I’m saying, folks. Think about all of those rapist, murdering nogs and Mestizo gang-bangers in the prison-system. Do they deserve the social-justice of being treated “more humane”, when they are such inhumane filth??

        • Half the inmates in prison are there for nonviolent offenses. They shouldn’t be in prison to begin with. And when they come out they will be even more antisocial than before. Prisons are also being used as substitute mental hospitals. And how many millionaires does one see behind bars?

          Reinstating the death penalty without death row inmates being able to file endless appeals also needs to be done. If they’re found guilty send ’em to the electric chair or the gas chamber.

          • And of that half that are non-violent (or who currently have non-violent charges that is, because many will go on to pick up violent charges later), how many percent-wise do you think are niggers and other non-Whites? Do you believe that nigger thieves, crack dealers, “non-violent” sex offenders and the like ought to catch a break and be turned back out onto the streets early? Because that’s exactly what happens when, every time the system cuts a bunch of non-violent convicts loose during what’s called a “safety-valve” measure to relieve overcrowding. Every time, they cut loose several thousand niggers and other non-Whites. They rarely give the Whites any play. Whites with drug offenses sit and do their time while “non-violent” nog sex-offenders and crack dealers skip out happy… Only to come RIGHT BACK with VIOLENT charges, like raping some 96-year-old White woman. I’ve seen it happen a hundred times, personally. Safety-valve means “let’s turn a shit-load of niggers onto the streets”… and prison-reform means “lets turn a shit-load of niggers onto the streets”. I’m telling you what I know for a fact.

            Sure, it all sounds good when the politicians are talking about it… but, like every thing else that comes out of their bags of tricks, none of it is worth a damn for White folk. This shit is just a way to send a shit-ton of criminal niggers and Mestizos back onto the streets to terrorize Whitey, and drum-up crime stats to justify more police-state measures.

          • Spahn, that is the closest thing to intelligence (minus the death penalty sspect) that you’ve ever posted

      • “Prisons ARE inhumane and need reform.” (What a laugh.)
        “This isn’t a lib issue, it’s an everyone issue.” (Could you be more obvious?)
        “Don’t let the libs steal it.” (Steal it? Ha! No thanks. You can keep it.)

        • The context of the prison reform is important.

          The fact that crime is rampant in prison is an outrage. Drug dealing, assault, rape, extortion and other crimes. The guards are often complicit.

          Eliminating crime in prison is the reform that we need. We also have to consider bringing back corporal punishment, meaning flogging, for certain crimes.

          Importantly, racial segregation should be provided for prisoners. It’s inherently cruel and unusual punishment for whites to be subjected to negro prisoners, even if the whites themselves are criminals. If you doubt it, read this book review by Jared Taylor.


  2. Of COURSE Jared Kushner wants to release convicted criminals.

    After all, his father is one.

    The wallet in his pocket was made by his father in prison leather shop.

    Charles Kushner served time in a federal prison in Alabama. Jared may have a grudge against Alabama because of it.

    • “Prison reform” = Social Justice for thieving, raping, murdering non-Whites. Great for Big Jew… not worth a damn for us. Anything coming from (((Kushner))) can only further White genocide. Just think of all those non-White Democrats! And all of the black-on-White crime just waiting to happen…

      THINK, people.

  3. Prison reform isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just depends on what the proposed reforms actually are.

    Of course, if Kushner is leading this, I’m sure it’s going to involve lax sentences on several key crimes…

  4. Rarely have I ever heard the phrase “prison reform” without it meaning leniency, catering to violent niggers and releasing drug abusers/dealers. I doubt this will prove otherwise. You want prison reform? Execute the fucking murderers, child molesters and those who maim victims for life, as well as recidivists (third strike you’re REALLY out), Somehow I don’t think these backstabbing faggots mean getting tough on increasing anti-white violence (see SBPDL, etc) or any other violent crime, for that matter.

  5. The Trump Train started rolling exactly when peak pressure and determined perception on the reality of nigger-on-white crime was at its pinnacle.

  6. Distinct separate jails and courts for blacks and non-whites. The law and its punishments arise from the ethnos of our aryan people and their previous civilizations. Out groups are not a realistic part of legal consequence and reform. Jewish serial killers, MS-13, blacks, hajiis and asian triad gangsters for instance.

    If there were judicial consequences like citizenship stripping and summary deportation it would save a lot of money and loss. The corporate profit aspect of prison organizational structure is also corrupt in that it promotes crime as a lifestyle, rather than generating national good oriented consequence and reform.

  7. Whatsa matter? Is there some newfound need to make prisons more comfortable for the white junkies filling up the prisons?

    • You’re such a venereal disease, El Shitbag. The majority of the prison population isn’t “White junkies”… but NON-White trash. Kindly go to sleep in your car with the exhaust hosed through the window. Thanks!

  8. Savior Nixon, and Reagans drug policies are quickly changing that. As the old saying goes; what goes around, comes around. I’m all for repeal of mandatory minimums for, drug offences, but it’s only fair ir we wait 30 years to do so… So dark people can get their fair share of time to laugh at the drug epidemic in your community.

    • Don’t you have some bloody baby penises to suck on, El Jew?
      I know that you’re a Jew troll (not a Mestizo as you’d like everyone here to believe) due to the fact that your posts are filled with a particular rancor towards Whites that only kikes display. But you’re not one of the more intelligent kikes… not by a damned sight. Your retorts are ridiculous. You’re just a slimy, hateful bottom-feeder type of throw-away kike. The kind that Big Jew sacrifices without a thought.

  9. Hey, Big Jew Kushner and traitorous filth shiksa:

    The only prison-reform I’d get behind — TRUE social justice — is setting all of the non-violent White drug addicts free, with government funded free follow-up opioid rehab services, and setting all of our hundreds of White brothers and sisters who are political prisoners of ZOG free!

    THAT would be a start towards actual reform, you slimy turd. How ’bout it?

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