Gang of Six Announces Triple Oreo Amnesty

The Gang of Six announced their Triple Oreo Amnesty yesterday afternoon:

– The first layer consists of a path to citizenship not just for DACA recipients, but for all the so-called DREAMers eligible to enroll in the DACA program.

– The second layer consists of an amnesty for the parents of DREAMers who are rewarded for breaking our laws to come here and drop their anchor babies.

– The third layer of amnesty consists to “revamping” the diversity lottery so that 50,000 visas are given to the Nicaraguans, Salvadorans and Haitians losing temporary protected status.

The rest of the Triple Oreo Amnesty consists of allocating a mere $1.6 billion for the border wall funding (enough to build around a 70 mile token portion of it) and ending “chain migration” ONLY for DREAMers (at least until they become US citizens and can sponsor relatives).

Now, you might be wondering after seeing this DACA deal why the hell the GOP was given control of the Senate in the 2014 midterms, which was supposedly necessary to STOP DACA. This deal expands Obama’s amnesty into the DREAM Act and adds two more amnesties on top.

The goal here seems to be to convince you that the Republican Party deserves to lose the 2018 midterm elections by illustrating they are incapable of representing their own voters.

Note: Donald Trump has said no dice to this. It is a political suicide note. I guess we will see if he changes his mind or the Senate comes up with something else.

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  1. The Left wants me to stop being racist. Remove all non-whites, Muslims and Jews from every white nation and I’ll no longer have to be.
    Stop white geNOcide now!!!

  2. Apart from footing the bill we get nothing out of this “deal” except a token wall that’s meaningless. No need for a wall when 3rd worlders are on both sides of it. We are ruled by traitors.

  3. Sam Francis didn’t call the GOP “The Stupid Party” for nothing. Notice that even with a Black man in the White House and enough Democrats seated in Congress to ram this nightmare through, the Democrats in Congress were too smart to go there and were the first to back down with a little pushback from Americans.

    I am convinced that, despite their Anti-White SJW rhetoric, the Democrats are far less of a threat to Whites than their faux opposition, the Republicans are.

    Mind you, this isn’t the first time the Republicans have tried to impose an amnesty they know damned well their base opposes. They were headed off at the past when angry voters melted down the phone lines to raise hell and threaten them with the unemployment line.

    My suggestion is that we get everyone and their cousins to call repeat the process, call Capitol Hill and threaten their asses with removal BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. We need to take note on which Republicans are backing this and primary their asses. Failing that, don’t vote Democrat but Third Party; the more far right the better.


    He should be recalled.

    He was the dog who said that he can call up Judaists, and raise money faster than any other phone call.

    He was the one who smashed his cell phone when Trump gave out his number.

    He and John McCain, aka Jonah Ben McKenstein, are the face of evil.

  5. I’d wager (((they))) have an assortment of photographs of ‘ol Lindsey and his gang in some very compromising positions.

  6. I remain incredulous at the voters of SC. What is wrong with you people? How can you keep voting for Miss Lindsey? So bizarre.

  7. I think we should accelerate the crash.
    You know the cities will burn.
    That’s where all the trouble is coming from, right?

    Don’t vote, let it crash and burn.

    Then build somewhere the nuke meltdowns didn’t impact.

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