President Trump: Why Should We Accept Immigrants From “Shithole Countries” Like Haiti?

Personally, I think President Trump was trying to distract attention from the shithole DACA deal proposed by the Republican Senate, but this story has blown up:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump on Thursday balked at an immigration deal that would include protections for people from Haiti and some nations in Africa, demanding to know at a White House meeting why he should accept immigrants from “shithole countries” rather than people from places like Norway, according to people with direct knowledge of the conversation.

Mr. Trump’s remarks, the latest example of his penchant for racially tinged remarks denigrating immigrants, left members of Congress from both parties attending the meeting in the Cabinet Room alarmed and mystified. He made them during a discussion of an emerging bipartisan deal to give legal status to immigrants illegally brought to the United States as children, the people said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the meeting.

When Mr. Trump heard that Haitians were among those who would benefit from the proposed deal, he asked whether they could be left out of the plan, asking, “Why do we want people from Haiti here?” …”

For once, I agree with President Trump:

Haiti IS a shithole. EVERYONE knows it too. EVEN these virtue signaling cucks.

OD has spent years documenting how Haiti became a Third World shithole. You can spend months in our archives reading about the history of Haiti. I’ve practically written a book about how freedom failed in Haiti and made it the poorest country in the Western hemisphere:

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As AIDS Skrillex would say, I’ve done my research!

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  1. Best thing for the US isn’t to bring in more Scandinavians to the US. It’s to make sure that nigs, chinks, pakis, Indians and Arabs don’t keep arriving in waves in Scandinavia polluting the only reserve of genetics we’ve got.

    That means you gotta stop bombing these darkies and undermining the governments these darkies set up in their own homelands.

  2. The world’s run by Satan and his worst at the top of the ( NWO, ) pyramid. We need to create The Confederate States and take extreme measures to make sure they don’t infiltrate OUR government.

    I want to high five Trump for once saying the truth. RIGHT ON TRUMP. Now stop eating GMO foods and using fluoride toothpaste … and hurry and put a stop to chem trailing so you ( and we, ) can’t be accused of having dementia. Take BETTER care of yourself man !
    And I’ve worked with Haitians before. They ALL repeat ALL, hate Trump, hate us and watch nothing but MSNBC, BET, OWN, and SPORTS. You can try and try to teach them … to talk sense into them, to explain things to them … it does no good. They are THE most ignorant group of zeros you’ll ever meet. They talk 5 X louder than everyone else and don’t flush the toilet when done. Seriously.
    They’re not 3rd world, they’re 5th world ! Kick them all out NOW !!!!

    • @James,
      Well said. No point having dialog with them. It goes in one ear and out the other. They’re very mouthy and rude, but won’t listen to your side of it. I had an argument with one the other day about anti white racism. He only thought whites could be racist and gave me lip for 15 minutes. I realized theres no point wasting my time or breath with them.

  3. Even blacks look down own Hatians:

    “More Haitians live in Miami than anywhere else in America. Their presence does not seem to please Miami’s Cubans or even its blacks. Last year a black activist tried to prevent government funds earmarked for “African-Americans” from being shared by Haitians. This angered Haitians, who reminded Miami’s blacks that Haitians will soon outnumber them. This may not be pleasant. A letter to a Miami newspaper from a newcomer suggests relations are not good: “My experience as a Haitian-American with African-American schoolmates was one filled with racial epithets such as H.B.O. (Haitian body odor), Haitians eat cats, Haitians are boat people, and Haitians have AIDS. These African-American kids were taught at home to despise Haitians.”

    “The Revolution in Haiti” James P. Lubinskas, American Rennaissance, April 2001

  4. Why do we take in Third World losers from shithole countries over First World whites? Because Jews like Emanuel Celler worked for decades to change our immigration law, Mr. President. Jews are the #1 enemy.

    I see the typical cucks are all out in droves kvetching for their masters.

    • Everyone in this pitiful story is a fucking idiot, i.e. liberals (hypocritical fact denying assholes), conservatives (see liberals), the shithole nations themselves (I mean really? look outside your front doors @ Haitians) & finally… Trump supporters. Yes, Trump supporters are ultra c*nts in this story because once again their ‘God Emperor’ is heralded as a hero based solely upon what he SAYS (in this case, he even fucking denies it), instead of what he DOES.

      Who gives a FLYING FUCK what Trump said behind closed doors when his policies are Jewish supremacism & just as anti-white as previous US administrations.

      Goddamn. What a clusterf*ck. .

  5. It’s amusing to watch all these scumbags falling all over themselves praising Haitians and other human detritus and condemning Trump’s “racism.”

    EVERYBODY knows that Haiti, Somalia and other African countries ARE shitholes. (Because Haitians and Africans have made them so.) They yell and scream about how awful it is make them go home, thus proving it. But in “the land of the free” telling the truth plainly is FORBIDDEN. It’s insensitive, divisive and racist.

    This country will deserve its fall.

    • Ditto.

      All of the idiots that complained and said that this is a horrible thing, are traitors to the United States.

      This nation was created by white people, for white people, only! The rest can – oh, ‘scuze me -already are, going to hell.

  6. Eric “Fat Fuck” Erickson, Glenn Prick, Bill Kristolnacht and Yeb Boosh…..a veritable rogues gallery of the shittiest people on Earth!?

    According to the Carribbean Project there was an earthquake in Haiti in 1842? I’ll bet they still haven’t recovered from it!

  7. Do you see how smart is president Trump..I am sure that this was the plan since beginning.

    Now Overton window moved again and people asking this very same simple question. Also in Europe, there is morning down here and your shitstorm reached our shores overnight.

  8. Yes, distracting attention to keep the Trumptards in denial. Meanwhile, the dagger in their back getting ready to plunge.

    • Indeed. But this pattern has been repeated ad infinitum since Trump announced his presidency, i.e. he’s deemed a ‘one of us’ based upon his rhetoric… whilst everyone fucking ignores his actual policies & decisions.

      The proof is in the pudding (aka tangible facts), not his mere words.

  9. In Canada, we have scads of these Island beasts in our midst. Pot locks, beef patties and ass shucking parades ad nauseum.

    If Mr. Wallace is teasing about compiling a brief book on this topic: I hope he isn’t, it would sell well here. White people deserve better race analysis, even if the vacuous reality of judaism’s noggery requirement causes confusion on the surface of civil aryan subconsciousness.

    Dr. Pierce’s article on Haiti is very useful as a case study.

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