SHEEEIIT: DeAndre Harris Is Facing New Charges

Everyone’s favorite dindu nuffin from Charlottesville is facing new charges:

“SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) — The victim of a brutal beating on Aug. 12, who is also facing a misdemeanor assault charge from that same day, now has two new charges stemming from a traffic stop in Southampton County.

According to Major G.H. Drewery with the Southampton Sheriff’s Office, Deandre Harris was pulled over for speeding at around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Drewery said the officer detected the odor of what he believed to be marijuana and subsequently searched the vehicle Harris was driving. In addition to a small quantity of marijuana, the officer found a loaded AR-15 rifle under a coat on the back seat.

Harris is facing a misdemeanor concealed weapon charge and a second misdemeanor charge for transporting a loaded weapon. Drewery said he will not be charged for the marijuana.

An attorney for Harris did not return a call requesting comment. No court date has been set.”

Is it fascism?

Let’s hope DeAndre doesn’t get into a gun fight over his Air Jordans. We know he had to quit his job due to post-traumatic stress after being beaten by white supremacists.

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    • Subsaharan africans have zero Neanderthal DNA. In a science based world this alone should denote them as a distinct species.

    • Just LOOK at those bongo lips :))) The African “species” does NOT belong with whites and there’s NO WAY the founders meant for blacks to have guns when drafting the 2nd amendment !!!

  1. @Spahn,
    Yes its looking better though. Oprah has given an ‘inspiring’ speech at the golden globes (which I haven’t seen) so theres now talk of an Oprah white house down the track. That’ll fix things.
    When all else fails, elect a black female who gives inspiring speeches.

  2. Southampton County, VA has a diverse and vibrant history of uppity niggaz.

    From Wikipedia:

    Notable people[edit]

    John Brown, fugitive slave
    Anthony W. Gardiner, ninth President of Liberia, established as a US colony in West Africa for free blacks; he emigrated there from Southampton County
    William Mahone, railroad builder, U.S. Senator, and Confederate general
    Dred Scott, slave immortalized by the Dred Scott Decision of the US Supreme Court, which limited the rights of African Americans
    George Henry Thomas, US Army officer
    Nathaniel “Nat” Turner, slave rebellion leader

  3. Funny how you don’t really hear much about this future engineer in the media anymore. I wonder why. Not conducive to propagating the agenda methinks?

  4. It’s usually a felony for having a loaded firearm in the same vehicle with illegal drugs. What happened there. His ass should be facing a felony. Instead he doesn’t get charged for the weed and gets misdemeanor firearm charges. Nigger privilege.

  5. Oh no! He exercised his forever-sacred 2nd amendment, while in possession of a plant that God created! So many innocent people were hurt & killed!…*sarcasm

  6. They kept Cantwell in the headlines. Proclaiming white supremacy and unlawfully locked up w no bail. I knew this all would work out for the best in the end. The truth always comes out. I’m sorry Cantwell had to go through this over a thug, but I am glad this thugs true colors are showing. Sue the shit out of that sorry town.

  7. Okay, HW, you’re not going to like what I’m about to write…and it may be a bit long. Don’t turn into Jack Ryan and delete this, please! I’m sure you can handle a sympathetic female WN (like myself) offering some constructive criticism.

    WELL, the main questions AR leaders should be asking themselves, post-UTR, is how did such…

    willful stupidity;
    cringeworthy gullibility;
    bovine cuckservative reactionism;
    ever-complacent naiveté;
    full-scale incompetence;
    & needless groupthink

    …manage to collectively engulf them all, and ultimately destroy the event? The nigger DeAndre took in $100k+ and got cited in some UN paper, and it seems all you LOS guys got out of it was mass statue desecration, mass statue removal, and unyielding mocking MSM photos. Has the LOS even kept track of all the memorials and statues that were ethnically cleansed from our land post-UTR?

    How can it even be possible that the main Discord server was so easily infiltrated by an antifa? What does that really say about the AR’s seriousness and overall competence level…?

    Furthermore, why were you and ‘security head’ ‘Eli Mosley’ (what’s his real name, another crypto-Jew?) so Pollyanna-ish and delusional with pro-copmagical thinking? HOW could you take what they said at face value, given that you had your lives on the line? You and Mosley had PD liaisons that you **actually expected** to kindly work with and protect you…in good faith?

    Why did you have to learn *on the job* that there is no neutrality or reliability to be found for Whites under their IDF-trained/ADL-brainwashed ‘law enforcement’? Sigh…

    • It was Kessler’s Ambush imho.

      A top OWS organizer becomes a sincere WN? That’s a tough one to swallow.

      • Kessler wasn’t a top OWS organizer. He wandered into an event or two, but he never organized a single one. And that was years before he applied for a job that a woman got instead of him which started his campaign for men’s rights, and then, through a network he tapped into online, white’s rights.

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